Q&A Sessions with Mohanji – Dec 2010

Post-BTW Q&A Sessions with Mohanji – Muscat, Dec 2010

Topics: How & why to be spine-oriented? What is the meaning of chakra being open or closed? Should one wear precious stones and why? How to overcome procrastination? What do you mean by binding/bondage?

Be Spine Oriented

Q: This is a preliminary question: you said that we need to concentrate on the spinal cord and at the same we should also concentrate on breathing in and out. I was trying to do that but I could do only one thing at a time. I do not think I am able to give justice to both processes simultaneously.

 A: It is very simple. When you start to learn driving, it is very difficult to remember to keep watch on steering, breaks, gear, clutch and mirror all at the same time. It is difficult to coordinate all at a time. You also have to follow the traffic light, etc. You find it so difficult to achieve this before you actually learn the art of driving and get a driving license. After that, driving becomes automatic. It becomes mechanical.

Are you doing all that together consciously? Doesn’t it all just fall into place? Don’t you drive smoothly there after?

Of course, your sub-conscious takes over whatever you repeat. There is a difference here – in meditation, since all our other aspects are quiet, our consciousness will shift. It is kind of a partnership with your conscious mind and the subconscious. When, through repeated activity, your awareness shifts to your third eye, you can see everything from above. Then, you will be in perfect synchronicity. Consistency and Patience.

How does it happen?

You need to concentrate. This is because we are front oriented. We usually operate only at 120 degrees. We do not see the remaining 240 degrees behind us. Are we fully aware of our back side until something happens at the back? This rest of 240 degrees definitely exists; but we do not notice that.

Being ‘SPINE’ oriented is a big shift.

It is like playing back-foot in cricket. We are naturally tuned to play the front foot. When we shift to back foot, time and space change and are different for playing the ball.

Life changes when one becomes spine oriented. One needs to catch that thread of being spine oriented. Then elevation is automatic.

When you chant AUM, you move to the spine. When you move to the spine, eyes concentrate on the Third Eye automatically. Try to close your eyes and visualize your spine. Automatically your concentration goes on the Third Eye. It is all effortless. System is built like that. Later on it becomes natural.

I suggest people to concentrate on my eyes to receive the energy. Many say, “We do not need any picture! The moment we close the eyes, we see you.” Many people are saying like that. They are so tuned to my energy and physical form that it happens instantaneously. Someone told me the other day that- “when I look at Babaji’s picture, I see you.  When I look at your picture, it shifts to Babaji’s photos”. Understand, Masters play such a game to remove attachment to any physical frame.  All physical frames have a validity, duration and a sure disintegration.

Human nature is such that we like to visit house which receives us with warmth and love. We do not like to visit a place where we are unwanted. When higher source is good and reliable, we automatically get attracted towards it. We get connected with it.

You will connect with the source which is good for you. You do not have to consciously think about it. Also, even if you want to, you cannot find it consciously. But you will automatically get connected to the right source. Whatever your elevation level is, you will get lessons of that kind.

If you are spine oriented, you will get that kind of connectivity. In third standard, I cannot give the syllabus for the Master’s degree. Even if I do give it, you will not be able to use it.

 How do we synchronize so many things?

First concentrate at the physical level. Concentrate on mind and body. Mind is active all the time and you know it. Body you can feel. Senses are always active as otherwise you cannot hear or see! Senses with the mind give us the experience. Then you shift to the breath. When you shift to the breath, you are subtler.  From breath, we should shift to Naada, the sound. On reaching Naada, first naada that you will hear is the sound of your own heart.

This is a basic rhythm you are born with. Heart beats are like damaru [an instrument used to give rhythm] in the Lord Shiva’s hand. Heart beat signifies waking up in life and also the rhythm of life and the existence. With the damaru, Shiva wakes you up. What is waking up? He wakes you to the reality! Reality of who you are…. Tatwamasi. Dance of Shiva is the rhythm of existence.

 So, you have moved from body to mind to breathe to sound. The final sound is ….mmmmm… in the AUM.  

