Q&A in Muscat, November 17, 2011

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These are the question and answers happened during Satsang on 17 Nov 2011 in Muscat. There are questions on fears, how to handle injustice, early death of child, abortions and also should we convince other people about meditation. Mohanji’s answers are really stark and piercing, which could make a definitive shift in consciousness, if one carefully read it and digest it. Please read as Mohanji’s talking and discussion is building up. He has given explanations in very simple words. It appears too long to read but it is full of examples and sequential understanding with micro details! Feel Mohanji’s voice as you read.

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Q. How does fear happen? Fear of money, fear of society

Just watch when is fear happening? What time does fear happen? How does it happen? Fear happens when you are awake in certain times, and only when you are awake. There are no fears when you are in dream state or in deep sleep. Of course, there could be some fearsome dreams, but they vanish when you wake up. Some do linger on, nurtured by the conscious mind. There are no fears at all during deep sleep state. So, all fears are temporary. They have a nature of passing through. Understand that fears are also the opposite of love. When love is predominant, no fear happens. It is just like darkness and light- when light is predominant, there is no darkness. Darkness means absence of light. Fear means absence of love. Love is the antidote for fear, so if you increase love, fear disappears. If you bring light, darkness disappears.

Every fear has a weak root. It is temporary and fleeting in nature. Ignorance leads to fear. Not understanding of something leads to fear. Like, for example, if there is sufficient light, you have no fear about the room as everything is visible in the right light, then you switch off all the lights and there is darkness, lack of visibility and fear. Uncertainty and non-understanding leads to fear. Non-understanding leads to insecurity as well as fear. Fear is an offspring of non-understanding. So, if you understand something very clearly, there is no fear, misunderstanding or related insecurity. But, if you do not understand something, all the fears come and anxieties happen.

If you just look at the events of your own life, nothing stays, right? Everything is passing with time. Everything is temporary. A very healthy man becomes very sick! A sick man recovers dramatically! Rich people become poor and poor becomes rich overnight! So there is nothing permanent. But we expect things to be permanent and we try to bind time with events. Time has only value like a milestone which you see while travelling from one place to the other. Time is travelling. Each point of time is also just like a milestone. You cannot stop anywhere. You are pushed forward in time. Something (an event) happens at this particular time, or a particular place or at a particular kilometer. Muscat city is so many kms away and like that. An event happens at a particular time. It can only happen at that particular time; not an hour earlier or an hour late. So, you look at time just like the odometer. When this happens in a simultaneous way, each event has value only at that time. You have value for lunch only at the time of lunch. You have value for a certain thing at that moment only. When you were growing up, your parents bought for you a motorcycle. You have value for that motorcycle at that point in time, now you grew beyond it, and you probably bought a car. Then you look back on the model of the motorcycle, its value is much lesser. May be you use it, because it is there, or maybe you sold it. Time and value have a certain correlation and it changes. It cannot be together forever.

Similarly, fears are transitory in nature. There are certain fears that are formed out of experiences of the past, e.g traumas related to accidents etc. You carry forward trauma until you realize that it was wastage. Sometimes as a child you have fear of ghosts. Ghosts could be something unknown. You do not know them. Then, when you grow up, you feel, what was I worrying about? What was I afraid of? What was I not understanding? Why is this happening? What is this changeover? Oh, ghosts, it is not a problem. So far in my life, none of the ghosts were a problem. Then, through understanding, you come over fear of ghosts. Likewise, fear of altitude, fear of water. Such fears are a part of your karmic baggage which you carried when you took the birth. Human existence is always transitory; one point to the other point, from birth till death. That is it. Beyond that there is no meaning. Then it is another life. We take things too seriously. We believe that certain things are very important for us. Actually they are not. They are also part of the baggage or transit.

You are driving the car and there are passengers with you. They may get off at some point in time. And they may say that “I do not want to travel with you any further”. It is as simple as that. Even if you force them they may not continue the journey. But you may have to go further, because this is your interest, not their interest, and likewise people keep travelling together as long as they have to, and they drop off. Likewise fears travel with you and they do not exist when you are in a different mode, such as sleeping. When you wake up, you may wake up with the fear, and anxieties. Sometimes you may wake up in a different environment and you do not feel any fears, because all the fears are gone. So, look at it from this angle and you would understand fears better.

Q.  Was he asking about fear of job?

Whether fear or job or life, every fear is the same!

Q. How about materialistic things? Like will I get something or not?

Such thoughts will happen. These are anxieties. Whether I will be able to have the deal or not? Sometimes no, sometimes yes! Many times people judge you on ‘not achieving something’! That is also part of this anxiety as people are hiring you because they have expectations to be fulfilled through you. …. ‘I am hiring you provided you deliver me this’! I will not take you in if you do not perform to this level of my expectation! So – fine, I am not living up to that, because of whatever reason, no problem! That is not the end of life. That is only a juncture, or a transition point. You tried and it did not work well, as expected. NO PROBLEM. That does not mean that you are a failure. It means that at a particular time, in a particular space, at a particular environment, something did not happen. It had happened in another environment in a different time. You may not been able to implant the same thing in another environment. This is not a failure because there are so many factors associated with that. So people consider a person to be failure, judging him based on certain situations, activity and corresponding result. It is like; I am asking a fish to climb a tree. Fish cannot. Then I call the fish a failure. But if I ask the fish to swim, it will swim very well. Can I ask the fish to climb the tree so that I can call the fish is a failure? And can I tell the fish that because it is not able to climb a tree and hence it is a loser?

