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Usually people have only very small blockages within them, which prevent them from experiencing the ultimate or the highest. Sometimes if there is a problem with our body, we do not realize until it becomes serious. 

In the same way, we are used to carrying a blockage over from many life times, so sometimes we do not see it, or feel it because it’s part of our system. But in such a communion you are able to access your real self.

Mohanji talking about Progressing

 I wouldn’t call the Power of Purity a meditation because it is more of a communion. The 360 degrees is a meditation because you are deliberately cleansing the chakras in a certain way so that the higher energies can be accessed. 

Furthermore, it’s more serious and time consuming, and unless the person has perseverance, he cannot get through it. But the Power of Purity meditation opens all the channels, and then the communion becomes easier. This is more of a communion than a meditation. So you are able to access your real self.

I will briefly explain what this accessing is all about.

When your soul first took birth in this plane of Earth, the soul was fully in communion with the Higher Entity, i.e. there was no difference between the Higher and you. It desired to take a certain unit, such as a body, only for certain experiences. 

At that time, I would call it a dharmic experience, or something which is not of a karmic nature. It wasn’t binding, it always had a choice that it could go back whenever it needed. Later on, what happens is relationships happen, bindings happen, ownership happens, attachments happen. 

Then you go through the process of births and deaths. So when you go through the process of births and deaths, the unit becomes further unitized i.e. you start feeling that “I am a unit. I am not part of the Higher Existence”. This is just a notion that the mind gives you, but reality is different. We don’t access reality because we don’t know how. It is something unknown. 

For a conscious mind, for a particular body, for a particular duration, you have taken it on to experience certain things and to express certain things. And like that, life has gone by. Many lives, many births have happened. And over this time, the consciousness which was one started segregating. 

You can always access the Higher Consciousness – just like the transformer outside, but it had to go through a smaller unit to give you electricity in the house. Like that, you started operating with a smaller infrastructure. But the Higher always exists, and you can always access it, provided the blockages are removed.

So now the situation is that you have gone through various lives, experienced enough and you think, “This is all temporary. I have been doing this for lifetimes. Where is the relief now?” Then you start getting back to your real nature. 

This Higher – what I call “transformer” – starts coming close to you. And you are in the process of merging with it. Again back to your old form, which is all powerful. Which is not different from the Higher energy that created the world. It’s just a unitized form, that’s all. Like a drop of sea water has all the properties of the mother ocean. 

Just like that, you have all the properties of the Creator. But you will start knowing that and feeling that and experiencing that. Knowing has no value, because then the mind always plays games, “Oh, you were probably imagining, you never really experienced it”. 

But experiencing and owning that experience takes you to the next level. Because this is 100% personal material. Nobody can have the same experience that you have had, because you have earned it. Because of your past life sadhanas, you have reached a particular level where you got the eligibility level to experience such a thing. 

So you have that prarabdha with you. And that created that experience for you. In such a case, nobody can take it away from you. Like your experience in professional life – nobody can take it away from you. Maybe they can steal a seat, but not the experience – that belongs to you. 

Just like that, whatever you have earned is yours. And you are travelling from there. The best thing about spirituality is – wherever you stopped in your last life, you continue from there in this life. There is a continuity. But as regards the physical, mental, emotional – there is no continuity, so each life, you cut it off and you start again. 

Sometimes we feel the familiarity of emotions and people, that’s about it. Once you travel through this path of experience and evolution, detachment happens. Whether a particular thing or person is with us or not with us, it doesn’t make a difference, we are still the same. We are actually immune to all the external affairs. We are very happy with our internal strength and that is what you call God. So this is the process, in short.

Q: Today, while doing the meditation, despite the physical discomfort due to not being used to sitting down, somehow I felt that something was moving inside, under the skin on my forehead. I don’t know what. I could visualize everything while blessing, but somehow I could not visualize myself. 

Then you were telling us to “visualize friends, relatives”. I could visualize everyone, but when it came to visualizing myself, I could not see myself. I don’t know why.

M: There are two reasons for that. First of all, acceptance of ourselves is much more difficult than accepting other people. This is our truth. This is often why we have conflicts within. We can probably accept another person, just as we accept film heroes, or we accept gurus, or others. We accept or do not accept – both are the same, both we can do. 

Definitely you have the faculty to accept an external being. But internally, we say we are not up to the mark. We feel we are somewhat short, as we are very judgmental of ourselves. Sometimes we are judgmental about other people and they go away from us. This also happens, but essentially we are very judgmental of ourselves. 

