Womanhood is Motherhood

Satsang in Belgrade, 26 May, 2012



Consciousness is always available

Q: How to reconcile in life expectations from others from us and expectations that we have from ourselves? Because it often happens that when we meet the expectations of another person we are unhappy and if we fulfill our own expectations then others are unhappy… How to find a balance in all that?


A: These are two fundamental mistakes we commit every day. We have a path of destiny, i.e. from birth till death. We have chosen the whole transit, and we have brought sufficient fuel to complete the journey. 

This journey is our predetermined journey that is why we took the body. Where you are today, what you are experiencing, the time, the space, the people, the situations, all this is pre-determined. 

Now there is a parallel to the destiny which is karmic destiny, which is called prarabdha karma, karma which provoked the birth and which we call destiny. Even if an ant bites you or if somebody scolds you or gives you a flower, this is all a path of the destiny. In the absolute sense, they are all experiences.


Then there is dharma, duty side which is running parallel to karma. But in the destiny path you don’t have much free will. In the path of destiny, your choice or free will is reasonably limited. At a given space at a given time, in a given environment, you can only raise this hand or that hand. 

But the first primary dharma is your own family. Dharma towards your parents, dharma towards your children, dharma towards your brothers and sisters, in all these there is an element of duty which you can choose to do or choose to ignore. 

But if you choose to ignore it, you may leave some debt behind. So it is better to take care of the parents, to take care of the children the way you can, not as per their expectation, but as per your capacity. This is only thing you are expected to do. This is the primary dharma.

Next there is secondary dharma. It is running parallel to destiny. It’s the dharma towards the society. Dharma towards the society is the repayment of the debt to the Earth because you are using the Earth. Liberation is impossible until you clear the debt from the Earth. Like if you have taken a room in the hotel, if you don’t pay, they catch you.

Take care of the children of mother Earth, which are environment, birds, animals, poor people, whatever you can do. Even if you buy a hot tea for a poor man in a cold day, this is good, this is dharma. hat is the only thing you can afford. Nobody says you should spend a million. 

Or if somebody cries, soothe him. Instead of, “What can you give me?“ ask, “How can I help you?“ Your destiny path have no control. You are going on, it gives you situations, people… Whether you like it or not, it is happening. But take care of your parents, children, brothers, sisters, that will complete your debt, that is your immediate dependence. 

Likewise, do whatever you can for the world outside. Not only spending money, but expressing kindness, it is a feeling that makes you stronger.

Mohanji quote - No man can fulfill the woman .. -Expressing-Motherhood


Womanhood is actually motherhood

There is a basic fact of life. We are so relationship oriented, especially human beings. A man and a woman are distinctive beings. If we understand that and we enter a relationship, that is fulfilling. 

But one thing which is fundamental, no man can ever make a woman complete or fulfilled. A child can. This is the truth of life. A woman becomes complete through children. Not necessarily own children, but being a mother to the nature or to the world outside. Life becomes complete when a woman behaves as a mother. Womanhood is actually motherhood. 

It is so powerful. It is so all-encompassing, but unfortunately the world has not recognised it. This is why there are so many sorrows and calamities. When a woman starts expressing the completeness, not selfish, like get everything for my son, it’s not the point I’m saying. 

Expressing motherhood in its fullness, the world becomes a better place. Peace will prevail everywhere. And it will be liberating for all mankind. Think over it, you will understand what I am saying. 

Sometimes women are treated as sexual objects or suppressed because of the insecurities of a man, but actually womanhood is equal to motherhood. Until that aspect of woman is not brought forth, society will not have balance. A man is always a child, very demanding child. without maturity 🙂


Q: Are there any gurus among women?

A: Yes, but women by nature are not expressive like men. While I was in Rishikesh, on 4000 m altitude, I met a woman, a great guru. She was in silence, she wasn’t talking. She was not meeting people either. She was in isolation. She was sitting inside of a cave, I couldn’t see her in fullness, because it was dark there. 

