Naga Loka, the World of Snakes



Maha Vishnu lies on snake

There are various worlds, various constitutions, configurations, and various species in this universe. The man-made machines can only show us certain aspects of the Milky Way, our planetary system. Our machines display only the highly gross, visible aspects and materials that our senses can perceive and mind can appreciate.

There are subtler planes of various degrees in the universe. One such world is what we call the Naga Loka, literally translated as the World of Snakes. We talk about this world because it has a connection with humankind on earth. There are some beings from this world that came to earth and assisted/guided mankind with superior wisdom, while mankind was meditating to find the ultimate truth and while they were still evolving into a substantial civilization.

That is also why you can see Lord Shiva with a snake around his neck, and also Lord Maha Vishnu lying on a snake. There are other dimensions though, to this symbolism of both Shiva and Vishnu.

All beings on earth are instinct bound, and mainly survival instinct bound. And they all have knowledge associated with their instincts. Human beings have higher capacities – the ability to convert knowledge into wisdom to the level of understanding as well as to experience the supreme consciousness, the source factor. 

This is where beings of higher awareness from different worlds, away from our world, earth, come to assist. The wise beings of Naga Loka have also been assisting mankind in the department of higher awareness.

The multiple aspects of original creation were explained to mankind by those beings. This is reflected in our scriptures, as well as the words of wisdom by the great sages. Subtleties of existence or the  not-so-obvious were also explained to mankind by the benevolent snake guides.

These beings who visit the earth use the form of snakes so that they will be left alone, undisturbed, even though they are so advanced that they can take any form they like, at will. Forms are combinations of elements in a particular order.

 Those who live in energy form or are well-versed in energy mechanics of higher nature, can easily conglomerate elements into any form they want. We have seen various high masters like Sai Baba coming to meet his devotees in different forms.

It is not because they are snakes that they seem so. On earth and to human eyes, they merely assume the form of snakes. They may not appear as snakes to many other species on our own planet. Our naked eyes, through our created machines, cannot see their world which is also inside the Milky Way. It is only when you meditate and attain a level of subtlety that you can see such worlds. 

And they have the power to mask their world from aliens. They also have highly advanced beings. A species or being of another world can see their world only if they attain the same level of subtlety as that of the “snakes” or if the “snakes” bestow them that power. Thus, they are well protected in their own world from outside invasion. 

Even the name of Naga Loka or the world of snakes that we call their world, is only in relation to human perception. Since we see them as snakes, we call their world the world of snakes. They are in fact luminescent beings who can attain any form at will. Humans are afraid of snakes. So, they assume that form so that they are left alone.



Our Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri was from the Naga Loka

Many snake lords have lived here in human form. They have displayed superhuman capacities. Bhagawan Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri was one such, believed to be from Naga Loka, and not of this earth. He was first found on a village pathway as an infant, protected by a snake. 

Nobody knows who his actual parents where or where he came from. Nobody can say for certain the origin of such great masters. We can only make assumptions based on our perceptions and awareness.

Bhagawan Nithyananda used to spontaneously perform miracles while he walked the earth. One instance was when he stood at a bus stop, waiting for a bus, but the bus didn’t stop for him. When the bus reached the next stop,  he was discovered standing there as well. 

And when the bus reached the third stop, he was there too. The driver of the bus was terribly perturbed at seeing Nithyananda everywhere. After that, he stopped the bus at the next stop and invited him to board it.

He was just proving a point – waking up people to the existence of a certain dimension, that they could also achieve if they shed the bondage of the mind to reach higher realms in subtlety. Not that he wanted to impress people through such acts of miracles. But how do you make people understand a message if it’s not delivered with a surprise!

I like to offer food every time I consume, to our dear respected guides from Naga Loka as well, because they have helped mankind a lot. Not many respect them and most are unaware or totally ignorant of their contributions to our original civilization. 

They are the ones who actually interpreted the dimensions of Parabrahma or the Supreme Father and brought the knowledge of the Supreme to the understanding levels of humankind. It is believed that the elevated guides from Naga Loka came here and taught us about the various aspects of creation, existence, and dissolution. 

