Who Created God?

Satsang with Mohanji during 2015 Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage in Nashik, India – Part 1

Satsang with Mohanji

Question from a participant’s child: “Who created God?”
(Mohanji throws back the question to the audience and some answers come up. One of them is, “Consciousness”.)
Mohanji: Individual consciousness only creates forms, and that we have created in plenty. Who actually created God? Isn’t that a good question, and from a 6 year old! When she asked me the question, I said I would explain this in a better environment. Krishna had to explain Life’s greatest philosophy to Arjuna in the battlefield, in order to equip him for the battle that had to be fought for justice. It wasn’t easy. However the purpose was served and Arjuna fought the war.
Answering this question is not easy because the human mind cannot understand it completely. It cannot fathom a self-generating, self-forming, self-maintaining structure of existence. For example, when I say God is pure energy which is invisible to the naked eye but very much visible without the naked eye, is it any easier to understand? It’s just theory, it doesn’t touch you. There was no creation beyond or before God and there will be no creation after God.

What is it that we understand?

We understand things which have a shape, a form, a flavor. How do we know Lord Krishna? We look at the image with a peacock feather and the flute, and identify Lord Krishna. However, Lord Krishna as a person only lived for some 125 years. However, again, there is life before and life after, just as it is for us. All of us have lived different lives and in different times.
Let us understand that God is not a form, not a person, not an individual, not a shape. God is perpetual energy. Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. We can modify energy, we can change energy from one form to another, but we cannot create energy. It already exists. We regulate energy, we make changes to energy for different purposes, and this is what we have done. That’s all. We have neither created nor destroyed, and we cannot create or destroy. Thus, God does not need a father and a mother, because God is not formed. It is only when you have a form, only when you need a form, that you need a creator. When you do not need a form, you are always there. You are there, forever. And what will die? Only that which is created will die. Only matter which has a shape or form will die. Anything that is created has a duration, and will die at some time or other. However, if you are not created and you are not bound by any form, there is no death. It is immortal. Thus God is never created, never destroyed. God means something which runs the show. In our system, what is God? The soul, the energy that runs the body. It maintains the body.
Explaining what ‘runs’ means, is akin to a refrigerator. We plug it into an electrical outlet, energy flows in and it starts working! Conversely, if it is not plugged in, the refrigerator will not work. Similarly, when the energy is inside us, we work, move, do things, walk, talk, laugh, cry. It’s all happening when the energy is inside. The same energy is sitting inside us when we sleep, though we don’t walk, we don’t cry, we don’t talk. The same energy is running through the body. It is always there, either with the body or without it. The same energy is inside all of us. We are all related, it is the same energy, there is no difference. There cannot be any difference amongst us, be it any country, animal or bird. In everything, the same energy is there, just as electricity operates all types of machinery. That energy has been alive for a long time, and nobody knows when it began nor when it will end.
This is the truth and it is not easy to understand. Can we make it simpler in some way? While we can talk to adults, who have some idea, it isn’t easy to talk to children, especially when we have to explain the highest philosophy.
Mohanji to the child: Would you like to ask more questions? Did you understand it?
God is something which doesn’t have a body, does not have a creator. God is energy which creates, which maintains, which dissolves everything, and it has no form. No form. Here there is God, God is everywhere, within us, outside us, and inside everything there is God. Consider this table, if we go deep inside there is an atom, and you will see movement inside, which is produced by God. Everything is God, within everything is God, outside everything is God, and there is nothing which is not God. However, for our understanding, we have created God, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Hanumanji. All these Gods have been created because we need a body for connection. If there wasn’t a body sitting here, and your father said Mohanji is sitting here, would you believe it? We need a body to see Mohanji, right? That is why Mohanji has a body, otherwise there is no need. Thus God is everywhere. God has no shape, no form. God is bright. God is inside us, outside us. God is everywhere. God is not created, nor can God be destroyed. God is always there. So who is the father of God?
The child: Nobody.
Mohanji: Nobody. Hope you now have some idea.
It is not easy to explain a detached existence, just like human existence, I am into everything, but not into anything.
Participant: Can we say that Albert Einstein described God by virtue of his theory of quantum physics?
Mohanji: Everybody has had some spark of understanding. How did the saints understand that there is a certain rhythm and sound inside the sun? It’s not that they visited the sun or used any equipment. However they understood that there is a pattern, and that the energy produces a sound. Hence, I would like to believe that all these people had some sparks, however usually education binds you. Education creates frames, and so we try to see if the truth fits the frame. If it does, then we accept it. Conversely, if the truth does not fit into the frame, we disown the frame. That is why I believe many scientists could not perform well, especially in other countries.
Nikolai Tesla said that a time machine is possible. How can you travel back and forth in time? Very simple, it’s when you do not have matter to talk about. When you have matter, you have friction. When you do not have friction, you can travel easily. So if you bring yourself to the subtlest point, and your friction is very small, you can move within the zones.
Participant: “Is it Sukshma Sharira?”
Mohanji: Not just “Sukshma Sharira”. They reach a level where friction is minimal. The less the friction, the more the velocity, the movement. This is the technique. He almost made it. Then why did he destroy it? He said it was because the world was not ready for such information. If the machines were to be in the hands of dictators, they would go back and forth in time and create untold suffering. Even otherwise, about 119 billion people have died, that we know of, from wars alone. There are those who like to control, who like to have power. If a time machine were in the hands of such people, they would destroy everything, maybe the whole of creation. That’s why he said we are not ready for it. There were various scientists who were masters, and they saw that so many things could be done in the world, however the world was not ready. The world is not ready. We are not ready. We are still in our emotional plane. We worry. Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to the neighbor? I am not winning the lottery, etc. We desire money, power and position. In this context, if we are given anything which is of a higher nature, it will be misused or used for personal purposes.
Apart from Einstein, I like to believe that Robert Oppenheimer was also capable in that way. The formula, E= MC2 created a lot of ideas in peoples’ heads. However again, even in the scientific world the level of operation is quite low. Intellect is a higher plane. Most people are physical. If they have physical gratification, say through eating and sleeping, they are happy. Some are emotional people, and soap operas satisfy them. Then there are the intellectual people. It’s a higher adrenalin, they feel highly superior because through the intellect they are able to analyze and understand, but it’s a trap. This is not being spiritual, it is actually a state where one is stuck in a frame. They are not able to connect to something higher because theories and concepts bind them. They are not able to cross over. Once they cross over, then the whole world is theirs.
There are various scientists from America and other places, who are coming and meeting masters 20,000 feet high. There is proof. They are communicating with Nath Gurus and the Gurus are guiding them, telepathically and otherwise. These saints are not coming down, however they are helping them to create certain things that facilitate life’s movement. It’s all happening.


Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan
Proof-read by Caroline Moscato

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