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From Satsang in Cape Town, and Sediba Retreat in Johannesburg, South Africa in September, 2013

Be Based in the Spine

Awareness is almost like your shadow. It follows you, always ready for you to tap into. But we don’t know that it follows us 🙂 , we don’t look at our own shadows. We do not even remember that there is a shadow, so we don’t tap into it, we get caught up into daily life. Once this is conglomerated, we are complete again. 

This is why it is important to base oneself in the spine. We have to shift from the front to the middle. Anxieties, fears come into us making us vulnerable, incapacitated, disabled, only when you operate from the front. The same things cannot touch you when you are based in the spine. Try it, you will know.

Mohanji quote - Awareness is almost like a shadow It follows you

I’ll give you another example:
When you sit down quietly, just sit down quietly and feel the spine, any part of your spine. Automatically your consciousness would have shifted to the third eye, the space between the eyebrows. This is the proof. We go beyond the normal senses to the higher dimension. 

Third eye is a higher dimension, it is the pathway to the higher dimension. We have that faculty within us, you don’t need any religion, any guru, any guide, anybody to tell you this, because you are complete. This is the truth. All of us are complete. 

Gurus and masters are road signs, they just tell you this way you go to reach the destination. It’s up to us to walk. This is an individual journey. Because we came as individuals. We were born alone, we will die alone, we are experiencing various aspects of relationships while we are here.

Stop Cruelty to Animals

When we walk, so many insects get crushed, not deliberately. Deliberately is not good, like, if you want to crush an ant, it’s not a good idea. That amounts to murder. But sometimes nature uses you for spontaneous removals, this is OK. Because you are just being an instrument. 

Nature uses various materials for its balance. Maybe you will be one of them. That is OK. But look at the animals. They have a clear-cut definition of stuff, like, they do not kill for pleasure. They kill because they are hungry. When they are not hungry, they do not touch anybody. 

You can see a lion sitting and watching a deers walking. The deers know the lion is not hungry. At the same time, when a hungry lion comes, they are all bold, they go. Also, any being kept in captivity, suffers. Their death is not at all smooth. But if it’s a war, it’s a different feeling. Like in the forest, a lion hunts a deer, that’s a game between them, because it’s supposed to be. 

And there is an element of sacrifice in it. The deer says, “All of you go, I’ll sacrifice, so that you can escape.’’ And they know that this is the equation. But when we capture, and kill,… one third of the total grain that we use in our Earth, what we produce is for cattle. It is like ten pounds of grain produce one pound of flesh. 

How much of wastage! If that much grain is given to poor people, there will be no famine or no starvation on the Earth. This is all bad, this is manipulation. Because of the taste of our tongue we grow cattle and we kill them, this is very bad and is affecting our society, these are bad vibrations. Millions of pregnant cows are killed in countries. 

It’s cruelty, absolute cruelty. We can never agree with it. And one of the most beautiful relationship of the world, because we experience relativity more on relationship basis, one of the most beautiful relationship in the world is mother and child. And we segregate the child from its mother, this is cruelty. Mother does not get to see the child! It’s not able to give its milk. 

Agony! And they cry, and cry… And if it’s a male calf, it is assassinated within three days. During these three days, they don’t even feed them! Mother is crying and crying for the child, and the child has already been transported for killing. This is cruelty. This is atrocious. 

These kind of vibrations can never help the Earth. It brings more and more agony and tragedy. Because the Earth catches vibrations. It catches the subtle vibrations and stores them, and creates events. So much such killing, just imagine! It creates further and further agony.

dairy. industry and about one god


Q: What happens to your body when you eat meat?
A: When you eat meat? First of all, meat has no prana. When you take a picture of a person, you can see aura, right? It is prana. But in the meat, which is dead organism, there is no aura, there is zero prana, it goes into the stomach and sucks all the prana which is available for digestion… 

and it takes more than it gives. If it’s a vegetable, even if you cut it, e.g. a tomato, and take a picture, it has prana. So that gives prana when it is in the stomach. This is one aspect. Another aspect is, when an animal dies, it dies with a lot of pain and fear. Because it has got central nervous system, it’s not like a vegetable. 

Vegetables are usually like our nails. Mother plant produces a mango, or a tomato, for further generation, reproduction, so that further plants are produced and further mangos or tomatoes happen. It doesn’t get hurt when you pluck a tomato. It is like cutting your nail. This way is fine. 

But for an animal, it goes through tremendous fear and pain because it has central nervous system and it suffers a lot. So what happens when you are afraid? You shrink. Your stomach becomes all churned up. When you face sudden fear, what happens? The whole system becomes shaken up. The same thing happens to the animal. 

