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Q&A in Novi Sad, Serbia

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Q: If one wants to achieve a goal, and encounters a lot of obstacles or even one obstacle which is tough and seems too difficult to overcome, should we consider it as a sign that we should turn to other direction or should one persist and endure, slowly waiting to achieve that goal?

A: Whatever the speed is, the speed is not the point. Your moving is the important thing. Are you moving ahead or are you stagnating? So speeding is not important, but keeping on moving is important. Time is like this. Actually time itself is not slow, but there are many obstacles so that we become slow. What you should do is, ensure that even if movement is slow, keep moving, so that eventually, you will reach your destination. My calculation is, until December 2017 the speed of journey or hurdles will be more or less similar. It will not be much different from now. It is from December 2012 to December 2017, i.e. five years. But NOW is a very good time to plant the seeds for what you want to do in the future, it is time to start doing it. Before December 2017, you can set everything in order and then it will be a smooth, hurdle-free journey. So please keep moving, I’m holding you.

Q: A lot of negative things have happened in my life recently, how to get rid of negative emotions, I can’t control my space to be clean and peaceful. I’d like to escape somewhere deep within, but how to do that?

A: When there are some kind of emotions which are residues from the past, it is common for everybody, not only you, all people are storing it and suffering because of it. Look at your life now. Is it 50% positive and 50% negative or your thought is more positive or more negative? This is the first level of analysis. Positive is that we are in good health, we are eating all right, we are sleeping all right, etc. First start with what is there. So, start with what you have, what is in good condition in your life. Start from there. This will help you to increase your positiveness. Then second thing is when you look at the past, things that happened in the past, if you store those details, it is likely that they will happen again or get repeated in the future. Whatever happened in the past, understand that it was a different time in the past, different space, different mind, so start looking at it like, „Ok, that is past, that is dead, that is gone.“ And today you are a new person. This is your reality, today, now. You are not the past, you are not the future, you are perfectly new,  as you know. At this point of time you are very powerful. You do not know about the past because it is already finished. You do not know about the future because it is yet to be. Now you are very powerful. If you focus yourself on now,  with all pluses and minuses, the past or future doesn’t matter, if you focus yourself on the right now you will be perfectly fine. You will always do good. When the mind goes to the past, especially the guilt, you must tell the mind, “That is history. I am different now. I have gained more strength for today from the past despite my past. Today I am more powerful.” This is the way to tackle the current mind. Mind will definitely go to the past, but bring the mind back to the present. You should always be  conscious. You should always think, “This is the only reality I have. I am living today. I am working today. I am talking today. This is my only reality.” From here you start working. And all the people who are with you are your current reality. Be with them. Harmonize them. Give love, share love, so that everyone is happy when you are around. That way you can make your future much better.

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Q: While I was in a deep meditation, my inner sight was extremely focused so, let’s say, I was in a thoughtless state for longer time.  At that moment I felt strong heartbeat which was as if I was having a heart attack. My heart was pumping, pumping, pumping and I didn’t know what to think or feel. It was like my heart was going to explode. Could you tell me what happened?

A: These are always phases when energy shifts within. Sometimes when you meditate, especially when the mind goes blank, when the mind empties completely, suddenly there will be a surge of energy in the veins, through the meridians. And then it can conglomerate in some places, especially in the head, heart or stomach center. It usually moves up and down. And this is natural. Just allow it to happen. And at that time, surrender more. Your mind would have completely emptied itself so you have just to focus on that thing and keep breathing. In this case, I understand that you may feel panic, but it is important to connect to me at that time. If you connect to me at that time, you will automatically feel that energy is normalizing. Try that.

Q: I connected with you, Mohanji, That’s how I saved myself! 🙂

A: Yes, I know. I can give you another technique. Just sit quiet, and just go through the breath for a few minutes. Sit quiet and go through the breath entering your system, and prana going through the body. It may take some time, but just focus on your breath entering through the nose, and reaching every cell of your body. Totally internal. Only breath and you. Just start feeling. So, when you concentrate on the breath, on the air going in, you will start going through the breath, to the energy particles of the breath, which is actually nourishing the cells through the meridians. Just feel the energy flowing through your body, through the veins, through every meridian, and it reaches all the parts of the body. Just be with the energy flow. And when you flow through that energy, you can reach every cell of your body, every part of your body, every organ of your body through inside, so that it touches everywhere. When you are aware of that, slowly you will be aware of the sounds of your body. First the sound inside the body, the heartbeat, then the circulation of blood, the secretion of juices in the stomach… All these sounds will be occupying you.

