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What is Supreme Consciousness? How creation happened?

Supreme consciousness is the source. Supreme consciousness is the unmanifested, unmanifestable, unknowable, supreme energy, which the whole universe is filled with – brighter than a million suns. That’s the nature of supreme consciousness – pure brightness, pure energy, power.

From there, the same energy conglomerated and made a unit of itself, made an atom, and the atom made space, and the space created time and time and space together created creations. All the galaxies that you see now have all come out of this combination.

The first atom, the supreme, came out of pure energy. When the atom is done, it goes back to pure energy. The wave has come out of the ocean. When the waves die, they go back to the ocean. The ocean is not affected. The ocean is never affected by the waves. Understand – nor is the ocean responsible for the waves.


Supreme consciousness and creation

Supreme consciousness is not affected by any creations, nor is it responsible for any creation. Why? Because creations create themselves. That’s what we talked about – patterns, our likes, and dislikes, desires. Supreme consciousness is not having any desire; you have a desire. If the unit has a desire, what’ll the supreme consciousness do? It says, “have the desire, enjoy.” It’s facilitating; it’s allowing. It manifested itself to allow creation.

There are so many lokas – worlds in this universe, so many worlds where creation can happen; many canvases; imagine them as canvases. They are all potential canvases for creation to happen. Creation will happen based on the available resources. If you build a house here, this house is built as per what materials are available. You can’t build anything if the materials aren’t available, can you?

In all these lokas, all these canvases, many materials were available in those locations based on which creation happened. There are beings who can create just like we have sculptors who can make beautiful idols. They know how to make idols out of raw stone. They polish the very raw, unpolished stone and make good statues out of them. They are skilled to do that. Just like that, there are creators who are skilled in creating. When some of them used the Earth as a platform, they understood the best method to create here is with the elements.

What are the basic elements they used to create with? Earth, water, air, fire, space, with which they created beings. That’s why you can see a lot of variety of creations on Earth. But there was one condition; what was the condition? It should be in tune with the vibratory frequency – the major macro vibratory frequency of the Earth; that was the condition.

There are numerous variations; in some places, it’s very cold. Some places are warm. There’s an arctic region with ice; there are deserts; fire means heat. There are waters, skies, mountains, high altitude, low altitude, higher, lower; so many varieties.

You can create anything you like within these varieties; they are all a canvas for you. When this was all created, or when they started working on these creations, they moulded these in such a way that they don’t contradict the basic terrain or the structure or the vibration of the Earth, except one being – human being. We transcended every terrain, and with zero awareness or very little awareness, mostly ignorance, we went into all sorts of places, and we disturbed the whole ecology.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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