Success related insecurities

How to deal with insecurities or fears related to success | Mohanji

We are wasting most of our time by comparing ourselves with other people. And most of the time we are wasting by competing with other people. I would recommend if you want to compete, compete with yourself. If you have the habit of postponing things, do it right away. If you have the habit of not smiling, start smiling. If you have any habit of being lazy, get into hyper-action.

You’re not competing with anybody outside. The moment you stop that, you just see how much time you get; how much peace of mind. We are not comparable. There’s nobody like us. Unfortunately, our society and our system have created people like bricks on the wall. But we can break free. If you do not have expectations that people will always respect you, or people should respect you, appreciate you, accept you; if you do not have that problem, you have no problem.

Experience life

A lot of our time is wasted because we are trying to prove to somebody who doesn’t care. This is affecting our stability. What happens when you give the remote control of your happiness in the hands of somebody? They keep changing channels, and you will never be stable. Keep the remote control with you. Because you are the most reliable person you’ll ever find in your life.

Please remember, we are important. This life is important. Our experiences are important. Our time is important. Our heart is important. Everything is important. Don’t think that it’s not important. It is important. Because only when you wake up do you have a life. When you sleep, you don’t have it. This you should remember. You are here between birth and death for experiencing life. You have the choice to make it great.

Love and respect yourself

How can we start loving ourselves? First of all, please remember, whatever is natural for us, effortless for us, is good for us. Whatever you have to force to put pressure on us to do is not suitable for us. What’s good for us? What’s natural, what’s spontaneous, what’s flowing is good for us.

Whatever is not natural for us, you should be able to say no, thank you. We can be very, very powerful if we don’t waste our life chasing something which we think will give us happiness. Instead, the right thing is, it should come to us because we deserve it. How? When you respect, respect comes to you. You respect yourself; respect comes to you. When you love yourself, love comes to you. When you accept yourself, the world accepts you. When you give yourself to the world, the world gives itself to you. This is how life works.

The world is a mirror

When we are completely closed in our minds, when we are like a room with all the curtains drawn where we don’t talk to people, we don’t like people, we don’t do anything. Then don’t expect the world to give you everything you need. The world is like a mirror. It’s our reflection. Please remember this because this is the secret of success. So how do we attain stability? Very simple. Stop comparing, stop competing, and don’t imitate others. Be yourself totally.

Weaknesses and strengths

We all have weaknesses – many weaknesses, and we all have strengths. So, don’t think that since we have weaknesses, we are less than somebody. Not true; all people are like this. They all have weaknesses; they all have strengths. All people are a mixture of both weaknesses and strengths. Don’t be afraid to accept yourself because you have some weaknesses; all people have. And don’t worry about perfection in that way. Perfection is a relative thing. Today you attain perfection about something; tomorrow, that’s not good enough. It’s a never-ending game.


Be happy with your work of each day, with your output of each day. The thing called success is always a relative thing. Do you know how success works? It’s like small children; when you run after the child, the child will run away. If you sit in one place and you’re doing your thing properly, the child will slowly start coming to you and start making friends with you. Success is like that.

When you chase success, you sometimes miss life. When you concentrate on your activity fully, with conviction, with belief, then it comes to you at its time. You have to have patience. Patience is very important. When you do a thing properly, consistently, with faith, with belief, success comes to you, and it stays. But when you chase it, you may not get it.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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