Making Masters

Masters represent your aspiration for a particular state and that is the state you are looking at. When thoughts disappear and the mind also disappears, then the consciousness merges. Then YOU become a Master. Mastery means mastery over mind. When you go beyond the mind, you are a Master. You and the Master are one. The Master is your reflection. Real Master makes more Masters.

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang – part 2

25th August 2018

Mohanji 176


Q: How do we know that emotions we express in this lifetime pertain to this life or a past life?

Mohanji: I don’t think we need to know that, right? Emotions are happening, so they could be acquired emotions from the life, probably acquired during growing up or we could have collected and trapped them from another life. If they are trapped from another life, we call it a pattern because then it keeps repeating like a broken record, i.e. the same thing will come back again and again. If they are collected from here, they exist for some time and then they get dissolved because they don’t have a deeper root. Depending on the deeper root, you understand whether it is from the past or this life. But I believe we should not even look at it because it is a complete waste of time.

When you are concentrating on emotions etc. your frequency is of that level. Instead, I would say concentrate on the sunshine. Be brightness. Awakening. That is much better because emotions do not have a permanent existence anyway. Emotions stay for some time and then go away. Neither you are the emotions nor the emotions are you. They only have entertainment value, whether they are good or bad. Therefore I would say that you should not concentrate much on emotions.

How to live a “normal life”

Q:  How do we live a normal life without attachments in this turbulent time?

Mohanji: How else can you live? Ask this question. When you say “normal life”, what is the criteria of normal life? We are all living normal lives as we know, as we are, as our frequency permits us. Don’t think that normal life is something else. That’s mind’s separation. What you are experiencing right now is your normal life. Now have that awareness. That’s the only thing we can do.

Time, space, situations, experiences are all programmed, prescribed and they’re happening. We cannot change them. I am here in our ashram in Toronto, Canada. If I am not happy to be here and would like to be in Paris, at this time, is it possible? It’s another location, another place and I need another time to reach there. We are all bound by time, space, situations and certain emotions. So accepting them completely without resisting and enjoying them whether they’re good or bad, is our maturity.

Mohanji quote - Accepting others

Spiritual maturity is in the levels of acceptance. When we are really mature, we will be very accepting. We will accept everybody, everything, as they are all our expressions. There will be nothing like right living and wrong living. What is right and wrong? Everything is experience. When everything is experience, we can’t say that something is right or wrong. I always talk about one thing: ahimsa (non-violence) in thoughts, words, actions. That is because violence creates energy which binds you.

When you are violent in thoughts, words and actions, it binds you. Instead, be kind in thoughts, words, actions, it liberates you. That’s being on the path of liberation, which I propagate and for which, it’s a good idea to be kind, compassionate and loving. Do not talk negatively about anybody, including you.

Nobody needs to know your weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses, just as everybody has strengths. I have all the weaknesses and all the strengths of the whole world. I don’t consider myself special in any way. When you put yourself in cages or frames, you have to live it and it’s a big burden. Instead, a liberated existence means total acceptance of the way you are. You may not be perfect in your eyes and in the eyes of others. It doesn’t matter, this is an incarnation, a flavour you have brought forth. This is how it is.

When we accept ourselves totally in this manner, as we are, 80% of the war is won in the path of liberation. We are already treading the path of liberation. Acceptance takes us to liberation, to a liberated existence. Liberated existence has a lot to do with acceptance of yourself (self-acceptance) and the acceptance of the environment. Even if you cannot accept people outside of you, if you accept YOU completely, automatically everyone accepts you as well as you accept everybody. It becomes spontaneous, that’s why. The brightness which we talk about should start from inside and it should reflect outside.

You and the Master are one. The Master is your reflection.

There is nothing called right person, right living, dos and don’ts. When I say “don’ts”, violence is the only thing I talk about. Don’t express violence in thoughts, words, actions. This idea also extends beyond species. Everyone should feel nice and comfortable; we should take care of ALL beings in the same way. Every being has the urge to live. We have no right to capture, conquer, kill or torture. We should never do that.

