Kailash with Mohanji 2016


Question: How do I connect with the soul?

Mohanji: Sit down and contemplate what you are not, for some time. Am I this anger? Am I this hatred? Am I these words that I am uttering? Am I this personality that I am projecting? Keep asking yourself what you are and what you are not. And then after a while, you are meditating only on that aspect, which is completely inside you. You can see it moving. It can move in any way, it’s so flexible, it’s transparent and it just moves like a jelly, much thinner than a jelly. And then slowly, you can feel it expanding beyond you, same thing, ether, expanded beyond you. And then it keeps on expanding, then it permeates into everything, all the animate and all the inanimate. If you do that for a long period of time, your physical itself will become less significant. The gross aspect itself will become less significant and you will connect more and more to the soul aspect.

Mohanji quote - If you are truly connected to God

If you consistently practice that for some time, you will again go deeper into the soul aspect, beyond the flexibility, the fluidity and all that, you will reach a level where you are only seeing the brightness, the auric (aura) aspect or you can call it just the brightness aspect. You will only see the brightness moving. When the soul is leaving the body, this is exactly what is leaving, that is the soul and the body (gross) remains. It will even cut across layers. At some point in time, you can see the sheaths/ koshas – the pranamaya kosha, annamaya kosha, etc. You will start experiencing and you will see the same energy transcending through this, moving up and down.

After some time, there is no body to talk about. There is nothing to ask. You will not even care if this body is looking good, bad, presentable, etc. – those are all very silly aspects, compared to the power of the soul. You may not even worry about how people think about you, how you are in the society, etc. It won’t matter so that you are fully occupied in the soul aspect. It is possible. Start with a small ball, in the heart center, and then very slowly, it expands, take your time, do it in your own way, and finally, you can actually feel it expanding all over. First, you will feel it in the auric layer and then it transcends further everywhere and then it just evolves into the whole universe.

That is why we are eternally connected to every being in the universe. We are all related. If you discount the physical aspect, the whole thing is interconnected. The problem is in the physical aspect, that’s the temporary aspect. Also, we are stuck with the personality aspect, we talk about the personality, not the person, so you swap the person to the aspect of the soul, then it’s a different ballgame. This is possible, very much possible. It will shift from a visualization to the experience of being the soul, that takes you to perpetual bliss state, Satchitananda. How does the bliss happen that way? When you are not attached to the available stuff, the intangible stuff, that is not in your control. So you need to detach from the tangible to reach the intangible if you make some effort to move from the tangible consciously, to reach the intangible.

I hope I did not complicate it too much!

Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of death

Question: If we keep doing this, will we then feel the pain of other souls or other beings?

Mohanji: There is no other.

Question: So if someone is being tormented or is experiencing pain…

Mohanji: No, you are so expanded that it is all part of you. Imagine it is just one finger of yours. You are so big, there is no other. There is no other. First of all, understand that this is a personality we are talking of as other, and a body or a physical form, there is no other. In reality, there is nobody else. Once you clearly understand that, then you see the….. but you have to respond to the world in that way, as another, because if you say there is no other and I am everybody etc., people will not understand. So we have to talk in those terms, just for the sake of society, but internally you don’t need to endorse it. Inside, you are liberated, you know you are pure consciousness and you are experiencing that aspect of pure consciousness every moment. So you don’t need to subscribe to anything.

When you see that you are just moving like a jelly, moving around, there will be no blockages in your system, there will be no energy blockages possible, there can’t be. Why? Because you are not at all identifying with the physical, emotional, intellectual, egotistical, etc. The local mind is creating blockages, the unlimited mind has no blockages, where the identification has no value. Imagine someone has given you the power to see all your lives of the past and the future, you have a set of relationships in each life, right? Everything was important at that point in time, but you are looking from above at all these lives, do you feel any attachment to anyone in particular? It will all be like different people of this life, that’s the truth. That’s the truth. Can you call anything mine at all?

