The Art of Handling Crises

Crisis is part of life. Handling crisis with a peaceful mind, without losing focus on the internal freedom and peace is the art of spirituality. Situations of life tells us where we stand based on our capacity and how we handle it.


Confrontational – This is handling a situation in a confrontational way. The facets of this are anger, anxiety, revenge, prolonged enmity, gossips and fights.


Understand, discuss, patience, look at it from all angles, bring conflicting people into clarity of situations, improve situations, love, refusing to be dragged into politics, always staying neutral and dharmic, non-confrontational, no-ego.


Signs of Ego

Outbursts, fears, revengeful, anger, accusing others for our predicament – so on and so forth

Lack of Ego

Witnesshood, gentle guidance, nurturing the conflicting individuals back to clarity, no-abuse, no blame game, peaceful, kind, loving.

These are in perspective yardsticks of handling situation.

Tradition says 

A. If there is smoke, there is fire. Quench the fire and the smoke will go.

B. It takes two to tango. If one is peaceful, the other cannot be aggressive for long.

C. Seed of every disappointment is unfulfilled expectation. Understand the expectation clearly.

D. Sign of a spiritual mind is calmness in handling matters. No fear

E. Fear and Desire prevent liberation

F. There are no bad people. There are only different frequencies. Never give up on people. Frequencies can be changed with unconditional love, if they are willing. At least we could give an honest try.

G. Nobody is higher or lower. Everybody needs time to catch up. Allow time. Have patience.

H. If you miss the spiritual bus because of terrestrial conflicts and ego, you may have to wait for long for the next one. It is not worth missing the spiritual bus.

I. If someone is angry with us, we may have become the reason for it perhaps unconsciously.

J. Be aware, all that happens to you, are your own creation. Ego will not accept it. But, this is the truth.

K. Spirituality is harmony inside. That should show outside too. Internal and external harmony is the sign of a true spiritual being.



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