And, they actually told us about Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva respectively as embodiments of these aspects of the Supreme Lord. They explained to us how the creations happened, and how dissolution happens, and about the various types of gods and deities who materialized in the process of creation. 

They explained everything from the human angle for our understanding, even though there are multiple angles to every creation, in the same way that human beings have diversity. 

More or less everything was taught by them, but only few people show regard or honor them or respect them. As always, we take everything for granted and complain when inspiration is lost. 

It is they who have subtly transferred much data to the human brain, which we have mistakenly taken to be because of our merit. And it was not the snake lords alone – we have been guided by many species from outside the earth. Some are still living and guiding us. 

Since our capacities are very limited to keep the channel of communication clean or to understand where it is coming from, our egos, prejudices, and non-understanding lead us to boast of our own originality and stature and attribute those original thoughts to ourselves, quite egoistically as our own inventions.

 We did develop awareness based on original thoughts provided by our guides or gurus. But when we own them, we degenerate. When we do not have reverence and respect, we fall. 

Even Lord Krishna who is considered as an Avatar, says at various points:  “thus spoke the masters of the past”,  refusing to take ownership over original thoughts, originally delivered by various mouths. He is a great master and he leads by example.

I have spoken about this a few times, but I don’t think anybody has written in-depth about Naga Loka. Even if someone has, I have not been fortunate enough to read about it. There are many books on interactions between aliens and beings of earth and I discard most of them as flights of fancy and sheer imagination of the terrestrial level.

I have mentioned many times and so have many great Himalayan Masters, that we have made grave blunders in our treatment of the guides from Naga Loka as well as other such elevated Lokas. 

We killed them. We assassinated them because man’s greed and possessiveness along with ownership over every original thoughts for the sake of supremacy overtook him, and his ego that pretended originality in thoughts, perhaps  prompted him to eliminate his guides. His greed for possession of land and earthly wealth degenerated him. 

It was human greed that wreaked insensitivity and also pulled a whole series of generations down into ignorance. We had been progressing quite well in higher awareness and maintaining our awareness levels to 360 degrees under also, (but not always) the guidance of our alien teachers. 

When greed for false supremacy took over, we began quarrelling amongst ourselves and greed gave swords to our intolerance. Our awareness decayed. We fell in consciousness. Even though we started off as fully conscious beings, we fell into the state of caged animals.

This started many centuries ago.



With our telescope you can only see gross planets

There are so many dimensions and so many subtleties even with our current operating level that man is unable to fathom, and even our three states such as waking, dream and deep sleep and the inherent individual patterns and inclinations. We can’t fully explain any of it in detail. 

We have to experience it, meditate on it and understand it.  In order to experience it, we need to attain a level of subtlety. And in order to attain the subtlety, we need to go within and understand, accept and assimilate ourselves. 

The questions that people usually ask me are at a lower level compared to what these dimensions are about. So, only a level of subtlety makes you eligible to see the higher dimensions of existence. With telescopes one can only see gross planets, and even with them, one cannot see many other things of our universe.

We have had many intergalactic masters who assumed human form just to guide us.  The “Nath” tradition is closely linked to the higher order of guides from outside Earth.



The non-white path is about manipulation, binding and fear

Please understand that we live in the world of dualities. Where ever there is white, there will be black too. In other words, whatever is not pure white, is darker. 

So, many of the seeming gurus in human form are not from the pure white side, even though they are using the white symbols of purity. (pure white means totally detached from earthly lures and completely existing as representation of ultimate liberation from the cycle of karma) You need to have keen eyes to recognize and steer clear of them. 

The fundamental difference is that pure white is the path of liberation and there is no other agenda. Unconditional love is their operating platform. They have neither requirements nor expectations and being fluid or spontaneous is their regular lifestyle. 

They are extremely flexible and adaptable and cannot be put into rigid frames of human imagination. It is simple and straight. While on the contrary, the non-white path is about manipulation, binding, and fear. 

White is unconditional love and that is why even ingratitude from mankind did not invoke wrath and total destruction of the species. Non-white agenda is to manipulate minds, maintain delusion, and make them follow or destroy them totally. 

Fears, doubts, binding are all part of the non-white path. According to me, more than eighty percent of the seeming spiritual, political, commercial guides of our time are not from the white path. Those who manipulate, conquer, capture and do not allow free will cannot be from the white path.