When I saw her, she blessed me, gave me some sweets and that was it. I say as many male gurus there are, as many female gurus there are too. But by nature, they are introverted. And it is not easy to operate in the world when you are operating on a higher plane because the world is gross, and you are subtle.

The world can understand only activity, where you are opting for silence or inaction, inaction because you don0t have to act, not because you are lazy. You can’t even express this to people. For people inaction is equal to laziness. The state of lack of karma or no action is not understood by the society. So they are very powerful women. 

Actually, they are helping the world, healing a lot, but they are not in the open. Almost like this, Navanath sadhus sitting in Himalayas, there are numerous sadhus, not only Navanath sadhus, and do you know their mantra? “Let the whole world be saved except us.“ 

This is what they chant. They have completely detached from mankind and they exist like candles giving light to the world. Whatever powers they achieved through spiritual practices, are delivered to the world. Just like a candle. There are saints like that. It is difficult to reach them and if you reach them, they take care of you. 

So what we see here around us in our world, “gurus“ in our immediate world which is visible, are sometimes not even enlightened, they just call themselves enlightened. Some people have certain materialization powers or something so that they can catch attention. Some of them have the power to see… the sea re all elementary things. 

Basically, when you become a CEO, you get the perks attached to the CEO. Just like that, as you evolve into higher levels, you get all the siddhis, whether you like it or not.

I had a such experience in the early 2000s. When I looked a person, I automatically saw past lives and future lives. It was very difficult at that time. When I had a second communion with Babaji, he said that could be a trap for this life. If children cry, we give a candy. Sometimes they will keep quiet. Likewise, siddhi can make us subdued to it. 

We lay with the siddhi for some time, and then we lose track of our progress, of our actual path. This happens. There are various siddhis which happen by themselves. Patanjali says, “Ignore it. Move on.“ This is the way we should do. Whenever we achieve something which is for sure, whether you like it or not, you will have powers coming. Ignore it, move on. Don’t stop until you reach God.


“Leave her”

Mohanji 3a

There is a great master Akkalkot Maharaj. He lived in 1800s. One saint came to meet him where he was. The person who went to meet him was also great. As soon as he saw him he said, you still haven’t left that lady? The saint said, “Guru, I need your permission.“ He said, “Leave her.“

Do you know what this lady was? One power of creation. We can create things. He was constantly performing that power for everyone. What Akkalkot Maharaj asked was, “You are still stuck with something very small, which has taken a lot of your time.“ 

He dropped it and he evolved further to the next level. So such masters do not have anything to do with the world, really. But if you go to them completely empty and fully free, they give us exactly what we need. 

Otherwise we come across people who are dressing up in saffron, etc. only to fill their stomach. That is why I say have the eyes to see the real. That would be a big favour you do to yourself. Otherwise life gets wasted chasing the fakes.

Q: How to connect deeply with you?

A: The gateway to the consciousness are eyes. If you concentrate on the eyes for some time, you will feel the vibration changing in your spine and third eye. The only criterion is purity and faith.




Our whole path is about LIBERATION, liberation from everything that binds you including life. Because life binds you to events. The binding factor are emotions related to events. Our effort is to slowly, slowly, slowly detach from everything that binds, and put you to straight in the path of total liberation.

Everybody has the potential to become the master. The concept of the master is very simple. Gunatitamanam i.e. beyond the three states of existence. One is sattwa guna which is basically of higher nature, which is very little and it is difficult to stay there. Then comes raja guna. Raja means action. That is also operating in emotions as well, but action is important. 

And the most predominant guna is tamas guna. Tamas is inertia which binds you, which controls you, which gives you all negativities. We are a mixture of all these three. It depends which one of these is dominant. Gunatitamanam, means a person who exists beyond gunas i.e. beyond all these three levels of constitution is a liberated being. 

And Chit Ananda Rupam, means when you exist beyond all the gunas, there is no oscillation between happiness and sorrow. You will be in a perpetually happy state. That is the mastership. That means mind is not controlling, senses are not controlling the mind, you are staying above your constitution, and you have mastered it. This is the way to understand who we are. 

