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What is the purpose of Consciousness Kriya? | Mohanji

We’ll teach you Kriya, which will cut across karma and take you to liberation from karma. Kriya is a set of techniques which combines breath as well as visualization. Whatever is sacred is secret. Kriya is very sacred. It remained a secret for centuries. Those who were eligible for Kriya got it. Those who practised it with conviction reached very high levels of awareness.

A story of Karma

There was a great king who wanted to know about the core of existence – what’s the core of existence, how existence happens, and why existence. He wanted to know the full karmic combinations. Once when he was in the palace, a group of very great masters came by. He honoured them. He gave them food; he gave them all the facilities. Before they left, he said, “Can I ask you a question?” They said, “Sure, go ahead.”

He asked, “What is karma?” You see the Tom and Jerry cartoon, right? By the time you look back, the person has disappeared. So, like that, all the saints disappeared. The king was looking around; there was nobody there, so he was very disappointed.

Then the Navnath sadhus came – the nine saints. When they came, first itself, he asked the question, “I would like to honour you and give you everything possible, but will you run away if I ask a question?” So, they said, “No, we won’t run away.” He treated them well, gave them food, and made them happy. Finally, he asked the question, “What is karma?” They said, “Now we know why the earlier saints ran away. This question is terrible and unexplainable.

Karma cannot be explained in lifetimes. Its roots are impressions. Small impressions are the seeds of karma. From a seed,  a whole tree happens. From a seed of impression, whole life can happen. Karma is a very complex subject. If you want to know karma, you’ve to be born lifetimes. Still, you won’t know karma. So, forget about karma. We’ll teach you Kriya, which will cut across karma and take you to liberation from karma.” Then they initiated the king to Kriya.

What is Kriya?

Kriya is a set of techniques which combines breath as well as visualization. If you know the science of our functionality or how the body functions, the core of the activities is controlled by the subconscious. Major activities are all controlled by our subconscious.

The subconscious is like the engine room of the ship. It doesn’t know where the ship is going, but it handles the inputs. It processes the inputs, and it tries to create a reality. The subconscious cannot see where it’s going. It’s like the captain. The chief mate and the engine room are the navigators, like our senses and the mind (the conscious mind) are the navigators. The conscious mind is like the captain, you know. The senses are the chief mates and other people who run the show. They navigate and give the command to the engine room. Go ahead, full speed, or stop.

The subconscious

So, the subconscious is just activating what input it’s receiving. The input that comes in is accepted as it is because the subconscious doesn’t know whether this is good or bad. This is why if your input is sorrow, the subconscious creates sorrow. If your input is happiness, the subconscious creates happiness. The subconscious just creates it or just manifests it thinking this is exactly what you want to experience. Three levels of input – physical sensations, emotional sensations, and intellectual sensations – all these are going down to the subconscious. The subconscious churns it out and gives you the manifestation of a particular reality. This is your reality.

The world has multiple expressions. The universe has multiple expressions, but your experience depends on who you are or how you are. The subconscious is like that. With each input, all the sensations, all the inputs, and all the vibrations are making realities and manifestations over time.


So, what’s the only thing in your system that you can regulate? Can you regulate your heartbeat? Can you regulate your circulation, digestion, excretion etc.? Nothing except breathing can you regulate. The only thing which goes within that can be regulated is used to cut across karma. Visualization is for the subconscious because it’s an input given to the subconscious, so the subconscious decides this is what we’ve to achieve.

There’s no other way than an input which can change the pattern of operation of the subconscious. Even the pattern doesn’t change. It actually regulates or gives a higher priority to the subconscious. Using regulated breath and visualization – mixing them together in a particular blend, we create Kriyas. Kriyas are practices. What you repeat becomes you. If you repeatedly smoke, you become a smoker. If you repeatedly eat something, you start habituating towards that. Like that, anything repeated becomes your habit.


Kriya also has to be repeated many times over so that it becomes your nature. Whatever is your nature is yours. This is why consistency is important, conviction is important, and commitment is important if your aim is transformation. Whatever is sacred is secret, so Kriya is very sacred. It remained a secret for centuries. Those who were eligible for Kriya got it. Those who practised it with conviction reached very high levels of awareness.

Being conscious about your consciousness is awareness. At the same time, you are not your consciousness neither are you conscious. You are fully conscious of your consciousness. This is the awareness we’re talking about. When you’re conscious about your consciousness, you’re detached from yourself. You cannot be inside; you’ve to stay out and see. This is awareness. In that mode, all your activities you are aware of as a witness. Kriyas are techniques which help you to be conscious about your consciousness.

What’s the secret of cutting across karma? Prevention is better than cure, right? This is the first point. So, if you are in the present, if you’re operating 100% in the present, that means your satisfaction level is 100%. Then, further karma is not created. When desires are not formed, where can there be karma? There’s no karma further. This is the secret.

In the present

First of all, being conscious about your consciousness automatically makes you operate in the present, which means you are fully here now. When there’s no accumulation, then it’s a question of exhaustion. Whatever desires you came for or you took this body for have to be exhausted; it has to happen. So, you are in the present. That means you’re experiencing every experience, whether it’s good or bad, 100%.

There’s no ignorance; there are no pending emotions. There’s no emotion built up. There’s no urge for postponement as well. There’s no postponing because what you postpone, you don’t want to face, right? That’s not happening; you’re facing everything. You’re not accumulating anything. You’re not adding anything. You’re in the present. You’re operating in full consciousness. Things get diluted, just wiped off from the system.

Kriyas are beautiful techniques which keep you in the present. It makes you conscious of your consciousness. Also, it helps you stop accumulating further desires, further vasanas (inclinations), further karma, and then finally, dilute yourself and merge into the supreme consciousness.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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