We have had many powerful masters from the white order. Shirdi Sai Baba was one of them. Once, he observed three days of perfect Samadhi state, where he suspended his body and left for a higher errand. For three days his body was stagnant, as if dead. 

He had given instructions:  “Don’t touch my body, I’m going. I shall be back”. Some say that he had actually gone to visit Naga Loka. Their explanation is that He was invited to Naga Loka to mediate a difference in understanding between some beings there. 

He apparently went to sort out certain things in that manner and came back after three  days. We cannot confirm these facts as ultimate truths because Baba Himself never said anything about it.

Naga Loka is indeed a physical world according to me, with physical beings perhaps not made out of elements like us. They are very luminescent. Some consider them as angels because of their benevolent nature. 

It is close to earth. It’s a world in the Milky Way. But, it’s very subtle, you cannot see it. To human eyes, they are in the form of snakes because humans are afraid of snakes and it helps their security.



They use many methods to travel

They use many methods to travel and also use certain kind of UFOs to come here. They have various ways of doing it. Like for example, the atmospheric friction leads to heat and slow speed, so, they make themselves light and element-less. See for example, if your body becomes kind of very loose or kind of molecular, air can go through it. 

Even though you have made the unit structure integrated, the air is going through the body as you are there, but you are transparent, there’s no friction. They have the capacity to perform things like that.

They do come to visit us. They still come.

The Shree Naga Raja Gayathri (Divine Serpent) was used by people of the past for protection from poisons that affects the body such as skin ailments, allergies and also curses like lack of spouse, family and children.

Aum Sarpa Raajaaya Vidmahe

Padma Hasthaaya Dheemahi

Thanno Vasuki Prachodayaat

Recently in Delhi, a man asked me, “I would like to see a real god, a deity from Naga Loka”.  I spontaneously replied, “You will see”. And it so happened that when he traveled to the Himalayas, on one day he saw a snake of pure golden color moving near him. 

As he was looking at it, he suddenly recalled what I had said, and thought, “Ah, Mohanji has blessed me, so this must be it”. And suddenly the snake vanished. He searched around for it,  but there was nothing. This is how they appear, bless and disappear.

As mentioned earlier, they are in the form of snakes but they are not our terrestrial snakes. They like to keep this shape for reasons of flexibility, security and fluidity. They represent fluidity and spontaneity of our linear existence.

 They assumed the form of snakes because of two reasons – one is that then nobody will bother them, and second is, they have a body which is flexible and fluid.

We must wake up. We must see. We must “LIVE”


We must wake up. We must see. We must “LIVE”

There are different beings – some of them have chosen to go beyond time like our Babaji, innumerable years old. He chose to keep the body. We also have Hanumanji amongst us, 15.000+ years old at the least, and still available. 

Such supreme beings decided to keep the body to remind us of our actual potential, and these are celestial reminders for our existence. We must wake up. We must see. We must “LIVE”.

Love You


31 thoughts on “Naga Loka, the World of Snakes”

  1. A very good article to widen the knowledge on the snakes. In fact, we revere Kundalini for our spiritual growth, the snake form. Please bless me to reach the level of subtlety to understand them well. _/\_

  2. You are truly gifted Mohanji. My ancients are happy with you. Your presence is divine. Namaste.

  3. Guru dev ,I use to be very scared about the snakes but your vision has enlightened me and shown me their real reason behind the existence.

    1. Guru Dev,i liked the truth about NagaLok.i am experiancing the presence of nagalok vasi in my face.your descriprtion about them is perfect.photographs of my face had many naga devathas with crowns and their residense mansionsosme of the nagas samadhi came as images.if permited i will share.all nagas will have small snakes peep through their cell 8328170745.i am from madanapalle of chittoor district,andhrapradesh

