Why is Consciousness Kriya a powerful tool?

Mohanji speaks about power of Consciousness Kriya and how it is related to mind-matter (mind, intelect and ego).

Instinct is very compelling; instinct cannot be avoided. Instinct is our very nature. Instinct is the driving force of all the species on Earth, including the human species. Every being has this instinct, this tremendous force of instinct that makes them live their life. 

But human beings have a very active mind-matter. Mind-matter is mind, intellect and ego together. Our whole response to this world, whole expression to this world, whole experience of the world is based on our mind-matter.

So, instinct is the driving force of all the species; the basic instinct is a survival instinct, which has two aspects. One is the food for the body, for sustaining the body, and the other is sexuality- to sustain the species. So, these are all connected to one aspect called survival. So every being has it, and we can’t deny it.


Mind-matter is mind, intellect and ego together

As human beings, we are using our intelligence, capacity to be aware of various aspects of existence, and capacity to understand consciousness, such as waking state, dream state, and deep sleep state. So, we are able to rise higher than the obvious, to witness what’s going around and why certain things are happening in certain ways. 

Great Masters have told over a period of time that what you seem to be (the relative experience when you wake up in the morning, your world wakes up; when you go to bed in the night, your world sleeps), beyond that, there is a symmetry. There is a force driving this whole existence in the world, the world itself, and the existence of the world.

We started investigating; we started introspecting; we started trying to contemplate on what is actually our life. Then we went to basic emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, all those things. And we thought, “Okay, these are all on the surface. 

They are all coming and going; they’re not permanent; they’re all temporary. Then there must be something which is actually beyond all this, and we realized whatever is temporary is coming out of something permanent.”

The search for that permanent started. That search for the permanent, they could not find outside of them: the world, the relationships, the possessions, positions- all these things could not give them that feeling, or the recognition and the experience of permanence. That’s when they started meditating inside. They started looking inside.

What’s permanent in me? This body is not permanent, the mind is not permanent, intellect is not permanent, ego is not permanent, and it’s changing, from a small child to an old person, and then we die. So, we see the cycle of life and existence, and we decided- nothing really matters. 

Even if you try to hold on to any possessions, positions, status, or stature, nothing stays. Everything is going; everything is changing. Then we realized, “Okay, when everything is changing, we must get to the unchangeable, in one lifetime.” That’s when the power of Kriya was initiated. 

The power of Consciousness Kriya

The power of Kriya is basically the connection to prana. And prana is the life force that activates the mind-matter; mind, intellect and ego. Mind, intellect and ego are fed by desires. Desires of various nature, which are stored from experiences; various experiences leave impressions. Impressions, ask for further experiences. They become desires. These desires are processed through the mind-matter, and for processing these desires, mind-matter needs the help of prana, energy.

And then, the great masters guided people and told them: “Look here, if prana is the ingredient or the electricity which is making the mind-matter experience an existence, in that case, if you control or regulate the prana, you can possibly go beyond, from the temporary experiences to the level of permanent experience, where you are the experience, and there is no experience beyond you.”

Cycle of karma

Mind, intellect and ego are fed by desires. Desires of various nature, which are stored from experiences; various experiences leave impressions. Impressions, ask for further experiences. They become desires. These desires are processed through the mind-matter, and for processing these desires, mind-matter needs the help of prana, energy.

So, human beings started connecting to the self. The whole focus on the outside world turned into the inside world. The mind, intellect, ego focused on the outside world started focusing on the inside world. What is provoking this whole experience called life, changing as per time and going on and on almost uncontrollably? We only experience life as per what is given to us. 

We are born in a place, a time, space, a situation, certain relationship, flavours. There is nothing right, nothing wrong. Everything is just as it is. You can’t change them. So, we started looking at this whole thing and then said, “Okay, so nothing can be changed. Then, what is this unchangeable thing, and how do you reach them?” Then we started meditating on this, looking inwards. Then through the regulation of prana, using certain methods, we slowly started detaching from the mind-matter.

Mind-matter does exist as a powerful tool, powerful equipment of perception. But at the same time, when you regulate prana in a particular order, especially on a vertical plane, when the vertical breathing is happening, and you’re aligning your system to a vertical state, then time stands still because past, present and future lose its importance. Every experience is connected to the past, present and future. There is a reason for every experience. Experience happens. Then in the future, the memory of the experience sustains it. 

So, this cycle is changed to experiences, and beyond the experience, there is nothing. So, in that state, you are extremely stable, well-grounded, no anger, no hatred, no jealousy, no emotions; everything comes and goes, but it’s not affecting you. Then you start moving into the states of Samadhi. 



