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Guru Purnima Satsang 2022

Guru Purnima 2022 – Live Satsang with Mohanji

Pranam Mohanji! We have a few people on Zoom today representing the countries where Mohanji Foundation is established to ask a few questions, representing the global audience. Thank you so much for being with us today.

Question from Nikunj representing India:

In the current turbulent times where there is so much emotional turmoil, stressed relationships, violence, lack of ethics, lack of values etc., how do people who don’t have guidance from a spiritual Master or who have not yet embarked on a spiritual journey, survive? What do they hold on to?


Almost 90 % of the world operates in unconscious mode. The entire education system works that way – to compete, compare, and celebrate victory based on material success. So, people are on an automatic mode. However, the awareness we talk about gives people balance and stability.

What is the need for spiritual stability, or what is the need for spirituality? Spiritual stability means you are not so much disturbed by the daily events of life, the turbulences of life, and the tribulations of life. That is the need for spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity simply means you get to know what runs your show, not what seems to be. Our whole life is not pitched against things outside. Our maturity is that we rely more on our internal story – our actual beingness, actual being with ourselves.

When you are not too dependent on the world outside, you are reasonably stable. That’s the need of the time, but not everybody is oriented towards that. People are oriented toward religions. Religions are methods or methodologies for a particular stream of life. Those were mostly invented or contributed by people who have walked that path before, and their teachings were codified into religions. But above all, there is human nature, humanity, there is humanness, being a particular species 100%. That has to happen from within, and we have to start to begin to understand ourselves.

This has to start with education; it’s not about spirituality. It has to start with our education system, trying to make the children understand who they are. At least to make them feel that they are unique, they are important as individuals in this world. Not everybody needs a spiritual guide for their guidance. All they need is a proper understanding of themselves – a manual for daily existence. That’s needed today.

It’s not always about rituals, religions, or methods that give stability. It is the simple awareness that:

We are here only for a limited span of time; we are just like a tourist on Earth. We have two boundaries which we cannot change, like birth and death. In between whatever we collect, whatever we acquire, our qualifications, degrees, graduations, accolades, awards, everything has to be left behind when we leave. So, they are all only catering to our gratification of this existence.

This simple awareness is enough so that people will be stable on Earth. Of course, you will appreciate whatever comes your way. You will appreciate all the good things that have happened. You may also appreciate the bad things, which are life lessons. Then you will start having a life without any conflicts or frictions through time.

So, what we need today is not actually a spiritual awakening. A few will go into spiritual awakening, finding themselves, settling down in themselves. That will happen to a few people, but not everybody. Not all people will be feeling that kind of a connection with themselves because that’s not part of their agenda.

Many people will look at themselves as one of the species, one of the beings of Earth, and they will always compare and compete, and they will feel good and bad based on these comparisons, competitions, and imitations. You can’t change that, but at the same time, there is a very big possibility that you can overcome all these differences and dualities by just accepting yourself. This is definitely possible. So, this is a simple education that we need to provide to society – to find themselves, accept themselves, and be themselves. This is something very simple, but very effective.

Question from Monica representing the Balkan Serbian region: 

Our question is actually related to Nikunj’s question. In these turbulent times in which we are living now, what is one question that each and every one of us should ask ourselves?


What am I doing here on Earth? This question is very important.

Am I here just to eat, drink, sleep, fight, compete, and be a slave to something or somebody? Just to accept some things blindly and follow things blindly? Is this what we are doing here? Is this what we are here for? Or what exactly are we here for?

These questions should be asked by everybody. If you ask that question, life will become meaningful.

Question from Shyama representing the UK:  

Mohanji, your main teaching is, “Be you, be authentic and be natural.” As we all have inherent flaws and tendencies, how can “Being you” with all our defects help us to evolve spiritually?


“Be you” simply means what you are, beyond your associations, such as relationships, positions and possessions. These are the major associations that we have in a lifetime. Hence “Being you” is being you minus these three things – positions, possessions & relations, in short, our associations.

We always consider ourselves with our association and sometimes do not understand who we are. If we have to really recognise ourselves, the character traits which you just said (our pluses and minuses, strengths and weaknesses, which are a part of our character or constitution) are not important. Everybody has them, and we don’t have to really worry about these matters. What we should look at is that there is a uniqueness in all of us.