First of all, we don’t understand who we are, where we stand, which guna is predominant in us. I postponing things, if we keep postponing things, if we are sleepy, lazy, jealous, if these are characteristics which we portray to the world, that means tamas is very high in us. 

If you are always in the action mode, doing something all the time, but not really intelligently doing, you are just doing things because you like action, this is more of rajasic nature. And if a person uses more intellect than emotion, and usually operates in deep balanced state, is predominantly sattwic. 

So we have to understand ourselves. That is where we have to start our journey. First of all we need to know where we stand. Only then we can start progressing.

So, liberation is all about first, understanding ourselves. Next is non-resistance. Do not resist your given constitution, or your given character. Accept yourself. Third is being in witnesshood all the time rather than getting involved. This is why we always say, give importance to your spine

Because senses are front-oriented, 120-degree-oriented. An average human being operates only in 120 degrees, only the space where face can turn. 240 degrees are missing in everyday life. This is our first incompleteness. 

Once we shift to the spine, we start operating in a larger circle, we have eyes around our head. Then we are completely centered. When we are centered, we have perfect balance. When we operate in that circle, we are completely in control of every movement, every thought and every word. 

Otherwise, it is like senses i.e. eyes, nose, ears, tongue dragging you to various things and mind follows that. And we do not have any control over it. It’s like horses driving a cart in their own way. We cannot control the horses. If five horses go in different directions, what happens to the cart? Our life is more or less like this. We think we control, but we do not have much control. 

So we go to a doctor. “The doctor says, Try this medicine,“ because he himself doesn’t know. Again, what takes us to the doctor? our senses. And how can senses lead us to the doctor? Through comparisons, i.e. others’ opinion, or through what we would like to see or hear, usually not on the merit. 

Because if we want to know the merit of a person, we need to know the person in complete 360 degrees – in the waking state, dreaming state and the deep sleep state, three states of everyday life. This is not easy. Because if we have to see through that, we have to operate through our third eye. These senses cannot give you that idea, that understanding of a person in that depth. 

When you start operating on the higher consciousness or through third eye, everything becomes clear, full of clarity. One who has dissolved the mind into the soul is the master. When see through everything, you know everything, there are no secrets in life. There is no area which is dark.

Mohanji quote - Give back to mother Earth

Q: If you do reach sattwic state is it possible to fall again?


A: Yes. Actually sattwic guna is perpetual state. All the gunas are perpetual. To beat tamas you need to go into rajas, to go through action to beat inaction. Tamas tells you, ok you can sleep one more hour, there is time to go to the office… Action should beat inertia. Today I’m tired I don’t feel like walking. Then you should go for a walk. 

Thus if you beat inertia with action, you come into rajas. Then if you are in constant action, it reaches the level of saturation. Then you move into the sattwa mode, where action is based on necessity. You will not be involved in hyperaction. 

You will be involved in action for the sake of something which is essential. That is the state of sattwa. You are not in any excess. The whole operational level is based on unconditional love, selflessness, and we will tend to get up in sattwic time which is 3am-6am. 

We will not need any alarm clock and keep switching it off. You will automatically get up because sattwa makes you get up. But sometimes, when you are operating in sattwa mode, you may slip into laziness, inertia. In connection with this, I’ll tell you a story.


Who is healthy? (NATURE OF SATTWA)


One great physician was tested by gods. He was a great physician, he could cure you well with medicine. Gods came as birds and while he was walking they asked him a question, “Who is healthy in this world?“ It’s a simple question, but it was a big test. 

Being really excellent, he replied, “One who does not eat more or less, one who does not sleep more or less, one who has no excesses of any kind are healthy ion this world.“ Gods were happy and they gave him more powers. So simple is our life.

So this is the nature of sattwa, that you do not have any excess. And what is the nature of a master? He is beyond gunas, he does not oscillate between past and the future, nor happiness or sorrows, he is beyond duality. Duality means all ups and downs. The path to liberation Adi Shankara said in four stanzas.

First avoid bad company. Before you become good, avoid bad. What is bad company? Company that sucks your energy, takes you to wrong places and makes you tired and weak. Once you are completely free from bad company, follow good company. When you have good company, you learn to detach. What is good company? 

