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How to clear the karma of family lineage | Mohanji

What I mean to say is that lineage works, not as most people think. Those who are with you, those who are connected with you, those who love you, those who do not need anything from you and still love you are the real relatives.

Lineage care

The best way to take care of our lineage is to take care of the people available in the family because they’re all connected to the lineage. So, mainly our elders – father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and uncles – look after them, love them and respect them. 

Respect & gratitude

One thing I’ll tell you – respect and gratitude are great cleansers. I repeat, respect and gratitude are great cleansers. It wipes away a lot of things. If you simply practice respect and gratitude, you will feel much cleaner in your daily life. And also, you will experience grace flowing into you every time. 

There is no substitute for respect and gratitude. There is no substitute. Whatever you practice or do, if these ingredients are not there, it’s a tough journey. Respect and gratitude – if you put this in front, like two horses, which drive the cart, 80% of the lineage will be happy. And if your activities will be of that nature, like selfless activities, supporting the helpless, living a life of pure intentions, then the lineage becomes very happy. 

The next generation, even if it’s not happening, imagine some people are adopted into the family; if somebody is coming into your family, that also means lineage connection, it need not be blood relations. It’s not just blood relations, don’t think that only blood relations can come to your family. Lineage does not operate that way. Whoever is coming, even your cat and the dog in the family are connected to lineage. Because in this flow of life, anybody can come in any form, in any relationship, at any level. 

Even if you are adopting somebody to your family, they also fall into the lineage, even if they are born in another family. Do you get what I’m saying? 

Offerings to ancestors of lineage

Why did they come to your family? Because the lineage permitted it; otherwise, they wouldn’t come. The lineage accepted it. Especially they are inheriting the property, wealth, knowledge, and foundation, which means they are accepted into the lineage. They will have their own responsibility to their parents or the lineage they came from. But if they’re coming into one family, having their own children, yes, it helps (also having children at all or the next generation and the continued generation). 

For example, for me, I look at all the people who are deeply connected to me unconditionally as my family members. I’ll tell you an example. A few years ago, I decided to do a particular Homa for the welfare of all the people who are connected to me. And I asked the priest how much time it would take. He was a very senior man, completely unselfish. And he knows what I do in the world. And he said, “Okay, we will strengthen and support all the people.” I do this; we try to help all the people who are deeply connected to me as part of the family. 

So, he was doing it, and there is a method in the South, where they check using shells whether the deities to whom you’re offering has accepted it; it was Lord Shiva. But the offer was not accepted. Three hours they took, but it was not accepted. Then they said, “Okay, there is something wrong.” They had drawn the image; there is a particular structure they’ll draw for the circuit to accept. That was not working. 

So, he removed the whole thing. He said, “I don’t understand why it’s not happening.” Then he changed it from followers to family, Mohanji and all the people who love Mohanji and their families. He made it very simple. It means it’s like one family. Those who really love you are a part of the family. It’s a larger, extended family. It does not matter which country they are from. 

Then he made an egg shape, like a Shiva linga and said, “Mohanji and all the people who love Mohanji and their families”, so it’s like a pyramid inside. It started accepting. Then, the whole thing was finished in an hour and a half or two hours; it went perfectly well. (What it says is that even if the flower was put, it was falling right there. Otherwise, the flowers put were falling on the other side.) 

This is a clear sign of how the lineage works. When somebody really loves you, and somebody really accepts you and connects to you, they become a part of you. This is how the structure works. It’s not about your blood relations. Unfortunately, our society works only on that limited level – I and my blood relations, inheritance, that’s all fine. I mean, for the sake of the sanctity of inheritance, it’s okay. But real inheritance is not that. It may not be even connected to you. 

Those who are standing by you, those who are walking with you, those who do not judge you, and those who support you unconditionally are your relatives. They may change also from time to time. But these are the people whom you should consider as your own. Those who constantly judge you, those who do not allow you your walking space, those who hate you, criticise you, or gossip about you are not your relatives. 

There is no frequency connection there. And also, there is ignorance in the middle. There is ignorance when you talk bad about somebody; that’s complete ignorance, a lack of awareness of karma. Let it be.

What I mean to say is that lineage works not as most people think. It’s that those who are with you, those who are connected to you, those who love you, those who do not need anything from you and still love you, these are the real relatives. These are the real relatives, and it’s easy to understand. 

But we only look at my son, my daughter, or my donkey. This – ‘my, my, my’. This is the way we operate. And we don’t get it; we don’t understand. So, this is the thing. 

Likewise, I always tell the fishes in the water, the beings in the water, the beings in the sky, beings on Earth, apart from human beings (human beings also), they’re good people. But all these beings are equally connected to you. There is a water element in your body; you can’t deny it. There is air and space in your body; you cannot deny it. And there are beings who are operating in that plane. If you serve them, you’re serving yourself, your elements aspect. 

When you do Homa, you’re activating or awakening your fire energy within. When you’re giving food to beings of the water, you’re activating the water and cleansing it, purifying it, your blood and the water element in you. We can have a clean existence by being simply aware. Simply aware. It is uncomplicated, and so many blockages get removed—much more than when you do elaborate poojas. So many blockages get cleansed this way. 

And there are so many examples. So many people have felt great after doing all these things.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Rekha Murali

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