Sexuality – natural acceptance

Mohanji on nature of sexuality


All people have sexuality, everybody, not only human beings, every being of every species, why? Why is it so? It is to continue the species. That’s exactly why the aspect of sexuality is connected to every being. But most beings, except human beings, keep sexuality to their body. What do we do? We keep sexuality in our minds, and we don’t know how to get rid of it. That is why we have a three trillion porn industry. But why is it happening? Because we keep sexuality in mind. If you show a porn film to an animal, it wouldn’t want to see it. 

Relevance in life

The point I’m saying is that everything has its place, and it has its relevance; all things of life have their place and their relevance. When all these things are migrated into something else, they change their form. When anything is suppressed or controlled, or denied or disciplined or whatever you call it, that creates different shapes. Whatever is suppressed, denied, it changes into various aspects, different forms. 


I would say you do not look at sexuality as a disease; that’s a part of life. And it is part of the instinct, which is God-given, which is a part of creation. It’s connected to the basic instinct. It’s a basic instinct.

What is a basic instinct?

The survival instinct is our basic instinct. 

One part is food; the other part is sexuality, connected to the survival instinct. And sexual orientation, we do not have control of. Because that’s connected to various factors, it could be even what we get to see in the world, certain phobias, certain fears, certain concepts, how we are brought up, or what is denied; so many factors, there’s not only one thing. A lot of things are connected to this. If you understand that this is it, we will not have many opinions about it. 


I don’t give an opinion about any of the personal orientations because I’m nobody to give an opinion. I have no right. I only say two things;

1. Accept yourself as you are, completely.

2. Do not be violent by any means in thoughts, words or actions. 

That means total acceptance and no violence; there is peace on earth. We have 7.5 billion people on earth now. If all people are heterosexual, it’ll double up in no time. I think nature is keeping some checks; we respect nature. 

But I never give an opinion or don’t have an opinion, nor do I see anybody’s nonviolent expressions as bad because it’s not my job. Nor is it your right; you don’t have a right to judge another person. Because of mainly one reason; we do not know another person. I do not know another person because I see another person only at a certain time for a certain space, a certain space in time, not beyond. Neither do you see another person. 

We see each other only for a certain time. How can we judge another person? But we can accept everybody, just like we have to accept ourselves.

Transcription by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofreading by Yogesh Pandit

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