Mohanji quote - Self-correction

We need more councellors, more human humans

On another note, I was talking about having more counsellors, i.e. those who counsel, rather than law enforcement groups. What happens is that sometimes a person is hungry and he has no money. He might have stolen some food, but then we brand him as a thief. For life and beyond he has to live the life of a thief. Instead we should understand the problem and help. We could bring him out of the situation by giving him a job or teach him some skill. This will have a REGENERATIVE EFFECT.

We are trying to make someone stable in his existence. When instead, we brand people as criminals or thieves, what happens is that firstly, you come into that kind of frequency. Secondly, the other person does not have a chance or a choice. We need more people who can counsel affected individuals out of their aberrations, fears, perversions and so on and then stabilise them at a certain level so that the society is better because of their existence rather than being fearful of them. So many fears can be removed in such individuals by nurturing truth in them. All of us have weaknesses. When we concentrate on weaknesses, they stay. When we concentrate on strengths, they grow.

We should concentrate more on growth, stabilisation and strengths.  We should then express that in the world. That is why I keep saying at this point in time what we need is more human humans – people who are nurturing, loving, caring, compassionate and kind, who are very conscious about what they do, what they eat, how they interact with the society. This is important today, even more than sitting down and meditating in a corner. Many times the act of meditation itself becomes escapism. Instead, you should be responsible. Responsibility should be reflected in the society as what you are, how you are.

So I believe there is nothing called right living or wrong living. When I say right living, it refers to anything which leads you to liberation further and further while wrong living is anything which binds you further and further. Very simple.

Mohanji quote - Effective living

Being in more places at once

Q: How is it possible to be in more places at once?

Mohanji: (Laughs) It’s very simple. Become a unit once. You should align yourself, collect the scattered mind, and put it together. When mind, body, intellect, spirit are in alignment and you exist as a unit, then the expansion happens, because expansion as a state is already there, just as the energy is all over, everywhere. Ether or energy is everywhere. You are scattered, so you are not able to see the energy. I am not saying that you are scattered, people are scattered because mind is scattered. Therefore we are not experiencing THAT energy. Rather, we are experiencing emotions. When you go beyond your emotions, beyond your mind, beyond your intellect and you are aligned perfectly, once you become a complete unit, then expansion is your nature. You automatically start expanding.

When your unit energy becomes the universal energy, when the unit becomes the universe, you are everywhere already. When people connect to you intensely, in that place you form or you intensify in that place, automatically. It is not as if that person says to himself,  “Now people in India are thinking, so let me go there.” It is not like that because you are already there. You are already everywhere, but when people connect with intensity, that’s the space where the energy conglomerates. The intensity of connection is the factor for intensity of the presence. So when one connects with intensity, full of bhav, full of bhakti, full of devotion, then the form also intensifies. The energy becomes more conglomerated.

When it is weak and casual, it becomes that much less conglomerated. Essentially everyone has the potential to become the universe. However, first and foremost, you have to become a unit. First you become you, and then you become the universe. That’s the secret. Very simple. Easy.

Mohanji quote - Guru material

Awareness leads to detachment, not vice versa

Q: Do we need to detach from the outside world to become a unit?

Mohanji: Can you? Actually, there is no outside world. Can you detach from anything? Can you detach from food for a day, or water or relationships? You don’t have to detach from anything because the awareness, the state, settles in, when you realise that nothing belongs to you and you belong to nothing. It is all situational. Everything has come together for experience’s sake; various experiences, which could be good or bad. You can’t really detach and you can’t detach consciously with the mind.

When we detach what we usually do is, suppress it. When someone says, “I don’t want this,” then that person always thinks about it, but keeps it under wraps. That is even more dangerous because it will come out at some other point in time. So what you need to do is, you need to grow inside even more and the outside spontaneously becomes insignificant. That is the best way. Do not use the mind to detach. Don’t detach from anything. Whatever may come your way, receive it. When you are completely a unit, nothing outside will affect you anyway.

