Accept Yourself the Way You Are

Self acceptance cannot be compromised. You need to accept yourself and that is the deep message that I would like to give you. If you do not accept anything else it does not matter but you need to accept yourself. If that does not happen, one lifetime will get wasted. So, get on with it, practice acceptance.

Mohanji Speaks – Zoom satsang, part 2

21st October 2018


Naga Loka

Q: Can you please explain the following quote on Naga Loka? It’s usual reflection as in the mind and skin, allergies and skin issues, all those things are usually connected to snakes. So if someone has skin problems, what can be said about the lineage and what can they do to manage it? See Nagaraja pranapratishta by Mohanji in Skanda Vale

Mohanji: This is more of an astrological and Ayurvedic issue. Usually skin ailments as well as the lungs issues are connected to snakes, rather the worship of snakes. There are many rituals or prescribed methods for this.  You can learn more about this if you go to a snake temple.  In India, we have always worshipped snakes. We are connected to the Naga Loka and we have coexisted. In every house or property, there used to be a forest-like area and these used to be snake temples. There were not many rituals or and pujas conducted there. They would light a lamp and once a year perform a small puja. But the approach was basically, “Leave us alone.  Don’t touch our environment, we leave you free.”

Today what has happened is, we have encroached far too much, destroyed the forests, and  taken  the lands of all the other beings, so it’s not only snakes. We have actually destroyed all habitats of all the beings. Why do tigers and lions come into cities now? Wild elephants enter cities. Why?  That’s because their habitats are destroyed.

Everything is affecting us in an energetic way. Numerous insensitive things which we have done as human beings are affecting all of us and snakes are a part of this. The deep connection and state of “live and let live”, is affected. We destroyed and used everything possible for our selfish needs. And we never cared. We made mansions, we waged wars, and in a way destroyed the tapestry of coexistence and that’s affecting us today.

However, if you want to know not the spiritual, but the therapeutic side, I would say that you should speak to some ayurvedic practitioner or an astrologer. They will tell you exactly what is causing what.

Mohanji quote - Living Freedom

Q: I have been attacked by negative forces such as entities and spirits. Why am I vulnerable to negative forces? And how can I protect myself daily?

Mohanji: Why is not the question here. I can explain it in one word and say that it is the constitution which attracts.  Our constitution is what attracts beings to us, be it positive or negative. Then, how do we protect ourselves? The best and the most powerful way is to chant mantras. If you chant the Gayatri Mantra every day with full concentration, connecting to your heart centre or stomach centre, that itself will take you away from all the negative; you’ll become very strong internally. The lamp has to glow within very strongly, so that you become very well protected. If you chant Gayatri,

Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

tát savitúr váreṇyaṃ

bhárgo devásya dhīmahi

dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

1008 times with the deep concentration early in the morning, between 3am and 6am, you will see a drastic difference. Likewise there are many different mantras and mantras which are useful for self-protection. This is all good. As you keep chanting more and more, you become more energetic and your aura becomes stronger. Nothing can touch you then.

Mohanji quote - Practicing Positivity 20

Q: What is  a good method to balance the five elements and the three doshas in our body? Is doing a Surya Namaskar each morning a good practice for this?

Mohanji: Surya Namaskar is definitely a good practice. Also, pranayama – the Nadi Shodan, Anapanasati, and also the various types of pranayama which we practise in our meditations will help. Wherever we do Power of Purity meditation, there are certain breathing techniques, such as five-speed breathing, which are practised. If you do these, usually everything gets aligned. So both Pranayama and Surya Namaskar together will be a very good way of balancing yourself.

Judging children

Q: Why do we judge our children so much? How do we ensure we aren’t using our mind, concepts and judgement with our children?

Mohanji: Because we judge ourselves. It all starts with us. All our emotions, moods, feelings, everything, starts with us.  We have not accepted ourselves completely. That’s the reason we   judge others.  Not just children, we judge everybody – we judge a Guru, we judge God, we judge methods, we criticise everything; all because we have not accepted ourselves. You need to remember one word: acceptance. Self-acceptance. That’s the core of it. If you accept yourself, everything else is fine. Then you will live and let live. You will not judge anybody. Everything happening in us and also around us, has a reason. You cannot ask ‘why’ all the time.

There will be states, where you may not understand why certain things are happening, but there is a cause. Without a cause, there is no effect. Every effect has a cause and if there is an effect without a cause, that is definitely not in the human world because it has to be completely a supernatural thing or something like that. Even then, I feel there is always a cause before an effect. 

So why we judge at all is because we have learnt as a habit to judge ourselves. We are judging ourselves all the time and that’s why. How much have we accepted ourselves? That’s the fundamental question. If the acceptance is absolute, there’ll be no judgement.

