Is the soul aware of karma?

When entering the body, is the soul aware of karmic inheritance? | Mohanji

The Soul

The soul per se, or what we call the soul, is the energy part of our existence that is fully aware of everything. But the soul doesn’t care, in the same way, that electricity attaches no value to whether it operates a light bulb or a washing machine. The same electricity can probably operate a washing machine or a television or a light bulb, but they are all the same for it. 

The soul accompanies you, right from your first birth till your last birth. Though it takes different bodies, has different karma and experiences, the soul is always neutral. It is not affected; it is unaffected by your pleasure or pain; it is a witness. 

The soul is energizing like the electricity that is sitting here. But if you switch off the light, the electricity is not unhappy that you did not switch on the lights. Because it’s not connected to the expression, it’s connected to the existence. Our soul is existence.

A continuation

See, one of the fundamentally wrong perceptions is that we call our children “my” child, “our” children. How do you know it’s “your” child? Did you choose this child? A child happened to you through your body. And a mother loses nothing when a new child is born – the mother is still the same, no part of the body is gone. So, everything is like that in life because it’s a continuation, a continuity.

That is why we chant the mantra:

||Om poornamadah poornamidam
poornaat poornamudachyatey
poornasya poornamaadaya
poornam evaavashishyatey||

When this is complete, that is also complete.
When completion is taken out of completion, then only the completion remains. 

That means when a child is born; the mother remains the same. The mother is not affected. (Emotions and other things are different, but apart from that, it’s the same.) That is exactly how creation works.

So, the lineage karma, the unfulfilled personal desires, the personal karma, prarabdha karma – these are not a problem for the soul.

The soul is okay whatever you want to do. It’s like you put petrol (gasoline) in the car, and then you decide to go to a destination. The petrol doesn’t even care where you go; whether you go, it’s like that. So you decide to go on a journey, and for your journey, you need petrol in the car. 

Like that, we have a body, and we need petrol: the soul. The soul is not interested to know where you’re going – about your experience. Whether you’re experiencing happiness or sorrow is the same for the soul. 

Then who is affected? 

The mind is affected. 

Which mind? 

The waking-state-mind. 

When you’re sleeping, you’re not affected. When you are sleeping, you have no problem. You’re affected only during the waking state. Very simple. Just look at how limited we are! 

Understand life’s game

We feel that we are great, that we are powerful. That’s exactly where the problem is. Why we are explaining all this is because once you know the whole game, you can come out of it easily: “Okay… this is what is happening.” If you don’t know that, you believe that this is life. These emotions are life; these feelings are life. They’re all part of life, but they are not life.


Ownership is the biggest blunder of human beings: “I own this place, I own these people, my child, my father, my mother, my property, my job….” This “my”, trying to own – that creates maximum pain. That’s the reason for most of the pain.

The soul is not worried whether it is lineage karma or personal karma, prarabdha karma or sanchita karma.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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