Remember… You’re Immortal

Satsang with Mohanji in Gurgaon, March 2014 – Part 3

 Time and Space are Byproducts of Relativity

Q: The saints say that in reality, in truth, there is nothing called time and space.
A: In the original state there is no duality. Before the Big Bang, before the first creation, there is nothing, emptiness. Emptiness or fullness.

Immortal - Mohanji quote - Emptiness is fullness

It’s actually fullness where Parabrahma was existing. The conglomeration happened and the energy became matter. Then the creation possibly happened. With the formation of matter, relativity was formed. 

With the Big Bang, relativity was formed. When relativity happened, when the explosion happened, numerous pieces of Parabrahma, the superconscious unmanifested, had many manifestations, time is formed. It was from here to there, you measure the space with time. That is how time was created. So time is a byproduct of relativity. 

Relativity is the main clay for God to create. But then, after the first explosion, the numerous forms happened, they evolved into creators. So creations created more creations. That is how it goes. You created your destiny, you create your next life. Like that, numerous beings created and then the evolution happened… It’s a spontaneous flow. 

God has nothing to do with this. He is watching the show because it’s a divine play over the universe. Numerous beings, combinations, permutations, sizes, all these things are happening. 

We are reasonably ignorant because we are operating from the body made out of elements and we think this is it. That is why. Otherwise, we know everything. If awakening happens from inside, if you are kissed from inside, you know everything. 

Then there is whole knowledge, there is no difference, there is no variation. This lack of awareness is good in a way, because you have to enjoy the karma. For example, you wanted to experience only things in the world, from the first heartbeat till the last heartbeat. 

You wanted to experience certain things over time. Just imagine that you suddenly became aware of the whole tapestry. Then you stop experiencing! So it’s reasonably nice to have ignorance 🙂 Just joking. 

It is not good to be ignorant, it is good to be aware, but be in the game by being aware, “OK, this is play going on, I am an actor participating and I have a purpose of participation. That is why the show is going on.”

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You are Immortal, but You don’t Remember it

Q: There are a lot of people who are sincere devotees on the path. Maybe they’ve just started or they’ve been there for a few years, but their immediate family members, like a husband, wife, parents, may not be supportive for this particular soul to follow this particular path. How does this soul balance dharma that it has towards husband, wife…

A: Dharma has nothing to do with expectations. Dharma is an adaptable tool. You can only deliver as per your capacity, and that is only what is expected. So somebody may say, “I want much more from you,” but if it is not your capacity, you’re not supposed to deliver. Stick to your capacity and be satisfied.

There are two mistakes which we make in the path of dharma. One is that we decide how other people should do, say or think. This is not our business. We are not supposed to do that. Nor we take opinions of other people and we try to bend backwards, forwards, sidewards… 

This is also not our problem. Because we brought our constitution before we took our birth. Why are you here in this form, in this particular place, in this particular system, with intelligence? It’s because you chose it. This is the only way to experience what you came here for. 

Let’s say you are a Hollywood actor. It would have been a completely different flavour of existence for you. Then you would not feel what you feel now. Likewise animals, birds, chose that kind of existence for that kind of experience. So, it is all experience-bound. 

There are two reasons why you are here. One is to express your individual constitution to the world outside. The other is to experience the world using your senses, mind, intellect, ego. So if you are clear about that, dharmic part is also clear.

Karma is a mixture of three types of karma. First, there is prarabda karma, karma that provoked your birth. Second is karma you inherited from lineage, your ancestors. It is ancestors-bound. Kul Devatas, etc. are all part of that. Third is the karma that you acquired from your everyday life in the society. 

Because you interact with people, you handle the emotions, you acquire dirt every day. This is the third level. Our karma becomes a mixture of these. When milk and water is mixed, it’s difficult to separate them. You cannot say, “This is from my past, this is acquired.” This is the main aspect of your existence, from your birth till your death. This is how it’s going.

Then there is dharma. Immediate dharma is toward your family members, that is why we call it Putra dharma, Pitra dharma… All these dharmas are part of the immediate existence. Because you are born in a particular family, and you collected a particular relationship pattern. You have to fulfill that. This is first. Second, dharma towards the society. 

That is what we say seva or charity. If these three things go smooth and parallel, your life is complete. And if you are objective about it, you will not come back here. You don’t have to come back here. 

Why we keep repeating life is because in all these places we have opinions, we block things. We expect things to be in some way. Expectation comes in, ego comes in, opinions, doubts come in. What happens is smooth flow is disrupted. That is why desire happens. 

I’ll tell you a simple example. You can think of this as why some things happen:

Mohanji quote - All are karmic beings

A STORY – How Karma Works

One lady married a particular person and every year she had a child. Ten children, twelve children… Her only prayer to God was, “Please save me from this.” But religion did not permit her to do the prevention. Her very, very strong prayer to god, from deep within was to save her from this misery. But her husband didn’t understand. 

Relatives didn’t understand. So she was stuck. Then she left her body, and she was born in the next life. She didn’t have any children. And she was praying to God, “Please give me one child!” This is how karma takes forward. What you intensely think or store, becomes your fuel for the next life. It may not be what you chose, you may not have thought about implication. 

The thought is happening, thought is the first level of creation, thought is sometimes with emotion, intense emotion. It becomes like when you press a coin on your skin. If you press it harder, the impression stays longer period of time. Like that, you pressured a particular emotion deeper and deeper in your subconscious, it creates your further destiny. 