We are all unique beings. We are all important beings for our sake in this world. When we are looking at the realities of life, which is basically none of the associations, the thing that you recognise yourself with is a unique being who’s experiencing life on Earth. In other words, a divine being using a body to experience life on Earth.

If this is clearly understood, then you have understood everything. If this is not understood, then you have not understood anything. So, it doesn’t matter what your character is, what job you do in life, what your constitution is, what your desire patterns are, or what your tendencies and inclinations are; they have no value here.

It only matters whether you accept yourself as you are. And, you can connect yourself as a being who’s not determined by position, possession or relations; a pure being who’s walking this Earth, beyond caste, country, culture, colour, religion, language etc. That’s what you are, and that understanding will stabilise you. That will give you maturity and a mature outlook toward life. You will not fight, you will not compete, you will not compare, and you will not have conflicts. All these things will eventually give you great stability and eventual liberation.

Question from Dalila from Bosnia:

How can personal growth take us to the golden era, regardless of different collective consciousness?


Collective consciousness and personal consciousness are totally different. There are approximately eight billion people on Earth and hence eight billion different consciousness. They have their own consciousness levels, patterns, and all sorts of differences. So individually, when you grow, you reach that stage – a state of complete bliss, a complete conscious state.

When you say Satya Yuga or Golden Age, it means you are completely conscious. There is no movement happening unconsciously; there is no binding by karma, there is no binding by inclinations, desires, and tendencies, and there is no binding by character traits. This is what we call liberation. In this particular mode, when you are experiencing that state while living, you are already in this in the frequency of Satya Yuga.

But collective consciousness takes much more effort because there are so many different types of people and different frequencies, and not all frequencies are the same. They all have their differences and fluctuations; they lack compatibility between them. This is why we see all these bloodsheds, wars and displacements. These are all connected to the lack of compatibility of our own species within our species. It takes time to raise the collective consciousness.

All our effort is to raise the awareness of the current generation and the generations to come – to that of kindness, compassion, selflessness, non-violence etc. But it will take time and concerted effort. We need an army of people, or a family of people who are committed, who really believe in it that there should be peace on Earth. They should live it and not just preach it. All these will take time.

But individually, we can all grow to the level of Satya Yuga, to that frequency, and that will show. When we are in that frequency, it will start reflecting in our life, through our life, and it will reach a lot of people. They will get influenced, and they will also probably walk or like to walk that path. That’s the best we can do.

Question from Sindhu: 

How can I yearn (desire) for liberation?


To yearn for liberation, you need to know what is binding you. There is a particular sloka in which Adishankara says, “I do not need liberation because I am unbound”.

When there is even one binding of any kind – it could be position, possession, relations, or any aspect of existence, which really slows you down, or pulls you down, then it’s a sign that you deserve or desire to have liberation or you can have liberation, provided you are conscious about it. If you are not conscious of it, then then you will not know. Most people do not understand liberation because they are not conscious of it. Many people believe that they are fine through the birth and death cycle. So, they don’t really realise that there is a thing called liberation.

Liberation doesn’t mean running away from anything. It simply means that you are unattached to anything. You are enjoying all aspects of life, but at the same time, you realise that these are all passing, all temporary, and they all come and go. When it stabilises, we call that awareness liberation or a liberated existence.

At the time of death, when we really know, we are grateful for everything that happened in our life; all we have inside us is gratefulness and gratitude. We do not blame anybody; we don’t criticise, we don’t nurture grudges, we don’t nurture hatred or enmities. Our inside is completely pure, we haven’t stored anything for long, or we haven’t stored anything at all. All the memories we are grateful for, and when we are leaving, we leave with a smile, “I had a good life”. That is a sign of a liberated existence or liberated exit.

For such a liberated existence, we need to understand what is binding us. We need to do a self-analysis. I think we have discussed that in our Empowered program. We need to analyse to understand how many things are binding us. You will be surprised to know that so many things bind us, and without those things, we don’t have existence. This is very important to know.

