Thus Spake the Rishis…

Thus Spake the Rishis


Remember the pieces of advice of our rich tradition. Guidelines for successful living…



►Even if it is for fun, do not gamble. That will become your obsession and binding.
Even if it is for fun, do not develop vices. They will eventually disable you.


►Do not go to bed without cleaning your feet. (Feet has links to every organs of the body. Dirt prevents energy flow, rejuvenation.)


►Avoid dependency as much as you can. Avoid activities that require assistance from others. Dependency essentially breeds expectations, leading further to sorrow, pain and binding.

►Tradition says that a guru can scold or punish own children and disciples – even beat them to correct them and lead them in the right path. He should not punish anybody else.

►Those who earn wealth or possessions by lying or stealing, and those who live in the path of “adharma”, as well as those who harm anybody will never be peaceful in existence.


►The ill effects of “adharma” (bad thoughts, words and actions or selfish existence) may not be immediate. But, eventually, it will decay the whole family just like cancer would destroy an able body. It will bring down their children and grand children and generations.


►Those who perform “adharma” such as stealing others’ wealth, hurting or torturing others etc, may see immediate gains such as wealth, grains or prosperity, but, eventually, everything will decay and perish and the entire family will suffer the ill effects of one’s selfishness and greed.


►When you have acquired legitimate wealth, do not be guilty about it. Enjoy it and share it with others,which will increase your enjoyment. When you have been given wealth, do not wear torn or dirty clothes. Respect and honor wealth. Use it well and share a portion of it with others, too.


►Do not eat emotionally. Eat intelligently. This is the secret of good health.


►Do not stop any creature who is drinking water and eating food. Wait till it is completed. It is bad karma to stop an animal from drinking water and a calf from drinking its mother’s milk.


►Early morning and late night are not good for eating food. Dawn and dusk are the same. You can eat and drink any other time.


►The one who leads a pious life, who does not hurt anyone through thoughts, words or action enjoys a peaceful life. Himself and his further generations enjoy unlimited grace.


►Those who do not consume animal flesh attain the grace of 100 fire ceremonies of the highest order.


►Do not take bath after food or after 10PM.


►Those who scandalize one’s own guru has no place in any lokas (worlds). No gurus will accept them. They will take birth in the lowliest of wombs, such as a caterpillar or centipede and it takes ages and many life times to attain another human form.


►Never consider oneself unlucky or talk so to others even if you are suffering from maleffects of your worst karmas. Surrender and acceptance of every situation lead one from bad karma to ultimate liberation from everything.


►Plucking own hair due to frustration or beating own head is completely inauspicious.


►Having equanimity leads to good health. Overeating, oversleeping and over emotion lead one to illness.


►Never ridicule, despise or condemn the old, the ugly, the sick, the poor, the handicapped, a prostitute, the illiterate, other castes or religions, animals or birds. Respect every creation. Respect every expression of life. Those who ridicule others are only expressing their inherent ignorance.

►Never use or utilize the property, vehicle, utensils, chair, bed, slippers, house or food of another without their permission. Scriptures say that a part of the sin (bad karma) of the owner of these comes to the user, if used without permission.


►Those who can calm the angry, and help the helpless spontaneously are loved by all Gods. Grace flows to them constantly.


►If a truth leads to sorrow, better to avoid telling that truth.


►Avoid eating food with plate on the lap.


►A guru who is one with the eternal truth may/need not follow any terrestrial norms. A disciple who is aspiring for the stature of his guru must follow all the norms until he attains the stature.


►Anything in excess is bad; including excess in sleep or no sleep, food, play, exercise, sitting, standing, lying down, etc. Everything in the right element maintains good health.


►Food should be respected. Avoid talking while eating. Concentrate on food.


►Do not make sound while eating food or drinking water.


►The food kept for others should not be consumed. What is kept for others should go to the designated.


►Do not ridicule those who beg. We should provide within our capacity to anyone who comes to us as a beggar. Perhaps those who come to us as beggars would be entities who could save us from all kinds of ignorance and hellish lives. 

►Fighting, hatred and enmity should be avoided at all costs. Respecting and honoring the old, the sick, the guest, and worshiping the ancestors, family deities and the invited guests ensures prosperity through generations.


Love to all


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  1. geetha sreenivas

    So beautifully told by guruji. Thank you so much On Aug 27, 2013 1:38 PM, “qawithmohanji” wrote:

    > ** > mohansuniverse posted: ” Thus Spoke the Rishis Remember the pieces of > advice of our rich tradition. Gudelines for successful living… ►Even if > it is for fun, do not gamble. That will become your obsession and binding. > Even if it is for “

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