The Concept of Shiva

Satsang with Mohanji in Novi Sad, Serbia, 17th May, 2015

Blessing a child - topic about The Concept of Shiva

Blessing a child

Q: I would like to ask you about spiritual maturity and the importance of staying present within ourselves and realising how important it is to obtain spiritual fidelity.
A: How many of you have heard of Shiva? I’ll explain the concept of Shiva.


In the Indian tradition, time is split into four parts and these four eras (yugs) are put together as one group. And the group repeats itself in time.
The first era of the group is the Golden age, 1.7 billion years. At that time there is no confusion, all people are great masters. There is neither a disciple nor a master. 

Everybody is in the aspect of God all the time. So they have all the powers that you can have as a master of yourself, mind is absent, the duration is as you like, when you want to take a birth or leave it’s up to you. Complete flexibility, complete freedom. 

It is the time when you are not worried about past, present or the future, you are always in perpetual consciousness. And the operating platform is unconditional love. 

There is no expectation, just love for the sake of love. In this one era, as one point of the whole structure, there is very low population. And there will be perfect harmony. There is no evil at all. This is one aspect. So we are going there now.

The second era is Treta yug, 1.4 million years. It is the time when Lord Rama, Hanumanji, all those people lived. This is the time when duality appeared. Good and evil were in different locations. A lot of powers were achieved, the life span was 10,000 years (our life span is 100 years, theirs was 10,000). 

Each person had the potential to connect to God directly, or had that state, but they also had the potential to be in the negative. The negative means greed i.e. “I want to possess everything. I want to own.“ The other side was,“Everything is mine, I don’t want anything.“ That was the level of difference.

The third era is Dwapara yug, 800,000 years. It is the time of Lord Krishna. There you could see good and evil in the same family.
The fourth is Kali yug, 400,000 years. It is our time. Good and evil are in the same person. The evil is inertia, passivity, not caring, not doing enough for other people, selfishness, this is what everybody carries.

So in the first era i.e. Golden age, all people were in the consciousness of Shiva. They knew everything. They were completely settled. There was no evil, there was no negativity, they were all revelling in the consciousness of Shiva. Shiva is not a man, it’s consciousness.

Then in the next era, many saints were meditating and they did not know the complete picture. What it is like to be in the consciousness of Shiva. In this era, there is a student and the master. Earlier, there was neither a student, nor a master. 

All were masters. When a student and a master happened, the student had to achieve the state of the master or the state of Shiva. So they were meditating, they were connecting, they were doing various things, but they were not getting the final.


At that time, in the Himalayas, appeared one man who was completely naked, with matted hair, who held a spear in his hand and was dancing away. He was not sitting and meditating, but just singing and dancing. Many people said he was mad. He was not doing anything. But a few people realised he could be powerful. Some people approached him to see who he was. He drove them away,“Go away, don’t come near me!“ Many people ran away because they didn’t want to be with a mad man. But a few people decided,“ How can this man be happy like this?“ Because we are all only happy conditionally. We cannot be perpetually happy. 

So somebody who was perpetually happy meant there was something in him. And one thing was that he never stayed in the one place. While most people are happy in one place with some people, some situation or time, this man was not worried about place, people, situations or time. 

He was completely free. This total freedom was very difficult to understand. They still followed him wherever he went. He would sometimes say,“Come on, sit down. Connect to your spine,“ then he would go away. He was not there to teach them all the time. Then it went on for some time, but these people who followed started becoming powerful. 

They started transcending because they started imitating him (looked up to him as a model example). How did they achieve the awareness? Just because their mind was focused on him. They were thinking about him, they were following him. It didn’t matter what happened outside. Their mind was completely occupied with that power, so it started going through them.

See, all of you are sitting here looking at me. But the minds of some of you are elsewhere. So are you with me or are you elsewhere? (Laughter) On the other hand, some people are in other countries, but their mind is still with me. So are they with me or are they elsewhere? This was the equation. 