Once we know that, once we clearly understand how much we are bound, yearning for liberation happens spontaneously. It’s not escapism. Don’t confuse between escapism and liberation. Don’t confuse between indifference or a lack of interest in some things; it’s not like that. Depressions, depressed states etc., that’s not liberation. Liberation simply means you have everything, but you are not bound by anything.

That state is a very powerful state, and it’s very easy to know if you’re not in that state, especially if you know how much bound you are. That needs ‘Manana’ – contemplation/analysis. We need to check how much we are bound. Especially when we react to things in life, we understand that that binds us. When we are reacting to various things in life, that’s a sign of binding. Like that, there are so many factors, so many things which bind us unconsciously, and at certain points in time, they come out to the surface. 

Question from Elham, from our Farsi community:  

Self-acceptance is very important in the path of spirituality as well as in daily life. What are the practical ways to practice self-acceptance, and how to differentiate between self-acceptance, selfishness and arrogance?


If you are unaffected when society or the people around you give opinions about you, when they talk about you, your acceptance level is good. But when you are affected by any of these, your self-acceptance level is very poor because you are influenced by others’ words.

Likewise, check your desire patterns about others – if you think that other people should do what you like them to do and when they don’t, you are affected – which means self-acceptance is affected. Our expectations also affect self-acceptance. If somebody behaves the way you want them to behave or not, if you still feel the same, unaffected – that is self-acceptance.

Like this, in daily life, you can see how much self-acceptance you have. If the outside world does not affect you, you have accepted yourself. If you walk away from situations which are not good for you, it shows your self-respect. Even if other people don’t love you, but you love yourself, this is self-love.

What is selfishness? Even when others do not have it, we want it – that is selfishness. This means we are not in the mood to share. Selfishness always makes you insecure, unstable and insufficient. Greed always makes you insecure. Likewise, insecurity always keeps you insufficient and makes you feel there is something less. All these are signs of our lack of maturity and lack of balance.

What is the practical way to be in acceptance? Watching yourself constantly – witness hood. How do you respond to things outside? For example, when somebody calls you a donkey, how do you respond? How do you respond to various situations in life? You can practice this in daily life. Then automatically, over a period of time, you can perfect it, so detachment happens.

By going through situations, experiencing, mind being in the present all the time, while experiences happen, you feel detached from that. Because you had already done that, you went through it, and you experienced it. So, when you experience it, you don’t need it anymore. So, the practice should be a daily practice of witness-hood. Also, as situations happen, how you react, that’s a sign of whether you have passed the test or not.

Question from Sjarn, representing South Africa:  We have got tremendous challenges at many levels in South Africa. How do we bring unity? What will help us to unify as a group and as a country as well?

Mohanji: I have written a letter to the president which came in the newspaper. Maybe it is still available in the newspaper. In that letter, I have suggested a few things which possibly could help the country.

South Africa is a beautiful country that can be equated to paradise. Its flora and fauna are unique and natural resources are in abundance. Many have buried their heart in South Africa. A plan should be made to make the country the very place for peace and harmony, catching the thread of beloved Nelson Mandela’s vision.

Similar to the Nobel Peace Prize, South Africa should have its own mechanism to honour and respect people who are displaying exemplary kindness in the world, consistently and selflessly. Rewards and recognition* to government officials who lead a corruption-free existence. All people should be ensured food, clothing and shelter. Nobody should sleep hungry in the country. Any kind of exploitation of the wealth of the nation should be dealt with with severe punishments. Canned hunting and hunting should be banned completely and set a brave trend in the effective protection of wildlife. Making South Africa the land of peace should bring much more tourism and revenue into the country.
My whole-hearted support to the government of South Africa at all times

South Africa is, first of all, a beautiful country. It has got its character, its beauty, it has got its natural wealth also. It has sufficiency for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed. This is the fundamental truth. So, what it takes is that, there should be a concerted effort (which we had tried in 2018 if you remember). We tried to form a particular group, to unite and we succeeded in uniting them and create a kind of movement to bring forth harmony in society.

My suggestion to the government and to the elected members who met me was that- food, clothing, shelter should be provided by the government to everybody. This is the first and foremost, to tap crime. Second, when crime is happening, it should have serious punishment, so people wouldn’t even choose crime. Third is to secure the local peoples’ interests and to close the borders or whatever to avoid the influx of people coming in from abroad and taking away jobs etc. Hence, there are a few things which have to be done for the country to prosper.