Mohanji quote - True nature

Fight depression with clear purpose

Q: How do we counsel people suffering from depression, but who may not have the spiritual inclination?  It becomes harder if they are related to us, or if they are in the same family.

Mohanji: For treating depression or counselling someone, you don’t have to involve spirituality at all. Spirituality is fundamentally your relationship with your spirit, which means your connection with the spirit aspect of you, the consciousness aspect. That is not important here. The antidote of depression is CLEAR PURPOSE. If you engage the person, it has to happen when the symptoms start. When one is terribly depressed and in drugs, etc. it’s very difficult to revive them. However when someone is just beginning to get depressed, asking questions, such as, “Why should I live or what is the  reason for my existence?”,  immediately divert    them to a larger cause.  It is important to bring in a great purpose, not just making a family or falling in love or getting married or having children. Those are lesser purposes.

Instead, it should be a purpose where you make a positive difference in the society around you; one where you bring forth warmth and brightness in the world.  It should be real, natural and of larger consequence.

So the antidote for a depressive state is a clear purpose. You don’t need spirituality in this. You can guide people to causes like taking care of abandoned children or abandoned old people and such. There are so many issues in the society where they can get involved and that will bring their purpose up. When they wake up each morning, they should feel, “Hey, I have something to do today.” When that happens, automatically they will be happy, they will come out of depression. The right purpose always gives us momentum and inspiration. We should make them self-inspired. You can’t inspire them each time.

Mohanji quote - Purpose, re-invent yourself

How to find a husband

Q: I cannot find my husband and start a family. Why is it?

Mohanji: You are very lucky (chuckles) actually; I can give you a one-word answer: if you can’t find your husband, it is probably karmic.  However, let us imagine this situation I tell you (laughs) don’t take it seriously, I’m just trying to explain the situation in a bit of a comical way.

Imagine you had a husband who was beating you up and your only prayer to God was, “Please God, take this guy away from me,” or “I don’t need to have a husband anymore”.

What happens next? That life is already determined because you have a husband who beats you.  Your next life happens and your prayer is answered. It took a lifetime to get your prayer answered!    Thus, in this lifetime you don’t have a husband. Now you are praying, “Oh, God, give me a husband!” So that guy is maybe still waiting to come to you (laughs) and continue with his journey – not your journey, his journey.

I’m joking, please don’t take it seriously, but understand there is always a reason for everything and the causes are usually the prayers or the deep desires of last life. It’s usually the case.  A person, who was in extreme poverty, craves for money and in the next life they become rich. Because in that life it was not possible, as per the karmic configuration…

Mohanji quote - Stable awareness

Q: How to develop awareness?

Mohanji: To develop awareness you actually have to connect to yourself. Everything has to start with yourself. Like I said earlier, your thoughts, words and actions, everything should be aligned and everything should be connected to your conscience. That means you are acting, doing things and expressing yourself this world in different ways and everything should be aligned. That will lead you to increased confidence in your activity. If you are completely scattered, your thoughts are scattered, mind is scattered everywhere, your activities are scattered, and then to consolidate them it will take a long time.

So whatever you do, do it with concentration, do it with dedication, as worship and then you can develop more and more confidence.

Q: Bhagawan Sathya Sai often says “finishing the game” – whether be it sports, life or the toughest thing. What about finishing the game in spirituality? Can you shed light on this?

Mohanji: Finishing the game means completion. Whatever you do, complete it. Don’t leave loose ends. I did not hear this statement before, so I am just guessing. What Bhagawan would have probably meant, is that whatever you start, complete it beautifully, as best as you can. Don’t leave loose ends because whenever you leave loose ends, you are asking for a new incarnation. So do everything as best as you could and conclude it. That is what he would have probably meant.

Mohanji quote - No procrastination

Q: Is it possible for a Shambala energy practitioner to connect to Mohanji as the source of healing energy?

Mohanji: Well, connecting to Mohanji energy is natural. I think most people are connecting. How best you are able to use it depends on the purity of your connection. If your activity and connection are pure, in other words, it is for a pure and good purpose, the connection will be consistent. On the other hand, if the connection is used for an impure purpose, such as hurting somebody, or talking bad or gossiping, it won’t work. Because the energy, the flow is in the path/way of purity. The source is pure.

Therefore your connection will depend on how pure your intentions are. If your intentions are pure, connection will happen, connection will always remain.

Mohanji quote - Samadhi

Q: No mind or Nirvichara samadhi – what’s their relationship with self-realisation? Are they states related to each other?

Mohanji:  Imagine your mind is like a reflector. Like you see umbrellas reflecting certain frequencies, certain waves into the sky, the satellites, etc. satellite receivers and stuff like that. Imagine this is like a projector. Thoughts are getting projected through this projector into this world. And when thoughts are not happening this projector remains as it is. When thoughts get completely wiped out, there is no source of thought, then this projector remains as it is and collapses i.e. loses its importance. That state is the state of liberation. From there onwards you do not return because there is no source – the source is not providing any vibration – no thoughts.