The mind of these people who followed him was totally occupied with him, so they also started having the same experiences e.g. they were not attached to a space, a person, a time. They became free eternally. They started calling him Shiva. It means liberation. 

They started calling him Shiva, Shiva is liberation, so they started feeling liberated by connecting to that. What did this person actually deliver to the world? 

The biggest gift any guru can give to any disciple – freedom. This is the biggest gift any master can give to any disciple and that is freedom even from himself i.e. freedom from people, freedom from time, freedom from space, freedom from every concept. This is freedom.

So this master became Shiva in the minds of people, and that is the picture that we see as Shiva, Kailas and other things. Can anybody fall in love with that man? Who is not in one place, who is not wearing any garments, who is not presentable in that way, and completely unpredictable, like the wind. But it happened. (Laughter) Why? 

Because it was too difficult for people to understand him, unless a person is of that nature, level of evolution can connect to only that person who is the embodiment of freedom. Otherwise we talk about freedom, but we do not know what freedom is. But a person who is actually operating only in freedom is not easy to understand. 

So there has to be somebody in the middle. Many of the saints approached or meditated on the god of love to make this man’s heart melt. Environment has a lot of value. For example, if you are in the middle of the desert, you do not feel love for anything. There is a hot sun, we would probably think of water. 

On the contrary if it is a beautiful garden, fragrance, so many things are favourable, then love blossoms in you. So they created that kind of atmosphere around the place where he was meditating. This person had no mind outside of him. Everything was inside. He was not aware of anything that happened outside. 

He was not even aware of his body, nor was he interested to know what was going on around. In that state, the compelling call from outside by the fragrance, music, sound, brought him out. He didn’t have to open his eyes to see what was going on outside. He could see everything from his third eye. Whatever was around became ash. 

Because it was too powerful. It was like a burning fire inside. When third eye was open, the whole fire came out and destroyed everything like an atomic bomb. Including the god of love. Finished. (Laughter) What happened then? It was a worse situation than before. 

The saints wanted this person to deliver knowledge to the people in the world but eventually what happened? Even the god of love was destroyed. They concluded one could not play with him. How do you get at somebody? Everybody has some weakness, right? They decided to find the weakness of this person. 

But he did not seem to have any weakness. This was the problem. “Some people have many weaknesses, some people seem to have no weaknesses. There should be something.“ So they tried to understand what his weakness was. Then they found out: his weakness was devotion. If somebody became too devoted to him, the bhakti, devotion melted him. He became helpless.

One woman decided to do that. She sat on the Dolma Pass, and meditated on Shiva, for centuries on. Shiva ignored her because it could have been infatuation. Somebody said,“Ok, he is a great master,“ and she may have thought,“Ok, let me try him.“ Shiva wanted to be very sure that this woman was clear in what she wanted. 

What does a person usually get attracted to? Good looks, good money, good materials, nice life. These are the things people usually get attracted to. Shiva had nothing. First of all he was naked, and had a snake around him, a poisonous snake. He had ash on his body. 

The ash has two meanings: one is complete renunciation i.e. you are actually renunciating everything. The other meaning is when everything burns down it becomes ash. Another aspect of ash is no insect will bite you 🙂 And he didn’t take bath very often (laughter) so naturally, he didn’t brush his teeth either, so how could somebody fall in love with him? Shiva tested her. 

He came in disguise to her as a saint. He asked a question,“Why are you meditating on him? I know him quite well, I have seen him many times. He does not even have a nice smell around him. He has neither money nor house. He has nothing which is probably attractive to any woman as beautiful as you are.

 “ But she became very angry,“If one more time you talk badly about my object of worship, I’ll become violent. Get out of this place!“ Then Shiva appeared and said,“What can I do for you?“ She said,“I want you.“ He melted, right? It was not possible to create an environment around him and trap him. 

But with pure devotion and 100% conviction, he melted. Job done. (Laughter) He agreed to marry, and she said,“One condition. We should have a proper marriage. When you come for marriage, you should be really handsome.“ He agreed. He came for the wedding, but he had a large army with him. 

