The enormous importance of Karma Yoga

The importance of Karma Yoga Mohanji

This aspect of Karma Yoga means action without expectation.  

Karma yoga - selflessness; Mohanji's quote

Karma Yoga is told in every religion as one of the primary things. In every religion, every Guru has spoken about serving the poor, helping the helpless, feeding the hungry. That is because we are all karmic beings, owned by our lineage. The lineage owns us; the lineage owns this body. The lineage means what is inherited from the father’s side and the mother’s side that owns us. 

So feeding into that, or make it lighter, this is the best method, activities without expectation, which includes selfless service.

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The Five Pranas

I’ll give you the technicalities – Five functional pranas sustain our existence; it’s explained in the scriptures in a very detailed way. In every ceremony, when you offer food to the deities, they say, 

  • Om Pranaya Swaha     
  • Om Apanaya Swaha  
  • Om Udanaya Swaha      
  • Om Vyanaya Swaha                 
  • Om Samanaya Swaha 

These are all the five pranas, which are essentially moving in five directions or in different directions in our body, which sustains the energy flow and rejuvenates and revitalizes our chakras and aura or the chakras, the Granthis, the Nadi structure.  

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These pranas’ job is to keep you healthy. Maintain you. Everybody talks about that. There are five structural pranas: the root cause of your structure, how you are, what you are. The whole constitution is connected to that. 

The Five Pranas

One of the main pranas of those structural pranas is called Dhananjay, which owns your body. When the sperm meets the egg and fertilization happens, then Dhananjay enters. That means before your body is formed, Dhananjay takes over. So, who takes over your body? The lineage. 

From the father’s side and mother’s side, what comes, owns your body. You can’t avoid it, and do you know when it leaves? Sixteen days after you die. That means your body is totally disintegrated; there is nothing more. That’s the only time when it leaves. So, who owns your life? The lineage owns your life. 

When does karma enter? 

When you have a body, it needs a vessel. Karma means your pending desires and what you wanted to do or experience out of this incarnation. That comes later; before that, you’re owned by the lineage. So, taking care of the lineage is by serving the poor and helping the helpless; all these things are for that sake. 

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 

Proofread by Jayshree Phalad

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