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This is a compilation of Mohanji’s answers to the questions he got and which are general enough to share for the benefit of everybody.


“All of you who are deeply linked to my consciousness, there is no ritual to connect to me. Be Mohanji to experience Mohanji. One consciousness and many manifestations. There are no many masters. There is only One master and His or Her many manifestations. 

The various forms are illusion. Your mission in this lifetime is to stay linked to the unmanifested behind all manifestations.”
“Do not waste time on sensations. Invest in silence inside. Invest in awareness. That is the only material which is worth investing on. Life goes on comparisons, images, names, forms so on and so forth. 

We are eager to create frames and lock personalities inside it, even calling titles like father, mother, brother, friend, lover, husband etc. This is complete waste of time. Just be and just let be. Keep connecting to the unmanifest inside every manifested beings. “


There is no point in preaching at all, if you do not have conviction and if you are not consciously living it. All people are sharing their opinions into this world constantly. Social media supports it. But, nobody is listening! Nobody cares. The world accepts and discards everything almost simultaneously and moves on to the next sensory pleasure. Human retention levels are very weak unless they are shocks of life. Good things are forgotten easily.

Living your deepest conviction is the key. Do it without inhibitions. Do it without expectations. When you live it consciously, it becomes a bold statement to the world. You may be criticized or ridiculed by your contemporaries who may not understand your consciousness, but, if your intentions are pure and non-violent, the world will read your message and may take inspiration from it sooner or later. Yet, this should not be our concern at all. 

When you are concerned about your future status, manipulations may take place consciously or unconsciously. You may tend to harbor pretensions. This should be avoided at all cost. Never pretend. Be spontaneous. Always live your life without expectations. Whether the world appreciates you or not, live your highest truth. Live your conviction. Those who understand you will gather around you. One flame can light many lamps. Only strong flames can weather all storms. It is worth being a true flame.

Those who do not understand us are not our concern. Those who understand us are also not our concern. Those who cannot understand you will leave you. Those who understand will follow spontaneously. Staying steadfast with our truth is definitely our concern. Consistency is our concern. Truth expressed unselfishly becomes a movement. Those who crave for truth will recognize it and follow it. Those who cannot, need not. Your life should become your bold statement. The rest is not your concern.


One flame can light many lamps. Only strong flames can weather all storms. It is worth being a true flame.

The success and failure factor in human relationship depends on higher purpose and expectation. Clear higher purpose helps maintain a healthy and successful relationship while expectation systematically destroys it.

Q: But what if people in any relationship are on different awareness levels? Is that incompatibility even if without expectations? How to deal then Ji?

A: If the purpose is clear and selfless, awareness shifts to the required frequency.

Question: Secret of a successful Life?
Answer: Just glide like water through life. Keep flowing.

Q: What is Sukh (Happiness) according to you?
A: Fulfillment and Completion.

Q: Why is Sukh transitory?
A: What ever is transitory is not Sukh. It is just “asukh” (whatever is not sukh -illness in one sense which could also be interpreted as ignorance or non-understanding) All that is transitory are momentary pleasures for the mind which pretend to be happiness.

Question: What is the root cause of ego?
Answer : Ignorance

Question: Do we have the right to be occasionally egoistic?
Answer : No. That leads to decay of awareness. Only one entity has the right to be egoistic in the whole universe. The original creator who began with the creation of relativity. Then again, he is full, free and complete. He is complete awareness. Complete awareness is lack of ego. Enjoy.

Pinky’s Dilemma: I am at the train station. Hundreds of people buzzing past. Faceless. Where are they all going? (Philosophical question.)
Answer: Rushing in the conveyor belt of time that recycles existence. Watch closely. They are all walking on destiny towards dissolution.

Mohanji quote Do not do life

Tanya’s Question: Read your blog Who is afraid of the truth 1&2 which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet, one clarification if I may please. In one word, who is afraid of the truth?
Answer: Cowards.