First and foremost, your being a unit is about your growth inside, it is not connected to anything outside. That is why I said God is not outside. When you grow inside and when you are energised inside, the sun rises inside, you become aware that the God factor exists within you. Then, if you look outside, you only see the God factor. There is nothing else. This is exactly how we evolve. It is like an egg. When an egg is broken inside, it becomes a new life. When an egg is broken from outside, it’s death of existence.

This is exactly how it works. Always remember this carefully – you can’t detach from anything and you should not. Let everything that destiny has given you, exist. It can be good, bad, nice, not so nice, everything. Let it all exist, while you have nothing to do with anything – that’s your freedom. That is when you are actually experiencing freedom.

Otherwise it’s all mind’s play. Mind keeps illusions. It says, “I don’t want to be here, so I’m going away.” This is the dimension of likes and dislikes. “I like, I dislike…” – this is mind. In fact, there’s no like or dislike! You are everything. (Laughs) What can you like? You can’t say, “I don’t like my right hand. I love my left hand” or something along those lines. It doesn’t matter because it’s all part of you. All people, all beings, all places, all situations, are part of you. You are everything. For that realisation to happen you have to exist inside.

Otherwise it remains just an imagination where you say, “Oh, I’m everything.” Some people say, “I’ve realised God.” When you have realised God, you have nothing to say, because you see God everywhere! When you say, “Am I enlightened?” what is the big deal? It should reflect as kindness, compassion, love, intensity of activity and clarity of purpose. Only then do you know that you are fully settled. Otherwise, they remain mere words or ideas.

Mohanji quote - Unconditional love

So you don’t have to do anything, you only have to go within and integrate more and more. Connection inside starts with contemplation. You connection with yourself starts with contemplation, “Who am I? What am I? Why am I?” and that should spontaneously lead to meditation. It is not that you meditate first and then you connect. You ask yourself questions, next you integrate yourself, then it becomes meditation and awareness grows; awareness stabilises and you become Buddha.


This is how it flows. It is all from inside, not about outside. Also, whether you like or dislike a guru, whether you like or dislike a path, it is purely the mind’s play. The path of the guru has nothing to do with it. Some people might say, “I love him,” the very next day they say, “I hate him.” Again, it is the mind’s play, because the mind cannot stabilise you in any way. Mind’s nature is instability and that is what you are expressing. If you really love something, there will be a pleasant, consistent connection. It will be a connection forever, very pleasant, loving and without expectation. And then you are not looking at him and judging, “Oh, is he looking at me? Is he smiling?” Whether he smiles or cries, it just doesn’t matter; the connection is forever.

When you are stable and mature in your own inside, your connection outside also reflects that. Everyone will be happy with you, you will be happy with everyone. It will be a deep and profound integration, the whole world is you. That’s why I always say stabilise inside. And it’s not about an activity. It’s about our conviction. We have to stay connected in that way. We should have deep conviction.

Mohanji quote-I am a simple mirror

With or without a living Master

Q: Is it possible to be liberated without the presence of a living Master?

24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Colage 2a

Mohanji: Definitely, because you are liberated by existence. You are liberated by nature. A living Master is an expression, a kind of a road sign. All masters are states. All beings are states. You, as a unit are expressing a particular state of existence in this world. Likewise each Master, each creation, each incarnation is in its own state. It’s incomparable. That is the uniqueness of creation.

Every being is representing a state of a particular existence, and when you connect to that being, i.e. integrate into that being, you are internally saying, “I want to be in that state of awareness.” That is why gurus are given by nature. Guru means “somebody who is established in a state as a guru”. Guru doesn’t necessarily mean a human being. Dattatreya had 24 gurus and most of them were from the nature.

There was no living guru teaching something to people.