But as a community, as Mohanji family, what you can do is to add value to the society. How can we add value? First of all, we should be available for people, so they can talk to us, to help them in whichever way possible, within our capacity. Lastly, to give them some kind of a purpose in life, so that the larger purpose, the higher purpose, can lead them to glory. Like this, we can do so many things. Now, we are also looking at having fruit tree plantations in the forests, which we are working towards with the prince, so we can add value to the society.

There are so many things which we are thinking, planning to do in South Africa. Hopefully, it will happen soon. However, this is everybody’s responsibility.  First of all, you need to discard the differences, not just in our Mohanji family, but everywhere. Discard the differences of caste, country, culture, colour, etc. Secondly, we have to unite based on purpose, not based on emotions. It is very easy to enter into emotions and dislike people, dislike situations etc. But it will never hold water for the future. It will never help any society by throwing out emotions (by being emotional).

More than emotion, we should have clarity of purpose, work hand in hand with the elected members and with excellent media support so that everything we do is transparent. So far everything we did was transparent. That’s our credibility. People can see what we have done. There has been no hidden stuff or no unclear actions. Everything has to be done in that way: our clarity of thought, clarity of intention, purity of intention, collective action, purposeful action, timely action, etc. will give us much more stability and integrity. We can make a difference in the world around us.

Question from Sabu John, representing the USA: The Silence of Shiva book says, “The soul evolves in the physical body and even after death, the soul goes through evolution.”

Just want to understand- what is the evolution of the soul from death to rebirth. Can you kindly provide insights into the soul’s journey or state between death and rebirth?

Mohanji: When the Soul leaves the body, it carries the subtle aspect. Our life is basically a marriage between the subtle and gross. Gross is the body with all the senses, with all the sensors, which are needed for experiencing the material, or the external factors. We have taken the body to experience the external world. We have an equal and stable internal aspect which is the subtle aspect and this marriage of gross and subtle together is called life.

When a soul leaves, it carries the subtle with it and the gross is left behind. Just like you are renting a house or you’re moving houses, what you do – you pick up all the materials from your house, pack them and take them to the next house and then put them in order in the house, in its place, like you did before. Just like that, the soul, when it travels, it picks up all the character traits, unfulfilled desires, the memories of various things that happened in this life etc. Then wherever there is an unfulfilled desire, wherever there is a thing to do that’s laid in time.

For example, what you wanted to do at the age of 20 has to be put in the age of 20. It cannot be put in the age of 10 or 30. Like that, everything is arranged based on time and that’s a duration of life. That duration is from birth till death. We cannot predict how much time we will stay. It depends on how many things we have to do. How much ever experiences you need from a life, that much duration is provided in the next life.

Hence a Soul goes through a transit. But please understand that soul is just like the petrol of the car or electricity in the gadgets, expressed through the gadgets. So, soul doesn’t have its own plan or its own agenda. But the larger plan or the contract is that, as long as there are desires, the soul gets along or tags along. So that’s why the soul is traveling, but the soul is already liberated.

Your soul is already free; soul and is not interested in the desires. Just like electricity is not interested in the expressions of a light bulb or television or refrigerator or washing machine. The electricity is not interested, but it goes along and when it enters a particular machine, it displays itself like that machine. We only see a washing machine, but we don’t see the electricity inside the washing machine. Like that, we only see a human body or any animal body or a bird’s body and we do not see the soul (energy) inside it.

Just like that, the soul is just following its usual life pattern or in other words dharma (righteous duty). So, soul is just performing its dharma through lifetimes. At the same time, the constitution, the desire pattern, all these things are asking for more experiences, more expressions. For that sake, the bodies are taken. Hence, when the soul leaves the body, it carries all the unfulfilled things or things which are not sorted and processes them.

There is a processing time. Usually, it is said that it takes about two and a half years in human time. But there is no guarantee like that. It could be two and a half years or 25 years also. Sometimes, the soul hibernates long enough to take another body as per its desire pattern. It can go on forever. But usually because we are full of desires and we are reasonably unconscious, in two and a half years you come back in another body, then another life etc. But more or less, all these lives are the same. Same emotions, same feelings, same kind of drama, that’s exactly how we live. Soul processes them.