The company that elevates you, takes you higher, not the company that praises you saying that you are the great person in the world… but the person saying the truth, the company that elevates you, that lifts you up. A company of great spiritual teachers, of people who do not gossip, and talk only about higher things or discuss things of higher nature, this is good company. We learn to detach with good company. 

When you are detached, your desires will reduce. When our desires are very less, mind is peaceful, calm, serene, no problem. With a calm and peaceful mind, you have no desires in this world, you go liberated, you become completely liberated. This is very simple. It does not matter where you were born, what you learnt, what is your name, colour, country, religion, or master. All that matters is our application, our genuine interest to evolve to the highest, faith, purity.


Q: When there are no desires, everything becomes flat, and there are almost no people who understand you?


A: Because you are looking for something outside, so you can never be liberated! When you become self-sufficient, whether there is a thing in front of you or not, you are fine. 

When you give the remote control of happiness in other people’s hands, they keep changing channels. And sometimes the story will be very sad. First is go within. Your primary guru is your own soul, nobody can be closer to you. What I can shoe you is yourself, like a mirror.

Q: Does the action include this what I experienced during meditation, that I was constantly running, while meeting these people mentioned in meditation?

I tried to visualise them and I had a lot of problems, I didn’t know how it should look like, so I pulled them out of my imagination. So I really worked a lot 🙂 becoming exhausted while I was meditating…

A: This is a cleansing meditation, a meditation where actually you express gratitude, and release things from you. If you don’t have any guru, or anything mentioned, please don’t bring someone from the neighbourhood 🙂 ha, ha. 

There were a few women praying to god, “If you give my son a job, I’ll shave my neighbour’s head.“ ha, ha. We do things which are extremely neutral, the world is like that. They don’t want any problem for us or our family. 

If life goes smoothly, don’t complicate it for the sake of spirituality. It would be better to live a simple life. Simplicity is godliness.
One easy way for respecting all masters is, if you don’t have a master or a guide whom you want to pay respect, you can say, “I pay respect to all the real masters of the universe.“

I tell children to offer food before eating. I say,“Offer it to all your relatives, just in the mind, saying, when I eat, you are all eating. Offer it to all the masters and all the gods.“ So that you become feeling good, and also the food becomes sacred.


Q: I saw some dim light during the meditation. Where does it come from?

A: Everything is coming out of your soul. Soul is brightness. Your primary personal guru is your own soul. I’m just a road sign showing you way to yourself. When you are on a certain level of vibration, you see the brightness of yourself. E.g. there is a thousand watt bulb, but there are a lot of fabrics on it, what do you see? 

Dim light. So when I remove one layer of fabrics one after another, you will become brighter and brighter, even if others do not see, you will see. Sometimes we are too judgmental about ourselves. We don’t want to accept that something is happening to us. But others will tell, something is different in you. You look better, you shine. How many times it happened in our meditations! Continue. Life is good.

Mohanji quote Simplicity is godliness

Q: You mentioned yesterday, that most of us wanted healing from you. How do you know? Now I understand that you operate through the third eye and that each of us can reach the state of a master. When did the third eye appeared first to you? How can we grow?


A: Most of the situations that we experience in this life we brought here, we chose to experience. There are two main reasons for taking this body, to experience, and to express our constitution in this world. A bird who is sitting in the cage cannot know what it feels like being in the open sky. 

Unless you climb the mountain you cannot know what it looks like from the top of the mountain below. Most of us what we have done with our education, our conditioning, our upbringing, situations, we created many walls around us thinking that we are protecting ourselves. 

Many factors contributed to it: our bringing, our family, tradition, religion, education, political understanding, everything created strong walls around us. We decided that without these things, walls, life doesn’t exist. 

Somebody who is locked up in the dark room for life cannot understand the freedom of the light when you are in the light. So the healing is of that nature, to remove those walls. Sickness is captured within. This is not just on one incident. But we are trying to fill the vacuum of our mind. 