Silence of Shiva - stories about an avadhoota Atmananda, written by Mohanji

Likewise in the book Silence of Shiva Atmananda’s guru Shantananda was not teaching Atmananda anything, he only emptied him. He made him completely empty, like a fully open bottle and in the end filled his consciousness inside. The highest delivery of most of the masters is emptiness. But emptiness is not a permanent state; it is like a transit lounge at the airport. Once you are empty, then you fill up. What is filled is pure consciousness, which you already are and which is your real nature. If you are clear and aware of your real nature, then you are able to walk the path.

You don’t need any assistance. You don’t need any guru. But gurus are a state which is your aspiration. Masters represent your aspiration for a particular state and that is the state you are looking at. That is also a reminder: “I am that state, I am not this bag of emotions, and I’m not the mind matter (mind, ego, intellect matter). I’m well beyond and that’s the nature.” We are all perfect by nature. By birth, we are perfect. But the mind matter came in as sheaths over our perfection, our complete awareness about us, and that kept illusions.

Once the illusions are removed, you are the same. A Master’s job is to take you to a state of Buddha – mind-less (i.e. no mind) state. It’s a state of mind-lessness. When thoughts disappear and the mind also disappears, then the consciousness merges. Then YOU become a Master. Mastery means mastery over mind. When you go beyond the mind, you are a Master. Don’t think that masters are always masters. That’s how you look at them.

Everybody is an individual. They are all expressing certain frequencies. They too have weaknesses and strengths. So nobody is a Master, as you think, in a frame. They are all liberated. They have enjoyed freedom. When they see people bound by the mind, unable to enjoy freedom in its fullness, they guide them. They say, “Come this way. I’ve found freedom, I’ll take you there.” It is up to you to go there or not. Nobody will force you. Nobody should force you. And no force is forceful enough. Whenever you resist, it persists.

Whenever you block, it remains. Whenever you judge, it affects you. Thus, the whole creation is operating on certain principles of nature. When you are aware of all these principles, you are liberated.

So, you don’t need a Master if you are clear about your destination and the road – the path, the journey, the destination – it’s all the same. Path is called liberation, journey is called liberation, destination is called liberation, because you ARE liberation by birth. Always. The liberated aspect within every unit is the soul. The soul is always liberated. It has nothing to do with your karma, it has nothing to do with anything. It allows you to have a full experience of what you came for. You really don’t need a Master, if you have a clear road map. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to connect to somebody who’s actually connected to the Universe.

Mohanji quote - I am just a reminder

Always remember: do not judge, do not criticise, and do not look at that person as the ultimate. Rather, look at them as your own reflection and they will only reflect what YOU are. Their job is to show you what you are, not what they are. What they are, you may not be able to see because you have to rise to that level to see the level at which they operate on. Only a graduate will understand another graduate. A student sitting in grade one may not understand what it is to be a graduate and until he becomes one, there is nurturing to do. So a true Master reflects to you what you are, not what they are. There’s nothing to show because you are everything.

A true Master is because when the mind is dissolved, you are every mind, every emotion, every creation, so there is no need for them to express any particular one aspect because they are all 33 crore (330 million) dimensions, they are everything. Therefore what they will reflect to you is what you are, that’s the only thing you can talk to, and you can only talk to yourself, or what you are, your frequency. That is what the true Master gives you.

If you start judging a true Master based on your frequency, you are judging yourself, not the Master, the Master is only reflecting. What is inside you, you are seeing in the Master and he is reflecting it back to you. So when you judge a Master, you judge yourself. Because when you are saying he is not right, you are saying that you might not be right. Understand this clearly.

First and foremost, the truth is always the truth and you are the truth. Secondly, if you are always confident and have conviction about the truth, you don’t need any assistance. Thirdly, if you are confused, if you need a road map, definitely use a road map. It is up to you. And fourthly, you and the Master are one. The Master is your reflection. He will reflect to you only what you are, not what He is because what He is, He cannot reflect. That is for you to find out. If you have understood this, you have understood the entire spiritual journey.

Mohanji quote - Making Masters

I wish you all the best and I’m happy to speak to all of you. I hope you had a great time and I wish you great days ahead. Lots of love.

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic

Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan

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