Assumption vs Intuition

by Mohanji


Assumption has a root, which is probability. Based on probability, we assume. But intuition is more a connection to a state where you may not see it, but you realize it as a possibility. One is a probability; this is a possibility.


Intuition is usually coming from two different major things. One is probably the possibility of a truth that you perceive. Like for example, yesterday, today, tomorrow, this is how we live; last year, this year, next year – that means time is linear time; time is travelling like past, present, future. But imagine a moment where you are absolutely at one point, where the past, the present, and the future are visible. This is possible in vertical time, not horizontal time.


Vertical time

In vertical time, you’re watching; you’re seeing everything at the same time; what happened, what’ll happen – it’s all in one time. In that mode, you are able to understand what’ll happen in the future. And that connection that is possible, it’s definitely possible. Vertical time and horizontal time exist simultaneously together. But mostly we are so busy with the horizontal time – yesterday, today, tomorrow, one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, we forget vertical time.

We’ve a state of being in vertical time, but that we don’t remember – deep sleep. In a deep sleep, you’re not worried about time; you’re beyond time. But it’s a true thought; it’s a reality. Three and a half hours, we sleep deeply.

Vertical time is there; horizontal time is there. At one point, when you experience vertical time – a still time, at that time, intuition can be very strong. That’s a meditative state. For example, you’re connecting to your spine consciously. If you consciously connect to your spine and start only feeling your spine for a few seconds to a few minutes to a few hours, you’ll start seeing yourself detaching from the world outside.

Changing reality

The world is happening outside as normal, but you are slowly different from the world or separate from the world. When you’re in that mode, your reality changes; it starts changing. You’ll start observing the whole drama that’s happening, but you’re not that drama.

Of course, you’re witnessing, you’re watching, you’re there, but you feel you’re slightly out of it, away from it. In that mode, you’ll see your intuitive level starts rising because when you’re involved deeply, you don’t feel anything because it’s like a river flowing. You’re flowing with time. Here you’ve stopped; time has not stopped; time is still flowing, but you’ve kind of stopped, and you’re witnessing. In that mode, you’ll start developing more and more intuitive powers; this is one aspect.

Assumption is based on a particular probability; intuition is based on a possibility. But intuition can be really sharpened by observing, witnessing. Assumptions are usually based on what you know, what you’ve experienced, your memory, or probably just a probability.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit

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