To chant AUM, tongue is not required. A person without a tongue can also say AUM. It is a universal sound. When one reaches AUM, he/she also reaches Shushumna naadi. Reaching AUM is also merging with the Kundalini. Reaching AUM is reaching Shiva. Shiva exists in naada. The AUM is a conglomerate of many bindus. Bindu or naad-bindu is a minute particle of sound. It is a perfect merging. It is subtle, subtler, and subtlest. It brings about the merging with the eternal silence.

Q.  Sometimes people say that one’s chakras should be open. How do we know that they are open?

A. No need to know. This kind of inquisitiveness is connected with one’s intellect. Intellect never leaves one alone. It binds to earth, dis-allowing free evolution and spiritual elevation, by posing questions. Knowing is a game of the intellect. It is definitely an obstacle and you may get stuck there. Chakras will open at the right time. No need to think or worry about it. No use too.


Q. What is the meaning of chakra being open or close?

A. Chakras are open means your receptivity has increased. Chakras are closed means you are earth-bound. Closed chakra means you are dense, open chakra means you are lighter and you are connected with higher energies. This will automatically happen when you are eligible. Even if I deliberately open your chakras, you cannot make use of it! Even if I open all chakras, you may not be able to take that energy, and chakras will get closed again. When you are actually ready, they will never close as you are operating with them. If I do not use my hand, the muscles will become weak!  Chakras, nadis, kundalini….. forget about it now. It will all happen in its own time. Just walk the path with complete gratitude and surrender to the supreme Lord Almighty, the Father of all.  

Q: I would like to ask about precious stones. People advise to wear stones as they have some favorable effects on us.

A: Please understand, our system or configuration is made up of 5 elements:  earth, water, fire air and space. These five elements have come together to create our body.  When we experience elemental imbalance, or, when some elements are losing powers, i.e. do not have sufficient powers, then you add them through other concentrated source. Stones are concentration of certain aspects of some elements which constitute our body. The idea is, when we wear the right stones, they enhance or boost our system or they balance the missing elemental intensity. All in all, we are made up of elements, and if power or potency of certain elements in our system is lacking, we compensate by wearing the right stones.  Our chakras have certain vibratory level. Stones/gems also have certain vibratory level which may suit the chakras. When you wear the right stones, they enhance the operation of chakra. Chakras are like transformers. They distribute the energy into our system.


This is all scientific. But, if the stones/gems are not prescribed well, they can also harm us. For example – if you have excess of the fire element in your constitutions and somebody advises you to wear a stone which will further enhance the fire element, you will become extremely agitated. You may fight with people and do things which are quite detrimental.

But also, please note, from your birth till death, no chakras will ever remain constant. Your energy levels do not remain constant. The levels of prana will go high and low! Constitution will remain the same but the levels will change. Accepting those levels and moving on with faith is the best solution.  

Masters usually do not wear stones. Some masters used to, but then, they would have had their own reason. Usually, regular people who are insecure go for such things – because they think it will help them! If you are inclined to wear a gemstone, make sure it is prescribed by a true authority.  Take it from a person who is genuine and not just interested in selling that to you. It also becomes an addiction. You may feel more insecure when you do not wear it. This creates dependency.


There is science behind all this. There is nothing wasted on the earth. Everything is used. But our aim is liberation. Thus, avoid dependency! Stones are from the earth. But because of its vibratory level,  they enhance any related chakra. It could be air, water, fire, space or earth! It is up to you to go for it.


In the path of Shiva, dependency on any element is “binding”.  We can understand that this is our constitution. As long as we are on the earth we have to stick to this constitution. When fire leaves the body, we call regard that body as a “dead body”.  When Prana leaves, it is also a dead body. We have to live with the constitution that we came here with. We certainly need this annamayakosha, pranamayakosha, manomaya kosha….. all the koshas [covering layers of body related to food, prana, emotions, etc.] – we need all of them to operate. But everything is a binding in the path of Shiva. Eventually, everything must get eliminated. At one point everything gets automatically eliminated and then you merge.  

