From a Seeker to a Disciple

A master focusing on a disciple never happens. A master is like the sun, giving light, then the disciple is automatically nourished. From a seeker to a disciple there is a path to travel, with absolute faith and surrender.

Mohanji quote - Importance of Spiritual Anchoring

Why to be close to a Guru? 

Mohanji: The main reason why we should be close to a guru is because the guru directly affects your causal layer. You can do hours and years of practice, but still you cannot touch the causal layer because as a human being, as a being living in this plane, we can only see the effect. Do you know the cause of any of the things that have happened in your life, including your relationships, your job, the place bought, including the snake outside? You have no idea what the cause is, right? Only the effect is visible. But, the guru’s proximity directly goes to the cause, and it burns from the cause. The cause is burnt.

You can do whatever you like, but to burn the cause you need to have the proximity of one who has already burnt the cause. Otherwise, it is all the same. You can do the practices, but again you are effect-bound, the cause is not visible. The fire is sometimes not visible, only the smoke is visible. This is something which we must understand. We must understand this and it is for this reason that we must be connected to masters of power.

Thus, your causal layer is cleansed, all the pockets are empty. Causal layer has plenty of pockets, sufficient for many lifetimes. The master takes the things out of these pockets and makes them empty. Then there is no effect in life. When there is no cause in life, there is no effect, and then you become one with the consciousness.

Q: Inner peace rather than running for sensations?

Mohanji: Peace is byproduct. When you have no desires, no effects, spontaneous effects, random effects where you have no control, when that stops, there is only peace. There is nothing else, just peace, complete peace. To maintain that emptied existence of the pockets, all you have to do is to be more and more helpful to the world outside. That is why I constantly say that the enlightenment is not for you it is for the world outside. When you are enlightened, the world is better, the world feels better. The world has become better. More than you experience, the world should experience it.

Like that, imagine if out of 7.5 billion people one million become enlightened, the world will be brighter. There would be no competition, no wars, no hatred, no jealousy, no judgment, no accusation,… Mind your own business and be happy. But, at the same time not in the selfish way, be helpful.

A master focusing on a disciple never happens. A master is like the sun, giving light, then the disciple is automatically nourished.  From a seeker to a disciple there is a path to travel, with absolute faith and surrender.

Master is like the sun, shines on everyone equally

Q: Isn’t it more important to a guru or a master to focus on the ones who are really ready for your message of consciousness?

Mohanji: That aspect is a doing aspect. A master focusing on a disciple never happens. A master is like the sun, giving light, then the disciple is automatically nourished. A master doesn’t ever look at somebody and say: ‘Oh, I’ll give more light to this person, less light to that person.” That never happens because a true master cannot operate from the state of the mind.  If I choose, I am not the master.

The sun never chooses whom to give light, which country to give more light to. The sun just nourishes the whole earth and everything grows. The same sunlight falls on a temple as well as a gutter, and the rays are not affected, the sun is not affected. There is the same sunlight everywhere.

So, there are no choices made. Disciples happen when they have decided that they are disciples. If somebody decides – I am a disciple to this guru, then the discipleship happens. Then the guru gives. The only thing that the disciple needs is surrender and acceptance. When acceptance happens, delivery automatically happens. It is almost like opening the tap. When you open the tap, the water flows. When you switch on the light, the light shines through. It is as simple as that. That’s the way it works.

No master says: “I choose.” Of course, masters like those who are evolving and becoming masters, so they give them more guidance and support, if it is possible. Otherwise there is no discrimination. Like Govindapada said: ‘Why Adishankara – he could contain the ocean in a bowl. So, he is Adishankara, he is powerful, he is eligible to teach the truth to the world.’ If such a student comes, masters will empower them further. That is sheer eligibility. There is no discrimination, no likes or dislikes.

No master has any likes or dislikes, he cannot. What do you like?  Physical form, money, status? These are all temporary, you have to leave them behind. Your possessions, your money, your status in the society have no value there. But, your stature has value, your emptiness has value, your eligibility has value, and that is exactly what takes you higher in spirituality, nothing more.

Mohanji on Surrender

Question is about surrendering to the higher purpose or to the master or to faith.

Mohanji: You have surrendered when you know that you have, as I said, the guidance from the soul. When the soul guides you, surrender is spontaneous. When mind and ego guide you, surrender is very difficult. If you look at our own life, 80% of the guidance happens from the mind or ego. But, sometimes the soul connects and says you have arrived, you have reached the source. Then there is no more reasoning, no more doubting, no more questioning and then surrender is spontaneous.

For that surrender, there is no effort from your side, it happens by itself. Also, faith is spontaneous as well, faith happens as well. Then there are no more questions. That is why Shirdi Sai Baba said: “My guru was very powerful, but he taught me nothing. From morning till evening I sat and looked at him, and he gave me everything. ”

It is like a monkey child. Monkey child does not have the power to climb the highest branch, but the monkey’s mother has the power and the skill. The child clings on the mother monkey, the mother climbs the tree, and the child reaches the highest. So, by connecting to the consciousness of the higher master, automatically your consciousness develops or expands. There is nothing to do, it is all beingness.

Doingness has always the limit, beingness has no limit. It is very simple. That is the point. If something is complicated, it is not true. The truth has to be simple.

That is why I say – keep laughing. In every situation keep laughing. When you get angry, keep laughing. When you are jealous, laugh. Because if you take life without seriousness, if you don’t take life seriously, then life becomes very easy. If you can laugh at your highest sorrow, the whole life would be full of laugh. 🙂 It is possible. 🙂

Transcribed by Stasa Misic

Proof read by Vidya Rajagopalan

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