Wake up, Get up and ACT. NOW!

Dearest Embodiments of Love and Compassion

              I have not addressed you for sometime now. I shall share with you some food for thought today. Hope you will take your time, digest them well and make a difference in the world around you.



The society needs higher awareness.

Yesterday afternoon, I was speaking at the function organised by Stop Acid Attacks – to bring awareness on the tragedy post acid attacks; endured mostly by women.

I spoke about the importance of higher awareness beyond our sundry emotions and differences. Emotions are momentary. They wreak havoc and pass by. The resulting devastations and wounds are difficult to heal. 

Society needs higher awareness. These victims do not need any sympathy from anyone. They just need a helping hand to feel oneness with the society. Nobody is a victim if they choose not to be one. Nobody is below anyone. 

There is none higher or lower in this world. When an act of aggression takes place, and when it creates inconvenience to the society, a laser sharp judiciary system should ensure prompt justice. A corresponding support system should ensure rehabilitation. The rest will be managed by itself.

Consider this my beloveds, we are living in a society of extreme dualities. Many kinds and types of cruelty take place here each moment – against people, animals, birds and environment. We should feel. 

There is no point in feeling and forgetting. It is sheer escapism to be indifferent too.  We should do something about it. We can do this only when we have the strength and ability to do that.

At the time of our death, who will care to consider how many parties and pompous dinners that we attended which massacred hundreds of animals for our sensory pleasures? We are often living a life of utter insensitiveness and abandon. 

We are taking our own life and all that it has offered to us for granted. What are we giving back to the mother Earth? It is time to consider. Especially now, when time has become faster. Time has become more precious. We are racing against time

Can you look at those who suffer? Are you able to see these boys and girls who have suffered because of the emotion of another human being?

Anger is clearly a weakness. Anger hurts oneself and others. And those who are angry must be considered as ill. Treat them with the balm of love. Help them to understand their weaknesses. 

When the momentary rage wanes off, most of them regret, often live in regrets their whole life. Rage should be countered by awareness. Rage happens out of emotions, non-understanding of higher truth and often unfulfilled expectations. 

It is important to bring the society to operate from the level of clean awareness which comes out of intellect and beyond. When rage happens, intellect is shut down. Regrets essentially take place.

I met the parents of the young girl who was raped and killed in New Delhi. She was torn to pieces by 5 drunken men in a running bus. Later, they were arrested, put behind bars and are expecting their final court verdict soon. 

The girl whom the press called Nirbhaya’s parents have not recovered as yet. They were still mourning. Nothing can replace their loss. I told them that I do understand the pain of losing our dear ones. I have experienced it myself and I am with them.

This is a wake up call. Wake up before pain hits you. Wake up before insensitiveness and tamas lure the society like cancer. We should get up and ACT. ACT NOW. 

Never be disconnected, hide inside your comfort zones and believe that everything is all right. A life of inertia always meets up with compelling tragedies, beware.

I sincerely suggest to all those who are in India, to kindly do support various causes that Ammucare has taken up or ACT Foundation has taken up in countries outside India. Of course, you are definitely free to act on any causes which are closer to your place too and if you wish to involve Ammucare in any of those, please connect to its officials. 

We shall make good use of our opportunities to voice our opinions and speak out as best as we can. 

Even if our voice gets drowned in the roars of drunken parties of negative elements of the societies that makes everyone feel that everything is fine, we shall certainly keep trying our very best. Even if we can bring smile on the faces of a few people, we will. We shall not miss any opportunity. This is our elevation too.

When we leave this body, we can smile and leave, with the belief that, the days we spent here, benefited many. We have well-lived our life. We were not selfish or self-centered. We made friends and united kindhearted people over noble causes. 

The days that we spent here, were well worth it. And we have used all our time and energy for making the space around us, a better place for the people, birds and animals. It does not matter how much we could do. It only matters, whether we did our very best at all. Pleasure is in giving. Pleasure is in seeing the smile on many faces. 

Pleasure is in selflessness. Beauty of life gets enhanced when we spread the fragrance of hope and kindness in a thousand more souls around us. We are the world. Only we can make any change within us and outside of us.

I sincerely request you, if you could, do assist our boys and girls of New Delhi who are working 24 hours each day to make the best of the ACT Fusion Concert to be held on Ammucare Day, November 9th (http://pkmohan.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/ammucare-day/)

We are crossing our fingers to receive the good news that Dr.Abdul Kalam, our ex President of India would honor us and attend the ACT Fusion. It would be a great honor, if he would. He would, if his health permits. Please do come and attend. Please support in whichever way you can. 

You have tremendous potential and contacts. Use them for a good cause. Help the helpless. Feed the poor and hungry. It will make you rich inside. True richness is our inner richness which transcends time and space. It will make your life and beyond worthwhile. 

Do not hesitate. This is an opportunity. This is a good chance to elevate your consciousness. ACT is you. YOU are ACT.

I always love you.


Ammucare, blanket distribution, Nov 2013


ACT Fusion. Charity Concert in New Delhi


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