    Samadhi is the stillness of mind

Samadhi is the stillness of mind. When the thoughts are not affecting us, over a period of time, when thoughts just leave us alone, or thoughts do not even come into the mind-matter, then we experience freedom. There is no compulsion for talking, no compulsion for expressing, no compulsion for actions. There’s no compulsion. When there is no compulsion, we become very free. We are free, and that freedom man started experiencing, and the man started realizing, this is life. 


This is real life, not the compulsive existence where all the thoughts are driving us, pulling us, pushing us, making us feel good, making us feel bad, just like a slave. That’s gone. That is history. We are now in a state where, if you need to have an emotion, you can have it, but you are not bound by it. That is a big-time change—a big shift.

And that shift provoked further investigation to the level of the highest level of Samadhi, where you’re only inside. There is nothing outside. When you are totally focused inside, all that you stored inside over a period of time, from our experiences, they all start dissolving. And then you become empty and empty and empty and empty. And then you are finally the only One with the Supreme Consciousness. Then the whole intellect, mind, every matter dissolves, and you are fully established in Supreme Consciousness. 

That’s a state which nobody can touch. Nobody can do anything, where you are one with the whole world, whole nature, all the elements, everything is you. You are one with the creator. That’s the only time when we actually realize what this creator is all about. 

Everything is energy, energy form, no matter, no duration. It’s completely immortal. There’s no mortality; there’s no beginning, there’s no end, there is no birth, there is no death. That state happens when you are fully focused inside and you are only witnessing the supreme brightness. Brighter than a million suns! That experience becomes you, and you become that experience. So, the great Masters said, “Okay, this is the way to go, and this is what you’re going to achieve.” They said, “You are That.” That’s what the ultimate guidance was. You are That. 

Whatever you wanted in this lifetime, it’s you. Don’t focus on anything outside. It has nothing to do with people, nothing to do with relationships, nothing to do with materials, possessions, position. It’s you. When we start looking inside, then we realize it’s not easy because the compelling desires, compelling experiences, compelling memories take us outside all the time. We expect so many things. 

Mohanji about Consciousness Kriya

The power of Kriya is basically the connection to prana. And prana is the life force that activates the mind-matter

Expectation leads to disappointments; disappointments lead to pains. In this mode of operation, we started to realize, “There must be something to hold on to.” That’s when the Master material comes. When a person gets into the bhaav or the feeling of a disciple, then a Master appears, who’s already established in that plane. 

The one who is already established very well into the Supreme Consciousness becomes a Master. He doesn’t have to become a Master, nor a person has to become a disciple. But when a disciple happened, a corresponding Master has to happen. That is the way it is. There is a demand, and there is a supply. The tradition supplied Masters over a period of time. 

Great Masters walked this Earth. They wanted nothing from Earth. That is their state of liberation. Their highest message, the top message, the highest message of every Master is the state of liberation. That means their life itself was the highest message. They wanted nothing from anybody. They never cared about the following. They never cared about the money, the materials the Earth will provide. They just delivered everything. You want the body – you take the body; you want the mind – you take the mind; you want the consciousness – take the consciousness. 

Everything was available, and they never cared about it. And this was the greatest blessing, the God-given blessing on this planet called Earth. They were available. If you have the eyes to see them, you can see them. If you don’t have the eyes to see them, don’t worry; sometimes, you will gain the eyes to see them. So there is no competition here, there’s no hierarchy, there’s no high, there’s no low. It’s up to you. It’s the way you are. 

So, if you are connecting to a great Master, understand that you earned it. If you have not earned it, you will not connect. Even if they come in front of you and stand in front of you, the greatest of Masters come and stand in front of you, you will not know because you have not developed the eyes to see them. And they look like nothing. 

They will destroy all your concepts because all these concepts have to break someday, for the mind to break because they all sit in mind. The mind will produce, “Oh, this should be like that, that should be like that, Master should behave like this, talk like this, walk like this, eat like this, sit like this, sleep like this…” All this has to be broken. A Master breaks them into pieces. 

That’s the only way the mind can be broken into pieces. Mind-matter can be destroyed. So Master does that great job of destroying the mind-matter. Then all the storage is destroyed, you become empty. This is the whole idea of liberation. Liberation is absolute freedom, where you need nothing from Earth, and you are everything on Earth. You are everything. You are that.

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Transcribed by Nada Rakovic

Proofread by Bhumika Arvind

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