Mohanji quote - We are all one soul

When you see from above, all the 100,000 lifetimes are going on, and sometimes it is not a human body. You could be a cat with a few children, that’s you! A cow, a buffalo, a giraffe, but every being had a value at that time, when it was existing, and the value was lost at the time of death. This is the same situation in this life also, our value remains only as long as we are delivering or as long as we are doing something in the world. People become very sad when some of their family members pass on, right? After a few months, if you ask, does the same intensity remain? No. Why so? Time erases things. Time erases, time moves. So this is the reality. This has happened through many lifetimes, we have taken numerous incarnations, to sit here, in this place and we are unnecessarily energizing each situation, just creating blockages. These blockages become an ingredient for the prarabdha or destiny path of next life! Then we get stuck there, same emotional stuff, similar realities come and take over. But what are we?

I tell people to practice this meditation while you are traveling in the bus, or if you are not driving the car. (laughter) If you are sitting in the bus and there is nothing else to do, don’t look at other people, just concentrate on the inside. Allow the aspect of the soul to take over, and then it’s important to get off at the station. But until then if you can, and you have these mobiles which make sounds, you set the timer and then it will wake you up. And when you get off, like you look down from the airplane through the window, you only see ether after some time. You see the clouds all stuck in the ether. And when you start looking inside, it’s the same ether! I am telling you this, this is a tangible thing that I am talking about. Then you will feel, do I have a body? What is this for? It is for expressions, not to carry pains. So when you are plunging into Manasarovar, you are plunging into the ether, energy, soul!

Mohanji quotes - Divinity is in unity, togetherness, oneness

Jokingly – you should make a program in South African TV – Plunging into the soul!

Question: You go to a lot of pilgrimages right? What exactly happens? Is it a substitute for not doing sadhana?

Mohanji: You are provoking me. I told you earlier, I don’t go to any place for something. How can you substitute anything? Can I substitute myself with you? There is no substitution. Understand that if you do sadhana, you do sadhana. When you go to pilgrimages, go with surrender, that you become that. Why we do we go to places of power? To wake up that aspect sitting inside us, to the highest potential. You go to Kailash, the Kailash aspect is already sitting in us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t go there. To wake it up. There is no substituting anything and I don’t go there to get something or ask something.

Question: So you become God

Mohanji: Why do you become God? What are you now then?

Question: I don’t know that I am God

Mohanji: That is you – the mind doesn’t know, but the consciousness knows you are God. All these questions are coming from the mind. That’s why I am answering like that. Because this will never end. Mind will pose another question, in a different level. But the question is the same – different words – so it will sound different, but what is happening is that the mind is refusing to accept the full potential, and it keeps putting some block in the front. So what happens, eventually there is always a separation. Otherwise, you are already God, you are enlightened, you are everything. The aspect of the mind which prevents you from experiencing this is to be surrendered at all these places.

You and God are ONE

I am not being rude, I am being categorical. These things have to be told in a categorical way so that you do not forget it. So when you go to these power centers, you just become that, so that, that aspect in you, wakes up and it takes a dimensional shift. You are not the same anymore, it’s a total software change. The same thing happens when you are in the proximity of great Masters, they do not leave you empty handed. They fill you up and they change the software without even telling you. But what do we normally do, can you reduce my weight or do this for me? That is what you ask the Master, but Masters give you much more so that you don’t come back again to earth. But nobody asks for that!

Question: This might sound like a ridiculous question…

Mohanji: Then don’t ask, you are taking advance bail now! (laughter)

Question: You said there are hundreds of souls waiting to take human birth…

Mohanji: No one is waiting. It’s all a cycle. No soul waits. Soul waits only when it needs a particular environment or a body. If it is spontaneous cycle of birth and death, no soul waits. And each soul has the potential to take on multiple bodies, but usually it does not happen because the level of evolution stays there. And there are various levels and categories of ‘beingness’. Once you leave the body, say, you wanted to become the President of America. Then you have to stay on till you get that particular womb, which can cause an incarnation which will get you there. Otherwise, for a normal cycle of birth and death, there is hardly any waiting. It is always “prarabhdha” which keeps bringing you back.