We do not like that silence. We are sound oriented, we are action oriented. We know action but we do not know beingness. The thin line between enlightenment and entanglement is beingness. 

We can do many practices in spirituality, or action which is mind transaction, breathing, intellectual activity is also action, in physical, mental and intellectual level we are in the action mood. When we are in action mode, what are we tying to do? We are tying to fill the gap so that the mind is constantly occupied. You might have seen many people craving for sympathy. 

They want someone to say, “Oh, you are suffering, we are very sorry…“ Likewise, there are a lot of people who cannot survive without applause. They crave for constant appreciation. Like that, we are trying to fill the gap. 

If I tell them,“Leave the craving for appreciation, I can elevate you“ do you think they will allow? Because that vacuum would be a nightmare for them. They wouldn’t want to be in that vacuum. Likewise, certain illness gets trapped into our system, unconsciously, and all the attention that people give the person because of the illness, becomes a kind of adrenalin, or requirement for existence. Such people will not allow us to heal them. 

They want to keep it and they will give every excuse that this is not curable, this will not happen. I can interfere, I can cut across, but that is against karma. If you say I want to keep my baggage, I will not take it away. If I snatch it, what happens? I will be expressing violence. Violence in thought, word and action is not our tradition. 

This is why certain people cannot be healed. For them, disease is a requirement for their existence. They chose to“enjoy“ the disease“. Relatives will say, please help them. Because this fellow is a nuisance for them. But that is not his opinion.

Going back to the third eye, most of us go to church or temple … and we close our eyes and pray. Why do we close our eyes when we pray? Because we try to reach energy which is higher than us, and we know very well subconsciously that eyes cannot deliver it, so we shift to the third eye. I

‘ll give you a simple technique for operating through the third eye: practise “360 degrees“ meditation. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. For example, concentrate on any part of your spine for five minutes. Automatically you will be operating through the third eye. Operating through the third eye becomes your nature, just by moving into your spine.

Masters - by Mohanjis Devotee Sabrina Koletic


They just expanded from limited consciousness of the body, of course they had unlimited consciousness while in the body, but the body was a moderation. Consciousness is always available.

Another small technique to see what I see, become me 🙂 It’s possible! Consciousness is available. That’s why I say, no avatars, no great masters have ever left the Earth plane. Jesus never left, Buddha never left, Jesus never left… They just expanded from limited consciousness of the body, of course they had unlimited consciousness while in the body

but the body was a moderation, so they shed the body and became in the expanded state. It is still available. That is why I said for Christmas, “At least be the Christ today.“ By that I mean enjoy the Christ consciousness today, not drink, etc. Consciousness is available, it is your choice to access it. How do you access it? The best way is through your spine. 

The more you operate from your spine your perceiving ability will be much more, the sixth sense will work more, sensitivity will increase, you will be operating in 360 degrees, so you can for sure access the higher consciousness. Whenever you called me I reached, even though I was sitting in Muscat. This means my consciousness is everywhere. It is just giving accent to a particular position or location at a point of time. I always do my job.

As for my experience, I was not action oriented. I did not have any practices specifically, I was automatically moving into my spine, from early 1990s when I seriously started doing this. When some communions started, even I could not accept it. I was thinking, “How could this be possible, I never decided or wanted to communicate with this master. 

How can he talk to me?“ We always judge ourselves in a harsh way and we always underestimate ourselves. We always think we are not eligible. Earlier, when I was growing up as I explained, I used to face blank states. This was one period in my spiritual evolution. I

 would not know my name, I wouldn’t know my identity, the minimum was probably one hour and the maximum was one week. This is a very tricky situation, especially when you work in an office. When somebody calls me Mohan, I would look around… Don’t worry, I don’t have that now, that used to be. 

But such tests and experiments we have to go through, not everybody, each path is different, each person has different experiences, but these were all experiences which were shifting me. I wrote about it in the blog about Babaji as well. It is not on your sadhana, your practices, it’s on your beingness that everything happens. 

I think that main thing is clear yourself completely. When you empty yourself completely and you connect to the divine, only divine can fill in. That is why people experience Jesus, Baba, different gurus, because you are an empty pot and what fills in, becomes you. 