Q. Identification of resource for a particular assignment is also our responsibility.

To make “sambar curry” (A South Indian Curry/Soup), you need certain ingredients. If those ingredients are not available, you cannot create that curry. It is as simple as that. You need to assemble many things to create certain things. If those things are not present, it will not work. You will have to make something else, with the available material. That does not tell one if you are a success or a failure! It should not. If you start assessing a person based on such events, then the deficiency is with us. We do not know how to assess a person, because our understanding is always limited. It has nothing to do with the other person. Nobody is a failure that way. But we are too judgmental. Most of the times we only look at people two dimensionally. Our vision is so limited and we cannot help it. We miss The Third Dimension, which is the real YOU. When we miss that, we miss the whole stuff. That is the point. This is very much applicable to an HR Manager. What is the wholesome personality; a personality, which not only directly reflect on the effect of job, but also on the background.  What leads a person to a particular place – what is the complete man?


Q. I am reading your blogs. I have a question. Everything has been decided about our birth and death. Destiny has been written. But, we do not know what happens in the next moment. Next moment also depends on you, if you do a good thing or a bad thing. But, on the other side everything has been written and preplanned. I cannot correlate both together. I find it very confusing.

I have explained this point clearly before. But, it does not matter. I will explain again. I like to explain again and further. 🙂

Destiny that you talked about is the prarabdha karma, the karmas that provoked our birth on earth, in a particular place to a particular set of parents in a particular environment to fulfill a particular set of desires. This agenda is your shopping list. This has been decided before you ventured out of the house, which means you took this birth. Before you went to the supermarket, you prepared a list of essentials that you want to buy. You carried sufficient money to buy such things as well. Maybe a little extra cash as well, in terms of life, a few breaths extra! So, breath is your money to continue with the journey and complete the journey. You have the shopping list and you started the journey. This is the road map and this is the destiny. Are you clear about the destiny now? This is from each birth till death.

Now the free will you are talking about is very limited in this bargain. On the way to the car showroom, you decided to buy a Rolls Royce, instead of the ordinary car that you had originally chosen. Do you have sufficient money? You may not have. If you had gone to buy a Rolls Royce in the first place, if you had considered sufficient money for that, you would have taken the money and accomplished the deed. But that was not your original agenda. It was not in the original list. This is the karma which you added today. This new addition or change in the original plan may need postponement; this, you may have to take with you to another life, or another trip. Consider one trip as one life. You have to take another trip to buy such additional things. That is the destiny. Now what is your free will at this point or period of time, in this journey? In a second, in an environment like this place, this space, this time, this moment, you can only lift left hand or the right hand. So if I lift left hand, that moment is gone, the time is expired. It is over. I cannot lift right hand at this time. I can only lift right hand at another time. Your free will is so limited amongst your pre-planned, pre-determined destiny.  

What is the nature of your journey? Simple. What made you come here for meditation today? You could have gone to the pub instead. 🙂 Such events tell you the nature of your journey. Where you started the travelling; which is the path you are taking; which would be your possible destination? Why you do not understand the whole journey is because your conscious mind – the limited mind cannot understand the master plan. Because this mind – the brain which you are using to understand the world is acquired in this life, just like the place you are living now. Of course, the karma bhoomi, or platform for action did exist before. Your body is new and new body cannot understand in totality the whole agenda of your past lives. But who can understand? Your higher self can understand. But higher self usually has nothing to do with your local karma. This is something which you acquired now. Just like your soul, your Higher Self sees all detached. No interest in your agenda but it helps you. You are not communicating with it enough. So that you know, why you are here, what is your job, what are you going through, and where are you going to? The moment you start mixing with the higher self, you become complete – in 360 degrees. Full! You will know your past, present and future at one time. This is what we call a complete merger, Moksha or Mukti. That point in time your desires are totally wiped out, the complete meaning of the whole existence falls in place, and you are totally complete – sat chit ananda, sachidananda!