So, When you go through the breath, the next is sound. Once you go through the sound, when you become the sound, automatically with the sound there is vibration. You will become the vibration of the sound. And when you become the vibration of the sound, slowly, slowly you will start feeling the brightness of every cell because every cell has an aura. And you start feeling that aura. It is the light, very, very, very thin, but it is brightness. You will start feeling the brightness. And when you start feeling the brightness, you will also start feeling the lightness of the body. The body becomes very light. When the body becomes lightness, or when you start feeling the light, you will start feeling the light of the soul, the energy that operates your body. Once you start feeling the energy that operates the body, once you start feeling the soul, at that time you would have completely merged with the consciousness.

So, the first and the only effort you need is to stay with the breath. And when you stay with the breath, that breath will take you to every other stage, that of sound, that of light, and that of brightness, and dissolution. You’ll go to all the stages automatically, you don’t have to do anything. Just be with the breath in the first stage. That is only determination you need. You can practice this on your own, and you will see the difference. Nowhere energy will be blocked. And before you start, please connect to my eyes for two minutes, then start. It may take some time, from the breath to the brightness. It may take one year, two years… but it’s worth it. Because in a couple of years’ time you will completely become brightness. You do not need to do anything more. This is very, very, very powerful. It’s worth trying and you don’t need any master, or anybody to guide you. You can do it yourself. And at your own speed.


Q: If we are too kind and compassionate, we will lose ourselves. Yet, we are supposed to be selfless. Where is the ideal line between serving others and pursuing one’s own goals?

A: That is very simple. First of all, you have to take care of yourself. Because you have taken birth to enjoy this existence. So, by denying everything you cannot move forward. But while living, if you have an attitude of kindness, an attitude of compassion, that is selflessness. It is not denying any of the things which you would probably want. Like the food, the clothing, the house, whatever you want to enjoy. Not as per the greed, but as per the need. The world does not expect you to starve and feed another person. Like they say in the airplane, „First you put the mask on your face, then help other people.“  First you be happy. Only when you are happy will you be able to help other people. You should not expand your happiness, e.g. “I need one million dollars more to be happy than what I have now”, etc. Then it will be difficult to serve other people. But if you can be satisfied with what you have, and you are enjoying your life and at the same time you are expressing compassion, and you are expressing kindness, you will not hurt anybody through thought, word, action, you are selfless. And it is not only about spending money. Charity or selflessness is not only spending money on somebody. It is like, a child is crying and you put your hand around the child and say, “Don’t worry, I’m with you.” That is selfless expression of compassion. It is the opposite of indifference. Or, you had a good meal, you are very happy, and you saw a very old, poor woman with no food for the last two days, and you buy that person a piece of bread. That is selflessness. It is the attitude that you will exist in 100% non-violence in thought, word and action. If you do that, you will automatically raise your consciousness to the higher. There cannot be any greed. Greed or selfishness cannot happen.

Bless You All

(Transcribed by Biljana V.)

7 thoughts on “Skype Satsang with Mohanji”

  1. Biljo this is amazing! We just came from Novi Sad to Belgrade, we had two hour drive with stops, and when we entered our apartment and turned on computer, the transcript of whole satsang was there. It was such a gift! Thank you for your effort and incredible speed of reaction! You are truly a perfect student that every master would dream off! Super Bilja 🙂

    Hug from Milan and Marija!

  2. mahabaratara

    GuruJi the esoteric information that you have imparted is beyond priceless. I need not go into any detail in so far as much as I truly have found an very very very incredibly rare thing. There are little niggles left that need to be ironed out but I humbly prostrate myself at your lotus feet. Please never be away.

    Amarjit Singh Dhesi

  3. annettesun

    I am getting pushed to share this. I read of a meditation from the Pleiadians where one connects through one’s muladhara chakra to the gold within the earth. Then send energies to the gold. I did this and the amazing part was the amount of vibrations that began to flow through me. The entire body. So, it’s very powerful. It was suggested that an umbrella of light with light blue beneath it be placed over the head.

    Am sharing because i find the more powerfully we all begin to vibrate the better it is for all of us. And, perhaps some of you will find this worthwhile. We have been disconnected from 2D for too long. And the better we connect to 2D the better we operate in 3 and 4D and the more easily we begin to access 5, 6, 7Ds (and beyond for the very skilled like Mohanji 😉 ).


    just me

  4. Biljana Vozarevic transcribed the satsang and published it as this blog within an hour of the completion of the satsang. This is wonderful indeed. Only a person with zero inertia and total conviction beyond doubts can achieve such perfection. I congratulate you, Bilja. I am proud of you. It takes total conviction and zero doubts to climb the highest peak of truth. You have that. Wish You Happiness and Success always.. Love Always.. M

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