Normally Shiva has a huge army and they are not very good looking. His vehicle is a bull. Of course Shiva came looking handsome and everybody was dazzled by his beauty. But the people behind him were very scary (laughter). There were all sorts of people. 

That was his team, his army. They got married and his vehicle, the bull, was not actually a bull, but he chose the form of a bull so that nobody would fall in love with him. He did not want any deviation in his worship of Shiva. This is why. He said that nothing ever should distract him. He and Shiva. This connection should never be distracted. 

That is why he chose the form of a bull. The plan of the saints worked. The marriage happened. From then onwards, all the knowledge, most of the knowledge which is guiding people today is conversation between Shiva and his wife.

If you understand this story well, you see how the tradition began. The tradition began from complete pathlessness. There is no path you can latch onto. What happens then? You’ll be totally liberated. 100% freedom. 

Then Shiva gave various methods to reach that 100% freedom. There are various stories, Shiva sutras, Ishvara yoga, even Kashmir sutras, Guru Gita … all these things are Shiva talking to his wife and this is all coming to the world. 

I gave the whole picture. If you know how this derived, you will understand it better. If you understood the whole message, what is the core of the whole teaching?

Mohanji quote - Be yourself

Be natural. Be you. This is what Shiva tells people. Be yourself. Don’t try to be somebody else. Then you’ll have to put on a mask. You are not other people. You are not another person. If you choose to be yourself, you are very powerful. 

I guarantee you 90% of the time you will say,“I am not natural.“ Otherwise you will fake it. This is number one. Number two, do you accept yourself? 90% of the time we don’t accept ourselves. Third is, do we resist the situation around us? 90% of the time we resist everything around us including our clothes. We just adjust to the things. 

This is creating conflict. Where is this conflict sitting? Why is this happening? Why? Mind is the answer. We decide we should be like this. We decide this is how it should be. We ignore what we are when we start thinking like that. Because we take the external information or stimuli and say,“I want to be like that“ or “I want to be there,“ then it’s a conflict. It’s a struggle between what you are and what you want to be.

Another thing is nature is natural. Nature is spontaneous. When you are spontaneous, you are one with nature. We are growing older each day. We are not growing younger. It is nature. 

We do not have a choice. If you understand yourself, you understand the whole of creation. This is what Shiva represented. The whole consciousness represented inside. You are the whole consciousness.
Do you want more stories? Story time 🙂



There was Sri Rama (Lord Rama), his team and the team of all the monkeys. Rama fought his war to reclaim his wife, Sita from Ravana’s custody. The war was won, Rama and the family united, they were returning by flight. At that time there was technology to fly. They were returning over the sea, over the ocean, to the home town. Ram, Sita, Hanumanji, Lakshman, were all on the flight. 

Sita was playing with her ring, and it slipped off and fell into the sea. Hanumanji, being a very loyal servant, jumped into the sea to retrieve the ring. He went all the way down, however he found many rings there. So he didn’t know which was her ring. Today, if it happened, somebody would have taken all the rings. 

Because it is a good idea, you can sell the rest (laughter). However Hanumanji was a very dharmic, honest person so he came back to the flight and said,“I couldn’t find your ring. I found several rings, but I didn’t know which is yours.“ Rama said,“In her ring, Rama is written.“ Hanumanji went down again and checked. 

All the rings had Rama written on them. (Laughter). He was confused again. He went back and Rama said,“See, we have repeated this drama in every era. In every era there was a Rama, there was a Hanuman and there was this incident. Don’t think that you are here in this life. We have done this job many times.“

So each time when the Golden age happens, there is degeneracy. Frequency changes to Treta, then again it goes down to Krishna’s time, then sinks very low in our time, which is greed and power and torture and all such traits. Then again you go back to the Golden age. 

We repeat the process again. Like that this is the seventh time we are going through the same process. Most of the angels, gods, demi-gods, all these including people, get transformed. They change in each era. A set of angels who operate in this time, will be completely gone and another set will be happening. 

