Peaceful Inside, Postponement and Expectations, Astral Plane

Satsang in Novi Sad, Serbia,18th May 2012

You can also watch this on youtube: Mohanji – The Aim is Liberation 1-7


Peaceful Inside

Mohanji quote - When you leave the remote control of your happiness

If you look at your whole life, it’s just like a cinema. No situations are repeated just like that. We go along with time. I can only lift right hand or left hand at this second. By the time I lift right hand, my choice is finished. 

Then it is another second, to lift left hand or right hand. So just like a movie, things are going. If we understand that clearly, we will have much lesser sorrows. Because we feel we control our life.

But something else controls us, because time is given, space is given, intelligence and choices are very limited. So, why do we complain? In this meditation, the space we have mentioned, just to say, it is you who created this space. 

Because whatever happens outside of us, if we are peaceful inside, we can survive. Because if we give the remote control of our life in somebody’s hands, they keep changing channels. Who suffers? We suffer.

So if our life depends on other people too much and if our happiness and sorrows depend on other people too much, we will have sorrows. I’m not saying that we should not talk to other people, but we should take other people as other people. So if they are happy, of they do good, if they smile at you, it doesn’t change much within us.

But we are usually relationship oriented. When we are relationship-oriented, what happens is, a lot of people have influence on us every day. So how do we handle this? Through increasing awareness. Whether it’s sunshine or rain, life goes on. Whether today I’m happy or not, life goes on. Whether I’m fat or thin it doesn’t matter, life goes on

Another thing, we always think, if we were somebody else, it would be better. Because we think we have defects, and other people do not have defects. E.g. I imagine ”If I were Arnold Schwarzenegger, everything would be better.” HA, HA. It’s impossible. And he will have these problems as well, that we do not know. Also what we think about other people also influences us.

So one way I said other people control our lives, this is because we give the remote control to a lot of people. Likewise, we think other people are better off, whether better looking, or better money or position… something better than us. But one thing i can guarantee you. I have met many supremely rich people, but what I have found was they have much more insecurity than a normal person.

Most of them cannot sleep well. Most of them are terribly worried, as they created a prison around themselves to protect themselves. At the end of the day, they fail to enjoy what they have. 

And to top it all, to get the money it takes a lot of effort, sweat and blood. But to maintain that it is even more difficult. I’m not saying money is bad, money is good, it’s energy. But if it’s above your eyes, you are drowning.

If we have enough money in our hands we control it. If we have money above the neck, it controls us. Many people who are rich and famous are prisoners of their own fame and fortune. So don’t think ”I’ll be happy tomorrow.” or ”I’ll be happy when I have a lot of money.” Can you be happy now? This is the only reality. If tomorrow happens, thank you. But I cannot guarantee 🙂


Mohanji quotes - If our life depends

The Story about Postponement and Expectations

There is a great epic ”Mahabharata”. It is about the war between two cousins, the sons of two brothers. They fight a war for kingdom. The war is orchestrated by an avatar Krishna. During that time the war is based on truth. So they will not fight after sunset. It’s like in 9am to 5pm job 🙂 

When the war was getting finished, Krishna and the elder most senior member of one of the groups, the eldest of the opponent group, met to see the battlefield, so while they were seeing, they were checking what happened, how many people had died that day. So suddenly one beggar came. 

He asked the man who was with Krishna, ”I’m hungry, can you give me some money?” But he didn’t get his wallet, so he said, ”Come back tomorrow, I’ll give it to you.” 

The beggar went away because he will get nothing. Krishna started laughing and he was laughing and laughing. So this fellow was surprised, ”I didn’t crack a joke now,why are you laughing?” ”No, no, I’m laughing because you are sure you will be alive tomorrow to give the money to the beggar, I’m not.” 

Krishna is an avatar and HE said, ”I do not know my future”. The other person who is ignorant was quite sure about his future. This is human existence. We postpone things thinking we have a very long future and sleep on it. What Krishna says is, ”If you can do something now, do it. Do not promise for something in the future. If you cannot deliver, you have to come back again to deliver.

