Shivratri 2021;What is it?Why Shivratri?

Om Namah Shivaya! I wish you all a great Shivaratri. Shivratri is a reminder of the Shiva within us.

Kailash is within us as Kailash is a state, and Shiva, the dweller of Kailash, is the state. The abode and the dweller are one. 

We are one with the consciousness, and Shivaratri brings us the reminder of this consciousness.

Shivratri : A beautiful point in time to assimilate and dissolve into ourselves. Shiva, the dweller of Kailash, is a state.

Why Shivaratri

It is because the energy configuration of that day and that time is conducive for that experience. 

This is a beautiful point in time to understand, assimilate and dissolve into ourselves.

Shiva is a state, a state of beingness.  Being Supreme Consciousness. And Shiva is perpetual. There is no beginning or end to Shiva. Shiva is everything, or within everything is Shiva. 

Nothing exists in the world without the spark and the vibration of Lord Shiva.  Shiva cannot be considered as an entity – it has to be considered as consciousness. That’s why I use the word ‘it’. The aspiration for that consciousness which is Shiva makes us true yogis. So this can also be said to be a day of yogis.

  • Shivaratri is a very important day for understanding our true potential and nature.   And Shivaratri is a day where we realize that nothing else apart from this consciousness exists on this earth.  And that awareness is what we should drink to our fill.
  • When we become aware that we are the consciousness, and that only consciousness exists in the world, in the universe, we become One with it. 
  • When awareness becomes actualization, when awareness becomes a real experience, we recognize Shiva. Then we dissolve into Him. Once we dissolve into Him, we don’t exist. There’s nothing apart from Shiva that exists on earth.

I wish you a great Shivaratri. I wish you great awareness and the experience of this great consciousness always so that you dissolve into eternity.  Once we merge with this consciousness, we become eternal. We have no beginning or end. And this realization, this experience, becomes us.

Happy Shivaratri. 

Om Namah Shivaya! 

Shivratri ! Shivling, once we merge with this consciousness, we become eternal.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Geeta Iyer
Watch the video here

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