Mohanji, in conversation with Dr & Master Sha and Queen Diambi

Conversation with Queen Diambi and Master Sha – 22 April 2023 | Mohanji

Mohanji was a guest speaker on Queen Diambi’s show called ‘The Power of Service’ with Master Sha on Instagram Live.

Be authentic, be yourself

Mohanji: When you’re addicted to your identity, you’re stuck in a frame. I always guide people to dissolve their identities and become the universe – the fundamental (thing) we can do.

We are so limited – with our limited name, form, profession, position in society, and how much money we have – all these kinds of things. So, what I guide people to is to dissolve all this and become completely universal.

I’m known as Mohanji (there are also certain titles etc. which aren’t important). What I normally teach people or guide people to is to find themselves. When they find themselves, they’ll find the entire universe. We search everything outside, completely ignoring the inside. Everything lies inside.

When you start connecting to yourself (in order) to find yourself, stabilize yourself and settle down in yourself, you’ll attain all things of the world.


I had a career in the shipping industry for 22 years, and I’d been searching simultaneously for finding, ‘What exactly is me? What am I?’ That took me to the Himalayas; I used to go to the Himalayas whenever I had holidays. After a point in time, I thought, ‘What am I going somewhere for? What do you get from anywhere?’ There’s peace in places, but you’re not taking it home.

Wherever you go, you’re in a cage of your own mind. Until and unless you settle down and sort out your mind, you don’t have the world as you like or as you have.

I decided to spend more time with myself. I used to practice. I had some practices of connecting to myself, connecting to my spine, and eventually, I attained a level of silence. Earlier, I was another noise in the world of noises. Then I tried a lot to get back to the world of silence, and it took time – six to seven years. Then I went back to the world as silence. Probably that’s what attracts people to me.

In our system, we do not canvass programs. What we do is that we announce there’s a program. We never say this is something amazing or great or anything. We just announce that this is what’s going to happen, and if people like to come, they come. No propaganda, no canvassing, just general announcements. Based on that, we are now active in 90 countries and registered in 18 countries, with the head office in Switzerland.

As we speak now, we’ve activity centres, like lands and properties in Australia, South Africa, Slovenia, Serbia, Scotland, Canada and India, of course. What they do there are the practices that I’ve taught. They express those to people there, and people come for that.

Find the real ‘you’

The core teaching that I have is: Be you; be totally you because you’re the most authentic person you will ever meet in life. We may meet thousands of people, but you’ll only see what they project, what they like you to see.

However, if you connect to yourself and you go beyond your positions, positions, and relations and all the things which are external, you’ll find the real you. Once you find yourself, you are everything. You are universal; you are powerful; you can do anything.


Now the last part – my connection with Master Sha. We had communicated about two months ago, and we decided to talk to the world together. So that’s how we are here today.

Queen Diambi: This is beautiful, Mohanji. I am very honoured because I understand your teachings as universal teachings, universal intelligence.

You being from India, me being from Africa, Master Sha is from China, and we have people here from all over the world. We can recognize that the language of truth is usually very simple and lacking in ego and only wants to connect us to who we are.

In Africa, we have the philosophy that we call ‘Ubuntu’, and Ubuntu means, ‘I am because you are.’ So, that means that I am only because everything exists. That was quite touching, Mohanji. Thank you. I think Master Sha also has questions for you. Master Sha, please?

Master Sha’s pearls of wisdom

Master Sha: Yes. Thank you, Mohanji; such great insights. I really resonated with the wisdom and the knowledge you shared. Mohanji taught us that it’s important to know who you are: I am the universe; the universe is me.

In traditional Tao teaching, it’s said in a very similar way but with different words. It’s like this – a human being has two souls: one soul is called Yuan Shen, that Mohanji you’ve definitely heard about. This is a different way to explain it. Yuan Shen is also a highly spiritual being. So, a human has two souls.

Now that Mohanji is here, we talk more about this. Otherwise, we don’t speak on this. Mohanji is such a high-level spiritual leader of wisdom. So, we have two souls. One is Yuan Shen. Shen means the original soul that we all have. This Yuan Shen is Buddha nature, source nature, saints’ nature, or universal nature. To be a Buddha or to be a saint is just the highest enlightenment. They are just better servants, the best servants.

Yuan Shen usually stays in the lower abdomen. People in meditation, in a Buddha meditation, are told, “Okay, close your eyes; see the tip of the nose. Try to see the heart and try to see the lower abdomen.” That’s because our true nature is in the lower abdomen.