Life is as simple as that. We make it complicated because of our expectations. We keep increasing our shopping list so we are not able to fulfill that. God has nothing to do with it. God blesses you all the time.

I always tell people, “I fail to understand why you complicate your life. And 80% of the complications are related to expectation. One small example, we are born thanks to two people, our parents. 

They brought us up until we were able to be on our own and make our own living. But at the age of 40, if one says, “Where are my parents, they are not helping me?” It doesn’t make sense. So as life goes, the relationships also change. Parents remain the same, of course, we don’t change them, but the intensity, the connectivity, and relevance also differs. 

Because after some time you may look after the parents. While you were a child they looked after you. This is how life goes. Life goes from today, to tomorrow, to the day after tomorrow, but take your mind with you when you go. Body is going definitely, because we are getting old. Take the mind with you.

Like, if you leave your clothes in different houses you have to collect them back, right? So better to take clothes when you go. Then when you do not have the choice of stopping the time and staying young, take the mind with you. Mind goes from event to event. Body goes from time to time. If these go together, you are a peaceful person. 

And your presence will make others peaceful as well. They will want to meet you and discuss something with you… at least put their burden on you. If mind can travel along with the body, you are in control of your mind. And you will never feel like a victim, “Oh, I’m suffering because of this or that person.”


Mohanji quote Life is simple We make it complicated

This is not a meditation what you just did. It is purification. When you purify yourself, life becomes easier. Your mind’s immunity will become higher, because shocks of life affect the mind. 

When you do each of these meditations, the effects are different because cleansing is happening from very, very deep level. On physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual level, depending on where you’ve got more blockages. 

Sometimes we think we have certain blockages. What we think may not be the most important one, and what is removed is the most important one which prevents your progress. Then miracles happen. Miracles do happen, if we allow them to. Once Jesus said, “I refuse to show miracles” because people are getting stuck with miracles, not him or his consciousness. 

Jesus had the whole consciousness to offer, and people were coming to see the magic. What can we do? So what did he say? “Connect to Me and you will reach the highest, the Father” But how many people went to Him to reach the Father? Nobody went to him to reach the Father. They went to him asking, “Can you remove my cough?” (I was joking). 

When people pray to me, “Please can you get me a parking, so that I come for your meditation?” HA, HA. Our requirements are sometimes very low. Because I didn’t have onion, I couldn’t cook a particular dish. But there are many other vegetables to cook a dish. Because our mind was focused on onion and was not available, we forgot to eat, or we could not eat, ha, ha.

So what is worth investing on in this life? One thing worth investing in this life is awareness. Awareness is the larger vision of life. Seeing instead from these eyes, from third eye. When you start seeing from the third eye, the past, present and future stay at one point. Then we are deathless. 

Because in absolute sense, just like a film, we have been projected to the world, this earth. Like a film has three hours of duration, we have about eighty years of duration. In between we see many situations, many people, many events, and we act in it. Then the film ends. Another film comes. Like with humming with the stomach in bee breath (before meditation), it is never ending. 

So, continue acting. If you do not want to act any more, stop desiring. Do not enter into the next contract. If you do not want to enter into another contract, it would be better that we do not have too many relationships, that means friends, and too many enemies. It would be better if we are kind rather than venomous. So people will say, ok, bless you. It helps. 

The vibrations help. The more you are kind and you are able to express it, the more liberated you become. It’s not about spending money for poor people. It’s just if somebody is not feeling good, just support. This is good. Kindness, charity is not only spending money. It is being kind in every situation. Everybody responds to love. 

Not only human beings, but animals, birds, plants, every being responds to love. When you express love consistently, you operate in a very liberated plane. Your image will be reflected in everybody’s eyes. You and the universe become one. That is how you become deathless, because you merge with the universe.

Q: How do you do?

