Job of an enlightened Master

What is the job of a true enlightened Master? | Mohanji

What you consider as a master’s job does not exist. No master sits there and thinks, “Okay, there are people – helpless, poor; help them or guide them.” There’s nothing like that. There’s no responsibility that way. But when we crave something, we get it. So, when a disciple happens, a master happens. When a person decides, “I want to learn something, or I want guidance; I want certain direction.” At that time, it comes to you. 

Nobody is a master in that context. Nobody is permanently sitting there and saying, “Okay, these are poor people.” And when you attain mastery over the mind, you’ll look at everybody as yourself, perfect. No more perfection is to be given to them. Sometimes they sit deluded, thinking they are the mind or the personality. That eventually, they’ll overcome. This is not the master’s job. The master has no job, actually. 

Presence of a Master

The master’s presence is there – the presence of a master, the presence of somebody who has dissolved the mind. Definitely, it’s there. And what’s their job? No job; their presence itself is the job. What’s the job of the air? Its presence is the job. What’s the job of your soul? Its presence is its job. Because of its presence, things happen. Electricity doesn’t have a job, but its presence makes the lights work, washing machine work, refrigerator work – the same electricity. 

Like that our soul is the same as every soul. No master or God sits and thinks, “This is a poor guy; this is a rich guy.” It’s all the same for them. And there’s no particular responsibility that way. They are living their life. They are having their experiences – good, bad, and ugly; no problem. But their presence gives some inspiration to some people who are ready for higher awareness. That’s their job. That’s not a job. It’s a jobless job. 

True Master

So, these things should be very clear. We get confused between teachers and masters. Teachers are people who’ve learned subjects, and they look like a guru, maybe. But the real master is somebody who has dissolved himselfthat’s mastery.

Teachers are not masters. We confuse between these two. We think a teacher’s job, of course, he has got a job – to teach, to tell people what they know if they want to hear. But a master has no job. He has already attained what he wanted to attain, and his presence inspires somebody who is ready to attain the same state. And when that person attains the state, the master’s job is done, or the master doesn’t have a job actually; his purpose is fulfilled. 

Some of the powerful masters who are always in pure brightness will look like nothing. But teachers look amazing because they have something to teach. They can only teach what they already know. There’s nothing more.

But those who are one with the source will probably say nothing. But their presence, like a campfire, heats you when you’re near them. It changes something inside you because they are like huge magnets or powerful brightness. You won’t see them unless you are very keen to connect to them. Or unless you connect to them very intensely, you won’t feel them. But there’s a transformation happening. 


What happens is, understand this clearly; usually, we connect to anything using our senses, correct? Senses can never understand a master. This is to be very clearly understood. The senses and the mind can never understand a master. The senses and the mind can understand only materials, sensations, experiences. When you become the experience, and you have nothing to tell about the experience, how will you connect? This is the mystery of masters.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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