Need for moral standards now

Why do we need moral standards | Mohanji

Moral standards

Moral standards are disciplines given by society; it’s basically to maintain law and order in society. If all the people obey certain standards, society becomes cleaner; society becomes better to handle law and order and discipline, which means all those things can be maintained. 

Fear and control

But what happens is that sometimes these moral standards are used to control people. That’s when it goes wrong because it creates fear in people. To create fear and control is a mechanism used by politics and some religious factors because fear is one of the biggest things you can use to control people. 

In the real path of spiritual progress, fear has no value. You should be fearless; you should be filled with love, not fear. Your inside should be filled with love. 

Heart of love

When your heart is filled with love, you will only have goodness inside. 

You don’t need to restrict anybody; it needs force to restrict people, to control people. But if the heart is filled with love, all you all it brings forth, all in produces is goodness, righteousness, kindness.  


I always recommend that the right moral standard should be non-violence. No violence in thoughts, words or actions, total acceptance of life as it comes. We see the birds and animals in nature; everything is unpredictable for them. Sometimes if it rains, they may not get food. Sometimes predators attack them. They handle life as it comes. We are so insecure that we start worrying about our basic existence. 

My moral standards

Being you

According to me, morality means the highest possibility of you. This means you are filled with kindness, filled with love, filled with goodness, so that you only give that, whatever the situation around you are. And if a whole generation does that, the world will experience perpetual peace. 

My morality is very simple, non-violence. But people look at morality as a thing which you can mould as you like, sometimes people use it to control people. That’s something negative about it. Morality is not the problem; the problem is with people who use it.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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