However, our true nature is hidden for our whole life! That’s why the human ‘me, me, me’, which, in Buddha’s teaching, is called attachment.

“I’m hurting. Why do you treat me like this? I’ve to work to make money and make my life, expand my business etc.” Busy, busy, busy, every day. There’s another soul in charge called Shishen. After birth, we are controlled by our Shishen during our whole life of human thinking, human activities, and human actions.

Mohanji shared his experiences about going to silence. That’s what Siddhartha Gautama, the prince who gave up his position to purify his soul, heart and mind (purification practice), exactly did at first, then later became Buddha.


In the Buddhist teaching Qin Jing Xin, (you try to reach a state) with a clean and clear heart/peaceful quiet heart when nothing bothers you. Then you go to stillness; that’s even more powerful. Stillness means no human thought. Going higher is emptiness.

Nothing exists. You are the Tao; you are the universe; you are the Buddha. Just like Mohanji shared, exactly that because in our teachings, one is Tao or Buddha’s heart, and one is the human heart that’s full of emotional agitation (Dr Sha gestures to indicate that).

Buddha’s heart is empty. Therefore, we teach the same as Mohanji. We are so honoured you are here. Also, with Queen Diambi, we try to teach people to connect with the Buddha’s heart – we all have this, our highest nature. Did I explain it clearly, Mohanji?

Mohanji: Yes.

Queen Diambi: Thank you so much, Mohanji. Thank you. Please do say.

I also wanted to ask you, Mohanji, as you heard about Master Sha’s basic teaching. His wisdom is universal. It’s beyond because we are the universe, as you mentioned earlier. We use different modalities or different words, but our purpose is absolutely the same. It’s about compassion and unconditional love because that’s what brings us where we are.

That’s why Master Sha has devoted his life just teaching all that and sharing, so people can work and have the tools. Oftentimes, what we lack is either even the understanding that we have to seek further, or we just lack the tools.

So, I think that your example of saying the tool is really to go within. But people oftentimes don’t understand what it means to go within. What I liked about Master Sha is what he has done with calligraphy. He teaches a path and teaches the tools.

I know that you love peace and you’re a peaceful person, and you work for peace as well. I know that you have a Foundation. You’re also known to be a humanitarian. Tell us a little more about your Foundation and what kind of services you provide for the people around you or for people in the world.

One world is all we need

Mohanji: Sure, yes. Coming back to what Master Sha just said – what I’ve found is that in most traditions, the same principles are set. In Christianity, there’s the same philosophy of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. There’s something which is permanent and static, which is called the Father. The Spirit, which is the moving energy, which actually moves our life, moves everything forward. Then there’s also the person – the operating vessel or the tool.

I recently found out that the ancient Mexican tribes also followed the same thing. They always talked about the activation of energy within. Then through the activation, you find the source. So, we all have much in common, and everything is one; all people are one. It’s just the barriers of caste, country, culture, colour, language, and religion – all these barriers are only in the mind. There’s no barrier; we are all one.


We all have much in common, and everything is one; all people are one.

– Mohanji

Now coming back to the second question, which you asked about. The Mohanji Foundation was founded much later. Back in 2003, two decades ago, I founded the ACT Foundation. This is the 20th year. ACT Foundation was founded only for charity activities – basically food, clothing, shelter, environmental protection, healthcare, etc. So, this is what we do now in 26 countries. We are registered in around 20 countries, but the activity is in many more.

In particular, we have a segment called Act4Hunger. In Act4Hunger, the digit ‘4’ means beings of water, beings of air(birds), beings of the earth(animals), and human beings. We serve food to all these four categories of ‘people’. I call them ‘people’ because all beings on earth have personalities.

They have their particular personality, their particular reason for existence, and their duration of life. So, I call all beings as people, not just human people. Unfortunately, we are living in a predominantly human world; but I like to care. I like to bring people’s attention to life everywhere. We give food to the fish in the water, and then we automatically experience cleansing in our system because our body has a lot of water.

Then we give food and water to the beings of the sky – the birds – especially in the summer. In many countries (I think around 80), people do that. Then we give food to animals.

I was in Australia until the day before yesterday, where we have land (Mohanji Centre of Benevolence, Walpole, Australia). On that land, we give food to a large number of birds, kangaroos and other beings that come there. We serve food to every hungry being because hunger has the same colour in all beings. Then with human beings, I like to take care of the helpless community, mainly the sick and the old, women and children, and nursing mothers and children, which we’ve done for the last 20 years.