Until that, when you are operating in the micro level, you can never fully understand the macro level. A first standard student cannot understand what a tenth standard student is experiencing. He may only know that the 10th class student is also carrying books and attending classes; and may also imagine that they can also sit in the tenth class as well! But he cannot, because his eligibility level is different. His intellect is not developed to the same level as the level of the 10th class student, so that he can understand the subject matters of that class. Evolution of consciousness happens. Evolution must happen, evolution is required. It has nothing to do with physical age. There could be an eighty year old man with no spiritual evolution and a five year old boy completely evolved. So if you look at a man’s physical age and decide, that this man is indeed evolved but without knowing the truth of his level existence you will be terribly mistaken. Physical age has no meaning in spiritual terms. It only tells how much you have travelled in this karmic life. That’s it. Some people have travelled 50 years, some people have travelled 60 years, and some people have travelled 8 years. It has no meaning in the spiritual level. Understanding level or awareness levels are always different. So you cannot underestimate a small child who is very evolved. Spiritually he could be much more mature than probably his grandfather. Do you understand this?  And feel the differences, because this is the total perspective. All this is in the blog. You can reach the blog. Go through my previous blog or the book, The Power of Purity. I do not give half cooked food; I give either cooked food or no food at all. 🙂 🙂

So, is it clear? Do you get the idea? Do you get the idea what is free will and extent of free will that one has during his karmic life?

Now I will give you another dimension of it. You are very much active in the dream state. You know, you are also exhausting your karmas in the dream state because your space is different. In the dream state, you do not have the binding of the physical body. You are operating from a larger dimension, so you can move in different planes. You can change your character, you can change yourself. All that is binding in the physical state is absent in the dream state. You have realities happening there as well. These are also desires getting exhausted in another level. These are also present in your life.

Do you understand the different dimensions of yourself? Each day is different. It is not a one- time affair. 🙂 🙂

The third level is the deep sleep state where you visit your home, your hometown. Where is your hometown? It is the Astral plane where you go after your death. That place is very familiar to you because you have been there after every death. This physical place, this city, is not familiar to you because only in this life you have come here and even if you have visited this place before, roads or at least road signs would have changed, if not the city ltself. 🙂 You may not have come here in another life. But the astral plane is very familiar to you. Hence, you go there every night. This is what people call astral travel. 🙂  It is no big deal. It is your nature to visit your hometown and make sure everything is ok there and meet those familiar people there, shake hands with a few of them and come back to your current body, without the awareness attached to it.

If I say I can actually take you to astral plane, I will have to give you a course to travel to the astral plane, right? 🙂 But, you already know the train to reach there anyway! It is very simple. When the body activities are very quiet, when the mind is inactive, mind has no value,  when you are in perfect deep sleep where you have annihilated all your characteristics, all your qualities, even the gender, space, time plus all identities related to this existence, nothing matters because you do not exist, you do not know that you are sleeping, you do not know whether you are a man or a woman, you do not know about time or space, you have no idea about the quality of your possessions, you have no idea  about your professional position, or about social situations, you become completely detached from everything. At that time, you can get out of the body and go to astral plane and come back – because body is stationery, safe and inactive. This is what you do. Sometimes you come back and have some memories of some meeting with somebody or at least some information that you could use here. You may think it is a dream. But it is not. Many people tells me – “I met you, Mohanji and we discussed this matter and you told me what to do”. That was real, because the answer was clear. You got a clear answer. It is given in another plane. If you are able to bring one answer from astral plane which is crystal clear in mind, back to this physical plane, it is indeed great as it is always relevant. Somebody has actually given you that right answer, right? Was that your imagination? How did you know this relevant answer to a live situation, which you never knew in the physical plane before? The answer is crystal clear. You met somebody, you discussed and you brought it forward as you had to use it here. This knowledge had to be used here. That is why you brought it here. Otherwise, you will not bring it. You need not bring the astral road map here because you cannot use it on these roads. 🙂 You can only use it there. Like the roadmap of your Indian home town, where you belong to; you cannot use it in Dubai or Muscat-right? Information which you may need in the physical plane here right now, you may carry forward from the other planes, with the permission to go ahead and use it. If it helps you to have clarity, do it. You might forget other information which you cannot use. You may consider those information and experiences as vague dreams as you never needed to remember them. And this is the beauty. We do not carry garbage in the Astral plane. We discard what we do not need. There is no accumulation. It is only here, on earth that we tend to accumulate all things wanted and unwanted. All the garbage happens only here in the gross plane. 🙂


Q. A 12 year old child asked question to Mohanji. She said, “I read a story of Ramana Maharshi. A family lost their one son in a water fall. The family asked reason for this death of their very young son to Ramana. Ramana Maharshi answered that his karmas are over in this life. He cannot live more” Mohanji what does this mean?

There is nothing further for him to do in this life. Whatever he came to experience is finished. If you are only going to the shop to buy Eclairs, you bought eclairs and finished the desire, right? And perhaps you did not bring money for anything more. That is it. Some people go with a bigger shopping list and fill the cart. There is a special counter for people who buy one or two pieces. This is how our life is. You see in the transit lounge of airports that so many people come together, going to various places, everybody sits for only a very limited time. This is the space between life and death; only so much time in that lounge. Some people may stay for one or two hours and some stay for half an hour, or one hour. Some people go to the smoking chamber, some go to eat something, or some may read the newspaper. Each person expresses his character and disappears. Fresh people keep coming. The whole world is just like the transit lounge of the airport. This is life. Very simple life; not complicated at all. 🙂

Q. So when children die young, does it mean that they were a high soul?

Usually if child exits before age of five years, it is usually a higher entity who came to fulfill certain mission and gone. It may not be a karmic birth.