They become tremendously shaken up. The toxins are released into the blood stream, and that affects the meat. So what comes into us is meat with toxins, and on a subtle level elements of fear, agony, victimhood. That merges with our constitution. So we tend to create further cancer, not only physically, but cancer in our character, behaviour, in all these levels. Plus there is no prana. So overall it is negative.

The Nature of Maya

Maya actually means non-realism or non-truth. Truth is one. E.g. there is no you separate from Mohanji. This is the truth. It means physical body is separate. You took the physical body because you wanted to experience what you experience in life, but consciousness-wise, you can’t have a separation. 

That is the truth. Maya makes you feel we are separate. Maya gives the illusiary side of the existence. The same thing happens in our mind, that is why mind is the child of Maya. For example, mind controls even our laughter. Sometimes, even if there is the greatest of jokes, we fail to laugh because mind gives you some other input. 

The situation is nice, it’s comical, but mind is giving you a different vaccine, so you fail to laugh. It happens many times, that the truth is in hand, but you fail to see. That is not your fault, that is because mind did not allow you. So mind is the Maya there. Mind is the illusion there, so you could not see this thing.

Q: Illusion of separation?

A: Illusion of separation, illusion of non-identification or non-understanding, basically illusion of ignorance. This is the right word. Because the truth is one, which is the same for everyone, it cannot be relative. 

Like the taste of the food actually has to be the same, but each time it has different understanding of the taste and sometimes rejection as well. That doesn’t mean that the food is the culprit there. 

Our level of awareness is the culprit. Our capacity for assimilation or capacity to understand is different. At that time mind has a big role to play. That is why we categories between spiritual teachers, too.


Liberation is the Path and the Destination.

Q: After liberation…
A: Let me correct the question. What we are is liberation. What we are after is nothing. Liberation is the path and the destination and we are liberated. That is why no binding, no liberation. “I am already Shiva, but that understanding is not happening.” 

That is exactly what we are trying to achieve on any spiritual path. That’s not true. We are already liberated. We are completely liberated, this is the truth. But because we are operating with the mind factor, mind does not allow to clearly feel it, experience it. That is why this question happens.

Q: Are liberation and enlightenment the same thing?
A: No. Liberation and enlightenment are not the same thing. Enlightenment is like graduation, the state where you are able to understand things from a higher perspective. But that does not mean you are liberating yourself completely from that state and going. You still have to be liberated from enlightenment, to dissolution. 

It means you are completely nullifying yourself, dissolving yourself, and becoming one with the cosmic energy which you can call Father or Parabrahma or God… So enlightenment takes you to the level of awareness where you don’t normally fall down again. 

But you still have the body, activities of the body, you will be hungry, you will have to go to toilet, you will have to take a bath, you will probably have some of emotions as well. But again, you are operating from a higher perspective, the higher level, so the impacts are different, things are less. It is like you have graduated, you will not go back to the tenth class again. 

There is no need to go back. Like that, graduation or post-graduation is like a state. Enlightenment is a state. In that state you are a different person, you will probably be able to see in 360 degrees, you are able to perceive more than you see, all these faculties will work. 

But again, liberation means complete moksha. Liberation means dissolving and going. You have nothing to do with the Earth. You want nothing from here. Nothing here pleases you, makes you happy. It doesn’t mean that if you want to have a cup of coffee, you don’t have it. Nothing is binding you. Nothing is making you hooked to the Earth. 

You reached that plane, “I am happy, I am always in bliss state, and then I merge with the consciousness of the God. Like Krishna says, “You can worship any deity, but you are coming to me anyway.” So all deities are expressions of one consciousness, supreme energy, any form is representation of supreme energy. Form is conglomeration of energy. 

Matter is conglomeration of energy. All the matter you see around is conglomeration of energy. If you go to atom level and dissect the atom, it becomes raw energy. So this is the truth of existence. In that level, you become completely disintegrated, you become light body, you become subtle, and you are ready to merge, expand into the ocean. 

The drop becomes the ocean. That is not enlightenment, that is beyond enlightenment. You have to be established in enlightenment and then you utterly have to shed. That is why seva or service has a lot of value. When a person does a lot of service to the humanity, to the people, animals, birds, at that time big cleansing happens and detachment happens. 

And then the path is easier. That is why many of the gurus insist on serving when you are evolving, it goes hand in hand. When you become more and more helpless, it helps the dissolution. It’s enlightenment, too.

Mohanji quote - Liberation means dissolving and going

Q: So, with enlightenment there is a possibility that you can drop back, but not with liberation?
A: No, with enlightenment it is very unlikely that you will drop back. There are two things. Like, you become another, some time. That can cause your fall. Like, some people get attracted to you because of your energy and your power. And you can probably become that person for some time, or reflect that person.