I have a particular interest in supporting womanhood. Specifically, we had a Festival of Womanhood last year, and we’ll also have it this year. Why? Because womanhood sustains the species, and for me, womanhood is primarily motherhood. That’s the predominant expression of a woman – motherhood. I respect the motherhood of all species. For every mother of every species, their children are very precious. They really care for them.

This is one of my key teachings to the world – nonviolence. No violence in thoughts, no violence in expressions, and no violence in actions. That means you protect your environment, nature, the beings, and protect yourself. Your connection with the whole world is through expressions of love, kindness, and compassion. This is the highest of human nature.


Human beings have come with a particular power, where they can be operating in jealousy, greed, anger, hatred, comparisons, competition and all that or in kindness, compassion, righteousness, goodness, and such higher ways of operating. We have that capacity.

I always guide people to operate at higher levels of capacity, not to prove anything to the world. There’s nothing to prove in the world. It’s for your own purification, your own connection with the universe, your own being a human being, and being a proper humanitarian.

An overview of the numerous platforms initiated by Mohanji

In about 26-28 countries, we have ACT Foundation, which is 20 years old. I started the Mohanji Foundation to propagate or teach meditations and practices to connect to oneself. That’s happening, and we are registered in 18 countries as we speak, and it’s still spreading. So, these are the two major organizations that we have.

Then we have the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), which is basically uniting the entertainers. There are people from Hollywood; there are movie makers; there are entertainers. There are people who all come together to tell the world that there should be kindness, righteousness, and goodness. Through the mouths of various frequencies, I convey the same message.

Then we also have the Early Birds Club (EBC) to promote starting the day by waking up early at 4 am or 5 am and ‘cleansing’ yourself in order to do great in the world – to create leaders. That’s in three segments: one for kids, second for youth and teenagers, and third for adults. Then we have an activity called Success eMpowered, which is for corporates.

We have about 12 or 15 platforms – suitable platforms to address different communities because we are all frequencies. One frequency will not suit everybody. I believe that it’s not just spiritual people who should bring peace to the world. Everybody should contribute to peace in the world. Peace can happen if we really decide for it. It’s not difficult.

Master Sha: Thank you so much. Mohanji, you are, in my words, truly called an unconditional universal servant for all the activities you shared.

When growing up, I studied Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, and also, in foreign countries, I learnt about Jesus and Mary. Also, I grew up with Chinese Tai Chi, Kung Fu, II Jing, and Feng Shui.

Now I’ve met you, and I also went to India, where there are many great teachers. I totally agree with you – it’s oneness. Millions of people follow Buddha’s teaching: ‘Okay, become a bodhisattva, do the purification called Xiu Lian’.

Through meditations, service, and kindness, you’ve done so much work for the hungry, women, non-violence, Hollywood people etc. Exactly; you touch every human being – no religions and no boundaries.

Millions of people follow Buddha’s universal teaching and unconditional service. Then people follow Tao; Tao is the ultimate source and the creator. Then the Catholics with Jesus and Mary (love, universal love), plus all kinds of religions – love, peace and harmony.

Today on Earth Day, I think Mohanji, we all have different events. Therefore, I’m so honoured you’re here. Could you lead us into five minutes of meditation? Everybody will stay longer. We’re going to extend for ten minutes more because in every session, in the end, I offer ten minutes of blessing people.

So, you guide us through meditation to peace, silence, and that universal place. Some days, I ask Queen Diambi to lead us in a little meditation. Could you lead us to a five-minute meditation today? How about that?

Mohanji: Okay. Sure. I start now?

Master Sha: Yes, while we are here, five minutes of meditation.

Five-minute meditation

Mohanji: Okay, good.

Please sit straight. Keep your eyes closed. Just focus on your breath – normal breathing. Feel your inhalation. Be with your breath. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the inhalation and feel the exhalation. While you’re doing that, just be aware of your spine.

Keep your spine erect, and just be aware. While you’re breathing, you’re being aware of your spine, and while being in the spine, you’re being aware of the inhalation and exhalation and a small gap between the inhalation and exhalation.


A small gap between exhalation and inhalation: just be aware of that gap. A small gap between inhalation and exhalation, but you’re always remembering your spine. As you concentrate more and more on this small gap, you realize that this space is opening up to a larger world which you haven’t explored until now.

