Pranapratishtha Slovenia – part 2

Pranapratishtha Slovenia – part 2 | Mohanji

Om Sai Ram to all of you! We’ve successfully completed the pranaprathishta of Ganesha, Sai Baba and Dattatreya. I explained the significance of the whole process. Here what we did today is to infuse the energy of each deity into its idol. It’s almost like giving birth.

Our life – we are a mixture of gross and subtle. We’ve got a gross body, a gross mind and gross intellect, and we’ve got the spirit, the soul aspect. When the soul aspect is activating the gross aspect, we call it life. When the soul leaves, and the gross aspect cannot be activated, we call it death.

Here we’ve activated the energy of Sai Baba, Lord Dattatreya, and Lord Ganesha. Each one will give its flavour to this earth. Lord Dattatreya is very close to us because we walk the path of Avadhoota. What’s the Avadhoota path? ‘Path of pathlessness’ – you’re the path. It’s not easy to understand.

It’s easy to understand bhakti; it’s easy to understand jnana because there’s something external before it becomes internal. It’s easy to understand karma; there’s external before you understand internal. Our path isn’t easy to understand because it’s internal, internal and internal – connecting with yourself, purifying yourself, and becoming yourself. That’s the power of this path.

That’s why we have Lord Datta as Paramguru; he’s the first avatar, the first guru, the conglomeration of the beginning, middle and end. He’s everything, and Sai Baba, is our father, grandfather, walking, talking, and being with us all the time. His presence is very powerful.


Our path isn’t easy to understand because it’s internal, internal and internal – connecting with yourself, purifying yourself, and becoming yourself. That’s the power of this path.

– Mohanji

It’s not by accident that we could do this here. Actually, we didn’t do it; it happened through us. Sai Baba’s presence will definitely enhance the lives of people. I have only one suggestion for you. It’s not a request, but a suggestion, “Whatever food you eat, before you consume, remember Sai Baba, Dattatreya and Ganesha and offer to them”, now that you have participated in the pranaprathishta.

Significance of Pranapratishtha

What’s the advantage of participating in pranaprathishta? When the higher energy is invoked and brought to the individual unit (bodies), it goes through us also; we also get to experience it. We may not understand it now fully, but the energy which has landed here has also gone through us. So, we’ve had some kind of purification. How much we don’t know, but you’ll probably experience it in the days ahead.

The best way to connect to any Master or any God is gratitude – the path of gratitude. When you’re grateful, whatever you consume, if you offer to the deities, automatically becomes prasad – consecrated food. So, whatever you eat will be good for your body because it’s offered already.

I do that all the time; I offer to all the deities to whom I connect. I offer to Gurus; I offer to my ancestors. You can also do the same. Offer to your ancestors, your Gurus, Gods, whoever you like to offer, you can offer, and then the food becomes consecrated. So, even if there are elements – while cooking, people have bad thoughts; if the food has no good energy, that will have good energy when you offer it.

Today is a very auspicious day for all of us. I am more happy because people have come from various places, from neighbouring countries like Croatia, Austria, Serbia, and Australia. I welcome all of you. Actually, I don’t need to welcome any of you because this is your home, and nobody invites anybody home, right? Nobody needs to invite anybody to their own home. This is your home, so please feel welcome all the time, anytime, and Baba will be here for you all the time.

If you remember, you’ll start experiencing Baba. Only one thing you need to do, ‘Remember’. There’s no need for singing or chanting. It’s all fine if you like to do this; there’s no problem or harm. But what is most important is remembrance; all the time, you remember. Baba is you; you are within Baba. So, if you remember, you’ll start experiencing Baba.


I’ll tell you how miraculously how all these pranaprathistas have happened this year, what we did in Australia, Scotland, now here (Slovenia), and the day after in Serbia. All of you are invited to Serbia, and all of you are welcome to come to Serbia. Probably, we don’t have this kind of space, but still, if there’s a big heart, there’s room. That’s all I wanted to tell you. You are all invited to Serbia; you are always invited here; welcome here anytime. Baba will be waiting for you to receive you.

Please remember, “Live the life of Baba”. When you really connect to Baba, live that life, a life of love, compassion, kindness, and selflessness, and that’ll take you very high. Thank you very much.

I’ll give the microphone to Maharaj. Maharaj did a good job. In case you didn’t know who Maharaj is, Sulakhe Maharaj has been serving Baba for the last 40 years, in Shirdi, in the Sansthan. Forty years he was serving Baba. Every day, he used to wake Baba up and make Baba sleep. The whole process he was doing.

Whenever I called him, he never said no. That’s his great heart, big heart. He was always ready to come, and also the main thing is that many priests don’t function if things aren’t in place. But Maharaj is very adaptable; he adapts to situations because we don’t get everything we get in India. We’ve to improvise a little bit, and Maharaj is happy to do that, and he does a good job each time. So, that’s one of the things why we are connecting deeply.

There are a few more pranaprathistas possibly happening in the days to come or in the years to come. There’s a dream to have a very big Baba, which may happen in the future – a very tall Baba, taller than the skies, 210 metres. Thank you, Sai Ram!

On 26th June next year, we’ll have an anniversary or vardhapan ceremony, where the energy of the idols is rejuvenated. Hopefully, next year we’ll have a similar program. Remember, we are one family; there’s no separation ever. Thank you.

Transcribed by Bhumika Arvind

Proofread by Padmini Ravi Kumar

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