Heal in 6 simple steps

Heal Yourself in 6 Simple Steps | Mohanji

I always believe that a factory setting is the best setting. When we manipulate our body, for example, we can see beings of nature, especially birds; they wake up before the sun wakes up, before the sun comes, they know that the day is up, the day is starting. They wake up; they start their day. And they eat only what is necessary for them. Not like, ‘oh, something is tasty so let me eat more.’ They never say that. Likewise, whatever the situation is, they go back to bed, sleep by sunset. They have a strict schedule. 

Steps to heal

1. Discipline, which you see in nature. And after sunset, whatever we do, there is no support from the solar energy, the sun’s energy. But we live our life mostly after sunset. We eat, we communicate, we do everything after sunset. It’s a diminishing energy level. That means we are pushing ourselves when our energy is low. 

One of the main things which we can do effectively is to have great discipline. You should have discipline, which will automatically purify your energy flow inside. This is one of the recipes for good health

2. Consume only so much that your stomach is satisfied, not filled. That means your hunger is gone, that much food. 

3. Do not eat at abnormal times; at odd times, do not consume. 

4. You must connect to yourself and talk to your body. 

Your heart is beating; you have respiration, digestion, so many things are happening within your body. It’s all synchronised; everything is connected and interconnected; they all work with full harmony, all the organs. We need to listen to them a little bit more. Much before the problem starts, it will tell you, look here, things are not right. 


Practices for higher energy levels

Then to increase your energy level, there are very simple practices that we can easily do. 

1. Wake up early

2. Have a bath; water always refreshes us. 

3. You earn, but you also share. So, those who only concentrate on earning fall sick faster because they get many energy blockages. But those who earn and share hardly get ill because there is a flow of energy. 

There are certain things in life, which will only help you if there is a flow. One of them is money; it has to flow. And love has to flow. So, whatever has to flow, let it flow, then you are healthy. 

Selflessness is a very powerful tool like that. When you earn, you share. Not all the things; you earn, but you enjoy, and you share, so that flow is continuous. So when you live for the world, the world lives for you. You become precious in the world. So each day you live will be a monumental day. Each day is an important day because you’re delivering so much to the world. So, there are so many things you can correct and fine-tune that will help us to have a great healthy existence.

4. Company

One last thing I’ll tell you; company, our friendships are very important in life, whom we have a connection with. Many people in the world are energy drainers; they don’t contribute. Instead, they suck all the energy that we have. But if we have friendships with people who have great energy and need nothing from us, that will stabilise us a lot. 

Mostly our blockages and energy losses are connected to our company also, who we are connected to. They suck our energy out, so they deliver you negativity, sometimes. Not all people are bad, but there are such friends also in our circle. 

So, it’s important that it doesn’t enter you; the negative things do not enter you. Like for example, if people talk about people, stay away from them. If they are only criticising people, complaining all the time, stay away because you get nothing from them. Instead, you will feel contaminated, drained. Remember, you have to survive to keep others alive.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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