The time delay as per the earth conditions happens only when there is some real agenda to fulfill. The soul can wait for thousands of years, there is no time in that zone. The moment you leave the body, you are beyond the time zone, you can stay on. Why? Because only a material made out of matter is subject to decay. Soul has no decay. And astral zone is more like a rainbow zone. Identification is only through a bit of color, like if you had only the chakras and colors and that’s the type of identification you can have. Great Masters who work in those zones, either use golden or just white, and that is the way they communicate. So it is not the same as physical…

Mohanji quote - Liberation means dissolving and going

Question: My train of thought was that – all these souls are waiting to take human incarnation and here we are, talking about liberation and leaving the body…

Mohanji: No, we are not talking about leaving the body, I think none of us are keen about that! Because someone has spoken about it or we have read about it, we are thinking it is not a bad idea! That is not our sole aim at this point, am I right?

If liberation is the aim, lifestyle would be different; you would not be worried about any of the aspects of life. As it comes, you will take it and leave it. Because you have to be liberated right now, in order to be liberated at the time of death. And liberation now means you are happy with every situation, that is liberation. 100 percent acceptance. Full acceptance. Happy with every situation. Flowing with life, flowing through life. No expectation, these are all signs of liberation. I have written few guidelines, about 20 or 21, in the Path of Pathlessness blog. These are all signs of liberation. If that is the sole aim, we will not sympathize… For example, if you have observed, I do not like sympathizing with people. When someone says he is very sick or ill, what do you do? You endorse his state of being ill. I don’t do that. I don’t have self-pity too! “Poor me, I am suffering”, I never do that. Instead I say, “Ok this is happening” and I move on.

Likewise, the more you sympathize with someone, even your children, you are making them handicapped. These are signs of anti-liberation, that is, you are not in the path of liberation. If you are actually in the path of liberation, every step would be in that direction. You will be more and more connected to the soul aspect. You will allow things to flow and you wouldn’t have your mind stuck on any of the events. You will not capture, conquer, torture. You will be fine, life is flowing, this is it! And what do we own on earth, … at all? Nothing! Not even this body, nothing we own! We are here in a temporary state, for the purpose of some experiences, and what are we carrying? Memories and desires, that is all we are carrying. If the awareness is clear about this, the entire ownership pattern will change!

Mohanji quote - What you are connected to at the time of death

Question: Are awareness and consciousness the same or are they two different things?

Mohanji: Consciousness is perpetual, always there. It doesn’t have any high or lows. Awareness is the aspect which we experience, in consciousness, which has highs and lows.

Question: Can you speak more about being authentic? Can you imagine the Divine as this feeling of being present? So if we are being authentic and we vibrate at a certain level, versus when we preach something and impress others, but actually we are not like that. I have heard one person say that the higher you go up the ladder of spirituality becoming more subtle, more divine, somehow the forces create an effect that something bounces back, your body starts contracting an illness or there are more and more obstacles.

Mohanji: Being authentic is your nature when you are connected to your soul. Being authentic is not your nature when you are connected to your mind. If you are always occupied in the awareness of your soul, you are always authentic, because there is no demand, no agenda, there is no high or low in this. You are always in a state which is a totally detached state. That’s where we stand. You can see Masters like Bhagawan Nityananda – they were unorthodox in that way. Like when someone had loose motion (diarrhea) or stomach was not feeling good, Shirdi Baba gave them peanuts to eat. Peanuts are bad for loose motion, but he got well. So these are the operating levels of these Masters who have nothing to do with this diarrhea! (laughter) They just delivered something as prasad (consecrated offering) and it solved the problem.

Mohanji quote - Concepts distort experiences

Authenticity is always only one aspect, the soul aspect. There cannot be any authenticity with the mind aspect. How can the mind be authentic? For something to be authentic, you need consistency. Mind can never have consistency because that’s the way it is built. The mind was created so that you can experience life. Mind with your eyes makes you see, otherwise, you will look, you will not see. Mind with your tongue, makes you feel the taste, otherwise, you will eat something but you will not know what you ate! So mind’s job is to make you experience Earth. So authenticity always depends on the soul level and if you are operating on that level, you attract nothing. And even if something comes to your body like Nisargadatta Maharaj or Ramana Maharishi, it doesn’t matter. When someone asked Ramana Maharishi about his cancer, he said there is pain because there is a body, but there is no suffering because there is no mind. It’s very simple, suffering is related to mind, pain is related to your existence.