Q. Is it also related to parent’s’ karma?

Not entirely – Higher souls come for a higher purpose, for a higher reason. Of course, the parents also experience happiness and sorrow in the bargain. Usually it is said that the real karma takes root only after the age of five year. Karmic life starts after age 5. If child exits before 5, it is purely a dharmic existence. Existence before five is rarely a karmic existence. You come to achieve a certain dharma, to establish certain dharma, to create certain awareness; not only for parents but for higher things. It may be for a whole family, or a society- it could be anything. It depends on the size of its mission. Having said that, all that the child is supposed to experience within that brief period, can indeed be considered as karmic; even though the karmas are not sufficient for a long life. Hope this is not too confusing. Karma is always complex. It is difficult to decipher because it has multiple dimensions. It is not an action – reaction theory, even though it appears to be so.

Q. Can I ask you about the abortion? When the soul does really enters the body of a baby? Some say it is after the fourth month, so if you have an abortion, it does not affect soul’s travel.

Abortion is violence. Prevention is better. Anyway, coming back to your question, it is not easily definable that way because I do not believe in such definitions. I believe that when the child starts growing in the womb, it is alive and has to be considered as a living baby. When the heart starts beating it has to be considered as alive. Whether the soul enters or not is not the point. It is when the heart starts beating that life has taken place.

Q. But is it important that whether abortion happened before or after the soul enters the baby? Does it make a difference?

No, life has formed, life has happened, when the heart starts beating. As I said, I do not support violence of any kind. I consider abortion as violence. One could always prevent pregnancy. Why kill the baby?

Q. I know someone who had 4 miscarriages. It was revealed to her in past life regression that, those children came again in some other lives because they were affected by this. But these were miscarriages and not abortions.

It does not matter what the reasons were. That is why we were talking about the nagas. You have to be in harmony with nature. Then miscarriages and such things will not happen. If you are not in harmony with nature, when you are self-centered, such things will happen. That is why you can never be self-centered in life. You have to be in tune with nature. You have to work as one with nature, respect and love nature. Things will be fine. The moment you think ‘I Am doing something’ you start falling. We are not the doers. Things are happening through us. Situations are happening. Of course, we chose situations, like we decide to take birth quite before the birth. After birth, the journey is taking you. You chose the destination before the birth happens. But what control do you have after birth? How does your heart beat? How is your circulation happening? How is your digestion happening? How do thought processes happen? Can you control your thought processes? Do you have any idea what you will be thinking in the next moment? We are so helpless. Absolutely.  And, then why this ego? Why do we believe we are doing? Things are happening. The moment surrender happens, divinity takes over. Grace flows. Be grateful. …Are you clear about this?

Q. Replying to that young girl, who told the story of child who died young because he finished the purpose. Now, a child has born, he is 1 or 2 year old. He is bubbly, happy and made everyone happy. Then he dies. What higher purpose that child could have had? 

The higher purpose is that the child could have taken away a lot of negativities of a community or an individual family or a collective family along with his death. It would have shifted certain dimensions within the family. There are certain roadblocks in the karmic life. The child sees that, through its unpolluted, unbiased absoluteness. The soul is full and omnipresent, even though it is within a child’s body. It has come here for a purpose, due to the karmic eligibility of the family, to help them and protect them. At death, through intense sorrow, it shifts the consciousness of the family members.

Everybody has certain protecting angels or guides from above. They decide to give a helping hand, as they see that these persons may not know the course of life, or what are the road blocks, or what the obstructions are, along the way in the path of life. So, this child could be one of the protecting angels as well. From a higher perspective, everything is clear. From birth, till death, the whole thing is clear. We are not aware of it. Then there is a collective levels of obstructions which is acquired by the family over generations. If there were disagreements, if there were problems in the family, fights, all these things that are accumulated in the family, that also becomes partially the karma of individuals living in the family. Such things are clogging the whole family’s movement or obstructing their free movement.

During such time, the higher beings will say, ok, I will come back and take the birth here in this family, just to cleanse the whole thing; just to clear the stale air.

And then they come, and spread this warmth around, and then they collect all garbage and they disappear, in a dharmic way. This could be a guiding angel, a protecting angel, or maybe a higher entity who chose to come there, and then they cleanse the generation from the accumulated karma or the accumulated road blocks. Such things happen many times.