When no thoughts are happening, there is no use for the projector. There is no data coming into the projector to project into this world. Then this whole projection will stop and projector remains invalid. And in that context liberation stabilises. From there onwards it is nullification. Whatever you have accumulated, that gets nullified, then it’s complete dissolution.

Mohanji quote - Samadhi 2

Q: The more the vibration of the Earth is rising, the more immune system of people is deteriorating e.g. they suffer from allergies to everyday things. What is the solution?

Mohanji: Our disconnection with the nature is the main cause of all this.  Nature has always had equilibrium.  If you look at – the entire nature, the plant world the animal world, they are   all interconnected and self-sustained. However, we human beings (7.5 billion people), have overpopulated ourselves and have conquered every aspect of the Earth: the air, the water, the earth – on every level we have encroached.  This has created a huge imbalance and this imbalance has resulted in melting of the ice, changes in the world temperature and a paralysis of ecosystems; all of these are connected to our “over-existence”, our predominance.

The main reason for our ailments is our insensitive lifestyle. The food we consume, the emotions we consume, the knowledge or the information we consume – all these affect our usual life process.

The solution  is to CONNECT WITH YOURSELF, have  fewer needs, have no greed, share more and give  more, so that whatever you  may be, you can be self-contented i.e. contentment factor will be very high.  At that level you can detach from many of the things which are compelling us, in the society which compels   us to that kind of existence. We can withdraw a little bit and that will give us more stability.

Mohanji quote - Peaceful with yourself

A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is needed for a larger change in the world. We need to have a collective consciousness. The whole generation should feel that we need harmony. We need to coexist. We need harmony. When we die, we cannot take even a pebble with us. This understanding should be very, very clear to everybody right from the childhood, from the school days until we die.

We should always remember we carry nothing when we die. We came empty-handed, we leave empty-handed, and all that we seemingly conquer is temporary. Imagine four generations before us in our own family, do you remember those people? For example your grandfather’s grandfather? Or his father?

We don’t even remember them. We don’t know them, not even their names many times! We don’t know where they came from, what emotions they handled, how much land they conquered, how much property they had… None of these things matter to us because our reality today is all that we have in our custody.

This is our existence, four or five generations later, who will remember us?  This understanding should be very clear so that greed is removed…  Once that happens, things are fine; you will start experiencing harmony. We can coexist,  share what we have,  love more than we hate, we do not have to compete or compare, we will accept people’s weaknesses and strengths, let it all be. Because, why do we criticise anybody? Why do we only look at the weaknesses of people? Everyone,   even our grandfather’s grandfather had weaknesses. All people have weaknesses. We have weaknesses. We have our needs and greed and our emotions. Let it all be because that is what human life is all about.

Mohanji quote - Being oneself

With that awareness, you take the next step. It will be more stable, it will be very peaceful, and then you will see a lot of ailments leaving you. We have captured and conquered and kept ailments because of our emotional clutter. This will start dissipating. Our concepts, our ideologies, our moralities, our thoughts process, all these things are affecting us and we are unable to come out of it. That’s why I am saying that we need to start thinking differently, accepting things differently.

Furthermore, stop hating. Hate nothing. Hate nobody. Also, use every faculty to love. If you cannot love, better detach, not start throwing stones or fighting because when you throw stones, you are injured more than the other person. Negativity affects you when you “train” in negativity; it affects you more than the other person, so this is all causing us ailments, allergies, feelings. And when we have deep irritation inside, it comes as skin irritation. It’s visible on the skin. It’s always like that. When we do not have proper sleep, when we are suffocated with life, it affects us that way. All these are affecting us. This is important to understand.

Mohanji quote - Awareness through acceptance

Mohanji’s message to all, emphasising acceptance

Always remember this – Self acceptance cannot be compromised. You need to accept yourself and that is the deep message that I would like to give you.  If you do not accept anything else it does not matter but you need to accept yourself. If that does not happen, one lifetime will get wasted. So, get on with it, practice acceptance. Whenever you have anger, look at yourself as an angry person, it goes away. When you are feeling sad, look at yourself as a sad person, it will go away. When you are happy, look at yourself as a happy person, and that also goes away. Everything is coming and going. Whatever comes will go. Whatever is born will die. Use this life to empty yourself. There should be no clutter. There should be no hatred. There should be no enmity. Don’t be rude with people, don’t be rude with yourself. Always love, always connect to yourself and BE HAPPY! WISH YOU GREAT HAPPINESS, WISH YOU GREAT SUCCESS.  Thank you.

Mohanji quote - Citizens of each nation-contribute

Transcribed by Biljana Vozarevic                                            Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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