Likewise we are reincarnating. And what I talk about today, I probably talked about seven times before as well. To the same audience 🙂 (Laughter) And we still didn’t understand each other.

Q: What will happen after that?
A: There is a shift of root. Not all the people can move into the next era. What we operate in today is the fourth root, the emotional root. 

During the shift happening from the emotional to the intellectual root, one third of the beings will be destroyed and removed from the Earth because they cannot change their frequency. Those who can evolve to that frequency which is compatible to that time, can move. The rest will finish.

There are two eligibility factors which you can use as a yardstick. One is inner emptiness. You are just like water. You are empty inside where you are not worried about the image, ego, identifications, you are just feeling natural in the world. Such people are easy to shift into a different frequency. 

However if you are rigid within one frequency, then what happens is the most rigid of trees is the readiest for axe. The other factor is flexibility. If you are extremely flexible you may easily slip into the next level of vibration, from the fifth to the sixth which is the spiritual shift, that takes you to the Golden age.

So you can see from the fourth root, now we have seven billion people, seven billion beings, one third will go. One third will be systematically removed. Look at the natural calamities happening now. Unprecedented. So many people are dying. What you see in Nepal now, the number of dead they announced is about 10% of what actually occurred. 

Because they themselves could not go to the interior villages so how many survived, nobody knows. This is one. Then from the intellectual to the spiritual root, again one third will go. The rest are going to move to the spiritual root. Spiritual root is almost in tally with the Golden age. This is the filtering.
There are people like me, in the body and out of the body too, who are helping people to evolve. 

You don’t need to be in the body to help. You can guide telepathically. You can guide through energy. For example a lot of people who connect to me energy-wise get the message. Actually you don’t need to talk. Vibration is matching. 

Like when you tune your TV to a particular frequency, you get a set of channels so any master can talk to you. Any master can guide you. It doesn’t matter. Initially you will think about whether it is Mohanji talking or somebody else talking. Later you will say,“It doesn’t matter. 

Is the talk worthwhile? Is the message good for me?“ What blocks us many times is that we expect to receive a message from this particular person in a physical form. Then we stop all other messages. Flexibility is very important for evolution. Even if the message is from a small child, it should be accepted and then we flow. 

At the end of the day you will not be bound by any concept. We do not have people today. We have only concepts with faces. When we talk about too many dos and don’ts, this is ok, this is not ok, our education, our religion, our society give us a lot of these. Ok, I believe that violence is not ok. Because it hurts somebody. This is not ok. 

But apart from that, what is ok, and what is not ok? When we have many dos and don’ts, what are we destroying? Our naturality. And look at our morality. I was watching a programme. A couple of years ago in France the government called a lot of people to discuss about how to revive the economy. There were ministers of the country, plus businessmen. 

The minister of defence stood up and said to the president or whoever,“You are insulting me. I am sitting next to a porn film maker. I am ashamed to sit next to him.“ That guy stood up and said,“I only teach people how to make love. What are you doing? All the people whom you support and who support you are war machine makers. 

They kill people. They destroy humanity. And what are you sponsoring? You’re sponsoring wars. What morality are you talking about? Because of my films nobody killed anybody.“ This is one side.

Now look at our world today. The medicines, vaccines, those kind of things are destroying the future generations. But we would rather see a programme about whom Tom Cruise slept with or who is sleeping with Brad Pitt than these incidents. Real things where future generations are being destroyed. But we are not worried about that. 

We spend a lot of money and buy a book or periodical to see who the superstars are sleeping with. I come from a country where we have a natural medical system called Ayurveda. My mother has always been traditionally Ayurvedic. My mother’s grandfather used to be the chief physician of the royal family of Mysore. 

I was speaking to one of my mother’s uncles. He is no more. I asked him about the importance of Ayurveda. He said,“We never considered human beings as the only worthwhile entities.“ We always gave the same importance to a tree, or a bird or an animal or a human being. We never exploited nature. We made people in tune with nature. 