When people threw stones at Shirdi Sai Baba, he started bleeding, there was blood coming out, and he told people around him, “Blood is here, pain is with God!” He didn’t identify himself with the body. I was talking to Vasudevan Swamy, people threw stones at him, so I asked him, “ Did you see them?” He said, “ Mohanji, it is good that I did not see them. Why should I create a karma with them?” He was happy he did not see them. He was not resentful or angry about it. He said that because he did not see, it was nice! So when you are identified with your soul, whatever happens outside has no value. It’s all happening and it is fun, let the show go on! Did you understand about authenticity? Being with your soul is authentic. Being the soul is the height of authenticity.


Question: In other words, being with the soul is…

Mohanji: How do you know I am with the soul? Don’t make any judgments about it. I was telling somebody today. He asked, “How did you attain enlightenment”. I said, “Who told you I am enlightened?” Don’t try to create concepts and put me in frames because if you restrict my movement or flow, you will suffer, not I. I will flow as I like and you will feel. “That’s not the way I wanted him to flow”. So don’t think that I am only the soul, I am only the body, I am only the mind, I am the intellect, or that I am enlightened, I am Guru, etc. Don’t worry about all these things. Maybe I am not any of these.

Question: Let me put that another way… (Laughter). Then, none of us are authentic

Mohanji: (Laughter ) Don’t generalize. You can say I am not authentic.

That is the variety of existence which God has created. Each person thinks they are authentic and they are happy in their fool’s paradise. Let them be because that’s the flavor the earth needs, otherwise everybody will look like one. It would be so boring! Why the earth has created the variety? Everything is needed here. Violence is not good because it creates poison. In mind, in thought, word, intellect, if there is violence, it is poison.

Whatever makes you happy is nice, isn’t it? Milu has a dog which doesn’t know it is a dog! It is so small, it feels it is a cat! I asked her where did you get this cat? No no no, it’s a dog! All of us have this identity crisis because we believe other people. Other people believe that Mohanji should be like this or decide, Mohanji should walk like this, talk like this, move like this, and then I refuse to conform to any of those set ideas. Then what do they do? They discard me. Oh! He is not good. So that’s freedom, relief!

I think I destroyed your question completely! ( laughter)

Mohanji quote - Awakening has various manifestations

Question: When you ask how are you feeling, do you ask them about their experience?

Mohanji: I am asking from their level. People were complaining about body pains and aches, etc., so at that level. I talk to people at their level, what else can I do? I cannot ask how is your soul doing? (laughter) Communication is always in the frequency of the other. When you communicate to your child, you have to communicate in the manner the child understands, isn’t it? So communication always has to be in terms of the other. Non-verbal communication can be different. Verbal communication, and that includes, spoken and written, must be, has to be in terms of the other. If I tell you something that you do not understand, there is no point in my saying it. It’s a benchmark of communication, the other person should understand; similarly for language.

Question: How do I become aware of what I am?

Mohanji: I had explained this before you joined us. Sit down and contemplate what you are not, for sometime. Am I this anger? Am I this hatred? Am I these words that I am uttering? Am I this personality that I am projecting? Keep asking yourself what you are and what you are not. You will arrive at a state where you are 100 percent authentic. All these passing or temporary things, have no value. You need to have consistency in an activity because you are doing certain things, but that is because your existence is revolving around it. That’s OK. Apart from that, all these activities, all these thoughts and words, have limitations and they have longevity, duration. There is no perpetuity in it, no permanence. So you get closer and closer and closer to you, the only permanent aspect in you, you become totally authentic. All the illusions will die. So looking inside helps. And then at each point you can ask, hey, am I talking the truth? It’s a relative truth. There are always three truths – your truth, my truth and the real truth. These three truths are existing at the same time. I say something, that is what I understood as the truth, you will say whatever you understood as truth, about the same subject and there is the real truth which probably may have nothing to do with these two! (laughter). This is how life works.

So, when you go more and more into subtle, you will start seeing only the real truth, in its full light; you may not even articulate it because there is nothing to tell about it! Just acceptance, that this is the real truth, this is how it should be. Whenever we stop accepting the real truth and we stick to our truth, there is pain. Why? Because we are depending on partial truth. Partial truth essentially gives pain, agony, regrets, guilt – all these are based on partial truth. Real truth leaves no residue, that’s the flow of life. Sun operates on real truth. The basic codes or ingredient of Sanatana Dharma, which the Hindu structure follows, are based on real truth, only real truth. There is zero partial truth. There is no truth which has been told. When something is told, it could be to a version, not the real. So there is always a difference.

