Mohanji’s talk on the Bosnian Pyramids

Meeting with Dr Semir Osmanagic, founder of the Bosnian Pyramids, 30th May 2015

Mohanji and Dr Semir Osmanagic in fron tof the pyramid of the Sun
Mohanji and Dr Semir Osmanagic in fron tof the pyramid of the Sun

We are almost at the edge of pure unconsciousness. We started from pure consciousness. From pure consciousness to pure unconsciousness, and then the cycle begins again. So we go through a cycle and the pyramids represent pure consciousness. If you consider them as 100% man-made, there could be some error. This is because not all the people who are here are from Earth.
Some have brought the supreme consciousness and they have clear landmarks, clear identifications as well as clear objectives. People have found microchips from millions of years ago in Siberia. Technically, they could not be more than hundred years old. Yet there was a civilisation which used microchips in the past. To demonstrate this, I’ll tell you a short story.


Lord Ram, his wife Sita and his assistant Hanumanji were flying back to India from Shri Lanka after the war. Sita was playing with her ring and it fell down into the ocean waters. Hanumanji dived down into the water to retrieve the ring. However, when he reached the bottom of the sea, he saw many rings there. He returned empty-handed, as you are not supposed to take anything which is not yours. He had not taken anything, and so asked,“Which one should I take?“ Lord Ram said,“On Sita’s ring there is ’Ram’ written on it.“ Hanumanji dived down again, and he found the ring. Upon checking, however, he found that all of the rings had ’Ram’ written on them. He went back to Ram and asked,“What is happening, all the rings have ’Ram’ written on them? Sita only had one ring. How did it multiply?“ Lord Rama replied,“Hanuman, we have been here before. This whole drama has been acted out before, and this is many times later that we are talking. There has been a Hanuman in another era, and we have a repetition of life.“

Nothing has started from here. If we are all together here, then we are related in some way. I am not a technical person, and I cannot say anything about whatever the professor has said. However, I look at it from a spiritual and energetic point of view. All I can say is that his purity of intention and purpose is absolutely beautiful. This is definitely a positive thing, to give something positive to the world. Because, if you look around now, it’s all about greed and control. We are giving something here which elevates your consciousness, your awareness. This is probably the biggest gift you can give to the world.

Yesterday somebody asked me a question and I explained the following. I believe there are pyramids which are receivers and pyramids which are transmitters. I consider most of the Egyptian pyramids as receivers for the land (even though I have never been there, and I’m not sure why I never had any interest to visit Egypt, yet had an interest to come here). So I consider pyramids of this nature as energy sources (I have not been inside. I am talking hypothetically). These pyramids here are transmitting. So the movement is like a fountain or volcano. These ones are visible from outer space. Those beings of higher nature who travel with energy, can see and feel what is going on here using these. And also the energy inside suits their energy. If they want to come here, these are portals of landing. All of us have a frequency and if the frequency doesn’t match, we cannot stay in that place. Beings who are completely selfless, and completely objective, come to such portals to exist or to work, and their intention is pure. They are not coming here to take something. They are here to expand or develop the current era, current space. That’s why when Biba said to come to these pyramids, I said,“Let’s go there.“

Biba, Mohanji and Dr Semir Osmanagic
Biba, Mohanji and Dr Semir Osmanagic

I also have a feeling about energy sources such as this one. There are four types of places: very bad, medium, good and very good. This comes into the very good level as far as the energy is concerned. To enter such places, there should be a permission, a call. That is why the professor has said many people have disowned it. Because they cannot enter. When you operate in a gross frequency, you cannot enter a subtle place. It is simple logic. Please think or believe that you have been called. Otherwise neither you nor me would be here now. There is no coincidence. And all you need when you are in such a space is emptiness. Don’t think. Just feel. How you can use this space is very simple. How or who you are, that much you get. If you are absolutely empty, that much you will be filled. If you are already fully filled, there is nothing more to give. So be empty and embrace the energy.

(To Professor Semir Osmanagic) Thank you so much for being you.

piramida sunca
The pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia
Feeling the energy of the pyramid of the Sun
Feeling the energy of the pyramid of the Sun
Mohanji touching the megalit in the labyrinth Ravne, network of tunnels around the pyramid
Mohanji feeling the megalit in the labyrinth Ravne, the network of tunnels around the pyramid

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  2. How do you get the courage to say algal this? Don’t you fear ridicule?

    Mohanji, with due respect
    This is pretty “out there”” ……

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