Shortened question: You mentioned that all masters are echoing the same truth through time. Is there anything original in this universe?
Answer: Yes. GOD.

Question: How do you connect with us while you are physically so far away?
Answer: I connect when you connect. I connect when you do not connect too, just like electricity stays at the switch board on your wall. When you think or talk about me, irrespective of whether it is good or bad, you are connected to my consciousness. 

I am always with you, whether you see me, feel me or awaken in me. I am not the body. I am the consciousness that this body represents. There is no distance in consciousness.

Question: Your opinion about social media…
Answer: Sign of times. One of the key aspects of human existence is expression. Time has provided this opportunity to virtually express oneself. If it is not used well and positively, we can consider ourselves as obsolete. I believe we can use any platform we like, as long as positive expressions flow uninterrupted.

Question: Is there a measuring tape for higher and lower awareness?
Answer : Yes. It is LOVE.
If your awareness is filled with cause less love without discrimination and expectations, you can consider yourself quite high in awareness. If there are even small particles of doubts, jealousy, anger, hatred, comparisons or anything that is not causeless and unconditional love, you still have to cleanse yourself further. Hope this gives clarity.

Mohanji Brightening quote Life depends on How you interpret it

Question: Where is the light – Mohanji? (From Ann)
Answer: Within you. The light that you have always been searching for outside of you has always been within you. Turn inward. Be persistent. Be patient. You will find it sooner or later.

Question: What is the original meaning of Satsang? (Question from Anca)
Answer: Elevating company. The most elevating and fulfilling company in your system is your own soul. Being one with your own soul. Soul is the only factor in our system which is totally still and unaffected by the internal and external factors of our existence. Being with the soul means having your mind still. When mind is still, you can see the true reflection of yourself in your self.

Q: How to let the past go?
A:Through objective awareness. Be aware of the present which should have nothing to do with the past. Past will leave its impressions on the present. Be aware of that too. When you become constantly aware of your present thoughts, words and action and handle it objectively, you are always in a meditative state. This will release the past from the present.

Question: Is the soul a perpetual witness?
Answer: Only in human context, we can consider so. This is because we have many other layers of witness-hood to consider. The mind, ego, intellect etc. In that context, we can consider the soul as the final witness. But, in absolute sense, soul has nothing to witness. Soul is everything. The witness, the witnessed and the object. Neither is soul anything. Soul has no agenda. Soul is always free.

To Anu… (Unconditional love does not exist in the world. What do you recommend? – Condensed question)
Do not blame the children. They do not believe in unconditional love because we are not demonstrating it by “living it”. Try living unconditional love, not only your children, but the whole world will reciprocate. 

The whole world is the expression of the supreme soul. It’s nature is unconditional love. I know what you mean – the world today is conditioned for conditional love. Even if you love unconditionally, they may suspect you and will never accept it easily. My suggestion is to keep trying. It is worth it. At least, your inner space will remain clean and pure without any expectations. So, I still do recommend it.

Question: How do we live with people who pretend to care yet do not; who praise you in front of you and talk bad about you elsewhere?
Answer: Ignore them. Behave with them as you would to a person who is ill. Be kind and compassionate, yet detached. Do not carry their baggage on your shoulders.

Question: How can I achieve a fundamental shift in character, habits and such bindings this lifetime?
Answer: Choose to energize positiveness in life. Discard everything that is negative in nature. Energize merits. Ignore demerits. Cherish what you have in life. Ignore what you do not have. 

Be in the present and do your best right now. Keep re-inventing yourself every moment with the question – what else can I do for the world? Explore yourself more. Be positive against all odds of life. Good life is a choice. Good life is an attitude. This is an attitude which is worth it. This is the secret.

Q: What makes people wander in the spiritual journey?
A: Unsatiated mind that creates expectations, falls for sensory glitters, nurtures concepts and non-understanding and makes one believe that peace is always elsewhere.

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Compiled by Biljana Vozarevic

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