Then there are also masters in that plane, to guide this particular being. It has to be called as an entity, not as a soul because now this soul also carries all the unfulfilled desires. The masters discuss with this entity, “Would you like to take another birth?” and the answer would usually be “Yes” because the desires need fulfillment. So, the entity will say, “Yes, I want to take a birth”. Then, time, space, effect, parents all those things are decided based on the desired pattern. Mostly what happens is, the same set of souls come back into the same family because of familiarity. Because of unity or soul mateship, they come back in the same family or similar family or a larger family where they all know each other. Even enemies are born like that. Nobody just comes and becomes an enemy. They already had a pattern of fighting with you or you had a pattern of fighting with them.

The good, bad and the ugly are all predetermined. All these are all part of the drama, the whole drama called life. Like this, the entity comes and takes another body. This is the usual life cycle, like leaving the body, taking whatever is unfulfilled, unfinished, sorting (or processing) them, laying them out on time and that becomes your software. Once it’s laid out on time, it becomes your software. Then you enter a body, just like you install the software in a computer. The new life begins. Is this simple and clear?

Question from Hanumatananda, representing Macedonia: Please can you give us a few every day, practical tips for living without expectations and how to be free from it, especially when our mind is trained to be goal oriented?

Mohanji: Living without expectation is more or less impossible. That’s probably like an illusion or a mirage. What we need to do is be aware of our expectation. That’s the best thing. Living without expectation is probably impossible, but being aware of your expectations, it’s repercussions such as disappointments etc., that probably is a good idea. Hence being watchful, being aware is more important than controlling expectations.

Please remember when you try to control something, it always stays longer. Instead, if you regulate it and you go through it, it ends there or it finishes by itself. So, do not try to practice too much of control, because that may end up in suppression. When control becomes suppression, there is dissatisfaction or disappointment and also a kind of insecurity can creep in. Hence what you need to do is – experience everything, but be watchful. Watch yourself, feel yourself. As expectations happen, witness them, see them and let it happen.

When you’re not really fighting expectations, it’s easier for you to overcome them. When you are fighting them, they stay longer, they stay stronger. So, it is very important not to fight them. Instead accept them and release them.

Question from Maya, representing Ecuador:  This is the question relevant for this country. Is it recommended for people who went through big traumas in life, (such as women who suffered physical and sexual abuse) to practice guided meditations? Because it seems to be very challenging for them to sit in silence and face their inner world. Or are there some other kind of guidelines that could be given for them? Because we do have a chance to do workshops with such women.

Mohanji: The best thing is to involve them in selfless service and also guide them to do more of selfless service. When they serve society, their self-esteem grows. They will feel more stable, and they will feel more valuable. When our net worth increases through serving the world, that helps stability, plus meditation will work. So, accent on selfless service, help the helpless, especially help the people who have suffered in the hands of other people. Guide them, take them out of their trauma or try to help them to stabilize themselves and then from there you also practice meditations, connecting to oneself etc.

Empowered program can be very good for many of them, because as awareness increases, they will feel more stable, they become unshakable. Any pain can be turned into a purpose. The moment you turn pain into a purpose, you become very powerful, invincible. This is very important to understand.

All the people who are seemingly successful in the world have overcome tremendous pains. Most of them have gone through tremendous pains, which are not easy to handle. But they walked, they moved on, they accepted, they didn’t complain, they didn’t criticize. The main thing is they moved on and that made them strong people. When we are bound by the pains of it, we don’t overcome them. So, it is important that we should help strengthen such people, help them stabilize themselves, plus meditation will help.

Question from Ivana Surya representing Croatia: For the connection with the Guru that leads to liberation, is one type of connection sufficient? For example, karma yoga or bhakti-yoga or is it necessary to regularly perform some spiritual practice such as Kriya or meditation etc.

Mohanji: It’s the stability of connection that’s more important. Stable connection or stability of connection, consistent connection, connection with conviction – that’s more important than any practice. What was the method of practice of Hanumanji to Rama? He just parked his mind at Rama’s feet. Everything he did was a service to Ram. Even taking a bath was service to Rama. Like this, his entire constitution merged into Ram’s constitution or Ram’s consciousness or Ram consciousness. There was no particular practice he needed; all he had was Rama in his mind.