The small gap between your inhalation and exhalation and exhalation and inhalation is a doorway. It’s a gateway that opens up to a large universe which hasn’t been explored by you at all. Be aware of that.

Anytime you want, you can walk into that space which takes you to a totally different dimension. Keep breathing. Keep being aware of the spine, and also be aware of the space between your inhalation and exhalation.

As you feel that space, you realize there’s absolute peace there – no thoughts, no words, no expressions, and no world outside. You are experiencing yourself deeply and consciously. Feel that. While you’re occupied in that space, in this time, feel that there’s no anger, anxiety, hatred, confusion, or comparison. There’s no division in your mind.

You are happy. You are very happy to be here on earth. Your heart is filled with gratitude for the earth and all the beings of the earth, grateful to be alive, to have great friends and family, grateful that you have great awareness, and grateful that you are alive today.

Be grateful always. Always feel that space between your inhalation and exhalation. Be aware of that, and always remember: you have a vertical spine, and that’s a message for you. Your spine is a message for you.

Take your time, and when you have this experience, as long as it takes, you can swim in it. Go through it. Experience it.

May deep peace, harmony, unity, and love grow in you and branch out from you. May you always remain peaceful, loving and kind in every aspect of life. You’ll never harm or hurt anybody. You’ll never ever have enemies. May your heart be filled with brightness – golden brightness and love. May you always remain peaceful.

Thank you.

An overview of the Tao calligraphy wall by Master Sha

Master Sha: Thank you so much – such a great meditation. Thank you for being a leader for millions. Thank you, Queen Diambi. Okay, everybody, open your eyes to see the wall here (on the screen). That’s my teaching. I’ll spend five minutes offering the blessing through the wall there.

This is my Tao calligraphy wall. On the top far left is Da Ai, or greatest love. In one sentence, the greatest love removes all blockages. (Jesus, Mary, Buddha God – it’s all universal Tao source). Da Ai is the greatest love which removes the blockage.

The second symbol is greatest forgiveness or Da Kuan Shu, which means, ‘I forgive you; you forgive me; bring peace and harmony.’ Today is Mother Earth’s Day. Greatest forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.


The calligraphy in the upper row middle is Da Ci Bei, which means great compassion. Yesterday, I offered the compassion Buddha Guan-Yin’s blessing. In two days, I’ll have thousands of people there, very heart-touching, where I bless everybody. Da Ci Bei would be the greatest compassion to boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

Then, the next one (fourth from left, top row) is Da Guang Ming, which means the greatest light or greatest wisdom. Then the last calligraphy on the upper right is Da Qian Bei, which represents the greatest humility to heal and prevent the ego. The ego is the biggest enemy of human life.

The far left on the lower row is Da He Xie, or greatest harmony. Greatest harmony is the key to success. We are the human team. The heaven team, earth team, and the human team must be harmonized – that’s the key to success.

Then the second symbol from the left on the lower row is Da Chang Sheng. It represents the greatest flourishing – more than finance, relationships and every aspect of life. If we have a flourishing financial aspect, we can serve more. With the energy and resources, we can serve more.

In the centre of the bottom row is Da Gan En, or greatest gratitude. Gratitude is the key to success. We should appreciate our parents who raised us and our teachers like Queen Diambi and Mohanji.

I’ll read one comment post (on Instagram Live): ‘This is inspiring. We’ve three peace leaders together on Mother Earth Day: Mohanji, Master Sha, and Queen Diambi. I couldn’t be happier. Each of you brings wisdom, hope and action so that we can live in great harmony. Thank you so much.’

The next calligraphy represents Da Fu Wu or the greatest service. Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Mohanji, Queen Diambi – all are of greatest service. The purpose of life is to serve. To serve is to make others happier and healthier. To serve is to empower and enlighten others.

The last calligraphy on the bottom row represents Da Yuan Man or the greatest enlightenment. A human has two lives: a physical life and a soul journey. Physical life – of course, we die someday, but the soul journey is forever.


In physical life, we do purification, like Mohanji always says. We purify, serve, remove human stuff, align with the source, align with Buddha, and align with the universe. Therefore, we reach soul enlightenment. Physical life is to serve the soul.

Therefore, millions of people believe in Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Indian gurus, shamans, Lamas, and kahunas. I use this Tao calligraphy wall to serve you in the session I’m doing every Saturday. Okay, close your eyes now.