  4. This year I visited a blissful holy place in the hills.. After reaching there I was in a state of bliss.. Joy was enveloping my being and I was hopping around here and there clicking pictures..Lord Datta and Mohanji’s consciousness was felt everywhere! While walking ahead from the riverside, the driver who was with us yelled out.. ‘Snake! A BIG yellowish green snake was just here! Thank God you moved away from there Madam..” On my way back I happened to talk to Mohanji.. I was telling Him how I loved the place..He giggled knowingly and said.. ‘Yeah..:) Did you see a snake there 🙂 ?’
    Sometimes while pressing His feet (a common gesture in India to show love for your Father) His skin texture turns ‘scaly’ I’ve actually felt the textures of His feet changed in foot being totally different from the other :/ So.. the Darshan in the hills.. That explains it 🙂

  5. annettesun

    It’s very interesting. When I was meditating about twenty years ago, there was a period of time when I felt snakes around my ankles. This went on for months. It was so intense that I put flashlights everywhere: under the couch; in the car; under the bed; just so that I could double check there were no snakes. I knew they were not “real” but they felt so real I couldn’t stop myself from looking down and checking. Finally, one day in meditation, (I was doing Kabbalah travel then and ArchAngel Michael guards the “Tree” with his firey sword) I asked AA Michael to cut away the snakes because it was so unnerving.

    I have no idea if these were astral snakes, good snakes, bad snakes, what kind of snakes they were. Perhaps someone can give me some insight. I had never heard of the Naga Loka until now. 🙂 Thank you East for bringing your spiritual knowledge to us in the West.

    Infinite Love,

    just another me

    1. There are 2*7=14 realms of distinct vibratory frequencies..As you are an expert in kabalah the book “In search of the miraculous” and many ancient Indian texts have details of Ray of creation and Law of three and law of seven… if one manages to get out of his body while it is sleep paralysis one can actually travel and visit them…

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  7. Anitha Sree

    I have read such a visit of Naga from the Nagaloka in the book Apprentice to a Himalayan Master by Shri M. I was in wonder seeing that write up. Now this write up by Mohanji…just confirms everything….But Mohanji, we need to get experinces..or are we getting them always and we are ignoring the? Mohanji! May your Supreme Consciousness guide us always…we know You are with us always…Love You Mohanji!..Sairam Anitha Sreekumar

    Love is All that Remains…!

  8. Pranam to all supreme being.i accept all the above.plz tell me hw to meditate so that i can reach the subtel level also tell me hw to worship nag lok.

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  10. amit anand

    Thanks for such a nice note on nag loka.sir I want to share something very strange.I have seen many times snakes in my dreams.I feel a strange connection with the snakes.when i m ideal I’m drawn towards the nag loka.may be what I am sharing will be a illusion but if u assist me I can get some satisfactory answers.I HV a strange fear from snakes.whenever I dip in water bodies I see snakes are moving towards me and they want to take me some where.
    Sir kindly reply

  11. I am Hindu and I am Balinese from Indonesia. I have seen a snake with 5 heads by the beach in front of Segara temple ( Vishnu temple) in north of Bali when I was 13 years old. Moment before I saw the snake, I felt like I was in a heaven, very peaceful, very beautiful, never had this beautiful moment and feeling in my life up to now. No one was there. I took my father to the beach because he was sick and he wanted to relax. I picked him up 2 hours after that. When I reached the beach and I saw my father from far, I started walking toward him. Suddenly I heard a sound like a bird sound. I thought it was a bird hidden behind the rock by the temple.
    When I stepped my feet, I felt the sound very close to me then I looked down to the sand. I was surprised because the sound what I heard was a snake. This snake has 5 heads , one body, flying on the sand not touching the sand. I was thinking that I was dreaming that time. Then I closed my eyes for 1 minute, and I looked down again, this snake still there looked at me and not moving at all. The snake looked at me and I was afraid he will bite me. Then I was screaming waking up my father from far. He was resting in front of the temple. He woke up and the snake ran away.
    Since that, I feel that maybe my past life I was Indian. And I wanted to go to India. And soon I will have that chance to go to India. I have to visit Shiva temple in India. This is my dream.

    Could you please tell me what’s the meaning of that snake?
    Now I am 31 years old.

    Thank you very much. Om santhi, santhi ,santhi Om.

    1. Fees, if that experience of seeing the snake made you feel deep peace inside, theme it works a darshan, Grace. Mary be it came to bless you for something.

