Can humans be enlightened?

Can any human become enlightened? | Mohanji

Yes, there’s no higher, lower, or equal in any creation. Even if you take a tree, the leaves of the tree on the plant – every leaf will be unique. If you take a bird or an animal – from outside, they may look the same; but they are not the same.


We are all unique. Our capacities are unique. But what created us? Our pending desires created us. What we wanted to achieve in this life created us. In that context, enlightenment is usually not a top priority. That’s why many people don’t reach there. But the potential is 100% the same.

Nobody is higher; nobody is lower. There’s no gender. There’s nothing. All are the same. But many people use this. For example, I’ve seen that a lot of times, people think that spirituality is an activity. I always say activities are like you need a boat to cross the ocean. After that, you don’t need the boat once you cross over. An activity is like that – like a boat from here to there.



When my first communion happened with Babaji, he said, “Sit down.” I sat down, and I thought, okay, I should meditate. He said, “Do nothing.” This is the point here. First, try to be still, do nothing. Then slowly start to connect to yourself. Then you realize that many things you thought were very important are not important. But they are binding. Possessions, positions, relations – all these bind you one way or the other. But they are important as experience. I’m not saying they are not important in life. They are important as experience. But beyond experience, what are you? A total unit, a complete unit.

Supreme Consciousness

That’s where connecting to supreme consciousness comes into the picture. You have a chance to know. To know means it’s not through intellectual knowledge. You’ve got to experience it, and experience happens. The result is usually silence. When you experience the supreme consciousness, you don’t come to talk about it. You don’t have to talk. Many people in the world who have experienced consciousness have never spoken because they didn’t want to talk. But your question is, “does everybody have potential?” Absolutely, yes.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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