Satsang with Mohanji in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Serbia, 3rd May, 2014

Seeing through the minds of the attendees, Mohanji started immediately answering questions that were hovering in people’s heads.


We keep a lot of stuff inside. We are collecting various things every moment and keeping them inside. We cannot know how much we have stored and eventually this makes us heavier and heavier in life. Every event every day leaves an impression in our system. Unless we let go of it we cannot evolve. Not only spiritually or terrestrially, we cannot change anything even in our daily life. We accumulated so much and unless we let go or leave them, we cannot be light. Why do we have to meditate at all? Actually we do not need meditation if our mind is completely with us – but our mind is scattered so much around us. We suffer because we cannot bring ourselves to ourselves. All of us are complete by ourselves. Nobody is higher or lower. The only difference is how much weight we carry. What is this weight that we carry? It is the weight of stored data such as things that happened in the past, emotions attached to people, situations and every aspect of life. This becomes very heavy. And if you look at your own life, you can see that it is a repetition over time. One thing repeats again and again over time. Our daily life is equal to past impressions. In sanskrit it is called purva samskara which means ‘past impressions’. What we collected in the past gets repeated as our reality in the present as well as future. What we are today is a bundle of our past impressions. You can see this very clearly in relationships. Sometimes we always attract wrong partnership. Many people suffer because of that. This is because impression is continuing through time and it just goes on and on. So, how do we sort it out? How do we release it? The first step is to be aware. Be aware that things are getting repeated through time. Be aware and if you don’t energize them and let go, they will go away. Second step is to LET GO. Let go of the time, people, places, incidents as dead things of the past and detach from it. Third step is to be in the present. Once you are clear about your thinking, talking, blocking your own life, you start detaching from it. That is why I say, spend some time with yourself. It is not even meditation. Try to understand yourself. What makes you angry? What makes you sad? What makes you agitated? What makes you hate people or hate a particular place or thing? Understand yourself. You must spend time with yourself. Let me tell you something. You may feel you are weak, but you are not weak ever in your life. What makes you weak is the mind. which is filled with concepts, collected from the past. I have not seen any meditation more powerful than observing yourself. That is more powerful than any meditation in your life. If you decide to spend time with yourself, just watch your thoughts, words, actions and understand yourself more and more. Explore yourself more, introspect. Especially when you become angry, when you become sad, or when you feel you are being ignored, when insecurities happen to you, just watch yourself. Keep watching. What is going on? Situations can be very bad, but you can still be powerful if you are with yourself. I’m not talking theories here. I’m talking from my own experience. When things were going wrong, everything was going wrong. At exactly that point in time, if we choose to be with ourselves, and if we choose to weather all storms, then we are successful. Success happens inside first. Richness is inside first before it becomes outside richness. If you are confident with yourself, in yourself, and if you are confident that you are one with yourself, everything else opens the doors. The doors get opened in every level. It is a job of mind to wander and be restless. But you are not the mind. So, minus the mind, you are very powerful. The more you entertain your mind, you become weak and tired, because the mind keeps you moving. Mind does not allow stillness and stillness is the nature of the soul.

Biba explaining breathing exercises which energise the body and prepare the platfom for Power of Purity meditation
Biba explaining breathing exercises which energise the body and prepare the platfom for Power of Purity meditation
Expressing gratitude after the Power of Purity meditation. The more grateful we are, the more open we are to receive grace
Expressing gratitude after the Power of Purity meditation. The more grateful we are, the more open we are to receive grace

Q: I’m talking about our near and dear ones. Our hospitals are contaminated with bacteria Clostridia. It is a very dangerous bacteria which doesn’t allow you to recover, and it brings the whole body into such a helpless state that you are on the verge of whether you will survive or not., and what you had gone to hospital for doesn’t have even a chance to be treated. I had been going through very difficult three months in my life and I don’t give up and it is not too difficult to me, but you go to hospital and don’t know whether your father is alive or not. How to help him? How to help your mother, your family?