  12. Amit anand

    Dear Mohamed ji
    Namaste,my name is amit 29 years old from jharkhand working as a merchant navy officer.
    Swami ji I request you to guide me some ans.
    Since last 6 years Im suddenly drawn towards nags.i don’t know what is happening ,but evey moment I feel I hv some deep connection to running to every noon corners to find my ans but not satisfied.
    Last year I visited Kamakhya temple ,there I came across the party of the Kamakhya hill ,which is said to be part of nagaloka.
    I often visited the part of the hill and had Avery different experience.
    I hope u may find or tell me what’s going on.

  13. Dear Mohanji, I am excited to hear you mention snakes as revered beings. In our Indian faith we actually do worship snakes, even cobras. In Mahabharata Krishna’ s older brother, Balaram was said to be an incarnation of the great snake Sheshnaag.(as you know, Krishna was lord Vishnu, and the Sheshnaag, whom Vishnu lies on, is also the incarnation of Balaram. He is usually in a protective, loyal companion role.) In fact, it is jokingly said, that he was Laxman, when Vishnu was Rama. But Rama got to lead for being an older brother. So in the next one he reincarnated as an older brother! But Krishna still caused mischief, .. naughty! 😉 haha.

  14. Mohanji, I hope you don’t mind me posting this link about ancient snake worship, from India to South America and others. I certainly find Quatzalquotal, quite fascinating. It is also said, exactly as you described, that there were people, very tall white people, who were benevolent to humans, but there numbers diminished and they were eventually chased and killed inside a cave in the mountains of Peru, Machupichu(?) Thus annihilating the whole race. But I need to find specifics. Also, there is a mountain in South America, where people climb up high to visit a cave, which is sealed. Snakes (or snake people?) are supposed to be coming out at night, so no one is allowed to stay

  15. Oh, one more thing, Vishbnu, is a xxx ways dark in colour as krishna or Ram. But the incarnations of Sheshnaag that accompany him, ie Balaram wot Llaxman aware always white.
    Just thought I’d mention.

  16. MohanPatki

    Sir you have written such astral projection article which is wonderful.I have one experience in dream.In that I felt some very big snake was in intimate touch with my body from top to bottom.I initially felt very much fear but soon after it was totally gone.I was amazed to see that he was talking with me.I was total fearless.Then he started licking my head with his tongue.This was continued for half an hour.After this I have seen great saint sitting on the platform.He also gave his blessings.Suddenly I came out of the dream.Realising experience I wept for the great fortune howered on me by almighty.

  17. dewadewadas

    Wow!……such wonderful clarity about such mixed understandings surrounding our NagaLords…….deep love and appreciation for unfolding Truth ……your blogs create such freedom,,,,,gratitude to the max……the slave that is freed by the Master has such gratitude…… you sooo much

  18. Reneesh T R

    My name is Reneesh. Thank you Mr. Mohan Ji for sharing this valuable information regarding Nagas and Nagaloka. Sri M is also saying a lot of wonderful things regarding Nath sampradaya and Sri Guru Babaji. I still wonder how vast is this Universe. But after living here for all these years, I can release that “My Self” is the most wonderful being or entity. “My Self” is the greatest wonder that I still wander. I know that I am taking all these knowledge with “My Own Self”, without “My Self” conscious, I feel like I don’t exist. Respect to “My Self” and all Great Gurus!!!.

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  21. Thank you for this article. Lately I have been urged to really research deep into the meaning of life and our (Humans past) only to make sense of life. I have been deeply researching Vedic astrology when one day my parents asked me to come over after work to their house (As I am married now) to fix there TV they bought there I ran into a Aunty (Weirdly I didn’t even know she was coming that day ) this Aunty was my mum’s sister friend, she is a Kriya Yogani trained teacher and has visited India many times she told me weirdly I am very happy to have met you today I like speaking to you you seem to want to know you are awakened but have duties to complete (marriage and family life) and I hope I see you in 20 years when you get into Kriya Yoga, she is the first one to mention Babji and hence my research into all of this has started and most importantly my attention is always drawn to the Naga’s and for some reason wanting to pray to them.
    Is there anything you have learnt that leads me to believe I am suppose to proceed with this research into the Naga’s am I suppose to honor them (even with a Idol at home) ?

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