Please remember – Supreme Consciousness has no form. Hence, directly connecting to Supreme Consciousness might be challenging. But you can connect to anybody or anything which you consider as merged into Supreme Consciousness. It could be a human being, it could be an animal, it could be anything. That is why in the Hindu system, we have 330 million gods.

Basically, all gods are projections of one Consciousness. All deities are projections or derivations of one consciousness. They all have frequencies, they have forms, they have nature, they have duration, etc. because the possibility is tremendous, unbelievable possibility. So, if you consider a man or a woman a Master, who’s merged into Supreme Consciousness and operating from the cosmic conscious mind – Ritambhara buddhi, (the intellect or operating level is that of Cosmic Consciousness) if you are clear and if you are sure, all you have to do is park your mind there. Look no further.

[Paramahamsa] Yogananda said, “If you consider me as your Guru, I’m all gurus. Look no further”. What are all gurus? All gurus mean – all the different forms. If you’re confused because of different forms, you will never understand the truth that all these forms are representations of one consciousness. Why there are different forms? Because there are different frequencies of people. Each frequency of people needs that particular frequency to talk to them.

If one frequency was enough for the entire world, it would have been much easier. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Each person is a different frequency- respect it, accept it. Such a frequency should talk to them, for them to understand what consciousness means. That’s why we have various frequencies of people, various paths, various systems, various methods, to cater to various types of people.

So, when there are so many types of people, you focus on what suits you, which person suits you, a Guru that suits you, and it should not be based on the looks of the Guru or things like that. It should be based on your connection – how deeply and how effortlessly can you connect to the person or the Master? If you can’t connect to a person effortlessly, that’s not for you. It is very simple. For example, the shirt you wear, the dress you wear, if it is not suitable to your body, you will be uncomfortable. So, when you are connecting to a Master and his teachings, his lifestyle, his ways, etc are suitable to you, don’t leave them, don’t leave that person. Stay connected, stay stable in connection, then you can reach higher levels of awareness through that.

But please remember – no Guru or no deity is complete. They are all a representation of something complete. I repeat, nobody is complete by themselves, they are a representation of something complete. Hence, you are connecting to that thing which is complete through the representations. So, if you connect to this understanding, be stable. It’s not about practices, it’s about connection, it’s about conviction, it’s about consistency.

Question from Paula, representing Slovenia: You said, “Not reacting to adharma (non-righteousness) is adharma itself.” So, how to know when to interfere and when to stay away?

Mohanji: Being indifferent towards adharma is not acceptable. You need to speak, but speak with conviction, speak with stability, speak with maturity. You call a spade a spade, at the right time, in the right way, without being emotional, without using abusive language. By calling a spade a spade, at the right time, you’re doing your job. You’re being responsive, you’re being responsible and that’s fine. But I never asked you to be indifferent towards adharma. I always say, “When you know very clearly that there is adharma and there is something going on, respond to it as you should, in your way, calmly, with maturity. But if you shout, scream and make a mess, gossip and scandalize people, you end up paying the bills for it – which means karmic bills.

When you scandalize somebody, when you talk bad about somebody, when you criticize somebody, judge somebody, then your karmic bills will always be increasing. Hence, avoid too much of karmic bills, which are basically debts of life, which will cost more lives. Avoid them and be responsible. Most importantly, if you do not like something – imagine you do not like something in the society, you do what you like to counter it. A situation can be addressed in multiple ways. You can choose to address it in a very positive way, display yourself in the positive level, and show the world that we can do things this way as well.

Leading by example is a very powerful expression. When you lead by example, it shows. People watch: “This is also possible…” We can talk to the world by countering a situation with positive action. Instead of screaming and shouting, do the right thing. When you do the right thing, it shows and it shows in an effective way and people will start liking it. Birds of the same feather flock together; similar minded people or people who like your frequency will start coming to you and may say, “I like what you do and let’s do it together”. This is definitely possible.

