Why do we worship Hanumanji?

Mohanji on Hanumanji

Why do we worship Hanumanji as a deity? 

Because of his consistency.

How can your mind be consistent? 

It should be parked in the yard of consistency. 

All the idols are connected to an ideal, and the ideal’s personification is the idol.

We have Hanumanji with the face of a monkey. He has huge strength, a big body, muscular, and powerful. But why does it have a monkey’s face? Why can’t it have any other face – like the face of Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger with that kind of body?

Why the monkey’s face? 

That’s the nature of your mind. The nature of your mind is to be unstable. Not stable in any place, not stable in any activity. Always bored, always moving, jumping from one branch to the other. That’s exactly how our mind works. But it has huge strength; it has even the strength to kill you. The mind has the strength to make you depressed and also to make you dead.  

The mind has the face of a monkey; the human mind – huge body, big strength. But why do we worship Hanumanji as a deity? Because of his consistency. How can your mind be consistent? It should be parked in the yard of consistency. 

What is consistency according to this particular ideal? 

It’s Ram. Ram is supreme consciousness. 

Why is Ram important? 

Because he went through tremendous turbulences, but he never complained. He accepted. He was cool. He accepted and handled life as it happened. His stability, consistency, and lack of complaining made us understand him and made us understand that he is an avatar

Where was Hanumanji parking his mind? 

In Ram. 

What did he gain from there? 

Supreme stability, supreme devotion, supreme connection to consciousness, ashta siddhi, navanidhi, all the powers – all the powers possible he attained because he was steady, steadily connected to consciousness. 

Hanumanji connected to consciousness, knowing fully well what he was connecting to. You should connect to anything knowing well why you are connecting to that. Otherwise, what happens? Somebody can tilt you. 

Imagine you had connected to something because other people are connecting. What happens after a while? Somebody says how foolish you can be; why are you connecting to this? Then you change. Sometimes you get disappointed. Why? Because you’ve been connecting to something which, according to you, was not good. 

But believe me, even if you connect to a donkey thinking that it is supreme consciousness, consistently enough, you will attain the strength. Because inside everything, there is the same energy, the same spark.

Story of a scholar

There is a story of a very big scholar. He was always talking about the dimensions of Supreme Consciousness like we are talking about now, 330 million dimensions of Supreme Consciousness in various lectures. He had one man, Man Friday. He used to carry his luggage back wherever he went. But he was completely illiterate. So, nothing to worry about. 

He was going around with his boss taking the bag wherever he went, and he used to listen to what the boss said. His boss was talking about the dimensions of consciousness. The man listened to it every time. 

One day he asked, “What is this Supreme Consciousness you are talking about? You’re going to various stages. You’re talking, giving lectures, and talking about Supreme Consciousness. What is this thing?” 

Then he thought, “He is an illiterate man; how can I tell him? He doesn’t have any education.” While he was asking the question, there was a big buffalo grazing. “Do you know that buffalo? That is Supreme Consciousness.” So, this guy believed it because he was illiterate. He didn’t know. 

Actually, his boss was joking. But this guy decided that this was serious. And he started meditating on the buffalo. And what happened was that Supreme Consciousness appeared to him in the form of the buffalo. He could feel it, he could see it, he could touch it. But his boss couldn’t see it.

One day, they had to cross a very narrow path, a small gate, and it was just sufficient for them because, in those days, they made gates in such a way that animals could not enter. People could enter, but animals couldn’t. The boss crossed through, but the man was not coming; he was waiting at the gate. 

His boss turned around and asked, “Why are you not coming?” 

He said, “Because the Supreme Consciousness cannot come with me, it’s standing outside.” 

The boss said, “What are you talking about? Where is supreme consciousness?” 

He said, “Behind me, can’t you see?” 

The boss said, “No, I can’t see it.”

The man said, “Touch me and see.” 

The Guru touched him and saw a huge buffalo standing behind him. He said, “How did this fellow come to you?”

He answered, “I was meditating on him; I was praying to him. And he came; he walks with me.” 

Then his Guru understood that this disciple had attained more powers than him. He knew the theory only, but this guy practically materialized that effect. This is possible. 

Do you believe in it?

This is the question. Things do not manifest to us because we don’t believe in them. That’s all. Everything we talk about is not rocket science. These are all tangible, experienceable things, but we should believe in them.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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