The Blood Moon Eclipse

We would like to share a guidance from Shri Mohanji regarding the The Blood Moon Eclipse today.


The scheduled time of eclipse in India is mentioned as 2.31PM to 8.29PM
Total eclipse time is 6 hours.

The maximum visibility time in India would be 6.40PM

Food deteriorates faster and the atmosphere contains toxins during eclipses. Hence, it is recommended not to eat or drink during the time of eclipse. It is preferred to avoid food between one hour before eclipse to one hour after.
Our body is food sheath. Food sheath absorbs toxins and hence is recommended to stay indoors.

Chanting or havans are the best things to do during this time because it strengthens our aura. Kul Devta (Family Deity), Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Hanumanji, Mata, Moon for lunar eclipse and Sun for Solar eclipses are worshiped as per the inclination of the devotee.

Some people perform Navagrah poojas, too.
Why we refrain from consuming food during eclipse is because the deterioration level is almost 18 times more than the regular level of deterioration of food. Cooked food usually have less praana. 

During eclipse, whatever exists in the cooked food quickly deteriorates and becomes “posion”.

Shri Mohanji says, “Our body is sustained by food and water. Annamaya Kosha or food sheath is supported by food and water. Hence, contaminated food contaminates our anna maya Kosha.

Food sheath is also connected to mano maya kosha. One contaminates the other. Also, the Moon works on mind and emotions. Hence chanting works well on mind sheath.

It is always recommended to take a bath after eclipse 

These all are generic answers to the questions that we all need to know and will benefit us all.

Question: During the time of eclipse, why are temples closed? How can God get contaminated?
Answer: The atmosphere gets contaminated during eclipse. That is why people do not eat or drink during eclipse. Praan pratishta (the idol which is physically energised for the sake of worship) is being protected. 

God can never get contaminated. God is pure energy and brilliance. Objects representing God can get contaminated because they are only representatives of the supreme unmanifested God

They are not God. Matter that can be perceived with our senses can get contaminated. God cannot be perceived with our senses. It has to be experienced beyond our limited operating tools.

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