Mohanji quote - Make one decision Garbage is not my business

So, never base your life on versions, because you will have pain. When you know the real truth, you will have agony. But if you are based on real truth, you are always free. Freedom happens because you are conforming to the real truth all the time. That is why I say, always, do the right thing, based on your awareness. Be right, do right. Do right means something which is non-violent and not hurting other people, do what is right and then life will be fun! And keep introspecting, is this me? Is this aspect in me, which is real? If you consistently follow this you will discard all illusions. Illusions go by themselves. We are actually sponsoring illusions, that is why it stays. We subscribe to it, annual membership fee, so it keeps coming back. Illusions are flavors which life offers as entertainment. They are the television programs of life; these illusions, they exist only for some time and then go away. Like fools, one believes that this is real and then cry – even in relationships, no pun intended. (laughter)

Question: Perhaps you have explained this already, but I don’t understand the difference between being sensitive and being emotional. For example, I don’t read newspapers because I get upset when I read about the war in Syria or something like that. Am I being emotional or am I being sensitive?

Mohanji: That’s escapism, its none of these. If you are avoiding something, that is escapism. You should be open about everything. Why do you have to convert something into emotion and store it inside? Can you do something about it? For example, you see my Facebook Page. I talk about cruelty to animals, quite a lot. This is spreading awareness. People in the world have woken up to the idea and are conveying it further. So this is the job I am doing. So when you really feel something, you should convey it in a proper way, not in a violent or in a manner that it hurts other people, not like accusing or criticizing or judging someone, because that is going in a negative way. But you can definitely convey something saying, this is what I feel. You have every right to talk.

Remember the last words of Karl Marx, the founder of Communist ideology? People asked him, ”Do you have anything to tell the world before you die?” He said “ Last words are for those who could not express themselves while alive. So before they leave, they have to say something. Fortunately for me, I never had that problem.” (laughter). So, articulate while you can. See, there are some years of relevance for every individual. It varies from person to person. Saints have relevance through life. Jesus was alive and active for eight years and these are the years we are talking about. So his years of relevance, out of 32 is 8. Like that each person has a relevant time. It is up to you to make each moment relevant.

Mohanji quote - All I am talking about is pointing towards liberation

Then you become valuable to the world outside, not when you are asking more from the world. When you keep becoming valuable to the world outside, your years or moments of relevance increase. That’s what everyone should do! It’s not about spirituality, it’s about being more and more relevant in a positive way. It doesn’t matter whether you are sensitive or not. The problem with being emotional is that you keep adding junk into your system. Being sensitive is a good idea; I was talking to Avadhoota Nadananda and he had tears flowing from his eyes. I asked him, “Guruji, why do we have to feel, why should we feel at all ?” He said, “ Mohanji, sometimes, remember that you have a body.” That means that since you have a human body, be a human. It helps. So if you are a human being, you should be sensitive.

Be a human all the time, so feel, but don’t store it, because storing makes you feel terrible. Then you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, there are blockages, etc. but you understood a situation, assimilated it, passed it on and you moved onto the next. So, you are existing like a flowing river. You are always free and you are valuable to the world outside. If you look at all our activities, it is adding value to somebody. I am not asking you to do things for me. What have you done for me? But when you conduct a meditation, or when somebody says, I had this great experience and I could sort out this problem, how are you benefitted? You become the instrument or medium for something higher, for somebody, whom you do not even know! That’s where your relevance shows. It’s not that you promote Mohanji’s meditation, it doesn’t matter. That is why we put up all the meditations free on the website, you download, you practice, you benefit!

So, being relevant has a lot of value. Years of relevance is up to you. Most of the Masters you can see, like Prabhupada was dictating a book, almost until two minutes before he left the body! Most Masters have worked until the last moment. They have all been relevant to the world until their last breath. So this is something that you can definitely do. If you start looking at the world and say how can I add value, that is all matters. And it can be statements, even if you have a business, an ethical business can be a good statement. See, I do business ethically. And live it. That’s a good statement you are giving to the world. At every point it doesn’t have to be charity or spirituality, I am talking about lifestyle. Your very lifestyle can be like that. So it’s more of an attitude.