A: In one word, lead by example. If you have found peace, express it. There is a reason for being born in a particular country, in a particular city, to a particular set of parents, and also for experience a particular set of events in life. Having said that, if it rains in Belgrade, all people walking in the streets will get wet. This is created by collective consciousness. The best way, e.g. if it is a disease, is to be treated. There is no other way. An illness must be treated. But you can prevent an illness in a few ways. First, an illness cannot touch you if you do not attract it. If you look at the world now, most of the countries suffer because of the insensitive lifestyle. The food industry itself is controlling people’s life. There are various aspects of our diseases created by the food. The vaccines that we have created are affecting our immune system, and there are numerous different aspects created by man. There are seven billion people in the world today and they are occupying the entire Earth. We have destroyed the nature, we have destroyed the immune system of the Earth because of the greed. There is a saying, ”If you control oil, through oil, you control countries. Through medicines, you can control people.“ This is what is happening in the world. There are numerous aspects of our existence that are beyond our control. Destruction has already happened.
God has given energy sources when life was given. One is sun, another one is water, third one is air. These three never pollute the Earth. A situation which has already happened is very difficult to change, but we can see people working with aids, and people with various diseases, completely protected and immune. It is individualistic when disease is attracted or maintained or we become immune. But what we could do is to energise situation, to become positive, to become fearless,
and when fears are completely avoided, because of awareness that you are a pure spirit, you are a pure soul and you are immune. Nothing can touch you. And if that kind of faith happens, if that kind of purity happens, there is 80% chance that you will survive. Faith in any god, any religion, is fine. But faith is important. Because faith can move mountains. Faith can heal. It is worth nurturing positiveness, especially when people are ill and they are suffering. It’s important to guide them to deep faith. It often changes the illness. There are people who recovered from cancer and various illnesses, out of sheer will power. The moment we surrender, we suffer. The moment we are confident that we are one with god, you don’t need any master or any priest to reach god. You are already connected to god. All you have to do is to feel god, to feel life, rather than look for a god outside of you, look within and be one with your consciousness, one with god.

an illness cannot touch you if you do not attract it.
An illness cannot touch you if you do not attract it.

Q: I have gone through dreams and failures to fulfill them, and I’ve fought many battles, my only goal now is to achieve inner peace. How to do that, to go to India, to an ashram, or what…?

A: I have already answered that. Actually the only way to reach yourself is to watch yourself, understand yourself, explore yourself. It’s worth it because you are a unique creation, you cannot have a general medicine. You are unique. Your creation is unique. Every being walking on earth is a unique creation. So understanding yourself, exploring yourself, being with yourself, not comparing with another person, this is fundamental, this is perpetual meditation. If you cannot be peaceful in Belgrade, you cannot be peaceful on Himalayas. Changing location with the same mind? You need to be peaceful. There is a saying, you can go to the sea because you love the sea, not because you hate the land. Some day you’ll have to come back. But you are welcome to our ashram 🙂

Q: If we have a gift of healing, if our teacher is telling us to charge for it and our heart says not to charge anything, what should we do?

A: I would feel that you can keep a donation box. Your time is valuable. Nobody can take your time for granted. There is a saying in scriptures, „Don’t take your time for granted because you have chosen a certain number of breaths to breathe before you took the birth. You have only that many breaths. So your time is valuable and that time is chosen, decided before birth. It is ok to charge, but sometimes if a poor person comes, he does not have money to pay, heal him free if you could. And if a person who has money comes, he can pay. You could probably keep a donation box and say, „Whatever you can, you can put it there.“ But time is valuable and gift is a gift. All people have power to heal. You can see animals healing themselves. They do. We have power to heal, so nurture it. It helps the world and the more you heal, the purer you become.

Q: Is it ok to receive as appreciation a hug, a kiss, or does it have to be something material?

A: Hug is always welcome 🙂 You know, there is a science to it. The moment you hug, your heart chakra merges with the heart chakra of the other person and there is an energy transmission. So there is oneness, there is a feeling of togetherness, and it is usually said that if there is a tendency for depression, it goes away. This is also a science, not exactly spirituality, but it works. If you see a child before going to school or college, if mother or father kisses him or her on the third eye saying, ”You will do well“, they usually perform well. Because that kiss on the third eye immediately activates 72000 meridians in the body. You feel nice, you feel powerful. This is scientific and many people say it works. So kiss on the third eye has an immediate rejuvenating effect.

The moment you hug, your heart chakra merges with the heart chakra of the other person and there is an energy transmission.
The moment you hug, your heart chakra merges with the heart chakra of the other person and there is an energy transmission.

Q: Is enlightenment the aim of life on earth or each of us has a unique purpose and does this our purpose change through time?