Take a look at an individual. A woman had a desire to have a child. How does karma play a role? For example, one lady had thirteen children in one life. She was living in a particular community where birth control was not accepted. She is not allowed to stop the childbirth in anyway, so she kept having children. After 13 children, she was sick and tired of this whole thing. She was praying to God – “God, please do something; please stop this misery.” It was too late to pray in that life, because she already had all those children. Even though it did not work in that life, it worked in her next life. Because what she asked for, was not possible in that particular life, her prayer bore fruit in her next life. Since that desire was carried forward to the next life, which is this life, she bore no children in this life. Now, she started praying to God to give her at least one child! It is natural for a woman to think of having a child. She does not know what her state was and what she was praying for in her last life. And then, with all this desire, she got a child, but the child survived only about a year or two, because the intensity of the desire was just to have a child. And not have the experience of all the stages of motherhood through time and age of the child. So, the desire to have the experience of motherhood was fulfilled in this life. But the child did not live on to give her the complete experience, because that was not supposed to be in this life. This is how karma works.

When the child came and left it actually removed a lot of roadblocks and burdens and it elevated people to a certain level of awareness. People who were going in a completely materialistic and emotional path were shaken by the death of the child. They started thinking – what is the whole thing about life and death? What am I trying to do here? Suddenly everybody became introspective. Am I doing the right thing? Is it really worth it? What is this whole thing about? Is there a God? Slowly they shifted to the thought of spirituality. Till that time it was impossible because a sudden shock was required in the family to tilt their level of awareness. To bring them to a certain track. The child did that job. It does not matter how long it lived, but lived sufficiently so you had those nice smiles and cries of that baby. These feelings are essential. If the child had died within 10 days you would not remember that way. But, if the child stayed on, for some time, and created its own impression, then you would remember. Then you cannot forget, and that changed the consciousness of the people. They started seeing things differently. We understand the larger purpose. So, every event has a larger meaning. Everything has a deeper purpose.


Q. When there is some injustice happening, e.g to your colleague in the office, should you do something about it or one should keep quiet?

The best medicine to counter all negativity is love. It is not easy. But it is the best medicine. Eventually people become helpless in front of love, unconditional love. When you start expressing love unconditionally, and express benevolence all the time, not only to the person who is trying to harm you, but everyone will shower you with love. If you are steadfast in love, and your path is that of love towards all beings, birds, animals, trees, people, it disarms and diffuses all negativities and elevates your consciousness to great heights. It also removes and destroys all kinds of psycho-somatic blockages too.

This is the best. Usually when, somebody does an injustice to us, our ego is hurt, and we feel hurt. This discriminating factor makes us react. Reaction always harms. But the moment you shift it to the intellect- what is he doing? What is this person doing? Why is he doing? Ok, he is doing this for me; there is some kind of an education happening in this whole thing and you start understanding the wholesomeness of an event and you start responding instead of reacting. Responding is with the intellect; Reaction is with the emotions. Try to discard emotions and start responding with the intellect. It disarms the other person (opponent) because it is not what he expected from you. The moment you react, the other person will be happy “this is what I am expecting”, an emotional outburst, crying or whatever. This is why the non-violence movement of Mahatma Gandhiji became so effective. It disarmed the opponent.

Q. But, when the opponent is your own colleague?

Yes, so in such situations, what you would do is let there be peace or those kinds of chanting or mantras. You can dilute the situation that way. But one thing you must understand- everybody gets what they deserve. So there is a certain deserving level playing inside all events. Everybody does not get what they desire, but what they deserve, they do get. There is the inevitable deserving factor. You cannot really contradict that; but with awareness you can overcome it. Each person is playing only his or her role. Nothing more or nothing less he or she can do. They come together to get a thing done, and then they disappear, go in separate ways. You cannot do much about that. Yet, you could keep responding with kindness. The most disarming weapon in the whole universe is LOVE. The other person will become helpless eventually and come to terms with himself. “Life” starts to blossom within him too. Real life is a life totally based on selflessness and unconditional love, not in-sensitiveness, competition, accumulation and greed.

Q. There is always a thought that, I need to do something about this injustice.

This is our usual response level. But use your intellect, respond, not react. That itself is a big war won. If emotion is coming forward, it will suck all your energy away and you will be exhausted. If you are responding, using your intellect, you will be much better as energy will not drain away. Even if you feel that somebody is using you or abusing you for some reason. Do you know what you are doing? You do have control over your actions. Right?

Awareness is the best way to overcome all sorts of things, but awareness must happen to all the people for perfect peace to land, and if a person is not evolved to that level of awareness, he will never understand, and he will continue with his reactions. But, you could certainly get back to your own inner peace and let the world happen as it would. Do not try to change others. Change yourself and lead by example. That is much more powerful than a million words. This is why Gandhiji is honored and respected even today. He lived his teachings.

That is why I had explained the predominant characteristics of people in 4 ways; Aggressive good, aggressive bad, passive good and passive bad.

Aggressive Good is a very intelligent man and is also selfless. He uses al his intellect, all his power, for the general well- being of the society. An example is Krishna, Jesus, Budha. They did feel, but never operated from the realm of emotions.

Aggressive Bad is a person who is extremely intelligent like Krishna, Budha or Jesus but using everything for selfish means. They are also very, very powerful, and you can see such people in our own society. They are politicians. They are very powerful people, yet mostly cunning, and are primarily only looking after their own life. They even harm the society for selfish ends. Society sometimes stands helpless because Aggressive Bad are intelligent and they play their cards very well. They also get away with their treachery. How many politicians get punished by law?