I am saying this with conviction because I’m a walking example. I started with zero in the world, now we are in many countries, we are all over the world. So many people are connecting and so many people are following. Some people who do not like it, or who come with expectations may get disappointed and go away. But apart from those who left, people who are stable minded, mature people, who accept you unconditionally, they have all stayed. There are so many people I can speak about. In the last 10/ 12 years or even more, people like Hanumatananda, Biljana Vozarevic and there are so many people who have walked all these years with me. (Now it’s the 10th anniversary going on for my public life, but most of them have met me even before).

Hence there is a possibility of your integrity to be displayed. This possibility, if you are able to understand, or connect to that possibility, you will always remain stable and that’s your best message to the world. Your stability, your integrity, your conviction, your consistency, these are great messages you can give to the world. The world will respect you for this.

Last question of the day on behalf of everyone: What is your message on this Guru Purnima, for the current year, for the current time? Is there any specific guidance would you like to give us, please?

Mohanji: I would like to see much more unity, much more stability, and much more determination, to lead the world to something higher and more glorious. We are moving in a grossly unconscious world; most of the people are unconscious. People compare, compete, criticize, judge etc. When we judge, there is no time to love. Instead, we should love more unconditionally.

There are good, bad and the ugly in the world. There are deficiencies and proficiencies in people. All these are fine. But what we need to do, as mature individuals, as spiritually stable people, we should express unconditional love, compassion, kindness, selflessness, non-violence in our daily life. There are tremendous opportunities to do that because life gives them. Life always gives such opportunities to us. But we have to make use of it. Stop being unconscious, be conscious, act with awareness, display humility, unconditionality, and always be stable in your approach. Think well before you talk, do not retaliate, do not react. That will show your spiritual maturity.

I would like to see the Mohanji family responding in this way in the world. I don’t like to see our people reacting, after all these years spent with me. I would like to see the team, all the family members around the world responding with love, kindness, asking questions, “Is there something I can do for you?”, “Can I help you?”, “Is there something which we can do to make the life of the people around us better? etc. Do it, and act on it.

We have to work together in a concerted way, walk together and should believe in each other. The main thing is the trust factor. We should trust each other and this trust should show. We should be there for each other, support each other. Definitely we need our spaces and we need our places for people to stay and grow, and that will happen.

The wisdom that we should display in this Guru Purnima and beyond until the next one is that we must individually make a difference in the world around us. We should be proud of being a part of the Mohanji family. A family with maturity, with consistency, continuity, and integrity. This is what I would like to see and we can all do it.

If at all you say, “Oh this is beyond my limitations”, you have not understood the tradition. Our tradition doesn’t have any limitations. Please do not project your individual limitation on the tradition. The Datta tradition, our tradition that we walk is equal to abundance. If we don’t have that abundance in our minds, if we have poverty consciousness, we have to sort it out. But don’t blame it on the tradition. The Tradition is abundance. You take a decision, have determination, have conviction about what you believe in, and walk. I’m walking with you and I will prove it as well. I have proved it already, many times over. But do not project your limitations on tradition. Tradition doesn’t have limitations.

All our actions should be selfless and should not be for selfish reasons, for self-glory for glorifying something. We should always be humble. We should do what we have to do in the world with extreme humility and also make a difference in the world around us so that our life is well used. This birth is well used. This life is worth it in that way. Our net worth will be what we give to the world, not what we take from the world.  Be clear about this.

Closing comments by Subhashree:

Thank you Mohanji! Before we end this session, I just want to recite a few words from Guru Gita that we all feel in our hearts.

Dhyaana-Moolam Gurur-Moortih

Poojaa-Moolam Gurur-Padam |

Mantra-Moolam Gurur-Vaakyam

Moksha-Moolam Gurur-Krupaa ||

The source of the meditation is guru’s form

The source of devotion is guru’s feet

The source of mantra is guru’s words

The source of liberation is guru’s grace

This is what we all see, as a practical example. Mohanji, not just by your word or by your preaching, but the way you walk. Every word that you say to us, is what you live by and just by watching you, we live that and we try to follow that. Thank you so much for being with us today and always. The entire global family who is watching this are feeling extremely blessed for your time, for your presence with us. Thank you once again.

Transcried by Rakshitha
Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan and Geetha Suryanarayan

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