A: Enlightenment is the purpose of the soul. This is mainly because the soul is trapped in the body. The soul wants liberation. So the soul will appreciate if you reduce the baggage. If there is no baggage, it’s enlightenment. But the purpose of the substratum which the soul carries, which we call character, our constitution, our body, our mind, our intellect, this whole combination is to experience earth and express our constitution on earth.
Every person is a bundle of karma. Number one is what provoked this birth, what provoked you to take this body from your first heartbeat till your last heartbeat. Second is that you have a collection of karma which is inherited from your family, from your lineage. Third is that we have collected the karma as we live the life. this includes, as we talked about it now, some of the diseases in the city and all these things collective. You can also see that you were born in one place, but live in another place. So all this is a part of inherited individual and collective. We are a combination of all three karmas, we cannot segregate them.
When you are looking at me, you see a physical image and the words I speak. These are only two dimensions of my existence. If you want to see my consciousness, you have to merge into my consciousness. That is when the exact understanding happens and that needs awareness. You have to increase your awareness, and connect to my consciousness. If you look at my cards, there are always eyes on them, eyes are a gateway to the consciousness. Eyes can never lie. They always carry the truth. And it transcends through lifetimes. If you connect to the consciousness, you will understand that you and I are One. There is no difference. Physically we are different. And you look at the physical form, we have so many differences. But the moment you connect to the consciousness, it’s 100% peace. It’s a beautiful feeling. We can read and understand lots of staff, there is plenty in the world. Even internet can give you many things. But if you do not digest them, they are just theories. They never help you to evolve. If you look at the whole spirituality, there is only one message: „You are that.“ Just one message. Whatever you are searching for in the world outside, that is you. If you understand that, you have understood the whole spirituality. And how do you know you are that? When you finished all the search outside, you become tired. Then you start thinking: „I’m not finding what I am looking for. Where is it?“ Then you slowly withdraw. Once your whole search ends, you find yourself. This is the whole spirituality. Whatever we do, or whatever we say, or whatever we practise, one day everything will stop and we become still. Then you know who you are. Until then, you only have a relative idea. You have not experienced yourself. The moment you experience yourself, you are totally in peace. There is nothing more to experience. These are fundamentals in spirituality.
In the path sometimes you get frustrated, sometimes you become angry and sometimes you feel you are not reaching anywhere, sometimes overwhelming love, sometimes overwhelming hatred, all emotions will come. This is all sitting in you. At that time, what people usually do, as they cannot change, they change the guru. 🙂 But that is not a solution.
So, when you are going after god, nothing should stop you and you do not need a priest or anybody because you and god are already One. All you need is to understand that. Experience it. God can never be understood, god has to be experienced. First, before you experience god, you have to experience yourself. When you are going into silence more and more, what happens initially is that all the things which you have collected and stored in you will come out. So they will come and they will bother you. At that time you have to cling on further to the purpose. Whatever happens, do not deviate. And god is One, remember. God has no form, it’s pure energy. It doesn’t matter what name you give god, god is One. Until you catch god, do not stop. This is my advice to you because it’s worth it. A kind of things which you experienced once you achieve that energy, i can’t explain. It’s very difficult to explain. On travelling the spiritual path, more and more calamities can happen. But that is the time when you have to hold on the faith. And nothing should stop you until you achieve the highest. Whatever happens in the middle, let it be. Use this lifetime to reach the highest.
Second thing is that, the Law of attraction is equal to subtlety. You can attract wealth, you can attract anything provided you are operating in the subtlest possible. Body is the gross. Mind is still gross, you can feel it. You have to go beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the intellect and beyond the ego and you reach a state of stillness from where when you operate, if you operate, everything will come to you. You will have no shortage of anything. What you want, it will happen. But if the mind is operating, you cannot get everything, because mind keeps changing. Mind is never stable. If the earth is shaking, you cannot build anything on it. Like that, operating from the mind level, you cannot attract anything.

Mohanji giving shaktipat
The grace of shaktipat

One suggestion I always give around the world. Never miss the opportunity to be with a person of higher energy, higher vibration, higher frequency. Because just by being in the company of the beings of people who have touched the higher frequency, automatically you will be elevated. Just by being. One great master in India who’s not in the body now. He left his body in the 1900s. People asked him about his master, so he said, ”My master was great but he taught me nothing. Right from the morning till the evening I sat down and looked at him, and he gave me everything. This is very important to understand. Being in the company of people who have attained higher frequency, automatically raises our frequency. First thing is, do not judge. If you judge, you never understand. If you start judging another person even in our life, we stop understanding a person. We stop appreciating. We create walls.
Second thing is that in the spiritual path, you will get many sensations. As you evolve, you will have many experiences, many feelings, but I would always say, they are good, enjoy, but never lose the focus. Catch god. Do not lose your focus. You are not just to experience a sensation, you are here to experience god. Until you touch god, reach god, connect to god, don’t stop. Keep evolving. Nobody can stop you. You have the power, you have the resources, you are already that. Nothing can prevent you. So be yourself. Be as powerful as yourself. If at all you feel weak, understand, that is the mind at play. Mind is keeping you weak. You are not the mind. Mind is part of you. You can never be bound. You are born free, you will die free. In between do not allow your mind to conquer you, subdue you and make you feel weak. This is my message for you.

Love you all

You can never be bound. You are born free, you will die free. BLess you
You can never be bound. You are born free, you will die free. Bless you

Transcribed by Bilja V.

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