In order to come together with you, or with the world, or with any activity that you do, first of all, acceptance of yourself with all the pluses and all the minuses is very important. With that, deep peace falls over you. Maybe other people will say that you are not up to the mark. That is their opinion. That is not your reality. 

Please understand that clearly. If someone comes and tells you Person X is not 100%, that is their opinion. Does that person know you? In all your states? It can never happen because you have 3 states every day.

One is the waking state where you are sitting now. Then there is a dream state, where you are also operating, using energy from the system, but you are operating at a much wider angle than you can in the physical form because sometimes you can see yourself in another country, USA or some country in Europe. 

You are probably married to another person. So many dreams happen, and there you are sorting out so many issues. So you have an active dream state.
Then you have a 3rd state – a deep sleep state where you are completely nullifying all your identities. You do not know whether you are a man or a woman. 

You don’t know whether it’s day or night. You don’t know what the time is. Time, space – everything vanishes. Your identity is also dissolved. That state is the state of replenishing, astral travel and all such things, because your identities are not bothering you. 

Then you wake up, you bring back all the identities of this life. And you start believing that this is my qualification, this is my job. Like that, if some person is giving their opinion about you, how much of you does he understand?

This is why I say that there are 2 nonsensical things we always do. We start talking about other people, and say, “I know him. He is like that”, etc. This is only 1 part of him, his activity which we are expressing. This is a waste of time.
Likewise we become too judgmental about ourselves and we undervalue ourselves. Or overvalue. Some people have more than required. 

That is also not good. Be real. “I am like this”. That is why yesterday in Chandigarh, I said this – like a mother, observe your thoughts. Some of the children, i.e. some of the thoughts, are very naughty. Let them be. Do not try to censor it, manipulate it, criticize it, or block it. 

Let it all flow through your mind. Don’t participate and just watch. When a mother watches the child very closely, the child will behave in a normal way, without any interference. Like that, you can detach yourself and watch your own thoughts. 

When that happens more and more, your detachment becomes much easier. So you will start accepting yourself from every angle. Once you start accepting yourself from every angle, it’s easy to bless yourself. Because you are an entity, just like any other entity. There is no difference. 

You have taken this shape for a particular experience, or for a set of experiences or expressions. Whichever way you look at it, this is fine. Nobody else is like you, nobody can be compared with another. So where is the conflict? Everything dissolves. 

When everything dissolves, there is a deep shanti, a deep peace within. And that peace is transferable. When you are in the company of other people, they also feel the peace. Similarly, when we are agitated and we try to mix with other people, they also feel the same agitation. This is because they can catch it – it’s subtle, but it’s potent, so they catch it. 

Like that, if you keep practicing this, if you like to practice it, practice it. If you cannot meditate due to bodily discomfort – whether you are sitting down or not, that is normal. Meditation is a stage where the mind is getting dissolved. So mind will protest – it’s like when someone is drowning. They will desperately try to get a breath. 

Like that, mind creates certain situations where you are unsettled. You feel restless, and that has to happen. Because then you know that mind exists. Then you have to look beyond the mind.

 “Ok, mind, you are fine, you are doing your job. I am doing my job as well. I am not you. You are a part of me, but I am not you.” Detachment happens. Then it’s very simple. Discomfort? You won’t even feel you are a body; this gentleman here felt the same. 

He was completely expanded – I was watching. You know, he has done tremendously well in one go. That eligibility achieved – I hate to compare, but you can achieve the same thing too.

Mohanji quote - Look Beyond the mind

What I am saying is – walk the path. Do not measure your progress. Do not compare yourself with another person. Keep walking with faith and 100% purity. Not for a particular reason, but saying, “Whatever result happens, I accept it.” 

Whatever food comes to your table is your Prasad, your gracious gift, for the day from the deity, from God. Like that, you accept it as it is. No harm will happen. Faith will make sure that no harm will happen. Like that, if you go further, things start clearing. 

And particular gurus will come and give you information as well. You won’t know where they came from, but you will get your information. And Guru is not just one individual or an image. It is a sanskara, it’s a tradition. Guru is a tradition. 

You will get your apt information at the right time, whether you follow a guru or not. It is also essential not to be bound by it. I have a tea today, I am happy. If I don’t have a tea, well enough.

If you exist that way, all the frictions will vanish. There are no conflicts within any more. Like that, you can progress further.
Transcribed by Madhusudan Rajagopalan

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