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My Beloveds,

               It has been sometimes since we spoke last. This mail is in reply to a gentleman’s question after my recent visit to Dubai. The question is related to tamas, residue of past actions and binding. In fact, they all are in a way interconnected.





                 Tamas or inertia is like the seasons. The seasons express themselves explicitly in time. Just like we name them as summer, winter, rainy season etc, our states or flavours are called Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. These are our operating levels.  

                 A person operating on the tamasic plane will express inertia, lethargy etc. and will tend to blame others for his predicament. He will often blame the situation for his inaction. He suffers due to delays and lack of conviction in action. 

A rajasic person may perform an action quickly and is definitely superior to the lethargic individual in state, but his action could also be based on emotion or ego. 

A sattvic person usually performs from intellect and will stay beyond all excesses. His operating level will be increasingly based on purity. A person based in the state beyond the waking, dream and deep sleep, the fourth state or turya state, will operate on the plane of perpetual silence which is beyond compulsive thoughts, words and action. 

In other words, his operating level will be that of dharma or pure duty which is beyond selfishness and expectation.

               Every person has a variety of expressions. One fundamentally expresses his inherent constitution at all times. This could be tamasic, rajasic or sattvic. Each thought, word and action – if it is combined with emotion, will leave a residue within your system. 

We are entering and storing such data into our subconscious or our personal hard-drive at every moment of our waking state. Sometimes we store data consciously, but often unconsciously. 

The deeper or grosser the residue, the deeper will be its impression in his character. This could also be an external impression such as a feature film that influenced him, or a tragedy that he watched on television, or even a strong opinion about a person or an incident elsewhere, can stay as a silent residue within. 

Likewise, if traumas of any kind have happened and their residue stays hidden in the folds of his character, blockages in energy flow happen because of them. Clutter of residue leads to blockages. The blockages will produce mental and physical inconveniences, phobias, fears and sickness.

                 So, as much as we accumulate residue, that much we should clean ourselves too. Like I said earlier, forgiving and repenting does help. This is the basis of our Power of Purity meditation. Unhooking from the past events is very important. 

A bad experience of the past could sting us time and again. It should be replaced with higher awareness and higher purpose of life. Otherwise, the same event will come back again and again in life.





                Residue of past lives is existing in every being. That is the basis of our unique constitution. This is more or less unchangeable unless a conscious effort is taken to understand oneself and shed it from the root. Fears created out of this residue can produce such realities in life, which re-confirm the inherent fears. 

It will bring situations and reasons to enjoy the state of fear. Love is the same. Hatred and enmity brings forth such realities. Sometimes people become possessive and cruel too, because of their inherent insecurities. These are the external expressions or in other words, gross manifestation of the inherent residue.

                 When residue leaves, lightness happens, clarity and flexibility happen, and finally, enlightenment happens. Those who lead a confused existence accumulate residue much more than the ones who have clarity in action. Those who are emotional by nature also accumulate much residue.

Those who crave for sympathy or applause, those who constantly blame the situation or other people for their seeming failures in carrying out responsibilities, those who constantly blame injustice in society without doing anything about it – all are filling themselves up with deep residue at each moment.

                 Where does the residue stay? Mostly in the lower region of our body – the lower part of the ‘shivling’. Shivling means our body minus the legs, hands, neck and head. When energy moves through the body, vertically and horizontally, in alternate waves, the residue of thoughts, words and actions combined with emotions is dropped to the bottom. 

It gets accumulated or stuck at various locations of our system, of which the tangible gross is our body and intangible are the subtle meridians. It accumulates mostly around the Root and the Swadhishtana chakras and they in turn get clogged over a period of time.

                  The clogging at the lower part of our system stays if conscious unhooking does not take place. Forgiveness, repentance, feeding the poor, sharing wealth with the needy and under-privileged, spontaneous acts of kindness, and every aspect of truth and compassion reduce the residue. 

This is why such acts of kindness are highly recommended in most paths of the world. Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga are powerful tools that reduce the residue.






                    What happens when residue leaves through sadhana or by the grace of the Master? Usually, all the hidden fears, anxieties and traumas will surface first. Sleeplessness, confusion and many such emotions can surface. Only a person strong enough to handle unknown fears and hidden traumas, can actually make use of sadhana or practice. 

Some tend to suppress the residue back into themselves out of overwhelming fear and confusion. Some prefer to change the guru!  ­čÖé It takes an expert guide to take you through this time. This is quite a vulnerable time and the practitioner should be extremely objective, patient and kind.

When we embrace silence through practicing witness-hood, the same happens. The first that come out from us are negative emotions such as fears and anxieties. We have to allow them to surface and go. We must sincerely let go. Many cannot. 

Some even cannot release their own illnesses. They hold on to everything and the whole exercise becomes futile. In some paths, there are practices such as talking nonsense to themselves, or shouting at the wall for minutes. This is to expel the hidden residue. 

But understand that Nature also has the same power to hold 

There are scientific proofs that if you scold or show anger to water, it forms a different pattern within, than when you speak words of love to it. Nature holds residue of events. 

This is why accidents happen almost at the same place always. Accident-prone areas or death-prone areas tell this story. Just like we always attract similar realities. We are indeed a part of nature, or nature is integrated into us.

               Watch yourself, watch through emotions, use intellect more, try to bring up all the lower emotions through breath to the higher parts of the body. Remember yourself as a Shivling. 

Breathe from the back to the front and breathe from the front to the back, alternately, in a gap of five minutes. This could bring forth the hidden residue from lower to higher and release it from the system.

                I could go on and on. But the fundamental truth of accumulation and release always remains. What you earn should be spent. What stagnates, decays. And residue slows us down and prevents us from being fluid in life. It makes us stiff. 

The earth and water elements of our system such as Root and Swadhishtana suffer the most. Instability happens if earth is not stable. Contamination happens if water is unstable or stagnant. Do not worry too much about the fire, which is the stomach center. 

If the lower ones are contaminated, ‘black smoke’ of unburnt residue would contaminate the air and space, the higher chakras, and obscure the heavens which are Ajna and Sahasrara.

                 You are the world. You are the universe. So, a conscious practice in cleansing yourself is the most important thing in everyday spiritual practice. Likewise, if the guide is not confident, do not experiment. 

Leave kundalini alone. Instead, concentrate on the removal of residue. This is important. Make a conscious choice. Understand yourself and the reasons for your actions. Are you after spiritual elevation, or after sensation? Any practice can give you some sensation. Only shedding or emptying will give you spiritual elevation. 

Unlimitedness means freedom. This is the aim of true spirituality. Rituals of unconscious nature or running after sensations cannot deliver that.





Do Gurus take on the residues of their disciples? It depends on the receptivity and surrender of the disciple. Yes. Some do. Not all do. Many do not even allow people to touch their feet because of this reason.  

True Gurus often take much blockage onto themselves. They relieve the devotee from pain by taking it on to their own bodies. Some even shed their body due to this. Remember, Shirdi Baba shed his body in lieu of the son of Baija Maa. 

A true guru always protects, ignoring himself, and unconditionally. Jesus only asked for faith from the people who needed his help. Babaji exists in multiple realms as a personification of unconditionality.

Hope the point is very clear. Bless you  with wisdom


Love you


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  1. Many Thanks again for these words of wisdom Mohanji. These insights and knowledge are born of your own personal experience. I just pray that the rest of us have the wisdom to put these into *action*.

    My sincere blessings and regards.

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