That is a falling in an overall thing. But I do not think that you will ever fall from the state, you are probably taking a temporary detour. This is my opinion. You are not per se falling. But in the path, you can fall many times. Until you reach that state, until you reach the plateau and get established there, there are a lot of opportunities of falling. 

You see that in all the seekers, they climb so much and fall, then they climb so much and fall again… That is because of the play of the mind. Mind manipulates you, then you fall, then you climb up… but your guru is with you aiding you, helping you, holding you. That faith in the guru and faith in the path will help you. Now if you do not have a physical guru, if you have faith in the path, gurus will come and help you.

Q: And if one is a spiritual traveller, not in the sense of human activities, but the ability of enlightened soul to travel the dimensions beyond mind…?
A: I feel that would be a wrong understanding, in the case of absoluteness. Because you need to have a unit to move anywhere. If you expand beyond this form, then where are you moving? The state of Parabrahma is immovable. State of soul in reality is immovable. 

A soul, when sitting in the body, the whole substratum, the whole configuration is moving. And then we have the false feeling that soul is moving. But the soul is connected to the supreme God, and that is immovable, omnipresent, present everywhere like air, an aspect of air can move but air itself is not moving.

Q: The soul does not have light body or shed body as well?
A: They can dissolve back in the ocean, then you would not even know the identification. If you become the ocean, then there is only vibration, not a movement. 

But if you choose to stay in the unique form of whichever capacity, whether it is a human body, or another body, or no body, if you choose to have unique form, then you can have motion, because then you are still in the realm of relativity i.e. you can move from here to there. But if you are fully expanded, where are you going to move? 

You are already everywhere! That is the structure of God, right? The supreme Father is everywhere. There is nothing beyond Him. Everything is formed out of Him, and all the matter you see is the reflection of him. And in that level the matter can move. 

Because the matter is only representing him and it can move and it has got a mobility because it operates on relativity, it operates on duality. But once you merge with the whole consciousness, you become one with the universal consciousness, you have no identification any more, you do not exist as a unit, where will you move from where? It’s only omnipresence.

Q: Beyond universal consciousness?
A: There is nothing beyond universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is the supreme. And also there are layers of that. But you can never understand that using your intellect, because the stature of God has to be experienced. Until you become that, you will never know. 

For example, what is Mohanji’s consciousness that you saw? You will never understand by seeing a video until you become me. Once you become me, “Oh, OK, this is the game,” you understand. I am saying on the minimum level. That is the same as Krishna’s consciousness, Jesus’s consciousness. That is why people criticise. 

Why do we criticise another person? Because of ignorance. We have set certain norms and we expect a person to operate in that level because we don’t understand his consciousness. Can you put Krishna into any slot? Impossible, because they operate beyond that slot anyway.

Q: Once the soul completely merges with the universal consciousness, becomes that, can you go back in the real body?
A: You can, because consciousness has multiple dimensions, you can extract yourself and bring yourself back. But it may not be to the Earth plane. What will you do here? It may not be on the Earth plane, it may be on the more purposeful level. 

Like, you have to do some activity, or something is important, or on a cosmic plane there is validity for that activity, you may withdraw yourself from the ocean and become a unit and come back and merge again. At that time there is no karmic binding. Karmic binding is usually related to the body. 

Or in other planes, also, there are certain planes where karma works, but again that is related to a particular unit, or form and it has a duration as well, a particular longevity, from now to then. Understand one thing. Whenever you rent a car, it has duration, time span, you can’t keep it forever unless you buy it.

Body is like a rent-a-car. This body is occupied for a certain period of time. It could be one year, two years, ten years, hundred years. But beyond that, you have to turn it back to where it came from. Even if you buy a car, you will probably have to change it, right? Similarly. That is the understanding we must have when we move on.

Q: But understanding must translate into experience.
A: That is exactly what we are striving for. That is why we are talking. First is the knowledge, then comes the wisdom. If knowledge does not get converted into wisdom, it’s absolutely useless. 

It’s a bothering for other people, ha, ha, keep talking what we do not know. Most of the time we talk what we do not know, because we collect book knowledge, and we articulate it, but with zero experience. If you do experientially, you may not even talk! Or if you experienced it you may not articulate it.

Q: You said when you reach enlightenment, chances for falling are almost none. Before that, climbing and falling, climbing and falling… Is the value of climbing and falling again and again in increasing awareness?
A: In principle yes, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Because if the mind is ruling, it will keep on shifting the goal post. That is where you fall. And by the time you are ready to score the goal, the goal post has moved. 

This is the play of the mind. The mind is making that happen. That is usually reason why you fall. Actually speaking, the main reason for everybody’s fall from the progress is the mind.

Mohanji quote - Mind is our medium to the world outside

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