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What is Divine Romance? | Mohanji 

Romance is our nature. We are born romantic. But unfortunately, people think a man-woman romance is a real romance. That’s the unfortunate thing, and that’s because it comes from insecurity.


We have insecurity inbuilt. Do you know what the primary insecurity is? Death. We all know very well we will die. This insecurity called death is born with us. When we are born, this insecurity is born. And we are trained or tuned to survive. Not only us, all the birds, animals, beings, everybody are trained to survive. The basic instinct is survival; we also have a survival instinct. That is why people do so many things in the world to have a living and to survive. 


We have insecurity connected to that. Insecurity is born out of survival instinct. The mother of survival instinct is insecurity, or survival instinct produces insecurity so that you’re always alert and aware.


Romance is our nature. When the mind is peaceful, it’s just love; love, not for a particular reason, but love for the sake of love. That’s the truth. You usually see that in nature. The tree loves you by giving its fruit. The tree is not worried about whether the fruit is eaten by a person, bird, or animal. Likewise, the sun gives you light and heat. But the sun is not worried whether you are from this country or another country, whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter, the sun gives light and rays. Unconditional love exists in nature. But we should have eyes to see it. 


Unconditional love

There is something called unconditional love; I can love you without expecting anything from you. I can cultivate that within me (it’s possible for everybody to cultivate love) in such a way that, whether you are giving me something or not giving me something, whether you’re here or not, whatever your states are, I can still love you. That becomes very pure, but usually, we don’t see that kind of love on Earth. 

What do we see? 

Conditional love. You do this thing to me – I love you. If you don’t do this, I don’t love you. That’s what we are used to, but that’s only in the context of human beings because we have refined intellect, we are supposed to love unconditionally. 

Our intellect is very advanced, which created all these inventions here, and we need to know that we are love incarnates; we have to understand that. And if we take our position on Earth as a responsibility, we will only love. Unconditional love is definitely possible. 

Divine Romance

Divine Romance

Divine romance is your ability to love all beings as yourself. This is a divine romance, not romancing the divine. Because romancing the divine is an illusion, many times, “I’m in love with Krishna, I’m in love with Jesus, I’m in love with-.” Then, if somebody argues with you, all the love is lost. 

If in a certain environment and in a certain condition you are able to love, that’s nothing. If in all environments, in all conditions you’re able to love, then you are mature; that’s a sign of spiritual maturity. You are love all the time; you cannot give anything else. Just love. 

State of Shiva

That’s the story of Shiva, the concept of Shiva, the state called Shiva. That is spontaneous love, even when Ravan (Ravan was a very egoistic man); when he pleased him, Shiva tore a part of his soul and made it into a Shivalinga and gave it to him. And it was very dangerous because that was going into the hand of an egoistic man; Shiva never thought about it. 

Then others had to think about it. Because he’s love, he cannot do something else. He melts in romance; he melts in love. That is the state of Shiva. Shiva is represented like that because that’s one of the aspirations of a yogi; when you’re a true yogi, you’re aspiring to be in that state where you are just love. There is nothing else. That’s the romance we have in us, all the time.

Romantic nature

So, we are romantic. We are romantic by nature. If you look within, you only see romance.

And when looking at every aspect of Earth, everything around us, we feel love towards it, when we have self-respect, self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance. This is divine romance. When you perfect it, that’s divine romance. 

We have it in us because without divine romance; we cannot live. Imagine life without romance, even if it’s a silly man or woman romance. ‘Silly’, I said, it’s not because it’s bad or anything, but it’s very transactional sometimes. – If you do this to me, I will love you; otherwise, I don’t love you. That’s very silly. 

Why can’t you love anyway? I mean, it’s not that I’m against a relationship, but we need to know that there is a possibility of love beyond dimensions.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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