Their assistance in this process is required only on earth. Souls are also operating in the other planes, but they do not have dependency on the same systems that we have. E.g, our body cannot stand the heat of 1000. This programmed set up is earth bound. There are souls meditating under water in the sea. They have a different vibratory level. I met a gentleman who was taught by a master who lives under the sea! This master does not come out of water much, nor does he have a body like us. He appears on the surface taking some form of body, slightly transparent. If you put a hand through that body, it goes through. You see the body, but it is not concrete or solid enough, like ours. The man whom I met was taught by this master how to align elements within the body so that there is no imbalance and a good health is maintained during earthly life. Stones also align the elements. There are mudras (hand gestures) to align elements. When you do that or wear a stone, it brings some equilibrium. So, it is up to you whether to go for it or not.

Q. What does Rudraksha indicate?

A: Renunciation. Shiva


Q. Someone has asked a question on procrastination in one of the blogs. He wants more clarity on procrastination. He is asking if designed postponement is procrastination. E.g I know I have to do this job, and I will do it in the evening because I have some work now…. Is this procrastination?

A: This is not procrastination. Postponement with a purpose cannot be called procrastination. Procrastination is tamas. Expression of tamas is procrastination. Tamas is inertia or laziness. It is also escapism. Tamas induces these qualities of inertia, laziness, escapism  – for nothing!!! Person just does not want to do it. Postponement, not because he has some other work, but because he does not want to do the work. That is procrastination.

Q: How do we overcome procrastination? 

A: There are three gunas- Rajas, Satva and Tamas. Tamas is the densest of all. In order to get out of tamas, one must enter Rajas. You cannot move to Satva. Rajas is action. Tamas must be diluted/conquered with action. Deliberate actions are a must to beat tamas. I would say, just go for jogging,  aerobics, tennis – whatever. Just have a good physical exercize/action. That beats inertia. When you have extreme action, you shed tamas and that leads you to Satva automatically.

Satva means a very subtle state in which awareness will be very high. In Satva, action will be for the sake of action and not for the result the same. Actions will not be out of expectation. You will do an action objectively. You will do actions without any conditions. Operating in Satva plane will always give you tremendous equilibrium. It will give peace of mind because you are not expecting anything. I am not talking about expecting results in the evening. In the office, we have plans, generate revenues and achieve targets. What I mean is…. Our attitude that we will do it only if we get something in return. This is a Rajasic transaction! Transaction in the Satva will be completely from the heart and equanimity. Please do not mis-understand… not the emotional heart, I am talking about higher spiritual heart! These transactions will be completely purpose- bound, like those of Jesus or Krishna. Their every moment was purpose-bound. But, to slip from Satva is very easy. Expectations bring you back to Rajas. Lack of objectivity slips you back into the Rajasic mode.

Avatars always knew, with absolute clarity, exactly what to do and why is something happening. As you move higher, you have more vision and much better clarity. Tamas is the lowest state and is a zone where you are sufficiently lazy not inclined to do anything. To beat that, you have to go into Rajas mode. Do action to beat the inertia. Take my word for it. It will help you tremendously. Tamas, like a weed, will pull people into depression. This is happening in our society more and more. Inertia is dangerous. Without your knowledge, it will suck you in. A week later, you will realize that you have been lazy all the week. So many things pass you by during the times of inertia.


What do you mean by binding or bondage?

I would say everything is binding. All relationships are binding. Dependency on elements like water and food is also binding. But we need this binding too. We cannot say that we will exist without all that. We have to slowly grow beyond all that. Evolve stage by stage and step by step. Masters will come and guide you. When you are ready to walk the path, guidance is for sure. But when you sit in the drawing room and think, or you are procrastinating… nothing will happen. It is an individual path. No one can carry you on his/her shoulder and walk. You must walk the path yourself.

(This is recorded and transcribed by Dr.Deepali Jaju from various question-answer sessions of Mohanji, after the weekly meditation sessions)



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