A: How are things done through me? If I have to do something, there should be an “I”. That means an ego element. When that is gone, I surrender to the universe, things happen through me, so instead of controlling me, I control situations. You know how? I can wear the dress of anger, if i have to express anger. 

Then I remove the dress, anger is gone. I can wear the dress of happiness, if I have to express happiness. Then I can remove the dress of happiness, too and become neutral. I choose to wear whatever dress that situation needs. It’s not automatic. It’s not I have all the dress on me, I show it, that’s not the way. I wear it. Otherwise I stay naked. 

When we are in control of the situations, there is much less pain within. It might be hot or raining outside, but it doesn’t affect us. This is why I’m able to deliver something to people and why people come to see me. That is “how I do”

I always tell people, take the life as a joke, don’t be serious, because anyway you will die some day. Be happy today. What is the point in being upset? And if we are not able to sleep well at night, it’s not worth it. We work hard, earn money, and sleep, life should be normal.


Astral plane

Mohanji quote - When we can consciously

When you are in the astral plane, you are in your home town, because after every death you go there. There are no comparisons because all are in the energy plane, all are energy bodies, there is no discrimination, how much you earn, how much I earn… it doesn’t matter. 

There is an immense level of peacefulness, a beauty of existence on that plane. But when you come to the gross plane, there is x number of comparisons. When we can consciously hand over our operations, body activities, to the conscious mind, (conscious mind has limitation, but that is the only operation we do), we are in control of our life. 

When you came to the Earth before you took birth now, you had a definite plan, you chose your parents, and you knew you were going to take birth to experience these things, and to express these things, the whole life. The same way, when consciousness shifts, you will also decide to leave the body, you will be able to leave the body at will. 

I don’t know how many of you have seen the picture on top of Himalayas, a pool full of bodies inside. Those are saints who left their body at will, it is call water exit, exit through water. It is at the altitude above 8000 m. When they are meditating, they get a command that the time has come to leave. They have finished their purpose here. 

Then they withdraw their soul from the toes upwards and they exit. That is why they go to the pool, because nobody is there to bury them. And it’s cold, it’s ice, so the body is preserved. 

They enter the pool, they withdraw and they leave the body at will, just like we took birth. This is absolute power. Absolute control. This is the real control, not controlling others. This is all within us, we can achieve all this.

I think some of you already met me in the astral plane, we can definitely meet when you connect to my eyes and we discuss various things. When you connect to my consciousness, we definitely meet. And when you wake up, you will think it’s a dream. You say, ”I met Mohanji in the dream and he gave me this answer.” 

But how do you know the difference between a dream and astral experience? The clarity. This is why i tell people to connect to my eyes, because through eyes you reach my consciousness. You can see what I see. You cannot look with both eyes together, it automatically shifts to the third eye. Don’t look at the third eye first, because it will not work. 

You will know when we are connected because the brightest of the answers you get would be mine, otherwise, thoughts are happening all the time. If I appear in your dream, it usually isn’t unconscious mind, but astral experience.

happiness and liberation

Q: Before satsang I wanted to ask thousands of questions, but now I cannot think of any of them?

A: When you are sitting in my presence physically, all the people are within my consciousness, or within my energy field. So sometimes questions which are not relevant cannot come out.

Q: Then my questions obviously weren’t important, ha ha.

A: Those important for your main life path will be answered, 100% sure. It’s not like, I’m bored, let me ask some questions, but what is useful for life will be definitely answered. For general questions, who has the time? I usually answer without asking. 

Most of the time I know the questions because you are within me, so I know what is important, what is not important, either physically or through experience, through situations.

Mohanji in Rishikesh and Peaceful life

When I’m sitting in one position, how do I operate on another plane? That’s how I initiated some, astrally. Physically it’s impossible. Because you are 5-10 000 kilometres away. 

How do we operate in another plane? You have to go into the timeless space, where the past, present and future should be at one point, then you can work on it. So astral plane is like that. We have no block there to measure the time.

Recorded and transcribed by Bilja Vozarevic

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