Guru Purnima Message 2021

Guru Purnima 2021 | Mohanji


I wish you a great Guru Purnima! 

This is a very important occasion, a state or a space that can elevate us to our highest level, the highest potential of our existence on Earth.

Highest possibility

Guru Purnima is a reminder of our possibility of this lifetime.

It is the highest possibility, the possibility where you can attain a state of extreme stability, stillness, which cannot be disturbed by any aspects of life around us. That’s a beautiful state – a state that uplifts you, elevates you and stabilizes you all the way through. This day is a reminder of that state.

Guru Tattwa

Guru is the essence that stays, lives within us, always. We are born with it, and all our life -the Guru aspect, the Guru Tattwa, stays within us. It’s always in us. We have to understand that aspect in us, and we have to awaken that aspect in us so that it becomes the prominent aspect of our existence. 


Guru lives in us.  We are guru material. We always believe that Guru is a body, embodiment, whom we connect externally. That’s the feeling that we mostly have. But the external aspect of everything or anything is just an aspiration. It’s an aspiration; it’s a milestone, or a benchmark or a roadmap. 


Essentially, we achieve the highest by connecting to the state of stillness within us – that thing that does not change with emotions, or time or situations. Something in us is always stable, stable as a witness. It does not get affected by any aspects of our existence. It is a state of beauty, a state of power, and a state that you are in command, like an emperor. This is our potential.

Now you can imagine why we get affected by various situations around us, various times and spaces around us, and various emotions around us. When we understand that we are swayed by emotions, situations, people, or places, we understand something is in us that cannot be affected and cannot change or is completely disinterested in all these changes. That’s the Guru Principle. That’s the real principle within us. How do we find it?

How can we find that principle? 

Very simple. We have to train the mind that goes out with the senses into the outside world to come inside, to focus within, to connect within, and observe within. We have to train the mind that spontaneously gets addicted to places, people, relations, or positions to come within, connect, and contemplate on that thing that does not have any change. The moment you start connecting to that thing that has no change within us, we start connecting to the truth aspect within us


The Guru principle. The Truth. Guru. God. They’re all the same. They are all presence. They are all purpose. They are all still. They are unattached. Just like the sun is not attached to anything on Earth, just like our soul is not attached to our body, Guru is a state of non-attachment. In Guru state, or the state of Guruhood, or the Guru Tattwa or a Guru Principle, you are in absolute freedom.


Freedom is a state where you are unbound by any material, possession, person or anything around us. We are never even bound to what is inside us. We are freedom incarnates. We are born free – no fears, no phobias, no anxieties, no guilt, no regrets. These are all connected to mind, waking state mind. We have none of this; we have nothing to do with any of this. 

Life of experiences

Life is for the sake of experienceswe have taken the body for the sake of experiences. Experiences happen through time: with our body, with our mind, with our intellect, with our ego. We are just experiencing various dimensions of our existence and this Earth. 

When we start connecting to the Guru Principle- that’s the time when we realize that all these experiences are fine and that’s what we’re here for. But none of these is the reason for eternal peace, fulfilment, completion, stillness. They are not material for this.

They are all experiences that come and go. But something stays as a witness, not involved, unattached while we are going around experiencing life in all its dimensions. That’s the Guru Principle. That’s the principle that we are reminded of today on Guru Purnima. 

Connect to that principle. Be reminded, all that you ever needed from life is within you. Self -realization is the realization of something which is already within you. 

Personal Guru

The Guru Principle is within you. Your personal Guru is within you. External gurus are all pointing a finger to your personal Guru; that’s within you. When we realize this is permanent and this is the all-important thing that we have ever asked for, or we have been looking for, we’ve been searching for – then you have come home.


We have started our journey from Supreme Consciousness. We are Consciousness. We are children of Consciousness; we are Consciousness.

My Father and I are one. We are Consciousness. Consciousness is a Father; Consciousness is the Son. We are Consciousness. 

From Consciousness, we took a tour into this world to know what is not Consciousness or the dimensions of Consciousness. That’s the purpose of life on Earth. We took a tour, and at some point in time, we got deluded- that we are this incarnation or we are this being who materialized for experience’s sake. We thought that this is what is life about. 

That’s the time when somebody appears in the form, in front of us, to tell us: “Look here. What you ever needed is already inside you. Your home is not here. This is a temporary space, just for the sake of experiences, to practice duality, something which you are not, to practice relativity, something which is in relation with you.”

The real truth

Once we know this, once we understand this, once we understand what an illusion is, what is relativity, what is truth – then we start coming home. We start searching for that thing that is real—the part of that real thing within us. Then we connect to our Consciousness. 

The moment we connect to our Consciousness, we start feeling right. We understand – we are on the right track. We are travelling on the right track. That’s when the whole situation changes—the whole equation changes. 

We, as an entity, as a name, as a form, as a purpose, as a situation, change to a state where we become everything. We see ourselves in everything. We see only Consciousness at work. Then we are coming towards our home. When we truly become Consciousness, we are home.

Internal journey

This is an internal journey, not an external journey. The external journey is relative to time; time takes us forward. The internal journey is timeless; it’s a journey into eternity. Eternity is Guru. 

I wish all of you a great Guru Purnima!

May you realize the principle of the Guru within you, accept it and revel in it. 

I wish you great success, wish you great love. I wish you great acceptance, great self-respect and self-love. 

I wish you a great Guru Purnima. 

This is Mohanji for you.

Transcribed by Nada Raković

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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