This is how it’s formed. When you repeatedly do this, you cannot come out of it, or you do not know how to come out of it. That is why we have kriyas and certain methods which on one side cleanse and on the other side prevent. There is no point in cleansing and then putting mud on your body again. Prevention has to happen. 

Prevention has to happen first, before you start cleansing. How do you prevent? By taking emotions away from your system, “OK, this is my situation, let me handle it.” So that you do not approach life in a reactionary mode. Most people approach life in a reactionary mode. You can approach any situation in two ways. One is respond, other is react. 

Response is from the intellect. E.g. if someone calls you an animal. You can always say that that person has an eyesight problem. Maybe he doesn’t understand… But, what usually happens is to react, “How did you call me!? You might be a bigger animal!” Reaction happens. 

But response always helps you in reducing accumulation. The more you respond to the society, the less you are capturing, because thing happens and it goes away. An event, a person, a situation, a time happens, but it happens, evolves and it goes. So you are just a witness of the whole show. 

Then especially mind does not stay in the past. Mind is with you, in the present. That immediately takes away capacity for retention, because mind carries, carries and carries. We have to go back and correct them. That is why I responded to the question, “Why did Gandhi allow a partition?” I said, “Go back sixty years and ask him.” 

Today it’s history. Like I said in Europe, “Most of your TV programmes are dissecting the past. Move on. Past has happened and you reached a place. Now you have to walk forward. Otherwise you are sitting and blaming the past, saying, “Because of them we couldn’t do the job well or we can’t do the job well now.” This is useless.

So don’t expect your family members to understand your third dimension. People are three-dimensional. What you see and what is perceived, these are two. But there is a third dimension which is real you. You know how karma works, thought-word-action. Behind the thought is inclination. If somebody hasn’t an inclination for alcohol, they will never have alcohol. 

Before inclination, there is karma. What you wanted to experience, provokes an inclination. A person who is kind by nature, will only express kindness. Thoughts will be kind. There will be no thought of harming anybody. Karma leads to inclination, inclination leads to a thought. 

There are many thoughts, fewer words, and lesser action. It goes like this in a circle. In every point you have a chance of using an emotion, anger, all these things… In words you can put emotion, but it’s not what the saints do. They may scold you so that you get shaken up. Something is removed from you. 

Because they might be seeing some things through you, not the physical, or what is visible. Then they may scold something and it leaves you.
Your question is how to handle it when they do not support you. One thing is do not expect they will recognise your level of understanding. 

This is important to know. We don’t understand the consciousness of animals, right? They feel. But we hardly recognise them. We treat them as animals. Actually we are all in one way animals. 

So don’t expect they will understand your potential, your caliber, your relevance. That is OK. That is why I wrote in a blog, saint who is dead is much more acceptable to people. If anybody talks absolute truth, they are assassinated. Why? Because we only know relative truth. We cannot digest the absolute.

Mohanji quote - Soul is just like petrol in your car

Q: But in this case this poor soul was suffering in her first lifetime because of the fact that she had so many babies, and she wanted to get out of that misery, she was so unaware that her call was going to cause an impact in her future lifetime and she wanted a one child. Poor she, she couldn’t get that either… That sounds a little unfair, doesn’t it?

A: It’s a sign that there is nobody interfering in your free will. That’s the point. E.g. you decided to buy a car, you have sufficient money to buy it, and you saw one brand. 

Then along the way you noticed another brand, but you didn’t have sufficient money. But you felt emotionally about it, “This is what I was choosing.” But if you brought sufficient money, you can only buy a car which is affordable with that money. Then you have to come back again.

Q: Because you have a desire of that new brand…
A: Because in one time you could not complete that one desire, in next life you did. Nobody interferes. Soul never interferes in your journey. Soul is just like petrol of your car, it never tells you where to go. But it aids your journey. It takes you. Soul is always neutral. Parabrahma is neutral, God is neutral. 

The gods that we have created are sometimes demanding because we are demanding. That is why we have 33 crore gods ( 330 million) The whole system, point that you are also god, recognise that. Realise that. There is no difference between you and enemy. If you are aware and clear about that, then life is a smooth journey. 

Wrong understanding makes things complex. It is wrong understanding when we feel, “Oh, this is Mohan, I am Mohan, this is how I am, I look like this in the mirror…” and we are too attached to the body. That is why cosmetics is sold too much. Because of our insecurity, we do not like to grow old, we feel something is wrong. 

We like to arrest time. Arresting time is possible, the moment you become immortal. Then there is no time. We can become immortal when we are in samadhi states. In deep sleep state you are immortal. We cross over that path every day. We taste immortality every day. When all identifications die out and we are in complete rest. 

When you don’t even know whether you are a man or a woman, you don’t know time and space, you don’t know your qualifications, nothing matters, you are immortal. That is what you are. But the only thing is you do not remember it. You have to wake up to remember, but waking up is a different story.

Feel Yourself as an Entity Beyond Pains

Mohanji quote - If you constantly feel yourself as - Immortal life

Spiritually, you don’t need to meditate. Without meditating you can also evolve. It is not through the activity that you will attain the highest. 

If you constantly feel yourself as an entity beyond pains or limitations, that itself will raise you. There are thousands and millions of paths which lead to the same place, lead you to the same ocean.

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