Basically if there are a lot of doubts, a lot of confusions in the mind, it becomes a blockage. None of this should happen. Faith should be extremely firm.


Even if you are suffering, if you go through tremendous hardships, the faith should be constant and firm. I went through extreme hardships, a was striped from everything I had, even at that time a severe skin allergy, the skin was erupting and the blood was coming out. It was difficult even to take a bath, because the whole body burns. 

I couldn’t sleep… It went on for almost a year. It was cleansing period. At that time you don’t have any friends either. Nobody wanted to discuss, not because I had a disease, but I had no job, money, and I had this problem… all of these things were coming together. At that time when you call somebody, they won’t take your call. 

That is why I said, when people were taking me out for lunch, at the same place there were no friends. Whether we have people merry with us or running away from us, we should remain stable. Because relationships are short-lived. Today they smile, tomorrow they may not smile. We should be the same. And our spiritual strength is, we should not be worried who will understand us, this is not our problem. 

Those who have eyes to see will see. Rest of them have chosen blindness, let them be blind, leave them. What do we normally follow? That which shines 🙂 But all that glitters is not gold. This is also my experience. I have been with certain gurus who were fakes, but I am happy because I saw the other side, too.

One true guru whom I really liked used to live in the tree. We went in search of him, about 20 of us. Like this before you know I answer, the same way he knew we were coming, and he ran away, ha, ha. We were all sitting under the tree, looking but he wasn’t there. A few of us went to find him. 

This was on the banks of Ganga in the Himalayas. He was sitting under a tree, half-naked, he spoke very little. But that proved he was real. But his presence was so powerful. He asked, “You spent all that money to see a naked man? Do you hear the sound of birds? Where are those birds? Are they outside of you or within you? 

In short, if they are outside of you, please work towards it so that you expand yourself so that they are inside you. If they are inside you, you have already arrived.“ This is exactly how I answered your questions. You are inside my consciousness, so I know each vibration of yours, and answer comes to you. No need to ask 🙂 

The second thing, if a bird is beside of you, you are still an individual. You have ‘I’ consciousness, you have ego. He did not explain all this, he just asked this question, the rest is my interpretation. How many lifetimes people rotate around chakras, auras, kundalini, nadis… when will they shed all this and catch God? In a few sentences he said everything and he escaped. 

We never saw him again. We didn’t have to see him again. Of course, we had a communion on the other plane… but physically that’s it. Another person asked, being annoyed with that question. He said, “Swami, the forest have been all cut, the city is coming into the forest and there is no peace in the world.“ 

“He looked and asked, “Who is cutting the trees? Who is building the cities? You! And you are complaining. Peace comes from you, not outside. If you cannot be peaceful here, you cannot be peaceful either in the city or sitting in the forest.“ Be peaceful here. 

Simple life. He has no voting rights, he does not pay taxes, no bank account, no sim card, website, nothing… But so profound. We do not understand that each title is a baggage, we don’t understand that each time we look into the mirror we re-establish our face on the Earth. 

We are binding ourselves because our own image gets established into our own consciousness and that is expressed further and further. Everything binds us, we are constantly in a web which we created, and every mail has an attachment, and sometimes the attachment is a virus, and your hard drive goes over. Then you have a new computer. 🙂

Q: When someone experiences a kind of clinical death, two months later after recovery I still have headaches, lack of concentration, I do not laugh, I have heavy thoughts. How to get rid of that?

A: One is connect to my eyes. Second thing is, go to your spine more. And continue practising inverted pyramid. In 21 days you will settle down. You have tried to go, but you are not allowed. You were sent beck because we have to meet. Enjoy the rebirth with optimism. Life changes one portion ends, another begins. This is good. Leave the past, don’t carry it with you.


Q: Any books you recommend?

A: I don’t recommend any books. If I recommended a book, that would be Sai Satcharita It is not a book. It is like a powerhouse.

Mohanji quote - You are inside my consciousness

Recorded and transcribed by Biljana Vozarevg

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