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How a Master’s presence transforms you | Mohanji

Until you arrive, you don’t display. So, many of the people you see around a teacher or a Master – they are trying; they haven’t quite reached there.

There was a great master called Shivananda of Divine Light Society. Anybody coming to him, he would give sainthood (Sanyasa). People asked him, “Are you not contaminating this? Some of these people whom you’ve asked to sit in your ashram are not worth it. They are pretty raw. They’re very normal people. Why are you giving them this power?” Then he said, “Do you know what? If they sit in society, society will be more contaminated. Let them sit in the ashram; I’ll give them food.”

So, don’t think that all the people around a Master are enlightened. They are all trying to be, or some are pretending. Some are trying, but they’ve to display their actual character. Whether they meditate more or not, some of them are extremely insecure. Understand, if seeds are not sown, tomorrow, they’ll not become trees. But seeds have to be sown at some point in time.

The very reason they’ve come to a Master means there’s something in them which is asking for liberation. It is the Master’s job to sow the seed. But when will it germinate? When will it become a tree? The Master has no control. It depends on the student. If the student is deeply connected to the Master, he can become the Master. If the student is not connected or connected only partially, he’ll grow only partially.

The Master is like water. You can take water in a mug or a bucket or a bathtub. The Master is the source, but the students will take the water only within the capacity they have. But we can’t look at the Master through the student. The Master will remain the ocean. But the students are sometimes walls.

If a person really wants to come to the Master, he’ll reach. But the students will provide certain roadblocks so that you have to really strive to reach the Master. But don’t look at the cover and decide what’s inside. What Jesus stood for and later on his teachings got interpreted are different, right? What Osho stood for and what people practise is different.

The thing is that, as somebody asked me in an interview, “Mohanji, can you ensure that your teachings will remain as pure as what you’re delivering even after your death?” I said that even now I cannot guarantee that because even now people practice as they like. I can’t guarantee anything because society, nature, the coming generations will interpret and misinterpret and over-interpret or not interpret as per their constitution. We have no control.

Connection to Mohanji

All I can say is that for those who are deeply connected to me, I take responsibility for them. But otherwise, how can I control?  If somebody is partially connected, I cannot do anything. For example, if somebody is living in my house, I give them food and accommodation, everything. If somebody is in a neighbour’s house, how can I help them?

The people who are deeply connected to me and one with me, I take responsibility for, and I don’t take responsibility for the other things. I can’t because it’s encroachment. So, people who are with me, of course, I try to orient them, guide them, but they only see through their eyes as they are, eventually. I cannot control it. They look at me through their eyes.

Some people say Mohanji is this; another person says Mohanji is that. I’m neither of these.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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