The third level is Passive Good. By nature they are good. They like to go home, be with the wife and children and take them to the shops. But they are passive. They cannot respond. They use emotion more than intellect. They are controlled by Aggressive Good or Aggressive Bad. If aggressive good is controlling them, they will be highly beneficial for the society. If aggressive bad is controlling them, these people’s goodness is used against them. You can see these people in society.

Last is Passive Bad. They are bad and negative by nature. What do they do? They abuse people. Sometimes they are a part of the mafia too. If their boss, the aggressive bad tells them, go and kill that man! They will  just go and kill that man. They will not feel anything. They do not think. They do not even ask – why should I kill that man? By nature they are negative. Such people are plenty. But these people can also be influenced by Aggressive Good and Aggressive Bad. If Aggressive Good is influencing them, they will slowly turn towards goodness and selflessness. Most of the times; Aggressive Bad influence them and they get used as tools to achieve their selfish ends. If you look at the society, you can see this classification working. These are broad classifications. There are mixtures of these too.

It is like a pyramid- Aggressive Good is in scarcity, but they are powerful enough to change the course of the history. Aggressive Bad is slightly bigger group. Since they are heavily selfish they could also sow negativities and create wars, agony and hatred in the society. Just draw a pyramid and then start putting the lines. Then Passive Good is slightly more than the Aggressive Bad. That is why we have armies. They are passive, but they are good. They take care of the country, but they obey rules. They are good natured. Like Yudhishthira from Mahabharata is a great example of Passive Good. He is a very good man, but if you follow a passive good leader, you could even be lead to the jungle! You know why; because, that his nature of goodness was not useful for himself. He was manipulated by the aggressive bad Sakuni, the maternal uncle of Duryodhana of Mahabharata. Yudhishtira was good by nature, honest, truthful, but that is not used in an intelligent way. He should know that, if he played the dice, he could not win his opponent. Yet, dice was his weakness. (Likewise, even today, how many people lose their entire wealth through gambling? They cannot control their weaknesses. Emotion is driving them.) That intellect was missing, instead he upheld the truth that I am a Kshatria (warrior); if someone challenges me, I should accept the challenge and fight. There you should use the Bernard Shaw Principle. “I will not stand in front of the gun. If you want, you stand. I know that if they shoot, I will die. It is foolishness to show bravery by standing in front of the Gun!” It would rather be more sensible to be alive and tackle matters rather than die and become a statue on the wall for the birds to poop on. So this is the intellect’s capacity of discrimination. Like passive bad Dusshasana of Mahabharata. Duryodhana will just tell him to go and kill a man and he will go and kill and come back and drink his tea. He would not even think twice. The Dushasana will never ask a question of why he should kill somebody at all. He likes to break people’s bones because that is his nature, his hobby. He goes around and does that. All the contract killers are of this kind. They do not care. They like to inflict pain and misery and rejoice at their handiwork.

(Dear Readers, you can also read Mohanji’s blog on this subject for further understanding- http://pkmohan.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/terrestrial-expressions/)

Q. The Creator or the Existence is benevolent. But if you look at the entire world, it seems that it is ruled by aggressive bad. So much that one tends to conclude that bad prevails. How does creation let these happen?

You see, creation happens in various levels. The first level of creation, when the Parabramha decided to experience himself, the first form, the form of an egg happened. There was only purity. There was no division. Then the relativity made room for hundreds and thousands and trillions of creations possibilities. So, there are creators from the level of the Almighty and then creators at our level. That is, we are creating our destiny in our own way with our available materials. So, when creators are of various levels, their creations also should have difference and variety. That is why the universe is full of variety.

Q. Is this controlled by the Almighty?

No, Almighty just energizes the creation. It is just like the petrol of the car, that never tells you where to go.  The soul never tells you what to do, what to create. You use your clay, which is your intellect, Budhi, Ahankar and Chitta. You create within your understanding levels, with your education, with your knowledge and all other available materials, if you could.

The almighty certainly has a much higher awareness or complete awareness, as you very well know, and he may not even get involved in the creation. As an investor would create the first company, appointed people to run it and develop it, and then his staff made further companies out of the profits from the first company, creation happened through many hands and continues to happen so. Each staff may not possess the total view or macro view of the owner, and hence, creation also will be of at his level of consciousness.  The owner will allow you to create. I will tell you one prominent example. Look at the consciousness level of animals. It is almost like a one, two or three year old human child. They feel, they respond to love, just like a small human child. That is it. So, the highest IQ or intelligence level in an animal is the same that of a human child. So, where do we stand in consciousness? And there are “animals” and “God” in men too, 🙂  that is why we create many realities such as hatred, anger, jealousy and fear, as well as Love. So, who put the clay together for the animals?  Who created those? There are entities that designed such things. Some entities were extremely artistic. They created those beautiful birds, colorful fishes and wonderful flowers. 🙂

