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How to treat people properly |Mohanji 

How much time do you have on earth? You don’t know, let’s say until death. Within this time, what we want to do, we should do. Or whatever our desires are, whatever our expressions are, we should accomplish it. There is no question of,” Should I do something?” If you feel you should do it, you should do it.

Interact now

The God-given opportunity for interaction is when we are alive. But look around in the world, in your own society; what do we do? When somebody dies, we go to that house. When somebody is living, we don’t go there; we avoid visiting. But the moment somebody dies, we go to the house. What does it have to do with the dead man? He can’t see if you are coming or going; he can’t see your feelings; he can’t see anything! But we go to that place after death. Isn’t it ironic?  

The second point is, we go to the graveyard and place flowers. But when the person was alive, we probably never gave them even one flower! But we go to the graveyard and lay flowers when that person can neither see nor experience or feel your love. 

Thirdly, we say good things about dead people, and we ridicule them while they are alive. So what is the use of telling something good after that person is dead? They can’t hear it.

Look at every aspect like that; then we understand how we are living our life. This is just a mirror we can look at so that we know how we operate.


So, what should we do? When we have to convey a message, we should convey the message directly. If I have something to tell you, isn’t it better I tell you instead of other people? That is integrity. Imagine we all have that integrity; society will be much better. So, we all have an option and opportunity to be ourselves when we are alive, only at that time. 

We can often see in post-funeral discussions; people say that he (the dead person) was an amazing guy and so on. But that (dead) person can’t hear anything! While living, he never experienced your love; after leaving, what is the use of your love for him? 

A chance to love

I always say, don’t miss a chance to love; don’t miss a chance to respect; don’t miss a chance to experience. Because after death, there’s nothing you can do. So my suggestion is to go and do your best so that you will feel rich within, at least your life is well lived. 

We don’t know whether it is good or bad, but at least from our side, our intentions were pure. Our delivery was right, timely, that’s power, isn’t it? We should not miss a chance; we should not go too often to graveyards. That’s actually showing a very sad state. 

Of course, we go at anniversaries, to respect, that’s a different story. But I would like us to give flowers to people who are alive or give sweets; bring something good to the people when they are in the body to feel it, and they can feel your love. That will fulfil them more. After death, who cares about whatever you say about them? It is always the case that the person people hated; everybody will praise them after they are dead. It’s almost like they were waiting for them to die to praise them! 

This is our life, right? It’s important that we must do what we have to.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 
Proofread by Vidya Rajagopalan

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