Question: During the Badrinath Yatra and here, there is a great feeling of contentment inside. I know it will only enhance for the rest of the duration of the journey, it’s also the setting, we are near you, the group is in a certain way. When we go back into the real world, we go back into our day to day lives, how do we protect this feeling of fulfillment and contentment, while we go through the daily duties?

Mohanji: That is why I said, write down, read it, meditate on it, feel it. This is very important. When you write down these things. See, what you felt, if you do not write down, when you are in real life and in the society, your own mind will say ,“it never happened!” So it is important to write down everything, the way you felt it, with the gratitude and all this is not for publication, there is no need to publish it; but your own mind will need reconfirmation at some points in time. Second is articulate it, not to unreceptive ears and you are not trying to preach, but whenever you have a few receptive ears, tell them, “ I had this experience and it was totally different from the usual insecurities and expectations. We were in a state where we needed nothing! “

When do you become a king? When you need nothing. We are all slaves in some way, we are slaves because we keep asking for something. Even if you need one thing, you are a slave to that thing. If you need nothing, you are fully powerful. So a state where you needed nothing, and everything was coming your way, when you need nothing, everything comes to you! So, write about it and articulate it so that you are spreading positivity and people will know that there are methods where you can get out of your tedium and connect to the higher. As I said, all this is available, the highest is available. Are we able to receive it ? Have we tuned our antennae properly so that we can receive the channel? That is the only question. All of us have the same capacity, no one is higher or lower. That is what I told you. No one can be called higher or lower. How do we know? Don’t think that I am enlightened. There is no need to think that. What if I am not enlightened, then the whole glass building will crash. What is next? Disillusionment! I am saying do not think one emotion is not there in your system anymore. That is why I said, avoid the concepts, accept the reality. Just flow, no problem.

Question: Continuing on the previous question, if we write down experiences, aren’t we creating memories?

Mohanji: But they are positive memories, aren’t they? You are definitely creating negative memories and storing them. Without your control, you are creating negative memories and storing them. Am I right? Yes! Then write something positive and store it.

Mohanji quote - One positive ACT a day

Question: But wouldn’t the mind expect the same thing again and again?

Mohanji: Let it be! At least this is positive. It elevates you. What is positive? Whatever expands you is positive. Whatever elevates you is positive. Whatever shrinks you or contracts you is negative. So look at that aspect and stay positive. Why do I say keep doing something for the helpless? It expands you, makes you rich inside. Inner richness stays forever. Outer richness we have no idea. People, relationships, we have no idea because mind keeps changing and then people change. So we don’t know anything about these things. But inner richness is your choice. You can serve and be rich. Terribly rich, much more than the billionaires of this world. Don’t think that if you have a lot of money, you will be very happy.

A lot of people will be looking at your money and you will be busy safeguarding it! Most of the rich people are only custodians of their property. They are just watchmen, they don’t sleep and they suffer because of the money. But some people you can see, even with little money, they share it, enjoy their food and sleep well. I am not saying, don’t have money. I am saying, opt for inner richness, much more than outer richness. When you have inner richness and outer richness comes, it balances itself. Everything needs maturity. Relationships need maturity, richness needs maturity, spirituality needs maturity, all of these need maturity. But when you are operating from your mind level, it cannot happen. When you operate from awareness level, it is possible.

Question: What is reality?

Mohanji: Who’s asking? (laughter) Only a hand answered!

One word answer – “ You”. As far as you are concerned, only you! Now you find yourself and find the reality. That’s all, there is nothing else more real than you.

Devi: I just feel that this is a unique chance that we are going to Kailash. I was really deeply touched by this book that I am reading, I still haven’t read the second half of the book.

Mohanji: You are lucky! ( laughter)

Mohanji, Kailash

Devi: Whatever I have read so far, creates an awe, of how special this place is and how profound it is that we have been drawn as souls to come. Unless we had this vibration in us already, we wouldn’t have made it. But it’s all about transcending. It’s not about just walking, and as Mohanji said, praying for something. If we just stepped there with awe, with gratitude, there are so many caves in there, so many special constructions made by highly evolved beings, which respond to our thoughts. It is said that there is a stone called ”Shantamani” in small Kailash which is right next to big Kailash. The stone is highly secure because there is no way one could reach small Kailash. The way it is made, it is inaccessible. This stone is such that it has the power of controlling our thoughts. It could never ever come in the hands of manipulative people but it responds to our sincere thirst for elevation. So if there is any prayer we should make, it is to transcend all our limits as human beings, full of thoughts, doubts and insecurities. As we walk and as we go through the challenges of the physical body, we should just embrace that elevated feeling of fullness and gratitude, keep on chanting something that will reinforce that feeling of fullness and gratitude and be in awe of the great ones there.