There are so many creation levels in the universe. It is not created by one person. We can call it as Bramha. Bramha has various dimensions. Bramha has four faces, so four dimensions of creation, isn’t it? Four represents all angles, all sides or total dimension. All the dimensions of creation are expressed in the universe, projected into the space, and it is not only on earth but also in very different and diverse location or positions, unimaginable to human mind. So when the creator created the creators, or, when the creator – that is Parabramha The Supreme Almighty created the original creators, there was some kind of uniformity, or, same IQ level, because they were original expressions of the original creator. Further creations of were of different levels of consciousness. Still further creations were of various levels of consciousness. It also mattered with the location, time, space and available material. Like this, world has hundreds of different levels of consciousness. They have no uniformity; but they have one destination – eventually to merge with the supreme father – Parabramha. The clays are of different colors and flavors. So you cannot really look at it as – okay, at the end of the day, behind every creation, is the one Supreme Entity who individually created it all! Definitely, there is no doubt about the Supreme Entity. But that entity is just watching the show. Perfect witnesshood! He likes to see the show. They are all His projections. One day he could withdraw everything and says – ok the show is over – get back home. 🙂  Finished!!! And this is certainly possible. Since time has no existence in the supreme, because time needs relativity to exist, we cannot predict on which date the Almighty will wind up the show. 🙂 It could be in the next trillion years, from the angle of time and relativity. Why bother? We have only today to play with. So, play on…


Q. What message can we tell to people with different belief systems e.g. – people believing in different religions have their fixed ideas and ways of salvation. They think that, their way is the only way of salvation and they are fixed about it. What message can we give to those people? I feel they are in delusion.

This could be your understanding. They might be quite evolved. We should not judge or criticize another. Anyways, have you thought why do they think so? It is because of their understanding level or level of consciousness. That consciousness could be of the first standard or second standard or third standard. They can only understand things in that way. Allow them to be. In the absolute sense there is no Hindu, Muslim or Christian; NOTHING. There are only human beings. Just another species. And GOD? There is only one entity. All are expressions of that entity. It is only in the waking state that you think, ‘Oh you are a Christian, you are a Hindu or you are a Muslim’. But when you are sleeping, where is the Christian, Hindu or Muslim?.  All gone!  So there is no deep meaning for any of the religions except that it is just another path leading to God. Whichever path you follow, is fine because it is up to you. Whichever religion you may want to follow, be good and do good. Be kind, generous and compassionate. End of the day, only that matters. End of the day, only your inner peace and cleanliness of your inner space matters. Inner Peace matters a lot, because it becomes the outer peace.

If people feel that there is difference between religions or one is better than the other, it only reflects their level of understanding or consciousness. Allow them to be. If they are open and receptive, you can say that, ‘Okay; have a look at this or why don’t you look at it this way?’ What happens to your religion at night when you are sleeping? So, why do we have to worry about religion? If you like to worship in a Muslim way, please do. There is no problem. If you like to worship in the Christian way, please do. If you want to follow the Buddhist principles, please do. These are all fine. This is your journey. Walk with faith and conviction. No true guru will ever say that this is the right way or the right path. Everything is relative. If the path is of liberation, nobody can bind you. If I bind your leg with my leg, I too cannot walk, right?

So a guru who is steadfast on the path of liberation can never bind you. He will never do that. When binding happens understand that there is a lack of awareness, or, consciousness is really low. Those seeming Gurus who are insecure themselves, may put fear in you that if you don’t come to him every week, you will have a big problem. Thus, he put the seed of fear in you. It will grow by itself. When you are not coming for meditation and by chance you fall down; then you will think….. “Oh! I did not go for meditation. Guruji had said that I will fall down, so I fell down!” Automatically fear will create more fear. The Guru need not worry. The seed of fear that he sowed in his disciple will automatically grow. This is totally against the path of liberation. If I say, if you come here, or do not come here, no problem – I am with you. This is your home. This is the path of liberation, and this is the truth. I like to remain fearless and keep you fearless. There are no insecurities and fears in our path. We need not meet even. We are connected with the strong rope of faith.

If you look at all the Great Masters or saints over time, they were always steadfast on the path of liberation; not binding. Binding never happened. In today’s world, why does binding happen? Political interest or money, just money and power! If you do not come here, how can I take money from your pocket? So I make sure you come here. The best method is fear. I create fear in you, so that becomes a chain, and I bind you. If I liberate you, you may go and spend the money elsewhere. So what will I do? Do you understand the problem? Do you see this clearly? Be aware of how the world operates. There are so many traps in the path of spirituality. All that glitters are not GODs! 🙂 Insecurity of certain people and certain religions are visible all around! People who handle religions often have serious insecurities. That is why fears are created in their subjects; otherwise, when a man is on the path of liberation, fears cannot exist.  In the path of liberation, fears have no value. If fears exist, there is a total lack of awareness and understanding.

