What is truly contemplation?


What is contemplation? Any idea? At certain points in life, you will start asking yourself: What is life all about? This question comes to everybody.

Who am I?

Sooner or later, one question would be: Who am I? The answer will come first as your name “I am so and so”. Second, I am of this nationality, and these are my parents. These are my children. This is my house. Many identifications, which you have learnt to talk about will come – qualification, what you do, all those things. But is that you, really? 

A question for contemplation

What am I?

So, when this question, “Who am I?” deepens, it becomes meditation; it transforms into meditation. A second question will come, “What am I? Am I this body? Am I this mind? Am I this personality? Am I this intellect – the one thing which analyzes things? Or am I this soul which has nothing to do with any of this?” When you go deeper into that question, the second question leads to and transforms into meditation. 

Why am I?

The third question, “Why am I? What is the reason for me going through this thing called life?” We call it life. Probably it’s only existence because the mind is not here. We think we live, but we exist, and we ask, “Why is this life? Or why am I?” – that’s connected to your personality. Why should I be Mohanji? Who said I am Mohanji?

These questions come – (you will ask your own name). But why should I be Mohanji, or why should I be Catharina? Why should I be Anja? Or Halasev? Like this, you will ask this question to yourself. 

Dilution of identification

Then what happens is your identification as your incarnation starts getting diluted, eroded; you become everybody. The ego which held you as yourself starts cracking, dissolving. You stop seeing differences. Life becomes meditation with a “Why am I?” – your life becomes meditation. Every breath becomes meditation. You do not have to meditate; that means you and meditating stops; you ARE meditation; who am I? What am I? Why am I?

Contemplation and Meditation

The Mind

What are you asking normally, in normal life? 7.5 billion people are asking one question, “How am I ?” And what does the mind tell you? “I’m not all right”, “I want more”, “Give me more”, never satisfied. Don’t ask, “How am I?” That is already finished. 

The mind will say, “I want that thing sitting in that man’s pocket, here in my pocket.” The mind gives an illusion that you will be happy if you get that. But do you think the mind will be happy forever? It needs more, more, more; habitual demands. 

Contemplation towards happiness


But when you know you are everybody, you want nothing from anybody. What will you understand? That, what is sitting in that pocket deserves to be in that pocket, and it’s your pocket. There is nothing like my body and your body; it’s all expressions of one body. That is enlightenment. You are absolutely one unit, then you cannot be separate. I have given the whole path of spirituality as baby food to you. This is very complex and complicated, but I have simplified it as best as I can.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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