Those days when you went to a physician, they would check your horoscope. They would look at the horoscope first to see what the stars said, then they connected it to Ayurveda. So everything was integrated at one time. Why do we have to inject an animal and destroy the life of an animal to make medicine?

 There was a high level of potential medicines right from nature to cure everything, even strengthen immunity. Indifference is not a solution for today’s morality, the system. Be aware. We need to be aware. How much you can do about it, you do not know, but you can work within your capacity. Being aware is important and being available is important.

Q: As for these seven cycles which repeat themselves over time, if we have already done this seven times before, is there any progress through any of these cycles? Is there at least a slight difference? Or why does it happen if it is completely the same seven times over?

A: Exactly. What is the point? I am asking you. Awareness is the point. And roleplay is the point.

If you understand that even our life today is repetitive. The same thing is happening. Even our emotions are happening in the same cycle. The same thing happens in a larger picture too. Life is happening in the same cycle. I told the story so that you understand. 

On the small level of all our emotions, we attract the same kind of people into our life. We attract the same situations, we attract so many things which are repetitive. One life time also happens that way. I told the story to make this point. 

What is the point of this drama then? To understand that this is drama. Until you know this is drama, there is no solution. Once we know this is a joke, we start laughing. 

Otherwise there is, like we said, tension for examination. When we know it’s a joke, we will be laughing,“What a joke I am living!“ (Laughter) A small spark is enough to catch fire. Small level of awareness, hit at the right spot, becomes full awakening.

Mohanji quote - Your state is absolute silence

Q: I have a question through the expression of an experience. One day when I saw the message that we would have satsang with you, I fell asleep in that good happy vibration and I had a vivid dream. 

We are with Mohanji and suddenly he enters the room accompanied by a young swami. The whole room became bright with their appearance. I stood up and touched the young swami’s feet. I felt the need to surrender completely.As I was getting up, I felt his hand on my back. 

He decisively kept me in that position for such a long time when I started repeating to myself ’heidakan Babaji’. I felt there was some purpose in it. After that there were a few detonations in my heart chakra. When I woke up, that awareness was with me and I knew that he did something. I also have much less problems with my heart.

A: Physical presence is not necessary at all. The point is that in the astral plane connection with consciousness is important. It also doesn’t matter which form helps you. The matter is that help happened. This is more important. Like it has recently happened to an actress from Bollywood. She was filming on an island of the Pacific. 

She was having a problem because she could not do the shooting continuously, she was crying to Baba. Saying, ’Please help!’ I replied. She sent me a message,“I never prayed to you, why did you reply?“ I said,“Is the reply right?“ She said,“Very much right.“ That’s it.

Q: In quantum physics the concept of time doesn’t exist. Could you comment on that?
A: Yes. It’s absolutely true. Concept of time exists only when there is material. Time is related to space. There is no space where I am not. When there is no space, there is no time. Space created time. Time is created for experience. When there is no experience, there is no time.

Q: So you agree with that?
A: Yes, absolutely. It doesn’t matter whether I agree or not. A Fact is a fact. Agreement has a root in ego, right? I love to confuse you 🙂

Q: In common life situations, when I have an exam, I study for a long time and when the exam comes, I have a big jittery feeling and can’t concentrate, I feel afraid and know mentally that there is no reason for this but it is stronger than me. What do we do in such situations, and how do we tackle such emotions and stress?

A: Mind is a very good servant but a very bad master. The shift has to happen to the intellect. Mind is the gross aspect, which is a seat of emotions. Intellect is the subtle aspect. The moment you shift to the intellect, it’s a completely different boardgame. It’s not getting excited about it, or anxious about it. 

It’s important to sit back, connect to your spine, more and more withdrawn inside rather than the frontal lobe. Usually when you are in the frontal lobe, you are anxious. The more connected to the spine you are, the less anxious you are. That is why we have a 360-degree meditation.

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