But, we need not preach. We should not preach. We should not argue or fight. We need not deliberately educate people or tell people. If they come to us, we answer, we guide with love, affection and objectivity. We should not try to convert either. Nobody can convert another, but can convert only themselves from the accumulated filths of the mind to purity. No other conversions have any permanent value. So, lead by example. Live the truth and peace that you have experienced. Do not sell your mind to other people and allow it to be influenced and utilized. Live your truth and live your understanding. Do not allow others to manipulate you and later complain. .

You express happiness, contentment, desirelessness, higher awareness, love, selflessness, then others will think…. look at this fellow, living in the same terrestrial standards that I live in, How can he be so liberated? They will ask you – What is the trick?  What is the secret? At that time you can say, ‘Try this path, and this path has no binding’.

We never say that if you meditate, you will be ok and if you do not meditate, you will not be ok and will become unacceptable. It is a path of liberation, a path of Pathlessness, where anything becoming a habit is not accepted. We have to eventually shed everything to move on in liberation, including our body, mind and intellect.

Well, you can follow the path of meditation and if it does not take you higher, drop it. Even if this guru is looking good, but he does not take you any higher, drop him. Be on the path of liberation; just like you travel through the classes of the school. Different teachers may come and guide you. Have faith in that side of existence where all the gurus talk the same. Different mouths are giving you the same information. Mohanji may die tomorrow and somebody else will come and guide you. This is ok because it does not matter, as long as you are guided and you are protected, and you have faith. It is your faith that matters. Remember this clearly.

If you cannot hold on to your own experience and grow up from there, if you are completely suffocated with the image of a Guru which you have created and you expect that person to fit into that image and if he changes you discard him; where does the problem lie? In the guru or you? 

If the message is good for you, you should take it, if the message is not good for you, why do you bother? Drop it. Just drop it. This is my sincere advice. Do not come to see me for my sake. Come to see me for your sake. Think what has been your experience and hold on to it. Others can have their own opinions. But, you need not necessarily buy them. Why do you buy things you do not need or will never use? Buy only things that you need. That will leave more walking space in your home and it also means peace of mind. 🙂

In the path of liberation, nobody imposes anything on anybody and nobody ever binds anybody to anything. I tell you to meditate. If you meditate, you will reach certain levels. Why are still a lot of people coming together and having experiences with the Power of Purity meditation? This is because of their openness and faith. This meditation is a communion where you are actually communing with your own consciousness and soul. Results have to happen. How can results not happen?

And if somebody tells against something, and you change, how deep is your faith and how shallow is your own experience? Think about it. If you discard your own experience for others words, you could be terribly insecure. Strengthen your mooladhara. Gain more stability. 🙂

We have to start walking from where we stand. I can start walking only from this point. I cannot walk from where you are sitting. I can start from there only if I go to that place – correct? So we have to start walking from where we stand, and that is our experience. Start from your own experience and keep progressing. Do not keep shifting your faith based on others words. If you want to leave Mohanji, it is fine. But, this message stays true wherever you are, and which ever path or Guru you are following.

Experience to experience and finally all experiences become one and you become one with the universal experience – this is how it should grow. Others words have no value, you know, it does not really matter.

My Love towards you is eternal.

11 thoughts on “Q&A in Muscat, November 17, 2011”

  1. Dearest Mohanji:

    Thank you for reinforcing again and again the understanding that we must have to evolve! I feel blessed and so grateful!

    With my deepest gratitude and unconsitional love,


  2. I love that all souls will eventually be free from the cycle of birth and death, each in his own time, each according to their karmic load and efforts. It completely eliminates all reasons for feeling victimized, for each of us get what we deserve and have earned.
    What is also clear, is that we need to totally drop all do-ership, that again, eliminates all possibilities of feeling either inferior or superior, for all we are are vessels, not do-ers.
    Thankyou beloved Mohanji, Thankyou for your seva Deepali ji.

  3. Rajdeep Dutta

    Pronam Mohanji,
    Just completed reading and feeling truly blessed. Keep showing us light and guide us to the path eternal love. Humbly,
    Rajdeep (Dubai)

  4. Anitha Sreekumar

    Dear Mohanji,
    Your writings are always answers to our spiritual doubts…The experiences for which we have come to this world..help us to experience them with an open heart and evolve ourselves. As You enlightened us, if we realise that we are not the doer, then how can the actions or the results affect us? Thanks a ton for these nectarine words. I bow to You and to the Great Masters!

    With Love & only Love
    Anitha Sreekumar

  5. Mohanji,

    You have put it in such simple – common terms…of understanding and awareness…that the web of confusion or ignorance in some cases is cleared in one sweep….gr8…way to go….on the path of liberation !

    Loving u most and more…

  6. A.Madhusudhan

    Sairam Mohanjee,

    Whenever i feel fear and emotion i read your Q & A happened in satsang where I will get nector like answers to my questions.

    Thanks to Gurujee


  7. Dearest Mohan ji,

    your words are like a divine mirror ,who so ever look into it will find his/her true self.
    Thanks for showing us the mirror of divinity.

    suman and joy

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