Idol worship by people

Why people worship idols?

I think you people are terribly confused as to which God you are worshipping. That’s a very good question because this question made me understand that this person is thinking well; he is thinking. There are a lot of questions from the mind, but there are some questions that need answers. I like such questions. I told him; you ask me one question at a time; I will give you one answer so that you can build on it. 


What is the nature of your God? 

I said, brighter than a million suns, pure brightness. 

What is the form of your God? 

The energy is inside every creation and non-creation. When the small atomic bomb, the first one, was tested in the desert of Nevada, the Little Fat Boy was tested, the press asked Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who created that. What did you feel after testing the small atomic bomb, the sample? He said, “divi-surya-sahasrasya”, brighter than 1000 suns. That was the effect, the visual effect of that bomb.

So, he was quoting a part of the epic Mahabharata when Krishna revealed Himself. Nobody could look at him. When in a form, people could look at him, talk to him, everything. But when he revealed Himself, His actual form, nobody could look at Him. People became blinded because he was brighter than a million suns. That is what Robert Oppenheimer said. Even though the context is totally different and destructive, but he quoted that text. So, that is the nature of the true God, pure brightness, brilliance. 

How do you connect to that God? How do you understand this pure brightness and brilliance? 

First of all, we do not have the faculty of understanding. Secondly, it is difficult to comprehend.

Why do you have so many different forms that you worship?

Fundamentally, I said, everybody does not worship everything. They only connect to a God, or a God nature, which is personified as a God, which suits them. So, people worship the Goddess Shakti, the power form; some people worship Shiva, the dissolution form; some people worship Lord Vishnu, the sustaining and the maintaining form. All these possibilities are there.



Great Masters of the past identified the huge potential or recognized the huge potential of the Supreme Consciousness and created so many varieties of manifestations based on human nature or our nature. We all are different; nobody is the same. We could be similar but not the same. 

They did not just create certain manifestations. Every deity, which are the idols that we see, all represent some ideal. There are various types of deities; everything is a representation, meaning something. A God with the head of an elephant; Isn’t it strange? Why does God have an elephant’s head? They wanted to manifest Consciousness, which is awareness of how the universe operates. That means, Cosmic Consciousness. 

Cosmic Consciousness

How do you represent; how do you tell people that this particular form, which we worship, is aware of what happens in every atom. What happens in the uncreated world? How do you tell them? At which level can you talk? So, they chose the biggest mammal available, which is the elephant. I am sure they would not have gone and seen the blue whale. 

So, an elephant head! The elephant head signifies cosmic Consciousness, great intellect, high intellect, Cosmic Consciousness. The vehicle of this huge being is a rat. In a normal condition, if an elephant sits on a rat, the rat is history. What will be the form of the rat? It will be like paper. What does the rat signify? Our five senses, mind, intellect, ego, the nature of humans, seeking something all the time outside; roaming around uncontrollably; going after food; gnawing everything; not chewing. This is the nature of the rat. 


When the cosmic Consciousness descends on our senses, intellect, etc., we attain liberation. This is symbolic, but nobody explains this. So, we think that these people are crazy. What are they doing? Everything has a clear and proper method, structure. Every deity, every idol, which is the form, has a circuit – a yantra, an appointed frequency, or a given frequency mantra and a worship method to maintain it and duration. The Vastu structure is all connected to the maintenance of these structures.

Whether it is our living abode or a temple, this is the way it is created. Everything is mathematics, science; there is nothing casual. Nothing is just because oh! I like this and so on. Everything has a reason, a duration, a frequency, a purpose. All these things are assimilated. We need to really look within. What is external is different.

Nobody ever tells you; you must worship this God. If you do not do this, you will be cursed; you will be in prison. Nothing! It is all your freedom. Total free will, whether you worship or not worship, no God is happy or unhappy. Sometimes if you do not shout too much, God will be happy. Sometimes it is too much noise. 

Everything has a structure; everything has a reason; everything has a purpose. That is how it is created.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 

Proofread By Seema

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