A Guru-Disciple relationship

The Guru-Disciple relationship | Mohanji

Satsangatve nissangatvam nissangatve nirmohatvam,
nirmohatve niscalatattvam niscalatattve jivanmuktih.

The Guru-Disciple relationship is so pure and so sacred, much higher than a mother-child relationship. The mother-child relationship is one of the most sacred relationships in the world. The Guru-Disciple relationship is much higher because the Guru takes the disciple to Supreme Consciousness, where they started from. That’s the thing. 

A mother-child relationship is about nurturing, strengthening, growing. It helps growth. But a Guru-disciple relationship is what? He takes you as himself. See, I can only deliver to you what I already am. If I am not something, I can’t deliver it to you. I can only give you what I have. I can’t give you something which I don’t have. This should be very clear. 

First of all, you should recognize where I stand; then only you can receive that thing. Anybody who has learned can teach you meditation. Anybody can teach you yoga. If you have learned yoga, you can teach yoga, teach meditation, and teach anything. But transformation takes material. Liberation – liberation from the birth and death cycle – it needs stability, stable energy, stable support; that’s a different ballgame. 

I don’t want you to jump into anything, “Oh, this is amazing. This is a great master.” I always object to our people writing “Enlightened Master.” How do you know I’m enlightened? I could be lying. I can lie, right? I can say I’m enlightened. I’m a great master. I can lie. If you believe it, who’s getting fooled? Not me, isn’t it? We shouldn’t get into any of those traps.

Assumption on Enlightenment

Don’t worry about enlightenment, but integrity – something tangible. Consistency is something tangible; conviction is tangible. These things reflect in the world outside, whether you like it or not. We can only catch those things. Otherwise, enlightenment you can’t see. You assume he’s enlightened, right? You can’t see enlightenment, right? You assume.

Many times, we are assuming. But use your time, use your faculties; measure, assess, understand, then connect. Don’t connect blindly. And if you are with me long enough, we have some work to do. If you’re just a visitor for some time, I’ll entertain you; then, you can go home and be entertained. As Krishna said, he was dressing up because Duryodhana could not see him, could not understand his stature; so at least let him see the dress – entertainment.

Investment in awareness

If you really connect to the consciousness and realize you and I are one, then we have done a great job. Until we become one, we have a job to do. We are not separate. We cannot be separate. That’s the state that we should arrive at and establish. There’s nothing to give, nothing to take. Then the relationship is beautiful. If that happens, then the investment was worth it. The investment is in you, not in me. 

Please remember in this path, your whole investment is in you. You are investing in your own awareness. You are finding yourself holding my hands if at all you’re holding my hand. But it is not to hold my hand, not for practice; it’s to find yourself. Once you’ve found yourself, you’ve found everything. When you find yourself, you’ve found everything. There is nothing else in this world except you. When you sleep, there’s no world for you. When you wake up, there’s a world for you. That’s how relative our world is. All our relationships are when we are awake. 

Imagine when we die. Like there was a film recently. It’s habitual when somebody dies that people cry and then try to remove the dead body. “No, no; don’t take the body.” Then they said, “Okay, you keep it here.” And then, “No, no, no, take the body.” Because this is the point here that people who love us do not love us when we are dead. The love also changes. When we are alive, there’s a particular love when we are relevant. When we are not relevant, that changes. This fragile is the world. In this world, you need to find the right connections.

Adi Shankara

That’s why Adi Shankara said Satsangatve nissangatvamthrough good company, the right company, the right frequency of friends, you’ll learn to detach from all the bindings of life. That’s the main reason for Satsang. Satsang means good company – people who are of a good frequency. Good frequency means they need nothing from you. They just love you for what? For nothing. Not for something. If somebody loves you for something, that’s not good company. That’s a transaction. But if they love you for nothing, that’s good company. That helps you in detachment. Whether you have something or not, you’re fine. Satsangatve nissangatvam. 

Nissangatve nirmohatvam – when detachment takes place, it leads to a lack of desires. You’re not trying to conquer the world. Instead, you’re focusing inside to conquer your mind. The mind which tells you to conquer the world is conquered. Then what happens? The mind which tells you this is not enough – that mind is conquered. Then the mind keeps quiet. Then everything is enough. Do you know what I am saying?

Nirmohatve nischalatattvam – when the mind is void of desires; when the mind has fewer desires; nischalatattvam – the mind becomes still. Desires which activate like the waves of an ocean are coming and going and making the mind turbulent are gone. Then what happens? Nischalatattvam- a still mind. 

Nischalatattve jivanmuktih – When the mind is still, you are liberated.

Very simple – four lines, the whole story. The good company leads to detachment. Detachment leads to a desireless state.; a desireless state leads to a still mind. A still mind leads to liberation.

If you understood this, you understood everything. All the turbulence ends there. That simple it is. Don’t be in a hurry to marry a guru.

Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt 
Proofread by Yogesh Pandit


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