Time is Precious

Dear All,

            It is human nature to be unconcerned about other people’s time. We often take it for granted. We all complain when our time is wasted, yet we do not care about wasting or misusing others’ time for our advantage. 

Many of us display utter selfishness in ignorance, without being aware that the cat of our basic nature is out of the bag! We often forget that the world is watching our display of selfishness. Many of us take it for granted that other people are free and here to serve us.

This message is to trigger an introspection. Are we selfish? Do we really care for others? Do we really care for Mohanji and His time? When we say we want to meet Him, do we really mean it or we are just articulating a probable remote desire for the sake of some special blessing for our selfish advantage? Do we ever care about His time? 

Do we care for him at all? Do we make ourselves eligible for His time? Are we doing anything for Him? Do we live His teachings or spread it to others? Do we help Him in any way to reduce his workload at all? Do we care? Do we understand? Do we come to Him with expectations when He has no expectations from us? 

Please keep this in mind, Mohanji does not need anything from anyone, He only makes himself available out of compassion. If you are lucky to have the real Master available, use His time well. 

He works more than all of us on several levels and always gives much more than He receives, consistently doing seva for all the beings of the world. This is a call to avoid taking anything on the Earth for granted, let alone the Master.

We, the Mohanji team around the world have found time and again how difficult it is to make the best use of Mohanji’s time, to control the visitors and even to optimize Mohanji’s time for the best advantage of everyone. He is increasingly becoming busy day by day. We have sadly seen people taking Him for granted. 

Some people do not turn up for programs and pretend as if they did not know and complain to that effect. Everyone understands pretenders, especially Mohanji. But, He just smiles and allows everyone to reach Him without any discrimination or time barrier and does His best to accommodate everyone as best as He can. 

There are times when He could barely catch some sleep for just about an hour or two and is still available for people without any expectations. He does not even ask for a dollar as dakshina. He does not charge for His time and becomes very happy like a child when people support charity initiatives. His needs are very limited. 

He is always happy with any kind gesture of any disciple. He is honest in his approach and sometimes as He says “a bitter pill cures faster”, and never stops at anything to relieve the people who contact Him to relieve their desires or their maladies. 

Whenever we tell him about the gross thanklessness of people who come to see him, He says, “Why do we care? We should not judge anyone. We must deliver with utmost purity and total dedication with good intention. 

My intention is total fulfillment of karma of those who approach us which releases them from bondage of desires. If they maintain gratitude and help our mission forward, it is well and good. If not, we should still be kind to them.

Remember, When Jesus healed 10 leprosy patients, 9 of them left without even looking back at Him or thanking Him. Only one person just turned and looked back at Him. We are handling the same society, same kind of people through time. People will always remain self-oriented. 

This should not affect our thoughts and actions. We must deliver. Just deliver with absolute purity and dedication. Those who are meant to be with us, will be with us. Others will find some reason to leave us. We should not be affected”.

Mohanji never articulates his inconvenience. In a rare act, here He spells out his thoughts on those who take his time for granted.
BTW Global Team


Mohanji. Time is precious. Don't take the master for granted


Dear Embodiments of Love

         I write this with utmost sincerity and no offence is intended against anyone. I thought it is the right time and a need of the hour to articulate it at least now. I shall explain a situation which will help you stay with the thought behind the story.

        Mr.H. (Due Respects) from Bahrain contacted me a couple of months ago expressing his desire to meet me (as he and his family are coming here for holidays). I agreed because I have no intended journeys to Bahrain at this point in time. 

He contacted me many times in between, stating that he is in various stages of his travels and that he is indeed looking forward to meeting me. I kept telling him not to bother calling so many times and could come whenever he could and I will accommodate the time.

Yesterday, literally 18 calls stating that he is at various locations sightseeing around the city and will drop in to see me at my parental home before he goes to the airport. I said he was welcome. 

Finally, he called me to state that due to excessive sightseeing with his family, he ran out of time and has to rush to the airport and hence cannot meet me. I wished him Bon Voyage and finally concluded this event. ­čÖé This incident and many such incidents are the provocation behind this public mail. I do not intend any offence to Mr H. particularly.

A few points:

A. Why is this urgency to meet me and why can’t you concentrate on sightseeing and other pleasures of life? I never called you to come nor did you pay for your time with me.

B. I never asked you to come and meet me. It was your own suggestion. Then why do you keep declaring your inconvenience? What about my inconvenience?

C. If you are cramming up so many things during a travel, leave appointments such as meeting me alone so that you would be more peaceful and it saves you and me from so many phone calls and your postponements and cancellations.

D. I feel that there is a general notion that all spiritual people or public figures are free and available for all at all times, or they have no work to do.

E. There are many such people for whom spirituality is their pastime or last preference. I have no objection towards that mind-set. But, leave me alone from your selfish pleasures!And please understand that I feel nothing for anyone’s acquired knowledge, both from books and other Gurus which they boast around as their own. 
I only respect the inner transformation which gets reflected in your daily life, such as non-violence, consistency, genuinity, truthfulness, respect, compassion, unconditional love, so on and so forth. So, please do not try to impress me with your theories.

F. Never fake respect. It shows sooner or later. Obviously there is no respect. If meeting me was truly important, you would have made it at any cost, as your first preference. 

G. And what really fascinated me was the final question, “Even if I cannot meet you, will you still bless me? Hope you will not curse me!!!!”

My friend – Why should I curse you? I have nothing to do with you. You have obviously something to do with me! I never invited you. You invited yourself to meet me. Now, how do you think that I will curse you? For what? What will I get by cursing you? I only feel pity  for your thinking so.

Mohanji blessingNo true guru or God curses anyone. Your own actions and thoughts become curses to you. Understand this clearly. I only bless all. It does not matter if you come and see me or not. I bless you the way you are, without expectations. 

And I need nothing from you. At least do not cheat your own mind. Do not fake devotion. If you decide not to fake devotion, it will help your spiritual journey. All these days, it was your guilt and fear speaking. 

That was making you call me so many times – asking you to meet me. It was definitely not your faith. Devotion never works without faith. Devotion without faith is like a body without soul. Be Aware.

People do not progress in spirituality because they fake it. I get many such calls and mails. “Oh, Mohanji, I want to come and meet you,” as if it is their last wish. But, they never move a finger to make it happen. 

Then they pretend as if they are pretty close to my consciousness. Stop Faking! Stop Pretending! That itself will help your spiritual evolution. I understand your faking clearly, but  I usually ignore it as it is none of my business. You only get what you deserve. Do not think that I do not understand.

This is the third time in one week such a thing has happened; seeking appointment, changing it numerous times and then not turning up. This is not only about me, when you want to meet anyone for any reason, keep your word or do not do it! Everyone’s time is valuable as is yours. Be aware. Do not think all people are jobless.

Hope you understand this and will comply.
Love You Always



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  1. I totally understand your feelings and intention. I will make sure that I do not ever do this to anyone, leave alone someone who is so selflessly in his approach towards me.

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