Our ancestors said that this was the city of Gods made 850,000 years ago!! It is mind blowing that we are stepping right there! And there are shapes that occurred over time, that open the space up to parallel worlds, that open the portals for space crafts to come and be there. All this is happening! He ( the author of the book) initially went with a scientist’s mind of investigating. And then he understood, he said he didn’t want this to be a topic discussed over coffee and cigarettes, of what this dude from Russia discovered. Because in a way you understand that these sacred things cannot be revealed to just about anybody, to people with lower vibration. Only those who really start becoming subtler and subtler, start expressing more love, more gratitude, will have access to this higher knowledge. So as our aura enters this field, through our system, we can imbibe so much blessing and knowledge and vibration, that’s way beyond what we can comprehend through our mind.


What we see in the movie, Matrix, is all real! We are multi-dimensional beings. So once we are there, we could enter a trance state and be teleported somewhere and come back and be aware of it or not be aware of it. We can usually jog for one hour and get tired or walk for three hours and also get tired without walking. If we can transcend our physical body, our body at some point walks by itself! This is what we are aiming to reach! So then there is no tiredness, simply we are carried by this vibration! I was also reading the knowledge of how this world was created – deep secrets exist right there in the Himalayas! There are underground tunnels, just like in the Bosnian Pyramids. The Kailash area is full of underground tunnels! So when we walk in the sacred grounds, there are so many beings there in Samadhi state, they are below our feet, so when we walk, we should do so with that reverence, and ask for the blessing of the connection being made in their presence. It is said that if you have negative thoughts, you can really have quite tough experiences. You don’t bring any of these vibrations in their presence. It’s like being in front of the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. You don’t bring negativities there – like this person is very mean, he didn’t do this for me and have grudges against somebody, or complaints and so on. Don’t bring any of those in your mind, when you walk there.

Mohanji: That’s why I said sort out all your differences before you enter this zone so that you can elevate yourself to the highest point.

Devi: There’s one mountain which has the shape of a laser. They discovered that this laser beam goes to small Kailash and from there, to the top of big Kailash. From there, they made shapes just like a child would draw on a canvas! They made the shapes of the different mountains, and there are clear differences between nature made mountains and these that were made in this way! And whatever the excess materials were that were used to carve a certain shape, the laser beams could dissolve the excess materials that were used! Its mind blowing that it was all available at that time, and over the years, how much we have gone down actually! All the technology, even NASA and all that is not even 5 % of what we had at that time!


Mohanji: What happened was that as the evolutionary beings, like animal to human, started occupying the earth more and more, the transcended beings, left the place. There was no point in competing with the beings which are of much different frequency. I wouldn’t call anyone lower or higher, but frequencies which are much more basic. These are beings which learned the aspect of limitation. The moment you are able to handle limitation, you can move any material anywhere, including yourself. Some of these pyramids and other places we have visited, they are all signs of their existence. They left it as a kind of cage for humans to ….! And most of the people did not even see it, they made them burial grounds! They are not meant to be burial grounds, they are meant to be places of power!

Of course, Kailash is a place where lots of beings visit from other locations, who are evolved. They can come and go. And they do deliver if you are an eligible seeker. I was telling someone today, not sure who, that you can request the Masters to open you up! You can tell them that you are ready, at least deeper than your mind if possible, that I am actually ready for the highest or the higher and some of them come and help you. Some of them do appear, this is all part of it! And when you walk, please remember you are not walking, whoever brought you there, they are walking! You are just an instrument. Stop being you at least at that point! So you say that you are an instrument and you are being projected to that zone, for the higher, there are so many before you, after you!!!


Dinner time!

End of the beautiful satsang !!!

Transcribed by Vidya Rajagopalan

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