Why did God create various images of souls?

Let us look at creation in a slightly different way. We have various temples here in India; we see so many temples. We have many deities; we have Vishnu, Shiva and Hanuman, so many deities. Each temple has idols. They all have idols.

What do we go to worship?

We go to worship these idols. These idols all have induced energy – Prana Pratishta. Prana Pratishta is that through chanting, through certain methods, they bring energy into the idol, and that becomes a deity. 

We are all deities. We have an energy within us; this is the soul. When the energy leaves the body, we call it a dead body. Like that, there are numerous creations. Not just human beings: there are trillions of creations. Some are visible; some are invisible. And some have happened by themselves like one becomes another, transformation or metamorphosis, this happens. Some are created, some are definitely created, and the older Prajapatis, the creators, had the technology to bring together the five elements, like earth, water, air, space, all put together, made forms and induced energy into it like Prana Pratishta. They had the power to bring the soul into the body. 

When that is happening, it’s a beautiful creation of a creator. There are many creators like that; there were many people we call the Prajapatis or children of Brahma or various things you can call them. Some people say they are aliens. This is possible because they are from another place because the Earth is a relatively new world like the Himalayas are new mountains, relatively new mountains.

It’s a relative world. There have been various worlds much older than Earth. And there are civilizations there, and there are beings there. Some of them have learned this technique of bringing together the elements, and putting them together and making/creating a physical form, and give it life. And then, when they give it life, they put certain things to sustain the species. So like that, all the species are sustained by themselves, self- sustained.

A crow or a bird or a parrot, or an animal, all bring forth the new generations without any intervention. Nobody has to create a new bird. One bird creates another of the same kind. Likewise, one human being creates another human being of the same type.

Like that, creation started creating. That is how multiplication happened; so many multiplications happened. Like one father and mother create five children. So, one pair, one couple of people became five – seven – eight, like that. Multiplication became automatic. That is why they were choosing Earth. Many people like to come to Earth, because here it is a good canvas; air, water, earth, space, and fire everything is available. All you have to do is just create. 

Mohanji about various images of souls

In many worlds, like on the moon, there is no water. In various places, there is something missing; here, it’s not like that. But there are beings also sitting in the sun. There are beings that could live in the sun; there are beings that could live in many places. So, where have they taken the energy from?

Where is this core thing?

The main thing is not the body. The main thing is the energy.

The journey of the soul

Where is it from?

That is what is God. You take a piece of that energy, which is the God-particle, then you put it in the body and that body becomes an entity by itself and starts functioning. It can create another of its species and thus become like God.

So God is not interfering at all. God is not the creator in that way. We think that God is creating individually; God is not doing it. God is sitting in you already as a part of you, as a soul. And when the soul leaves, it goes back; there is a possibility it can go back to its original space, which is God. But, just like that, it will not go because you already plucked a piece of that energy and put it in the body, and it will automatically get coated with desires. When it leaves, it also carries desires, so that will not help it to merge with God.

What happens?

It will wait for another body. It will come back because there are desires. You need to experience them.

Desires need fulfilment. Fulfilment means you need another body. Similar type, for example, as a human being, you will want to experience how a human being will feel. Not like how a tiger will feel or a whale. Why, because our interests are of human nature. We come back in another body, another life, another life. Like this, it goes. Understand that all these creations had creators originally, but multiplication was spontaneous, automatic. It has climate, it has various environmental factors, all this. 

These creators were extremely brilliant, amazing creators; you can see such beautiful birds, multiple coloured. And fishes, some of them are brilliant fishes; we wonder how they created them. They are all great artists, great craftsmen. But their original job was to come to this canvas; they put elements together, made a good design, put the soul, and set it in, and they multiplied into themselves. 

Then many of these creators withdrew from here because what happened is that the energy frequency of this place sometimes deteriorates as we know. What is moving us now -greed,anger, hatred, jealousy, ownership, all these things. Why do we have so many countries in the world, because everybody wants to rule. Otherwise, we don’t need so many countries. One country is enough because for one species, how many countries do you need? One country. Even one country is not needed, just space. 

We are here only for some time; we will someday die, so we don’t need a lot of countries. But we have because we have the greed to rule, to control, to conquer, to capture, to manipulate. This is all human frailties, human disturbances. So, this is how it is. Creation, or God, has no involvement. What I call as God is the soul element, the electricity. Electricity has no interest in your washing machine, in your refrigerator, but without electricity, the washing machine and refrigerator will not function.

Likewise, the soul has no interest in the human body; whether it is in a human body, or a lion’s body or a cow’s body, it is the same. It doesn’t matter like electricity has no difference between a washing machine and a refrigerator; a soul has no difference between bodies. But they stay in the body. But, sometimes, they have to come back for the sake of experiences because their desires get stuck to them. So many desires get stuck, and they come back. So this is what happens.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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