(Master Sha then guides a meditation for the audience)

Dear Tao calligraphy wall…

What the wall is doing is bringing love, peace and harmony – the highest and greatest qualities, like Mohanji and Queen Diambi mentioned.

We talked about source Light, Buddha’s light, divine Light, and universal Light. We are in the third dimension. Why millions of people follow Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Lao Tzu, or Babaji in the Himalayas is because their souls have reached the fourth dimension. One fourth dimension can create countless third dimensions.

My service is to ask humanity to connect with the higher dimensions. Tao calligraphy is a portal/channel – this is a fourth dimension guarding the fifth dimension. Above the fifth dimension, there’s no God but countless layers of Gods. People may not realize that there are countless layers of Buddhas and countless layers of saints.

People, choose one area where you need healing, love, peace and harmony, blessings for your soul, for your relationship, and silently ask for a blessing.

Dear Tao Calligraphy, can you come down?

With this one sentence, the source light comes down through the Tao calligraphy wall. The Buddhas, saints, Jesus and Mary – all of them are here.

(Master Sha starts singing)



Love melts all blockages. Inhale through your nose. The light from the crown chakra washes your head, chest, abdomen to the feet, to Mother Earth. Wash the negative information energy out. Inhale. Wash again.

Master Sha’s Tao calligraphy. Source:

(Master Sha sings again and guides his process for about ten minutes)

Thank you for listening. Thank you, Queen Diambi. Thank you, Mohanji. Mohanji, I love you. I appreciate your service. Thank you. Now, we can talk more, Mohanji.

Queen Diambi: Thank you so much. I stand in gratitude to both of you for being in our presence and for all of those connected around us. I just want to read you a comment or two from people today (on Instagram Live), so we can acknowledge their presence as being in unity with us.

The one that really touched me a lot says: “There are so many traditions, all speaking and pointing in the same direction. So, it really speaks to the diversity we see here today, with all the people around the world who are following Master Sha and Mohanji’s programs right now.”

In South Africa, we represent some of the most ancient civilizations in the world. You know Africa is the motherland and home to humanity, home to life, and always opening our arms to welcome everyone. Waiting patiently, we brought back wisdom so we can respect our planet Earth and our environment and each other and see that we are indeed coming from that one single womb.

Mohanji, you mentioned motherhood earlier – that was also very touching because, indeed, the womb is the one that produces life perpetually. So, when you talk about infinite life, we have to reverse the tempo – where the infinite life comes from, the life source, which, in our tradition, is called noon.

The primordial source of life Master Sha mentioned is the Tao. Every tradition has this understanding, and similar to Master Sha’s teaching, everything and everyone has a soul. Six hundred million people are suffering, so they are asking for blessings.

This comment is also addressed to you, Mohanji: “This is beautiful. What profound wisdom and unconditional service to all souls”.

“We can learn so much from Mohanji, especially on these points. I loved today’s session. Thank you, Master Sha, Mohanji, and Queen Diambi.”

I’ll end there because I know we’ve already passed the time that this program was planned for our public, and they are really happy. We don’t mind because wisdom has its own time, and wisdom owns time.

Thank you, Mohanji, for coming. Thank you, Master Sha.

Everyone, make sure that you join Master Sha every day on Instagram Live from Monday to Friday at noon. Master Sha has a small session to just make sure that we anchor back into our daily practice. On Saturday, we have this Instagram Live at 12: 30. There’s another session that’s a longer session for all those who’ve asked for special healing.  Of course, this work is not instant. Sometimes, it might be miraculously instantaneous, but it requires engagement.

It requires intention, and that’s why Master Sha is offering a longer session of meditation every Saturday at 12:30. There’s also Master Sha TV, so you’ve to connect to Master Sha TV. It’s important because you get to see a lot about what his Foundation is doing around the world, including helping me to bring clean water to my villages in the Congo.

Also, please connect with the Love, Peace, and Harmony Foundation because it’s helping many people through hospitals and children’s hospitals, bringing water to the Congo, my villages, and so many more things.

So, please do connect because healing thyself is one thing, but the manifestation of that healing is when we imbue our environment with the grace with which we’ve been healed and bring it out in the world like Master Sha and Mohanji are doing.

Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you.

Mohanji: Thank you. I love you.

Master Sha: Thank you Mohanji, thank you Queen Diambi. Love you.

Transcribed by Nada Raković and Geeta Iyer

Proofread by Geeta Iyer

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